Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 21 No. 27 - Arcturus, Elohim of the Seventh Ray - July 2, 1978


The Responsibility of the Violet Transmuting Flame:  The Fiat and the Tree


Flung forth from the hand of the infinite God, the myriad system of worlds do continue to act out and outpicture the magnificence of God design. Yet, scattered throughout cosmos there are embryonic worlds–from a spiritual standpoint–where the lifewaves are exposing themselves to the master patterns of life in the great cosmic hope that the master patterns of life will come into manifestation upon the planetary body of these planets and also in the hearts of the people who inhabit each of these blessed planets flung forth from the hand of God.

Blessed ones, it is clear that the planet Earth upon which you live is one whose destiny is very great; for the master pattern of this planetary body itself is so magnificent that if you could behold it, it would provide an inspiration which you would never forget.

I am most grateful this day to be able to tell you that that master pattern and plan of perfection from the heart of God for the planet Earth is the sole reason why the Infinite One has continued to send forth avatars without limit to the planetary body, and sons of light. It is not because of the putrid manifestation of disobedience which has occurred upon the planet and because of pity from the heart of God alone that this has come forth–that is to say, that God has sent forth his avatars. God has sent forth his sons because he has loved the world, it is true; but the world that God has loved is the world which God has made. It is the world of his divine manifestation, and it is the perfection of immortal spheres which calls forth from his heart and evokes a response there because only divine love can evoke the response of Divine Love.

Have you thought about it, blessed ones, when you consider the manifestation of human pity how that individuals themselves are able to respond to pity in the consciousness of others, for they seek for and desire to have others pity them or respond to them and answer their calls when they are experiencing some form of human difficulty?  I would like today to have you raise your consciousness out of the degradation of that state of beggary, which never was created by the mind of God or by the hand of God but rather was created by human nonsense and foolishness and all of the degradations of mankind’s thought and feeling.

You must understand clearly today, then, how that fire does give birth to fire and, when we are speaking of spiritual fire, we are speaking of the manifestation of that which is of worth. Spiritual fire then, regenerative fire, holy fire–which burns out of the consciousness of mankind the state of degradation and beggary and produces there the beauty of Cosmic Christ acceptance of the Father’s plan–is the masterful state of consciousness which evokes natural healing and produces perfection in the mind of man whereby he overcomes all unwanted conditions in his world.

Unwanted conditions cannot fail to yield to the mighty power and radiance of the spiritual light when that light is paid allegiance to and is recognized as the source of all mankind’s greatness. When individuals feel that there is going to occur in their world a magical response as the result of an answer by some human being, they are losing sight of the magnificence of their own divine Holy Christ Self and the great answer that comes from God when the appeal is made to the very heart of God.

Understand, then, today that the glory of spiritual accomplishment is always produced because the Son accepts the radiance of the Father as the natural expansion of the Father’s light within the Son himself, and this is that which God loves. When men contemplate the phrase “for God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son,” <1> they must recognize that it is the master plan of perfection that evoked this response from the heart of God. It is the love ray that is responding to the love ray. It is the charity of God responding to the charity that he has placed within man and that is inherent within man and that is the perfection of the divine plan fulfilled.

One of the most unfortunate conditions in the world today is the state of some of the spiritual-minded individuals–and I say this with my tongue in cheek–who seem to feel that God is bent on punishing mankind for all of the various ills which mankind are doing. Blessed ones, mankind are punished enough themselves by their own recognition of their errors, receiving the recompense of that error within themselves; and they are punished enough by the karmic activity which they have originated and sent forth into the world, which is a charge of misqualified energy which always returns to their world and to their own doorstep for requalification and redemption. Why, then, should the Deity himself seek to further punish them and bow down their head in grief?

Gracious ones, all punishment so called that is the chastening of God is for the betterment of mankind and for the upliftment of the Spirit in man that they may understand how the law operates and understand that there is a basic difference between the return of an individual’s karmic acts and a specific chastisement which is done in order to produce better fruit even as a gardener prunes a tree.

Recognize, then, that all limitation that God has actually produced by cosmic edict is the result of the divine law pruning, or cutting back, or limiting the activity of mankind in order that in their limited state–which then is a far cry from the freedom they once knew–they may feel that limitation and, smarting under the lash of that, may seek emancipation and freedom from it by overcoming and by accepting the great cosmic responsibilities which the Lord of All desires to give to all who will accept it and who will hear his voice and who will understand the purposes of life and the reasons why they are placed upon the planetary body–in order to express the grace of Almighty God in action and produce that master plan here below which is above.

Contemplate well the violet transmuting flame in its great application of cosmic mercy. Recognize that simply because it works for you is not enough. It works for all who call upon it, but this is not enough. The violet transmuting flame and its use thereof entails an enormous responsibility on the part of the chela who seeks to manifest his own heavenly kingship. The chela must recognize that because the violet transmuting flame is a flame of mercy, it ought to stimulate within his consciousness a recognition of the quality of mercy to every part of life.

And therefore, hardness of heart toward other parts of life cannot be tolerated in those who use the violet transmuting flame. If it is there, you will find, precious ones, that sooner or later the violet transmuting flame will break in you that condition of hardness of heart which prevents you from feeling the flow of the mercy flame from God’s own heart. You cannot sustain within yourself two focuses–one a focus of transmutation and the other a focus of hardness. If you do, it will break you yourself and bring you down. Therefore recognize that you must use the violet transmuting flame for its God-appointed and God-intended purpose so that you may free yourself from all hardness and density, all recalcitrance and darkness, all shadow in your world, and understand the great compassion of life that would raise you up–buoyantly, joyously, fervently–and assist you to your ascension in the light.

I would like today to call to the attention of the students, one and all, the cosmic law involving the ascension that the students may understand that the ascension, while it is a gift of God, must be understood. And when the students call for their ascension, they must understand what they are calling for. And, if they understand what they are calling for, they will recognize the need to live as an ascended being would while here below, and they will not allow petty differences and petty jealousy and petty conditions to interfere with their own freedom in the light.

I tell you, precious ones, it is a travesty before God and nature that individuals who claim they are seeking the ascension and their freedom in the light will continue year after year to make the same mistakes and enter into the same spirit of error–calling forth the violet transmuting flame to free themselves from the feeling of error and the feeling of darkness and the feeling of shadow without understanding and comprehending that the violet transmuting flame is intended to give them their freedom from the condition itself as well as the feeling about the condition. If individuals will understand this, they will understand the correct use of the flame; and, as they understand the correct use of the flame, they will find that it will produce in a more efficacious manner the freedom for which they seek.

Precious ones of the light, I have not for some time spoken to you through this activity. I have not for some time come forth in this manner. But I am today standing in your midst and here upon the planetary body in order to give a very special assistance to mankind at the portal of this year. There is a great need–this I am sure you will all acknowledge–for that assistance, but that assistance will be given. Now then, let us ask and evoke from you all–all who hear and all who understand the need–to call forth and evoke in man the acceptance of that assistance which I am giving; for all assistance cannot produce the perfection it seeks to produce unless there is an acceptance by mankind either inwardly or outwardly–preferably both. Precious ones, won’t you please be seated.

I call now to Lord Zadkiel, Holy Amethyst–his divine consort. I call now to beloved Kuan Yin. And I ask your own Saint Germain to step here into this great triangle, the quadrant which I have caused to manifest. In one corner we have, then, Lord Zadkiel. In the other corner Holy Amethyst. Opposite Holy Amethyst is that blessed being Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy. And opposite Lord Zadkiel is that blessed being known as Saint Germain.

I am standing now within the center of the quadrant, and I am invoking cosmic circles of light from the very heart of God–all qualified with the beautiful violet transmuting flame–to come out and with concentric rings of mercy engulf the square of mankind’s outer-world form with an understanding to utilize the gifts and graces now deposited upon the planetary body from all of the avatars of all ages, from all of the wisdom dispensed in writing and speaking, and from all of the invocations and fiats made by the masters of wisdom for and on behalf of mankind, to come now into a special activity this year of planetary assistance–a focalizing, as it were, to a point where mankind can use more of these vital energies as ingredients in all that they do.

Let, then, violet transmutation occur. Let, then, freedom occur. Let, then, mercy be generously sprinkled into the world arena. And let the violet fire of freedom’s love take its toll in mankind. And when I say take its toll, I mean just that; I mean that the violet transmuting flame should and must devour, by transmutation’s ray, much of the misqualified substance that is now as a plague and epidemic scattered upon the planetary body or else there will break out into manifestation in the outer world of form many unwanted and undesirable conditions which we desire to avert.

Whether or not we shall be successful will depend upon many things. First of all, it will depend upon your acceptance of our fiat this day. Secondly, it will depend upon mankind’s acceptance and use. And thirdly, it will depend upon those imponderables of cosmic law which only the Great Karmic Board are qualified to judge as pertains to this planetary body.


Let us, then, decree this day
That God in his rightness
Will produce by his brightness
The freedom of light in action today!
Let us decree that the violet-flame ray
Will become in man’s consciousness today
The violet-flame way to freedom!
Let us pray that God’s will be done
And that freedom will make one
All the divergent factors of man!
Let us decree that God will manifest to the free
The completeness of the divine plan!

   I take my leave of you now, but I leave behind an orb, seventeen feet in diameter, of pulsating violet-flame substance which shall for a period of seventeen months continue to radiate out a tremendous power of transmutation directly surrounding the tree that is located in your front driveway. This shall be done as an activity of purification for all who shall come here and for all who dwell here. This shall continue to dissipate this substance, radiating it out in a certain specified decay rate until it is consumed at the end of seventeen months. I assure you that this will prove a mighty assistance to you, but it is never a substitute for your own application.

I thank you.


This dictation by Arcturus was dictated to the Messenger Mark L. Prophet at the Retreat of the Resurrection Spiral on January 15, 1967 (12:06-12:25 p.m. MST), included in The Seven Elohim in the Power of the Spoken Word, A7636,

1. John 3:16.

HEROS AND AMORA (2). Continuing the dictation of April 13, 1975, Heros explained that “when you elevate your thoughts and feelings through meditation and invocation to the heights of cosmic consciousness, you magnetize all aspects of God already one with that point of God-realization. I am an Elohim. And the Elohim impart the consciousness of the El and the awareness of alignment of the law of forcefields and grids and cosmic energies. And the Elohim, in whose consciousness is the sustaining of an entire cosmic egg, come to reinfuse your life with cosmic purpose....See how in the coming days there is a reinforcement of choices. Those who choose light will find their light reinforced, will find

cosmic momentums moving as the wind of the Holy Spirit in the sails of the soul to propel them into cosmic service and usefulness unto the law of life....Choose ye this day the love that ye will serve!” Amora returned on July 4, 1977, fulfilling “the destiny of love released by Heros” in 1974. “I come with an echo of love from out the Great Central Sun,” she said. “And now the angels of the Central Sun who have formed a giant spiral over this forcefield...are ready to release into your hearts a spiral of love for the transformation of whatever world with which it comes in contact. According to your vision, so will the action of your love-spiral be....If you would transform your community, your nation, your earth and solar system, so it shall be.... Continuing the dictation, Amora described the dispensation that she was to release that night. “Now visualize the ascension coil beginning in the center of the base of the pyramid and spiraling clockwise, forming the largest cycle coincident with the square and then coming closer and closer and forming a rising pyramid until it is complete in the all-seeing eye. See that spiral, then–that is the grid and forcefield for your victory. The spiral of love which I will release to you in the name of God this night will be a coil of pink energy. It will descend upon you according to that visualization and that energy magnet of the ascension coil. It will be placed around you, and it will remain and intensify as you guard your harmony in love. It will decrease if you misuse the harmony of love, And if your misuse becomes a perpetual misqualification, then you will lose this spiral of love. Thus I give to you a matrix which is yours to use as a gift of God for the transformation even of your body temple from the body terrestrial to the body celestial.” Dictations by Heros and Amora: 7-4-71, 7-5-74, 4-13-75. Dictation by Amora: 7-4-77.

Retreat of the Elohim of the Third Ray–Heros and Amora focus the energies of the heart chakra of the planet in their retreat located in the etheric plane over Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The forcefield of this temple is designed after the pattern of a budding lotus. The temple is square, made of rose quartz, with giant petals rising at each corner. From the tip of each petal to the center of the sides of the temple extend two bands of a metallic-like substance which serve as conductors of light. There are three petal-shaped doors at the entrance of the retreat which is in the tall spire in the center of one of the four sides. Going through the entrance down a central hallway we approach the sunken altar of the love ray. Here the pink plume of the love flame burns in the center of the first floor. Three tiers descending into the floor form the bowl for the flame which is surrounded by carved petals. Three other arteries proceed away from the altar to petal-shaped classrooms that are within the four squares into which the first floor is evenly divided. There are four levels in this retreat, the second and third floors consisting of chambers used by the pink-flame angels who serve here and the masters who frequent the retreat. On the top floor is the throne of the Elohim in a large round room, an audience chamber, having the appearance of a disc with beautiful carvings in the stone walls. Throughout the retreat are sculptured art forms which convey the action of divine love to the universe, its cohesive power within the atom and in galaxies. Meditation upon these sculptures infuses the consciousness with the understanding of the laws of love and their operation at every level of consciousness, for they key into the patterns within the atom and the cell of man where the laws of God are written in his inward parts. Therefore, upon seeing these sculptures, the chela ties into that which he already knows, and he becomes that knowledge through meditation. The radiance of the pink flame from the heart of Heros and Amora together with that of Chamuel and Charity forms an arc of love connecting the retreat over Lake Winnipeg with that of the Archangel and Archeia of the Third Ray over St. Louis, Missouri.

PURITY AND ASTREA–Elohim of the fourth ray (the white ray) of purity, perfection, hope, and wholeness. It is the flame of the Mother and the flame of the ascension–the desire to know and be God through purity of body, mind, and soul through the consciousness of the Divine Mother which embraces the natural laws governing all manifestation in the earth plane. Purity holds the divine pattern of the perfection of the Christ for all that is in manifest form. He focuses the white fire that is in the heart of every sun and atom–the pure white light out of which emanates the seven ‘rays’, or aspects, of the Christ consciousness. Blue is considered the feminine aspect of white because the white fire of Purity coalesces as blue in the Matter plane. Thus Astrea, the feminine complement of Purity, works twenty-four hours a day wielding her cosmic circle and sword of blue flame to free the children of the Mother from all that opposes the fulfillment of the divine plan held in the heart of Purity. She personifies the Hindu concept of Kali, “the demon-slayer.” You can make the circle and sword of blue flame practical in your life as Jesus Christ did when he called upon Purity and Astrea to exorcise the boy possessed of a demon–the one who lay on the ground frothing at the mouth, whom the disciples could not heal (Matt. 17:14-21). The circle of blue fire invoked from the heart of Astrea is a dazzling blue-white fire that oscillates as two concentric rings of fire–the blue of Astrea, the white of Purity–interchanging frequencies at such a rapid rate so as to appear as the action of blue-white lightning flashing around souls, planets, solar systems, galaxies–wherever there is a need for the reinforcement of the will of God in the divine blueprint held in the white-fire core of being. Whenever and wherever there is discord in any form, in any of its aspects, you should call in the name of the Christ to the Elohim Astrea: “Lock your cosmic circle and sword of blue flame around the cause and core of the condition.” Then see this circle of the sacred fire lock around the individual at the waist, around entire groups of individuals, around buildings, around entire cities, states, nations, and even around the earth at the equator. See this in your mind’s eye as a ring of the brilliant sapphire and diamond-flashing fire–its regular, almost geometric flames cutting away, like a buzz saw, layers and layers of discord and density. Then visualize the sword of blue flame as a pillar of blue fire perpendicular to the circle of blue flame, breaking the matricies of darkness, shattering forcefields of disease, decay, and death . And above all, see the Elohim standing over each individual for whom you are praying, holding the sword of blue flame two inches from the spine and parallel to it. This is the action whereby the Elohim demagnetize the being and consciousnesss of the individual of all darkness, all sinister strategies of the fallen ones, and the serpentine energies of the carnal mind. Whenever and wherever you invoke the circle and sword of blue flame from the heart of Purity and Astrea, you can know with absolute certainty that an action of cosmic momentum is taking place.