Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 14 No. 41 - Lord Maitreya - October 10, 1971


Initiations of a Planet and a People in Religion and Science


Children on the Ladder of Light’s Attainment:

The process of initiation is a continuing one for all. Some fail to realize that even a babe is not bereft of God. A lack of sensorial development or mental maturity is no indication that the soul does not comprehend, through the light in the window of being, Life in its infinite ranges. The never failing Light of God posited within the Heart Flame of man always knows and cannot be deceived.

Human attempts to explain the warp and woof of the universe according to mortal, mechanical concepts are understandable; but they do not afford the opportunity for clear seeing that is needed before the initiatic system can be meaningful. Therefore, those who aspire to the initiations of The Brotherhood probe beyond a mere surface rationalization of the causes behind the effects which they observe in their physical environment.

The lessons of life are learned in two ways:  through the gathering and storing of data by the outer and inner mind, and by the assimilation of knowledge through the eyes of the soul at conscious and subconscious levels. As the result of both methods, the individual may, at intervals in the time stream, find the net gain of his soul-tutoring coming forth on the surface of his consciousness with profound admonishment. Thus the process of enlightenment goes on whether or not it is recognized as such by the conscious mind. We cannot decry this process nor do we fail to encourage man to study to show himself approved unto the living God. <1>

The callousness of those concerned only with the gratification of the senses is indicative of their emotional immaturity and lack of understanding of the larger concerns of Life. Those who are concerned with the mandates of the Almighty are also concerned with getting on with the purposes of Life. They do not wish to experience further delay and the frustrating dalliance of a purposeless existence. Their discontent–the hallmark of true progress–is almost an aberration in the eyes of the world. They are restless of soul, eager to find the answers they seek, and not unwilling to place personal peace last and divine knowledge first. As their Wayshower said, “I came not to send peace on earth, but a sword.” <2>

I think also that the knowledge and light of Truth may easily become a lash to the outer man; yet we know without question that the outer man must be conquered. For man is a dual being:  he is both human and divine. Thus the purposes of Life are calculated to inspire men to forsake the former and to engage their attention with the latter. Some have spoken out against this view as an impracticality. Well, it seems to us who have attained, by the grace of God, that man is impractical either here or there, in heaven or on earth, in Spirit or in Matter.

Can we not seek, then, for our unascended chelas that perfect balance of body, mind, and soul which we outpictured, that they may bring into the realm of mortal affairs the practicality of the Spirit that enhances the quality of life for their fellowmen as well as for themselves?  Can we not also expect that they might bring at least an equal amount of their God-given genius to bear upon the process of attaining that spiritually natural habitat in which they will ultimately dwell in the foreverness of God?  Must humanity totally neglect the things of the Spirit in order to complete their round of mortality?  I do not think so. If they will maintain the proper perspective between the human and the divine, they will certainly devote a reasonable portion of their lives to acquainting themselves with that wondrous realm of God-delight so totally foreign to many who yet dwell in the veils of time.

Now, we have observed that the things of the Spirit are becoming of increasing interest to mortals, and by their explorations they are raising themselves and the world to a new step in cosmic initiation. Meanwhile, unfortunate devices of cruelty are being employed to promote bigotry, prejudice, and misunderstanding among men. Racial tensions stirred by agitators accomplish little good in the world, while the fruit of a just understanding and the fair and intelligent examination of every problem confronting the children of God produces the miracles of faith that enhance the brotherhood of man and the building of the kingdom of heaven upon earth.

Whereas the Fatherhood of God is obvious in higher realms, the permeation of His love and intent could also be seen in lower realms if man would will it so; yet humanity must have patience if they are to fulfill their destiny. It is haste that construes so much evil in the world–haste, and man’s failure to take an impartial viewpoint when Good and evil must be adjudicated. Because right methods are clear and easy, wrong methods need never to be used; yet they are. While men may decry situations not to their liking, let them remain spiritually unmoved midst the disturbing panorama of world events being used to produce fear, division, and economic imbalance across the globe.

Among the initiations the planet is currently passing through is one similar to that which humanity faced both preceding the destruction of the planet Maldek <3> and during the period of the last days before the Flood. This test involves the employment of the creative genius and power to the glory of God. In the aforementioned epochs scientists engaged in genetic manipulation and the creation of animal forms that took into account neither spiritual law nor the existence of The Karmic Board, thus aborting the cycle of fulfillment that always follows the correct use of divine opportunity.

Man’s attempt to alter the structure of the DNA molecule and thereby gain control of the human embryo is not new; successfully accomplished in past eras, it may be achieved once again in this age. When respected and rightly implemented by wise men of divine attainment, this feat of science will present such marvelous possibilities to the race as to appear miraculous–albeit all miracles are the demonstration of natural law. However, the great danger in such discoveries lies in their misuse by corrupt men who, while playing God in the realm of Matter, neglect to play God as they ought in the realm of Spirit.

The possibility of failure, individual or collective, in the spirals of initiation is not to be taken lightly. If the planet as a whole is to pass victoriously through the tests of this age, religion and science must go hand in hand, the one providing proof for the other in this time of advancing cycles. The kingdom of God that is within you <4> is the foundation for the successful pursuit of the initiatic process at the individual level. And only through initiation, first at the individual level and then at the planetary level, is the miraculous sense of the divine restored and retained within the human consciousness under the guidance of the Ascended Masters.

Our services are yours. We offer them to you and to those among humanity who will believe in our existence, in our sincerity, and above all, in the sincerity of God. Thus, together we hold the balance, the health and the sanity, of life waves moving on to perfection through the grand initiatic process of the Father of worlds without end.

Devoted to His service and to the service of the Universal Son of God, I remain confident of your confidence in our purposes.

Triunely One,


Lord Maitreya


1. II Tim. 2:15.

2. Matt. 10:34.

3. The remains of Maldek comprise the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

4. Luke 17:21.