Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 5  No. 28  -  Beloved Saint Germain  -  July 13, 1962


The Science of Self-Transformation

Chapter 3
The Sacred Science


The domain of individual destiny is controlled by an interplay of many cosmic forces, mainly benign; but in the present world society, due to mankind’s misunderstanding of both earthly and heavenly purposes, these forces have been turned to other uses, frequently chaotic and disintegrating.

Alchemy was originally intended to be a means of enriching individual destiny by making available the technique of changing base metals into gold, thereby producing opulence in the affairs of the successful practitioner.  The dedication of the early alchemists to the cause of ferreting out its secrets was complete, and it was sanctified by the coordination of their minds with the works of their hands.

These alchemists pursued their experiments under the duress of persecution led by the entrenched reactionary forces of their day, and it is a tribute to their lives and honor that they persisted in the search.  Thus they brought forth and bequeathed to humanity the bona fide results of their efforts as acknowledged scientific achievement and annotated philosophic knowledge to bless the culture and archives of the world order.

It ought to become increasingly clear to the students of this course that I am determined to bring to your minds and feelings a new sense of freedom.  The wholesome concepts presented herein must indicate to your total being that the key to alchemy that must precede the acquisition of all other keys is the mastery of yourself, to a greater or lesser degree.

This key must be recognized for what it is, for self-mastery is the key to all self-knowledge. It must then be understood and used, at least in part.  And you must acknowledge without question that you yourself are the alchemist who shall determine the design of your creation.  Furthermore, you must know your self as the Real Self and your creation as coming forth from that Self.

It may surprise some to learn that seething vortices of humanly discordant thoughts and feelings daily impose a hypnotic effect upon almost everyone on earth.  These tend to nullify the great concentration of intelligent, creative power that is the birthright of every man, woman, and child on this planet, though it is consciously employed by far too few.

While increasing numbers among mankind seek after freedom, the reactionary elements, either with or without purpose, attempt to burden the race with new shackles each time deliverance from one form or another of human bondage is secured.

The alchemist, to be successful, must be consciously aware of his God-given freedom to create.  Those restrictions and restraints imposed upon the soul as forms of human bondage must be shunned.  Yet in every case these must be distinguished from the necessary laws which structure society.  Beauty and righteousness must be emblazoned upon the left and right hand to remind the would-be alchemist of his responsibility to God and man to behold his works before releasing them to see that they are indeed good, and good for all men.

I am releasing in these studies in alchemy methods of visualization which will give to the students who will apply them as I did the ability to perform for God and man a service of the first magnitude.

I trust that the myth of human equality will be dispelled and that in the dignity of equal opportunity the evolutions of this planetary home will come to know and love the expansive potential of the Christ in all.  Thus the forging-ahead of humanity will be marked by a greater malleability of the soul and less ignorance of man’s universal purpose to develop his individual talents than has heretofore existed on earth.

As the early alchemists attained a measure of success in probing the secrets of the universe, they became acutely aware of the need to band together and to withhold from the public eye certain discoveries which they made.  A number of religious orders and secret societies grew out of this need, and the remnants thereof have survived to the present day.

The need to repress as well as to express was recognized, just as enlightened men of today realize that harmony in the social order and among the nations and the eradication of the causes of war and civil strife would remove all reasons for withholding any knowledge that would prove to be universally beneficial.

Let me declare—because I can speak in the light of true knowledge—that the early alchemists were not nearly so unsuccessful as history would have men believe.  Their discoveries were legion and they included knowledge both secular and religious, scientific and philosophic.  Above all, they unlocked many truths which at a later date were made general knowledge.

Let not the world discount all of the stories that have been recounted of the suppression of invention and new ideas for economic and political reasons.  When it suited their purposes, men in high places have ever so often instructed their hirelings to keep secret the very knowledge which belongs to the ages and which is the heritage of the people of all nations.

Regardless of such dishonorable dealings, the Masters of Wisdom will never transfer this knowledge to mankind until the alchemy of reason heals the internal breach of selfishness within enough of the race that the torch of knowledge may be everlastingly held in the selfless hand of Justice.

I am preparing your minds in these first three lessons to better assimilate the full release of wisdom’s flame that has been made a part of this course.  It is frequently the despair of men that they did not have a certain choice bit of knowledge long before it came into their hands.  This feeling is certainly understandable, but no lamentation that is without constructive leadings is ever desirable.

It is preferable that men perceive the now of the present as God’s hour rather than the folded parchments of past ages.  The fading hieroglyphs of yesterday’s errors can neither confute the present truth nor act as a panacea to heal their unfortunate sowings; they serve only as media of contrast to amplify the present sense of gratitude that glories in such progress as now manifests to dispel the ignorance of former times.

A determined dedication to use the energies of today to open the doorway into the domain of the future is expected of the student of alchemy.  Therefore, let him see to it that his present expansion of the science of alchemy is sufficient to transform the base qualities of the human nature into an altar on which the flame of living Reality will fire the grandeur of the golden age now emerging within the Christ mind. 

Let his endeavors likewise be sufficient to balance the travails of world injustice.  And let him work to secure for posterity eras of increasingly abundant progress, enlightenment, happiness, and universal spirituality.

When used by the alchemist, symbols and symbology properly understood are literally charged with meaning.  For example, mercury is the symbol of speed and interprets to the consciousness the thought of wakeful, reverent alertness, which swiftly endows the chemistry of action with the intensity of application.

Salt equates with the idea of selfhood and reminds mankind of the need to have the self retain the savor <1> of its Divine Source in preference to the crystallization of identity within the Sodom and Gomorrah of materiality indicated in the historical figure of Lot’s wife. <2>

Fire, as Life, is the catalyst which can be increased from the cosmic light within the cosmic rays in order to intensify and purify the radiance of Life in the contemplated design.  Moreover, the conscious invocation of Life makes all of the alchemist’s manifestations doubly secure.

Earth symbolizes the natural crystalline densities created out of Spirit’s energies and sustained by the beings of the elemental kingdom.  These tiny creators, in their mimicry of human discord, have transferred to nature mankind’s inharmonious patterns. 

Thus the convergence of human error upon the planetary body came forth as thorn, thistle, insect, and beast of prey.  And the Pandora’s box of astral forms was opened by laggard civilizations whose misguided free will and selfishness have perverted Life’s energies even on other systems of worlds.  It is this discord imposed upon the very atoms of substance which the alchemist must remove from his laboratory before he can create.  It is this dross which the alchemist will purify by fire.

I do not expect that every reader will immediately understand all of the concepts that are included in this course.  While it is true that I advocate simplicity in the phrasing of the basic laws of God, I am also aware that thoughtforms worded in the higher order will be productive of greater good as the world is able to accept them.

I therefore include herein elements designed to challenge those of every level of awareness to study to show themselves approved unto the God flame within. <3> Thus individual alchemical advances will be achieved by all who faithfully apply the teachings.

The most insidious type of bondage is that in which the prisoner is not aware of his chains. I am certain that the real science of alchemy can serve to set free everyone on earth who will accept it.  Therefore, out of respect for its supreme purpose, I consider it to be the sacred science.

Remember, blessed children of men, that the purpose of true science should be to increase happiness and to free the race from every outer condition that does not serve to exalt man into the pristine greatness of his original cosmic purpose.

All postulations—whether of a social, economic, religious, or scientific nature—should be infused with the freedom which allows men to progress.  All who attempt to lead mankind progressively forward in these fields should admit to the possibility of change without in any way challenging those infallible pinions of the human spirit referred to as “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Certainly the opportunity for progress and the freedom to innovate cannot affect the immutability of divine truth or the integrity of the Logos, whose power uttereth speech from those untrammeled heights to which we jointly aspire.

I AM progressively yours in the holy science,

Saint Germain

1. Matt. 5:13.

2. Gen. 19:26.

3. II Tim. 2:15.



[Taken from the book version Saint Germain on Alchemy]