Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 21 No. 43 - Gautama Buddha - October 22, 1978


The Initiation of Twin Flames in Love:
A Ten-Year Cycle in the Ten Perfections of the Law
Part 2


We rejoice in many missions accomplished, of conferences in which many new souls have taken up with earnest the path of initiation. We rejoice to see that leaders in the world are returning to the impetus of light. The response of Sadat of Egypt to our call has been of great hope and promise and the decrees of the students, and thereby the world has placed its attention upon the Middle East. And in this very year, the situation of the Middle East coming, then, to that key point must be determined not by the decision of laggard generations who refuse to cast their swords into the flame and their armaments. Beloved ones, there is the three-pronged problem in the Middle East that can be solved by the equilateral triangle of the Father, the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Beloved ones, between the Arabs, the Jews, and the Palestinians, and then the Christians themselves, there is much that must be worked out, but all must be resolved in the Mother flame.

Precious hearts of light, I urge you, then, to give your momentum of light, your dynamic decrees, that the fallen ones and their intent to make of the Middle East crisis a world holocaust will be thwarted, will be denied, and that they will have stripped from them their intent by ill-gotten gain to turn that crisis into a planetary momentum of war. Precious hearts, the investment of billions of dollars of this nation, of the Soviet Union, of the Arab countries in armaments, in nuclear instruments, is a buildup which, had it occurred prior to World War II, would have been clearly seen as the inescapable mark of an oncoming tide of war. Beloved ones, there is such a great buildup of war and implements of war and of defense among the nations that it is enough to strike terror to the hearts of children.

Precious hearts of light, the equation of the balance of power on earth is indeed being kept in the hearts of the ascended masters and their unascended devotees. For those who should keep the balance of freedom in America on behalf of earth and her evolutions are dominated by conspiracies in capitalism, conspiracies in communism, conspiracies at all levels of government as each and every one manipulating others is seeking self gain. And thus, beloved ones, we have disapproved of many decisions that have come forth East and West, and we see that it is not only ignorance in the leaders of the people but malice aforethought on behalf of those individual lifestreams who are committed to the works of the Destroyer–not the works of Shiva but of the Archdeceiver himself.

We then look upon the vote on the Panama Canal as a sign both of ignorance and of manipulation, but we also see a mark of great enlightenment upon the American people who have participated and put their energies into the understanding of this decision. And therefore, the people and their representatives have not understood that the Panama Canal itself is an isthmus of light at the figure-eight flow of the Buddha and the Mother in the nexus of these hemispheres of light. In North and South America, the cultivation of light by the Great Divine Director is intended to preserve freedom; and therefore, it is the highest initiates of the sacred fire who are appointed by the Council of the Royal Teton and the Council of Lake Titicaca to be the guardians of that flow of energy.

Those who have the highest attainment of light are not necessarily today in the government of the United States; but I can assure you, in my survey of souls in this hemisphere, those individuals who have the right to rule because of inner light are by and large in the vast majority in the United States. And therefore you see, beloved ones, we would not trust the guarding of that highest forcefield of light at that nexus to those who are in control of a government that is unstable, that is supported economically by the fallen ones in Wall Street and the fallen ones in the Soviet Union and that is in league with Castro and his determination to move from the fields of Africa to the fields of South America, to have not only the children of God come under that godless state but also the resources that belong to the Mother and her children.

But, beloved ones, this may be the losing of a battle but not the loss of the war–as some have said. For enlightenment has come and a great movement toward a greater dedication to God government and to the electing of those individuals who understand the dynamic call of torchbearers of freedom in America to resume their place in the government and the economy of this nation and therefore to defend freedom in every land.

This is the purpose of America–not the enslavement of peoples, not the tolerance of the enslavement of any part of life, but the sending forth of freedom’s flame in God’s name. Therefore in this cycle let us understand that there have come together–in the movement of government and toward greater freedom in government–souls of light who by the events of this year and the misuses of power by the president of this nation and his cabinet, they have come forth with a far greater determination, a greater organization, a greater vision, and–thanks to the decrees of lightbearers–with a greater energy to implement the plan of God.

Beloved ones, there are souls of great light to the left and to the right of the center, and in the center there are those who stand but do not stand in the center of the Middle Way of the Buddha or in the center of the Christ light. Beloved children of the sun, drop then from you all misconceptions and preconceptions of the destiny of nations and study then the law of the One, call upon the violet flame, and move to that time and space where you can understand both the karma and the dharma which must determine the decisions and the vote of the representatives of the people. There are many in office today in the federal and state governments and at local levels in each and every nation who, because they neglect to follow the law of karma and dharma, do not judge righteous judgment <1> and therefore do not properly represent the souls of the people but in actuality represent their outer minds, outer wants, and outer desires to the very destruction of the cosmic purposes of life in earth and in this solar system.

One cycle, then, has passed. There is a great organizing and amalgamation of forces at many levels, though unseen. For the first year of the cycle is yet in the etheric plane, and the second year of the cycle will also be in that etheric plane. And so you see, ten divided by the four quadrants gives equal opportunity in the etheric, mental, desire, and ultimately the earth cycle for souls of light to bring unto fulfillment the divine plan of God. Heaven has its plan. We at Shamballa know that plan. We urge you to invoke it from the causal body of the Great Divine Director and, above all, to invoke the spiral that is yours to contribute and the spiral of your twin flame to contribute to the overall plan of the rescue mission of earth and her evolutions.

Let us understand, then, that there is a lifewave of souls who are intended to hold the balance of the Spirit cycle, keeping the white-fire core in dynamic decrees and making as their most important goal the spreading abroad of the teachings. We have our devotees who are keeping the flame also in the Matter plane who are servants of God in government–in the states and in the nation. Some of these have no idea of the teachings of the ascended masters. Some of these are being contacted on the stumping of the Mother and Lord Shiva, the stumping of El Morya and Saint Germain and of the chelas of the flame.

Beloved ones, these dedicated servants of God need more enlightenment. They need the backing of the students of the law, and that which you have given in the year past and in years prior has, to a very great extent, provided the means for the implementation of policy after policy in many nations that has begun to turn the great wheel of the life back to the center of the Christ consciousness. Beloved ones, by a like token we cannot neglect to report to you that many decisions that are being made day by day are not according to the divine plan. The selling of America’s gold in order to effect the raising of the value of the dollar abroad is but folly and will return to the doorstep of this nation an even greater crisis in the economy. The giving away or the selling away of this gold upon demand or at a price is one of the greatest mistakes that has been made by this president and other presidents of this nation, and the very demands of de Gaulle in previous years have depleted the focal point of light and of gold in this economy.

You cannot exchange paper for gold–a paper that is not backed–and think that you come out in a balance. There is no balance. And this deception–partly because of ignorance and partly because of the manipulation of your president by the fallen ones–is creating crisis after crisis. When the head of state of this nation fails utterly to challenge the fallen ones who enslave peoples in the nations of the earth, there is a dropping of the torch of freedom and a great karma that accrues to the people. [To be continued in next week’s Pearl of Wisdom.]


This dictation by Gautama Buddha was dictated to the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet at the Twin Flames in Love seminar in New York City on April 23, 1978 (6:38-7:33 p.m. EST).

1. John 7:24.