Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 19 No. 50 - Beloved Lanello - December 12, 1976

Lanello’s Birthday Message December 24, 1975
The Flame of the Christ Mass

Part I

Good evening, my friends, and a merry Christmas!  I come in the light of your heart and in the flame that glows before you. I come to bring the warmth of the Christ Mass. I come to place around you the corona of your Presence, the auric glow of the flame that burns, that will not be quenched. I come because you have come to celebrate the birth of the Son of God within you and within me, within Jesus, the anointed one, and in the hearts of all mankind.

My prayer with you this night is that the flame might leap from heart to heart, that it might consume in every hearth the outer senses and their indulgences and draw mankind into the maturity of responsibility. Let them be children no longer; for as children they flaunt the law, and they toy with the sacred fire—a single flame that is the gift of God to every son and daughter.

The flame is single and it is singular. It is a one-time gift. It can be lost. The flame may return to the heart of the Great Central Sun with or without the soul; and only the soul can make the bliss of the Christ Mass permanent by application—fervent application—fastidiousness in the law and in the service of the law.

I look upon mankind this night. I look upon those who take the joys of Christmas in a perpetual indulgence of giving and receiving not the light, but the things of this world. Let them be drawn by the love of the Holy Spirit which we share!  Only love can transform the world. Let it begin here!  Let it be a fiery vortex!  Let your own flame burn as high as a candle flame. Let it be that fire!  And you see the heat as it increases in these rooms. Can you imagine how the light will increase?  For the heat is the equivalent of love.

And so I would like to see you increase love as a burning fire, a fire that burns not only when I am with you, when Christ is near, or in the celebration of the events that foretell the Second Coming of the Christed One within you. I would like to see the fire burn, the fire increase, the love increase; for men will not stay with the teaching when the teaching is but words cast idly from the lips. They will stay only by the drawing power of the flame.

Can you imagine yourself a shepherd this night on the hillsides of Judea nearing Bethlehem?  And all that you possess in this world—your staff, your robe, your mantle, a blanket for warmth—all that is really your own is that flame. And God has sent you forth to light a world with that single flame. Imagine yourself dependent totally upon the flame—not a building, not a pulpit, not an organization, without finances or advertising or backing. But you are given the greatest gift of all:  the gift of the flame of life. And within your soul is placed the formula for the increase of the flame. And you are born to know that by that flame a world can come into its own or a world can recede into the vortex of fire and be consumed.

I would like you to imagine yourself among the sheep who represent the wakeful—watching, waiting, coming to the center of the AUM, following the Good Shepherd, totally dependent upon the voice that comes from the flame, the voice that comes from the heart. The sheep know that voice and they come.1 They come to the place where the fire is burning to bask in the warmth of love. It is a cold winter night, and so the flame of Christ descends.

Imagine yourself among the shepherds who welcomed the star of his appearing.  Shepherds who came, whose fiery destiny it was to be near the one who bore the flame for the redemption of all mankind, who would show mankind how to light the heart, to be a fire—an all-consuming fire consuming all lesser desire and being just simply a flame. He came, then, in surroundings that were humble to accentuate this fire against a backdrop not of grandeur of palaces, not the majesty of Rome or even of Greece. He came simply to be a fire.

I would then recall to you that in that holy night there were not even books nor teachings, but only a flame to follow. They knew it as a vibration even as you know your God by vibration. The wise men followed the frequencies of light to the place where he lay. I would that all mankind would come to you following the star of the I AM Presence, following the light from your heart—not my heart, not the hearts of the ascended masters, but God incarnate as the Word, as the fire, as the flame within you.

This is the great mystery of learning to make the bricks without straw,2 of going forth without purse or scrip.3 For you must exercise the flame. And the flame will increase; it will envelop you. It will be your supply, your garment, your daily joy, the poetry of the mind, the flow of the essence from God, until you are centered in the bliss of the Buddha and the Christ. And there centered with the flame raised on high, you will draw the multitudes and they will come to be nourished of the sacred fire.

Let us then feel the freedom to abandon all of the accouterments of civilizations that rise and fall; for there is nothing permanent but the star of the I AM Presence that foretold his birth and your own and my own, now anchored in your heart. Be grateful that God made you, for not all who walk this earth can make that statement!  Be grateful that God placed the flame within you!

You may be grateful for lesser gifts; but on your birthday and the birthday of a king, remember to be grateful because God made you and endowed you with the gift of fire. And having made you and endowed you that gift, he has done the all, the summum bonum of life. The highest good, the greatest love, the immortal truth is this:  I AM thy Son, O God!  I AM thy flame, O God!

So you know the precepts well. Now let us expand the fire and tell a world waiting for the sunrise, waiting still for the dawn of the Christ conscious­ness, not having even the faintest conception of the coming of the star, yet waiting, yet praising God, yet giving glory in the churches and the temples and the cathedrals, yet knowing that sometime, somewhere, the glory of his appearing will be to them the fulfillment of their hope and the promise of the Word.

I desire then that you should meditate with me as we conclude this year, this year that has been the testing of the Holy Spirit in many nations, in many hearts—the testing to see whether or not the crucible, the chalice, could contain the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is not being tested, but you are—to see whether the steel girders of your consciousness can contain the holy offering of the Lord God of hosts.

You have been tried in the fires.4 Parts of you have been found wanting, but not all. And so the fusion of your consciousness, the parts making up the whole of the body and soul and mind of God on earth, has been weighed; and the total consciousness of those striving for the light has been found to be a receptacle for the Holy Spirit. I said, a receptacle. I would make it bigger and better. By thy flame, by thy flame!  Let us look within and see what we can claim for God in that immortal fire!

Do you know that if you would meditate and concentrate on the heart as I have taught you to do,5 you could increase that fire a hundredth of an inch?  And do you know what one-hundredth of an inch increase in the fire in your heart would bring to you?  If each one of you would determine this to be your calling and your all, you would find that thousands would be drawn to the teachings just by the increase in the nucleus of the staff and the students and the Keepers of the Flame. Thousands would be drawn into the teachings of the ascended masters.

And therefore in your service, as you labor long and lovingly for the Lord your God, remember to allow the mind and soul to flow to the heart and say:  “O God, you are so magnificent!  O God, you are so magnificent!  O God, you are so magnificent!”  In this way let love increase. Let light increase. And as you fall into the arms of God in sleep at night, let your attention rest in the heart. Do not let your minds run away with foolish thoughts and concerns. Let the angel of your Presence, your guardian angel, take the burdens of the day, the plans of the future, and all of those things of the past.

As you are free in the light of Mary to meditate with Jesus in the sacred fires of the heart, plunge into these fires as you would plunge into the foaming sea!  Plunge into the fires with the delight and the knowing that if you are there tending the fire, God is also there making it higher and higher. And that is all you need; all else will come of the flame—creativity, ideas, supply, joy, the union of life on earth with life in heaven—all this the product of the flame.

And then what do you suppose will happen when you increase that flame another one-hundredth of an inch?  You will see science and invention increase!  You will see peace flourishing upon earth!  You will see war consumed!  You will see the dark ones exposed!  Will you wonder in that day at the miracle of God?  Or will you look within and say, “This is the alchemy of the fire within my heart!”

Continued in Part 2, published in Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 19 no. 51.

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Lanello was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Wednesday, December 24, 1975 at the Motherhouse in Santa Barbara, California.

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5. See Cosmic Consciousness - The Putting On of the Garment of the Lord by Lanello, published by the Summit Lighthouse, pp. 58-63.

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