Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 8  No. 35  -  Saint Germain  -  August 29, 1965


Stand Up and Be Counted


To Spiritual Pioneers Who Adore the Truth:

Truth must be rightly esteemed, for the world is filled with men who sugarcoat error for a price.  In a day, precious ones, when mankind engineer their appeals in a psychological manner, the rare dictums of heaven and the refreshing winds of truth must be recognized for their own sake.  The fruits of the heavenly Father, founded in love, joy, and peace, can only manifest permanently where they are richly endowed by the Spirit of God.

Now, the duality of man is self-evident, but just what is acting at a given moment is not always clearly discernible for unascended ones.  For mankind may be used at times for the manifestation of godly virtue, and then again they may be mouthpieces for discordant psychic forces.  Whatsoever is of God is pure and peaceable, gentle, easy to be intreated. <1>  That which is of the human may manifest in myriad ways, “wondrous to confuse.”  Let us again and again extol truth!

You know me as a diplomat, as one skillful in approaching men who are either with or without conscience; but there have been times when I have tossed to the winds even the most subtle diplomatic techniques and, in a manner resembling your beloved Morya, I have forthrightly declared myself.  These are the moments when I take off my gloves and shed those refinements which, while appealing to many, do not always accomplish all that we desire to do simply because old habits of human thought and feeling are grooved so deeply that many gloss over the gentle touch and say, “Oh, Saint Germain did not mean me.”

Precious ones, the truth about yourself is never a matter of personal ego but of what is acting through that ego.  You need not identify with any wrong action, for this is exactly what the sinister force would have you to do.  You came forth from God, and his own dear Spirit is the complete freedom of your soul.  All conditions less than perfection, then, must be shunned and avoided, and you must not permit either one or many errors to stop your progress or to interfere with the correction of the errors which may prove to be manifesting in your world.  This is God’s will, and it is his service to assist you in the magnificent way of self-perfectionment.

You are here to obtain your freedom.  If you already had it there would be no need to function here at all except as a perfect example.  Inasmuch as most human examples, even among our student body, are only relatively perfect, we can equally commend all to the perfection of the fullness of the divine plan.

Now, the truth I wish to convey in this Pearl of Wisdom has to do with the current struggles and unrest of life upon earth.  Men and women today, because they have misunderstood the age in which they live, have become soft and selfish.  Even in a spiritual sense, men are too prone to seek their own edification and advancement without realizing the need for unity in the rise.

When the tilling of the field was a harsh labor and when the timber of the forest was hewn to construct men’s dwelling places, when the wheel and loom were used to weave the household clothing and the skins of animals were tanned for leather, town meetings were in vogue and men worked more closely in conjunction with one another.  No speedy communication enlightened men as to disasters in the far-flung areas of the world.  Local affairs took on more import and national affairs were often neglected, whereas international matters were considered by many to be in another world.

When the Master Presence of Life enabled mankind in this age to bring forth science and invention for the freeing of men from drudgery through streamlined methods, assembly-line production, increased speed and comfort in transportation and communication, it was a service intended to free men that they might give full attention to the culture of the soul.  Contrariwise, these developments seem to have brought about a greater soul neglect and the spread of many types of infectious human nonsense.

The youth of the world are presently being afflicted by the demoniac possession of jungle entities which insidiously seep their way into the brain as they indulge (through what is called dancing) in the sinuous contortions of that blessed body which is intended to be the temple of God. <2>  Some of every age are dismayed at this activity, but the good people do little to expand our messages of truth while permitting a communal world to continually expand vicious error.

I fling down my glove! Ladies and gentlemen, if this activity and that which it represents do not soon find the expeditious means of reaching mankind with the ascended masters’ truth for the expansion of the Christ consciousness, that which shall karmically occur shall lie at the doorstep of every man!

The nurturing of your own soul is serious business, but the world community also belongs to God.  You live in a world of mechanical and cultural refinements while the true laws of Life expounded are in the covered-wagon stages.  If you are spiritual pioneers who adore the truth, you will stand up now and be counted. The battle for Life is going on all around you.  I commend you now to action!

Saint Germain


1. James 3:17.

2. I Cor. 3:16, 17; 6:19, 20.