Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 9  No. 11  -  Beloved El Morya  -  March 13, 1966


 The winnowing of the soul may present elements of uncomfortability to the aspirant, but the rewards exceed by such a weight of glory all slight inconveniences and delays that men should prepare for a resurrection from dead works as a mother anticipates with joy an incoming child.  The effect of unconscious moods must be studied.  The mind in a groove or a rut may adopt itself to a mode of complacency, thus ignoring the need to change the mind.

The pull from the Great Magnet, the pull of the ascension, which commences the moment the descent is complete, ought to be consciously implemented by right thought and action so that individual life experiences may be woven into the fabric of the ascending current.  Thus, orientation is completely divine, and the overconcern for the ego and its future is minimized.  When this action of cutting the soul loose from the bonds of earth is complete, even the earthly pattern will reflect a greater manifestation of peace.

Struggle is always misfortune when its end is downward.  But struggle, itself, if the sense of struggle be shed, will produce the fruit of striving in manifestation for all who will apply themselves diligently to spiritual ends as they have to material gains.  Men are often caught in the downdraft of another’s descent, and the palpitations of their vacillations at this moment distress not only the near ones, who love them, but also do they scratch the fine grains of the mind to their own discomfort.

The dark ones continally seek to involve mankind in overconcern for externalities—political, personal, social, private—and in preconceived notions about the future of man or the future itself.  These overconcerns often prevent man from taking the precise action which would free him from entanglements.  Yet, the dark ones weave their net most skillfully, and their snares have caught many unawares.  But if the world be full of darkness, there is more light in the universe than all of the darkness of the world multiplied by the nothingness that it is.  Those who, as insects, live out a cycle that in the cosmos is of less concern than a katydid, will find that all of their seemingly great ideas come to naught.

Purity of motive will assist the brothers in bringing in the golden age.  All that which serves the needs of cosmos is great.  All that which serves selfish desires of individual segments of society can be the approach of darkness and despair.  What, then, shall a man do to be saved?  Commitment to the pristine ideas of God is a right step, and when love develops sufficiently to cognize the allness of God as of greater purpose than the turbulence of men and the spasms of self-seeking, the blessedness of freedom will come.

Our abode is nigh, but seems afar to those who gaze myopically upon the grains of sand in the urn.  Pursue the vastness of the infinite arrow!  The Christ has not fled afar into the heavens, but gazes in overseeing love to those who know that the tangible garments of the Lord’s appearance are at hand.  In the flash of the lightning, in Saint Elmo’s Fire, in the explosions of atomic energy, and in the course of effective cellular change, as the body prepares for the resurrection, is to be seen the beginnings of the immortalizing process.

Men seek, indeed, to gather grapes of thistles.  They eat not the masters’ words, but consider themselves wiser than the God-intent.  In the minds of these, as in dens of iniquity, are conceived the products of idleness, which serve the segments of moments without purpose, and are sliced as cheese with fine knives to be dispensed on the markets as reality.

The substance we seek is the strength of the immortal character of God, like strong trees upon the hillsides, and the vastness of mountain heights, the quiet solitude of nature unfolding, and the stone rolled away from the tomb, this sacred essence symbolizes the triumph of the mighty, yet quiet grace of God, expanding in the consciousness of those who listen and learn the wiseness of the Holy One.  Of old, these have been masters of destiny; children of God and of the Son of his righteousness are they.  Theirs is no turning but always a returning; theirs is not to be turned aside to gaze upon the saltless salt of Sodom, but to adhere to the Path rightly and know that the end thereof is the triumph of Christ-magnificence within their own souls.

Those whom God loves he may chasten, but each glistening moment of that chastening is for the whiteness of his appearing in the victory of overcoming.  Ours is not the action or the attitude of a moment, but it is the great summoning which calls hearts Home and perceives each lifetime as a moment and each moment as a lifetime in which to strive in prayer without ceasing that the perfection of the Divine Presence above manifest below in the confines of individuality.

Our brothers join you in the mighty search for a resurrection here and now, waiting not the pains, so-called, of death, but sensing the overcoming of that which God has so mightily loved as to say, “Thou art my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”  So, go, and do likewise.  So recall how Abraham sought to please God, how Enoch walked with him, how to Christ he was Father, that in the new sense of “greater works shall ‘I’ do,” you, too, shall serve to expand the knowledge of his kingdom and give the water of life to the thirsty ones.

I love you, and I love His cause.  In divine union, I AM one with the will of God,