Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 7  No. 15  -  El Morya  -  April 10, 1964


New Lines of Battle in the Holy Cause of Freedom:
A Report on the Easter Conclave

II.  To Greater Understanding:
Man Without God Is Nothing


To All Who Search for Their Immortal Destiny:

The hungers of men are often the hungers of God.  Their longings, expressed in accordance with their own level of comprehension, may not always reflect aspects of Divinity, but they do stem from the yearning of their souls which grope sometimes half blindly in search of their own Immortal Destiny.

The Planetary Body of the Blessed Earth received this precious Easter Season now past a wondrous bathing in regenerate Energies.  The wondrous Fiats released from On High by Our Holy Lord Sanat Kumara from Venus and the Radiation and Blessing conferred upon the planet by Beloved Jesus are not only soul-shaking and of world dimension but are also keys in the entire Destiny of Man and all that his future now holds.  It is to greater understanding, then, that I dedicate this Pearl of Wisdom that the readers, according to their capacity to comprehend, may receive Our Blessing and the conferment of a greater Peace as God intends.

That “perfect love casts out fear” is no mere truism but Living Truth.  Yet men ought not to rashly overlook the Law’s dominion and the fact that they are ever accountable for their own deeds.  Aberrations may be understood by others, but those who suffer from any form of delusion can seldom find a method of effecting their own release.  Cherish, then, each holy release of Truth into your Consciousness.  The darkened subterranean areas of thought and feeling need the great saturation of the rain of the Holy Spirit to cool the parched ground of Man’s calcinated thoughts—of his rigidity and hardness of  feeling—in order to bring release to the impure substance of Life that lies beneath the surface.  The pent-up energies within the human psyche, years of frustration and longing, inner tensions and sometimes bitterness, take their toll, not only in the physical being of Man, but in Nature.

The Elements have, for generations and centuries almost uncountable, suffered the intense imposition brought about by Nature’s absorption of mankind’s feelings of misery and hate.  Because of the sheer weight of the numbers of mankind throwing off misguided energies, and, further, because the natural elements themselves are so abundant, creating beauty and vegetation over the immense landed areas of the world, it requires an almost infinite number (according to man’s comprehension) of tiny Elemental beings to sustain the verdure of the world.  The services they render are seldom understood by the average person, and even great theologians reckon without an understanding of the ministrations of Elemental Life upon Earth.

The Precious Master Jesus was, of course, a Master of Elemental Life as well as of all other forms of Life and; therefore, it has always been His desire to see the Elementals freed from the imposition of human discord just as He desires to see mankind healed of the oppressions of their own sin.  The violation of Mighty Cosmic Laws and the misuse of God’s Energy by mankind have hindered the free expression of God’s Kingdom upon Earth.  The thorns and thistles of life and the negative aspects expressed in Nature are but reflections of human venom and must be purged from the screen of Life ere the fulness of Life’s beauty here can come into expression.

The Fiat of Beloved Jesus given in the closing Address of the Easter Session in Washington should be understood and studied.  Prior to its forthcoming release in printed form, I desire to comment somewhat on the meaning behind the expression:  Beloved Jesus offered His Own Life Energy and the Flame of the Resurrection to be divided as His Own Body, portioned out from the Flame of His Heart, to be given to all Elemental Life upon this Planet.

As some of you know, mankind’s sadness at the loss of a loved one is often the result of the return of their own imposition of sadness upon Elemental Life.  The form of death experienced by Elemental Life is reflected in the mournfulness of mankind who have all but forgotten that the Father has bestowed upon Man the Gift of Eternal Life whereas, in the case of the tiny beings of the Elements, because of their nature, death is for all practical purposes a permanent condition.  Through the Wisdom held in the hearts of the Elementals they have been aware of the facts governing their own manifestation and so they have actually held funerals for their own at their passing.  Those able to see into the “invisible” world have been able to witness the passing and the sorrow of the tiny Elementls as they gather around in almost a human manner and express their longing and sorrow.

In order to terminate this sorrowful condition, Beloved Jesus, on Easter Sunday offered His own Energies to permanently remove the fear which the Elementals have absorbed from mankind concerning death.  He therefore imparted to each Elemental upon the Planet a portion of His Joyous Resurrection Flame.  Let it be understood that this Flame which He imparted does not confer upon them Immortality, for it is impossible at this time to alter the Laws governing Elemental Life, the Human Kingdom and the Angelic Kingdom.  (As the Law now stands, only by passing through the Human Kingdom can an Elemental gain “Immortality.”)  However, the mitigation of their fear of death and the removal of that sense through the Fiat of Beloved Jesus is a boon of tremendous happiness to all Elemental Life who, upon the occasion of this Easter, danced with unutterable joy; and waves of ecstasy swept the planet round.

The fulfillment of this Fiat manifested in a bathing of the precious Elemental Life with the regenerative Power of The Christ Radiance as It flowed across the Planetary Body from Pelleur’s domain in the center of the Earth out through the rocky structure of the Earth, up into the oceans, and out into the very atmosphere itself.  Its meaning is of course apparent in the fact that the Elementals—feeling now a lesser measure of human vibratory action—will be able to express more God-happiness which, it is Our hope, will in turn be communicated to mankind.  Thus, the words of Beloved Jesus spoken on the hillsides of Judea so long ago are found to be the matrix for a continuing release of tangible Power in this cycle, even unto the end of the age:  “Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted.”

I would add a note of warning here, lest too much optimism be expected—for an excess of this can be as dangerous as an excess of negation:  There may be times when mankind’s outpouring of discord will now tend to react more sharply; for the capricious nature of the Elementals, held down to some degree by mankind’s own lethargy, may now rush forth in earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other forms of atmospheric, water and fire disturbances as a karmic recompense and warning to those who insist upon throwing out human discord.

The purposes of Creation must be outpictured.  For only thus—and I emphasize this—can God’s mandates of Good Will and Freedom be extended to every creature.  There is no wisdom superior to the Wisdom of God inherent within Man.  And His Wisdom is universal and must be universally acknowledged.  Those who, in either blind atheism, agnosticism, or through cynical religious expression, continue to vacillate in their relationship to the God of the Universe, not only hinder their own selves from obtaining Freedom but are also imposing upon others conditions of discord in an unwarranted manner.

Those who were present at the Easter Class will recall that during the Address of Beloved God Harmony on Thursday there was a release of a “Mighty Tide of Cosmic Energy” over the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.  This release was the commencement of a mighty action over the entire planet which was to culminate between dawn and noon Easter Morn (E.S.T.) with the release of the Resurrection Flame from the Cave of Light in India as had been prophesied by Beloved Chananda at the New Year’s Class.  Now, Beloved Harmony stated that had the Energy He released been charged forth upon the landed areas of the Earth’s surface, cataclysmic action would have ensued because of the greater accumulation of human discord generated there.  And, therefore, the Angelic Hosts were charged with the responsibility of distributing this “Mighty Tide” over the continents.  It was an unfortunate happening that certain karmic conditions having to do with aspects of human greed, recorded on the Aleutian Islands and the Alaskan mainland during the eras of the gold rush, had to be expiated—thus the earthquakes which occurred simultaneously with the tremendous burst of Power released on Good Friday during the dictation of Beloved God Tabor.

Beloved Sanat Kumara’s Address was magnificent.  He gave forth a Fiat to the effect that the time has now come when the scriptures stating that God’s Spirit should not always strive with flesh should be fulfilled.  Therefore, from the hour of Beloved Sanat Kumara’s Fiat, God will no longer seek mankind, but He will stand in perpetual readiness to assist only those who seek Him.  The responsibility of the initiative now rests with mankind.  It is therefore the part of Wisdom that all men who are capable of understanding the highest form of Theology recognize that this in no way prevents mankind from seeking to expand God’s Kingdom upon Earth.  It does mean, however, that men should be told not to expect God to pursue them, but that the Great Law demands that they shall henceforth pursue Him.

Sanat Kumara further emphasized that those who are not making use of spiritual graces and gifts extended to them will find that which they have being taken from them; and that those who are multiplying their God-given talents will find more given unto them; and that those who pursue selfishness will be thrown into the outer darkness of their own human creation where “there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

Let none indulge in a vibratory action of fear concerning this release.  For it is simply a greater action of the Law of God’s infinite Love.  Man without God is nothing.  He is indeed “as the grass of the field” and would wither away and continue to be nothing.  Only by seeking God can Man become imbued with the Eternal Power and Graces of Heaven, which will make him both now and forever an expression of the Absolute, able to participate in his glorious inheritance, the eternal progression of the manifestation of Being into the unfolding drama of the Eternal Cycles.  All else is vanity and is outer darkness.

Therefore the casting of Man into outer darkness where his own unhappiness shall cause many to cry “Let the mountains fall upon us, and let the hills cover us” shall bring about—in the terror of the outer darkness—a greater yearning and more diligent seeking for the Light.  The ministering Legions of Heaven have sometimes felt that the Mercy of God has almost seemed to pamper the indignities Man has inflicted against His Holiness.  It has seemed almost as though the universal and infinite Love of God in His outpouring of Grace has been too indulgent of Man and his inharmonies.  Actually the time allotted to the span of infinite Mercy and Grace has not been so long as some might think.  For the Law functions according to the accurate Law of Recurring Cycles.

In past ages these same events occurred and; therefore, that which is now happening is but a recurrence of the Eternal Law, the wheel having now returned to this mark.  I AM hopeful, therefore, that those who have understanding will seek to expand it still further; that those who are not yet skilled in the Cosmic Laws will with patience and diligence both study and wait for the unfolding of greater Light from On High, as God dispenses through many hands His bounties.  As has been said, those whom God loves, He chastises.  Therefore the chastisement of the outer darkness and the gnashing of teeth is designed to awaken men to the hidden hungers of their souls and the dangers which beset their continual disobedience and defiance of the Law.

This Easter Season has been memorable from a spiritual standpoint; for it has brought forth these two wondrous Fiats of Light from the Heart of God through Beloved Sanat Kumara and Jesus.  May I review next week for you a wondrous action of the God Meru from His Retreat at Lake Titicaca?  I look forward now to the unveiling of greater Glory from the Face of The Risen Christ, that all may behold in His Ideals the Ideas of God, intended for all to practice and assimilate.

When the false glamor of religious seeking is stripped from Man’s Consciousness and he acts from the undefiled and pure elements of his heart’s longing, he will bow and acknowledge the Mighty Divinity that is within himself.  And in so doing he will pay allegiance to his own Mighty “I AM” Presence, the Source of all Life everywhere.  In the fortress of Man’s own Being there must be garnered, sustained, and expanded the Power of Light, the Power of Christ Regeneration, the Power of Resurrection and the sweet Power of Happiness and Joy in the whole Creation, knit together by strands of wondrous Light, released from the Hands of the Infinite Weaver.

I thank you and send you My love always.