Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 13 No. 11 - Saint Germain - March 15, 1970


“Create!” and the Cloud


How deeply, how deeply many have yearned to know how to produce constructive change both in themselves and in the world. Let them realize, then, that to bring about change is a creative act. Alchemy is the creative science whereby man is enabled to obey the original fiat of God “Take dominion over the earth!”

This command was indicative of the Father’s plan for his son, and the means to implement it are discovered as one learns the ancient secrets of this sacred science. Practicing the principles of alchemy, the individual is able to rise from being a puppet to the will of other egos, to the will of disobedient spirits, to the passing fancies of the times, or to the dictates of the brothers of the shadow who induce the young adept to practice black magic and witchcraft, flattering his ego and often quoting scriptures, saying, “If thou be the Son of God, command that these stones be made bread.” <1>

Now we are on the verge of taking our initial steps in producing change—not a change that gears man to the contemporary scene where his every effort is molded by environmental factors, but a change that will bring him closer to his Real Image. We will create the means whereby change can be produced by our sovereign will, whereby we can take dominion over the earth. For it is here on earth that we are obliged <2>to create the desires of our hearts. It is right here and now that we are indeed obligated to become co-creators with God, thus to fulfill the purity of his intent.

Whereas I recognize that there may seem to be mechanistic factors in the scientific direction that I am about to give you, I am sure you have noticed the many safeguards which I have inserted into this course to make certain that you are never of the wrong opinion; for none should ever assume that by a mere scientific or mechanical ritual he will be able to perform the highest types of alchemical manifestation.

Not so!  For the highest alchemy, the greatest change, is that which changes man into a god, wherein the son becomes one with the Father; and this can never be accomplished by mechanical means. <3>

Stand now before your altar, honoring the living God and his fiat. For he who is God has commanded it:  “Take dominion!” You are rightfully functioning, then, as you do just that. You are about to create, and you will first create the cloud from the enormous power of God stored at every point in space, waiting to be invoked.

The power of vision is central to our invocation. Therefore, we shall create in our minds first a milky white radiance, and we shall see this milky white radiance as an electronic vibratory action of vital, moving, ineffable light. The concentration of the light, which we call the density of the light, is that which makes the milky white color. If the cloud were attenuated, we would be able to see through it as though the scenes around us were enveloped in a fog.

Now, having created in our minds this form of a bright translucent cloud, we allow it to enfold our physical bodies and to occupy our forcefield. For a moment we become lost in the midst of the cloud, and then it seems as though it has always been there. Its atmosphere is familiar, comfortable.

We recognize that the mind has the power to expand its circle of influence, but we must not try to move far from the parent tree of self. Let this bright and shining cloud at first be nine feet in diameter around oneself. Later, perhaps, we shall expand it to a diameter of ninety feet, then nine hundred feet and further.

In our early meditations we shall concentrate on intensifying the action of the white light in our minds. From thence we shall transfer that action to the nine-foot area around the physical form. Once we have developed the sense of this cloud being around our physical forms, we shall understand that whereas the cloud can be made visible to the physical sight, our primary concern is to keep its high vibratory action purely spiritual.

Those of you who are familiar with electronics and the workings of a rheostat will understand that by a simple twist of the dial of consciousness, we can intensify the vibratory action of the cloud. In this case, we coalesce more light around each central point of light; for our cloud is composed of many light points whose auras diffuse and blend with one another, making the total effect one of a lacy yet highly concentrated white radiance, a pure swirling cloud of cosmic energy.

What is this mighty cloud that we have created, this forcefield of vibrating energy, and why did we create it in the first place?

Actually, whereas I have used the word create, it would be more appropriate if perhaps I used the word magnetize; for we are actually magnetizing that which is already everywhere present in space. We are amplifying an intense action of the light from within its own forcefield—more than would normally manifest in a given area. We are thereby drawing upon universal God-power to produce this cloud that first penetrates and then hallows our immediate forcefield in order that we may have a spiritual altar upon which we may project the pictures of reality that we desire to create.

Bear in mind that this cloud can be used therapeutically for the healing of the nations and the soul of a planet, or you can use it as a platform to invoke, as Christ did upon the Mount of Transfiguration, the presence of the Ascended Masters—of beloved Jesus, Mother Mary, the Master Serapis Bey from Luxor, the Maha Chohan, Lord Maitreya, Archangel Michael—to assist you not only in your alchemical experiments, but also in your ministrations to life.

Where you are yet ignorant of just what you ought to produce for yourself and others, you can, in a gentle, childlike manner, ask God to produce out of the great pool of his light-energy the miracle of his healing love not only in your life and in the lives of your loved ones, but also in the lives of the multitudes in the world at large.

You can ask the power of God and of the kingdom of heaven to come into manifestation upon earth. You can ask for the golden age to be born, for an end to strife and struggle and all negative and hateful manifestations. You can ask for Love to take dominion over the world. If you will open your heart to the needs of the world and to the love of the Divine Mother that seeks expression through your uplifted consciousness, limitless ideas for universal service will flow into your mind.

But here again, let me hasten to sound a note of warning, especially for the benefit of those who have been psychically inclined or who have a tendency, as humanity would say, to “go off the deep end.”  Beware!  You are dealing with sacred creative power. Beware!  It is better for you to ask the Masters to interject their ideas for you—without necessarily defining or releasing them to your conscious mind—than for you to be carried away from the tether of the alchemical norm.

The Ascended Masters are not only sane and well organized, but they are also godly and profound to the nth degree. It is essential, then, that you become likewise. Above all, be not carried away by pride or by the exaltation of the self over others.

As you gain spiritual power through these periods of meditation upon the cloud—which at first should not exceed fifteen minutes a day—try to understand that the creative cloud, once it is dispersed by your fiat at the conclusion of your creative ceremony, will continue to expand and expand and expand throughout the universe as a globe of translucent white fire, eddying in ever-widening spheres to contact all that is real and that is really yours.

The cloud, as the manifestation of the power of your creative energy, the fire of your Spirit, will draw into your world the very consciousness of God himself. Evoked from the central pores of being and beautifully expanding as an altar of God, the cloud will hallow space wherever it expands.

Christ was able to produce the miracles recorded in the Gospels, and many more, because he had first mastered the correct use of energy. He called the holy energy of Spirit “Father”; and of a truth, father the Spirit is to all manifestation.

The Father is all-loving, all-knowing, and all-powerful, and he will make you all that he is. But we have only begun to touch upon the correct use of his energy. Therefore, I seek to develop in your consciousness, through your reading of this material, a proper attitude that will enable you to function, under the guidance of your own God Presence and Christ Self, as an efficient co-creator with God and the Brotherhood of Light.

We need alchemists of the Spirit—men and women who will produce physical, mental, emotional, and etheric alchemical manifestations. Welding them all into one creative act of abundant living, these shall at last understand the meaning of the Master’s words “I AM come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly.” <4>

Alchemy is not a devilish means of bringing forth riches and honor. It is a spiritual, all-loving science of changing the base metals that make up the synthetic image of man into the pure gold of the Real Image that he may implement his wise dominion over the earth.

Eventually the Great Alchemist will teach the apprentice the seraphic science whereby man shall produce that wondrous final change of which Paul spoke:  “Behold, I shew you a mystery; we shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump:  for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.” <5>

Bear in mind that I have only lightly touched upon this great creative energy that is within you even now.

In the name of the Master of Masters, in the name of the Lord Christ, I remain his servant and your advocate forever,

Saint Germain


1. Matt. 4:3.

2. Webster’s Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary defines noblesse oblige (literally, nobility obligates) as “the obligation of honorable, generous, and responsible behavior associated with high rank or birth”; that is, the sons of God, because of their high birth and heritage, are obliged to invoke the will of God and to practice the science of alchemy selflessly on behalf of all mankind.

3. See the Great Divine Director, “The Mechanization Concept,” in Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 8 (1965), pp. 9-142, also available in paperback, The Soulless One (Los Angeles:  Summit University Press, 1981).

4. John 10:10.

5. I Cor. 15:51, 52.


[Taken from the book version, Saint Germain On Alchemy]