Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 13 No. 3 - Kuthumi - January 18, 1970


Teaching by Example


To All Who Would Apply Their Learning,

The power of right thought to guide the lives of men is often overlooked; for the preeminence that men give to ego-centered emotions when making decisions that will affect their entire lives leads them into wrong thought patterns and negative spirals that can produce only more ego-centered emotions.

“He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city.” <1>  Emotional control is the need of the decade. This need must be recognized by those who would go forth as representatives of the World Teachers (Jesus and Kuthumi). You who would set the example for the age must also bear in mind that you cannot mold the thoughts of others by argument, nor will a display of the ego generate respect in those you would lead. Therefore, your only alternative is to follow the commandment of the Lord, to “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” <2>  Teaching by example is the way of those who have attained self-mastery.

How well we know that the misinterpretation of an individual’s thoughts and motives often creates a false picture of his character. Therefore, blessed hearts, the Brotherhood explains that it is not necessary to classify individuals. But, if after reading our admonishment you still feel compelled to do so, will you not “reclassify” them if your first opinion should be wrong?  Why be hasty or feel the need to shove everyone you meet conveniently into a niche of your own creation?  Practice the Presence of God in your own life, we say, invoke the Spirit of his discernment in all matters, and you will more readily spread the balm of peace and beauty among your peers.

How easy it is for men and women to find fault with one another!  Yet, how true it is that each such episode of faultfinding, when it is falsely based in any respect, brings forth a karmic recompense which may well create in the lives of the faultfinders those very faults that they so easily condemned in others. What, then, is the value of holding the immaculate concept for those whose lives are so impurely lived?  Is it not in order to invoke the magnetization of benign energies throughout the universe?  And, conversely, does not the sordid thought about another sully also the garments of the mind of the one engaged in the practice?

How quickly the vibrations of a building, or of a consciousness, are lowered as men and women continually dwell on the errors and shortcomings of others. Hierarchy does not say that there is anything wrong with the statement, “By their fruits you shall know them”; <3>but in heaven’s name, blessed ones, to know what a man is at a given moment should not forever defraud him of the mighty potential of improving his lot.

While the lives of men are full of shame, ending in blame toward one another, we would make them to be full of hope, that the dawn of self-improvement might appear daily to each human life. Why should we limit men when the balm of forgiveness can bring about a spiritual equity in the entire evolution of a planet?  What applies to men individually applies to organizations, to nations, and to the split infinitives of purpose.

Purpose can be stated so succinctly as to equate the absolute. Yet, as it enters the functional levels of human consciousness, purpose must acquire relevance to those levels in order that it might elevate the various modes of man’s thought, step by step, to a higher perspective. Men create and they recreate; and the revolving cage of human emotions often takes the mind, even at night, into subterranean levels where it cannot sleep. Where is purpose when men become lost in their own astral creation?  It is there, even as God is everywhere; but it is not perceived as applicable to the plight, and thus the call, “Take up thy bed and walk,” <4> is without meaning to the soul.

Let the balm of sweet forgetfulness soothe your consciousness in the simple meditation upon the law of God:  “For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” <5>  If this be so, and it is, you cannot change the past; but you can affect the future. Highly resolve, then, to mend past errors as best you can. But do not let the weight of past obligations so interfere with the functions of life that your frustration becomes an impairment to the lifting of the weight of error or to the balancing of personal karma.

Leave to God that which you should, and inch your way as best you can toward higher goals. Never give up because of past record or failure; for these may well be used as stepping-stones and spiritual advices that will speak to the heart even in the night and say to it, “Be still, be at peace, and plan for the high adventure of living in greater light and in greater awareness of the light.”

Jesus, my compatriot and friend coordinating the office of the World Teacher, often said to the disciples, “I AM the light of the world:  he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.” <6>  Your own blessed God Presence, I AM, that is in you and above you, is the light of your world, individually and collectively. He is the light, also, of the whole earth; and, speaking through the Christ consciousness attained by many sons of God, he creates beautiful states of awareness such as those that have been brought forth in great works of art, music, and literature. These are designed to raise the individual’s consciousness; but, beloved ones, cosmic consciousness, samadhi, bliss, call it what you will, is never given in order to absolve him of his responsibility or to make him a pariah before humanity.

We are not interested in building personality cults wherein the leader, usurping the position of the Christ, is looked to as the saviour of the members. We are interested in increasing the awareness of God in the life of each individual, so that out of his own knowingness can come the great rarification of the ethers of his own world that shall bring into his consciousness the things of the Spirit that have long been hidden.

When your attunement with the angels becomes an ever-present reality that is not confused with the psychic realm of ghostly phenomena, but rather is identified with the sweet ethereal consciousness of the Christ that is full of service and power, we are confident that the circle of disciples of the living God will be widened; and then the Christ-power, magnetized by the adepts in embodiment, will be utilized in the cleaning up of the astral body of the planet.

Then the coat of snakeskins will be shed and the sacred fire shall be raised as the brazen serpent in the wilderness of old, a symbol of the elevation of the life-force and not of its dethronement into the degeneracy of improper practices. Then we shall see the elevation of the serpent fire, the solar energy of God, into the beauty of the Holy-Family consciousness by which every department of life is gilded with the glory of the spiritually creative process. Then we shall see the divine alchemy transforming life into the conformity of the Holy Spirit and thereby creating among brethren and nations a true confraternity of the Spirit.

What do we see, then, in this aspect of the teachings of the Great White Brotherhood?  Why, of course, a cloak of cosmic invincibility with which the adept is clothed. Now he observes that the Christ of his being can direct his life, not to the plane of the outer ego, but to the monadic plane of the Presence where the individually created son of God can seize upon the magnificent purpose of life. Thus, having caught the vision, he descends to the world of actuality; and there he allies himself with those of like mind to create the joint-heir concept of oneness with the living Christ, with the universal Logos, with the Only Begotten of the Father that works miracles both in and out of form consciousness.

These efforts will not only bring about the healing of the individual but they will also bring about the healing of the whole world; and thus, by example, the mission of the Nazarene master, blessed Jesus, will be translated into vital acceptance in the Christ consciousness of each man, woman, and child. Then shall the angels speak, then shall the cosmic teachers forsake their anonymity and come forth in mighty power into the lives of all humanity. Even the skeptics, the scoffers, and the scientists who have stood so rigidly behind those bars of so-called proven truth, which again and again have been altered, shall acknowledge the supremacy of the Higher Law; and at last the scales that have blinded the eyes of the soul, that have actually hidden his divine potential, shall drop away. <7>

Then, they will see that all of the seeming miracles of the Christ can be their own; for they are the natural graces and gifts that God gives to every man. They will see, at last, that by rescheduling their thinking and by exalting the mind out of the plane of dense and dark human creation and the discordant jungle rhythms of the world, they can find the peace of the kingdom, not as an empty room, but as one that is full of light and that always opens into another as the vista of consciousness is broadened.

At last, then, their mission will become a vital link in the passing scene. They will acknowledge themselves as one with God, and out of that sense they will pledge to do what they can to follow in the master’s footsteps. Thus, the many illumined sons of God will become the voice of the World Teachers.

Adventurously, I AM yours through the seventies, and on until the symbol of perfection lives in you.



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