Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 24  No. 8 - Beloved Archangel Michael - February 22, 1981


The Class of the Archangels

God Has Sent the Seven Archangels
for the Rescue of the People of Light on Earth


The Cross and the Sword:
By This Sign We Conquer

The Descent of the Doves
from the Virgin to Babes in Christ


Hail, expectant ones! O thou who art filled with the diamond will of God, I AM indeed come into your midst—and never without my legions of light marching. And therefore underfoot is the cast-down one. And by the authority of the Piscean Conqueror, by that Conqueror and by that sign, we conquer!

O blessed children of the light and most noble knights and ladies of the flame assisting at the court of Camelot, welcome to my heart of fire! Welcome to the legions of archangels’ starry bands! Welcome to those heights of vision whence we come.

We would invite you to stand with us in this hour from that lofty point of star fire and to see what we see of earth and her evolutions. Now then, won’t you be seated for our journey midst the stars.

The earth is so far beneath our gaze that we must be certain that we have identified the correct planet. There is very little emanation of light. And therefore we meditate upon the heart of servant-sons and thereby know that a planet in orbit round Helios and Vesta’s sun center is indeed yet in the race for evolutions to become God-identified.

Mingling with the stench of pollution, then, we perceive the fragrance of hearts devoted unto love. And we recognize old friends, familiar faces. And lo, we descend.

The descent of legions of light can be down a mighty funnel, even coursing down as your own firemen descend and shimmy round the pole to arrive immediately, there to go on their way to put out those fires often set by the control of fiery salamanders and their manipulation. Therefore, so to speak, we can descend millions of miles in a point of light—in an instant! And yet, we are very conscious of traversing time and space, for we keep the coordinates of the starry systems and the very ritual drama of marching across the cosmic highways.

The funnel of light is for the ascent and the descent of angelic hosts. We are positioned, then, at a point above Terra where we gather, even when apart from Banff, <1> to commune together with the sons of God concerning the dilemma of earth and the burdens upon the youth and how best to wield our swords of blue flame to cut through that density—so dense that it becomes self-willed, even by those who are of the descent and origin of Light.

Blessed hearts, our legions have assisted in the deliverance of many lifewaves and planetary homes. And yet, we still gather in council, appealing to Sanat Kumara and others who are experienced in the vast starry bodies and the far-flung universes. For there is a most unique situation upon earth; and problems are accelerated by communication, by the transmittal of the most base and primitive momentums—tying directly into the underworld of the astral—to children of the light recently come from other planetary spheres where the light is so great as to make almost ununderstandable, unintelligible, this gross darkness that covers over them as a dark wave almost as soon as they are born.

The assimilation of this darkness—as the scattering of fine dust, as the pollution of the spheres of earth—in the little child is like the assimilation of mother’s milk or air or the first foods that are taken in. The child is a sponge. The child absorbs actually the wavelengths of an entire planetary body unless parents who are devotees keep a strong devotion to the Virgin Mother, to the holy angels, and to one or another of the Christed ones and avatars.

Without this connection—through the parents and loved ones of newborn children—with the octaves of light, the auras of two- and three-year olds are already reflecting the general momentums of the planetary evolution.

This has troubled us for many a year. And as the hearts of men wax gross and they become more and more dense, failing to enter into the defense of Life with absolute nonrecognition of the holiness of the incarnating ones, our burden is greater. And thus we come together, in the perspective of the vast experience of other servants of light, to consider how we may indeed implement the divine plan of the Great Divine Director for the cutting off and the arresting of spirals so intended to pollute these little ones.

Some of you have been the little ones to whom we have ministered. And now you find yourselves seated even in the blue lotus of Lord Himalaya’s meditation as he meditates day and night upon the victory of the flame of the holy innocents.

You see, beloved hearts, this flame of innocence is borne by every newborn child. And the keeping of the light of innocence isa guardian action that is assumed by a certain evolution of light-bearers that continue to embody.

Do you know what effect this has upon earth? It is to neutralize insanity and the propagation of crime by the wavelength of insanity. It is innocence—pure and holy light descending from the heart of God—that enables the protection of those in embodiment to be sustained from those elements, those lifestreams that would break forth and pollute the entire aura of earth with that wavelength of insanity that contains murderer and the murderous intent. It contains the viruses to propagate insanity and even chaos and confusion for the disruption of life....

Beloved hearts, the bearers of the blue flame of God’s holy will bear the cross and the sword. And this sword is indeed for the binding of those antiselves that position themselves in opposition to every manifestation of the Light.

Understand that the cross is always the sword because when the cross is raised up it is the declaration of war. It is the warfare in heaven. <2> To this cause we serve.

We are the legions of light! And we stand at that very edge of the delivery of a mighty blue-flame will. It is God’s will—the will of our Father, manifest in the Son, multiplied by the Holy Spirit, cherished in the heart of the Mother—that is most offensive and, above all vibrations of light, that which is opposed the most.

If the will of God can be set aside in the children of the light, you see, then their power source will also be cut off. For where the will of God is not, there power is not. And thus, to destroy the loyalty of the sons of God to God’s holy will is the plot to take from them the very light and life-force to continue in the grand march towards self-perfectionment.

Consider, then, those who leave off the devotion to the will of God, those who rebel against the sacred Cause. You will notice that, by and by, they lose their spine. They lose their verve and their nerve! They lose the active light of the Godhead, and they are not able to carry out even their own precious purposes of anti-Light.O yes, they may appear—for an hour or a cycle—to have power. But it is the very antipower, the antithesis of that which they deny. And when it is spent, it is spent.

The children of the sun who determine to carry this will of God find themselves becoming more and more separated, even from those who call themselves followers of God. I tell you, beloved hearts, my own being is an offense to many who profess to worship the Lord Jesus Christ or Gautama Buddha.

Often when I enter into that room of prayer where they gather, my presence becomes a sword which creates strife among them because it is such a magnet as to draw out and expose their own inner rebellions against the will of God that they can no longer agree with one another or even sustain a circle of fire beneath the Saviour’s light.

Realize, then, what this means. Those who would worship Him out of deference to their own human will and its convenience, those who cannot contain the will of God, therefore, lose our protection. We cannot hold a sufficient forcefield of protection around those who deny the very will which is the essence from which that protection flows.

Protection is always the protection of the inner blueprint of the will of God that is in you, and it is never the protection of the human consciousness. Those who begin to invoke our intercession sometimes discover that they find themselves in awkward circumstances where their human consciousness is exposed and they must come into alignment with God’s holy will before they can have our protection in the world and from the world and all that’s in it.

Therefore sometimes it is hazardous to expect me and my bands to accompany you. For you find that it is then that any infraction of the law is well noticed, and suddenly you say, “Why did I not have my protection?” Well, indeed you did—as protection from continuously making karma by flaunting the laws of the land and of God-government in the earth.

Blessed ones, protection is never concealment for the erosion of the law that you may justify in the name of God-good. It cannot be. And there are always levels of accounting, and there are always devils who are ready to expose the Achilles’ heel of compromise with the cosmic honor flame.

Thus when you realize that we realize that if we do not assist in the exposure of every element of human consciousness, that the fallen ones will rush in to do it in our stead, we prefer to do it to give you that grace period whereby you might correct those misuses and misstatements that you make, sometimes seemingly for the protection of the Light. But, beloved hearts, it always places in jeopardy your own life and community and the message and the messenger. Therefore let all come into alignment with the cross and with the sword.

The vulnerability of the light-bearer is in his own word. By thy words thou shalt be justified. By thy words thou shalt be condemned. <3>

Let thy word then reflect the plumb line of Truth. And let the violet flame brace the consciousness for the cleansing, for the purging, and ultimately to enhance your ability to hold, to contain, my own blue flame and the flaming sword.

Now, beloved hearts of light, as we have been considering the plight of the absorption of the pollution by the lifewaves of earth, especially the children of the light who have a mission in their first seven years to keep the flame of holy innocence, we request and we desire that you shall enter into our deliberations. For in many instances as we have been attentive to the prayers of your hearts, we also have admired the ingenuity of your own calls, the perception that you have gained of life, and we have been able to penetrate situations on the planet that we have not hitherto been able to enter.

Dear hearts, thanks to the ingenious prayers inspired upon you by your own Christ Self, we have already been able to deliver many of these little ones. Now we look to the new year! Now we are determined that these shall not come under the condemnation, the blasphemy of pornography and the tearing down of those veils of innocence and the lowering of the life-force within them. We are determined that you shall have and they shall have a mighty opportunity to serve together and to raise up a mighty fountain of light, a mighty fount of purity.

Out of the Great Central Sun Magnet, through the heart of Omega, a light descends! It is the light of purity. I have come, fulfilling the spirals of Zadkiel and Enoch and the Lord Christ and Saint Germain. I have come to announce and to receive this gift of a Mother’s heart. It is the descent of purity that comes from Omega as descending doves—millions of descending doves, beloved hearts—entering into the very chalice of these holy innocents, of these babes in Christ, aborning in the womb of the Cosmic Virgin.

In response to the mounting mountain of devotion to Astrea, passageways carved in the planes of earth make way for this descent of shafts of purity. And this is a part of the work of Elohim: inserting the electrodes—as rods, as cones, as other geometric forms—for the increase and simultaneous stabilization of the planetary body in its own absorption of new light.

As light is emanated from these electrodes, these electrodes also absorb the pollutions of the planetary body. Therefore it is Omega’s choice to place her nuclei, sun centers of purity, in the heart of newborn children, innocent ones who come to earthbearing a devotion to the Cause and deserving of that which will enhance the keeping of the flame and the sealing of their veils of innocence.

I AM an archangel. And I have wept over the contamination of God’s people. And I have wept over the infiltration everywhere and the communication, by the misuse of the media, of every perpetration of crime, every plot, with explanations and diagrams of how to kill, how to explode bombs, how to manufacture weapons of war—all of this upon the precious youth who become so burdened by the discarnate forces that they think that they themselves are a part of the originators of a great revolution to deliver the planetary body from all evils.

And by the very sorcery and execrations of the fallen ones, there is a flipping of the mind whereby even some light-bearers have joined the bands of the black brotherhood and of the false hierarchy to be defenders of World Communism, of terrorism, of totalitarian movements, fascist movements, racial/antiracial movements—engendering hatred and prejudice and standing not for justice but for injustice.

All of these things concern the Archangel of the First Ray and all of our legions and all of the reinforcements from Sirius who move with the great teams of conquerors. For, beloved hearts, these conditions which I have named are, one and all, the perversion of the first ray of God’s holy will to the maximum intensity. And beyond the misuse of that holy will is the misuse of the white fire core of the flame of God’s will. Thus turning inside-out the blue fire, the white purity, the entire sinister force has attempted to make mockery of the will of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit and the Mother.

I will tell you, blessed hearts, that the alchemy of the violet flame must be braced by the blue-flame will. And therefore I summon you to Lanello’s quarter at Summit University where Justice and Opportunity multiplied in his heart shall present to Lady Portia a bouquet of blue forget-me-nots and of violets, thereby the reminder that you cannot have one without the other.

Hercules and Arcturus, Zadkiel and I, Saint Germain and Morya—we would defend sons of light to the limits of the sky!

O hearts on fire, therefore I dedicate this quarter to the Amplification of your own messenger’s devotion to the will of God. For it is the love of God’s will that brought your own Lanello, as a very small child, to his knees to worship the living God.

The inception of that love of His will was long, long ago. And I was present and a part of the multiplication of faith, even midst the stars of the heavens. And I remember well when child-man, by the name of Mark, first contemplated the will of God in the tiniest flower—the forget-me-not.

Bastions of the will of God must be erected! Legions of light, come! Train these soldiers of the cross, these vestal virgins keeping the science of the Word before Helios and Vesta. Train them in the building of the mountain of God. Train them in the hollowing out of the earth itself by sacred fire. Show them the caverns of elemental life and the passageways leading to the interior of the mountains—and to the stars!

Helios and Vesta, thou dost know what is my part and why I have come. I say, let these sacred hearts and these little ones be fashioned anew. Let light-bearers who bear the responsibility for this revolution in higher consciousness now know the meaning of the forging of the higher will.

I send my light. I send my sword in a mighty stripping action that you, too, might know the gift of Omega. My legions encamp round about each one of you. There is a vast expansion of these rooms. This expansion in the spherical eye of God allows each one of you to have space as starry bodies—and enjoy now rings upon rings of blue-flame angels surrounding each one as they hover, as they orbit, as they discover points of contact within your own starry body that can be used to increase the frequency of the will of God.

Precious hearts, I summon you to a greater calling and a more perfect love. For the power that I would bestow can only be contained by the heart’s purest devotion. The secret of those who have followed in the footsteps of Hercules and Himalaya and Surya is an absolute unswerving devotion to the will of God. And by that holy love, they have been accorded the extraordinary powers that they have wielded in defense of entire evolutions and planetary bodies.

Contrary to all appearances, the very intensity of our gaze, the seeming sternness of our form and discipline is a coalescing of utter love, a sensitivity to the fires that burn on the altars of heaven—a love so intense that it becomes at once most pliable and compassionate and almost starched by the ruby ray. Thus when you look at the intensity of an archangel and the blue-flame angels who surround you and you are struck with such utter unswerving devotion that has become the magnitude of God’s power, realize, blessed ones, that this, too, is the meaning of love.

When you see God face-to-face, when you understand the immensity of the immensity, when you have a respect for Light, for the nucleus of energy of an entire cosmos, you can afford to bear the mien of Sirius and you can bear it with perfect equanimity and love.

There is a saying amongst us that it takes a blue-flame angel to understand the love of a blue-flame angel. Well, blessed hearts, we are counting upon your own discernment by a heart filled with love of the increasing blue ray that we would draw to that point of light that you are.

We would make you bearers of the mighty light that we bear. We would come and take up our abode at Camelot. And where’er the community of the Holy Spirit is, there we would elect to have an alternate forcefield to our focus at Banff where we might come—and our legions, who take one hour out of the twenty-four for rest and re-creation in the flame. We would come. We would assemble with you. We would gather there and move among you. We would enter into your games and your work, your hours of devotion and your holy conversation.

Let, then, all conversation be holy. Entertain, then, thoughts of how to increase God’s will. For as this will is increased upon earth, it will mean that freedom can increase and that the golden age can accelerate.

I hold for you, then, the crucifix that we know. It is a mighty sword Excalibur—and thereon, the face of the once and future king. <4> We will never forget how Morya El has fastened himself to the mighty sword Excalibur until the purpose to which it was sent is fulfilled. We will not forget that this is the sword that must be wielded by avatars.

O my beloved, we enlist you in the armies of light. We enlist you in the disciplines of the blue-flame angels. Forget not to bask in love, to bathe in showers of liquid love. Forget not to love one another, for only in this most intense love will you find courage unto the victory.

Because we love, we have come. And that love will not let us go, will not let us quit the earth.

Now then, let faith be multiplied by love. Let love increase in your hearts. Let it show upon your faces. And let the world know in your presence that the glow of Camelot is the glow of love, that this love can truly light a world. And then, when we gather in our councils and look to mark the sign of the cross at the point where Terra is, we will know her by the glow of love, the glow of Camelot.

I have come to be the instrument of Omega’s purity and the restoration of community. I have come to enlist you in our service and to ask your intercession in the most unique and ingenious prayers for the further protection of the holy innocents. I have come to set a spiral and a thrust that will not be turned back. I AM come because I love you.

I hold up the sword that all might behold this—the sign of the Class of the Archangels, borne to you already by the Saviour of the world. <5> By this sign we conquer. And we clear the way for peace.

Until the last fallen one is bound and the dark stars are put to bed, we will hold the sword of light! Not until then will we return it to its place upon the altar of God. It was his gift to us in the beginning, and it is he who taught us how to wield the cosmic cross of white fire and the ruby ray for the sustainment of Reality, for the pillar of fire, for the borning of worlds—Spirit and Matter—for the increase of Life and the annihilation of all strife.

Understand the sign of the cross, for it is a symbol that must be connected with the teachings of Lord Zadkiel concerning the endowment of your creations with the flame of God’s permanence. <6> Blue-flame angels know somewhat of the mystery of the guardian action of the light, keeping the flow of the flame of Life here and there for the interaction of Spirit in Matter and the incarnate Word.

O Victory, O mighty Victory, we come! And ten thousand of his saints robed in white <7> and other ten thousands times ten thousands, together with our legions, now simultaneously raise, each one, the replica of the sword Excalibur!

We know that son of God—El Morya—and we are the defender of his faith in Camelot. Camelot, the white cube. Camelot, thou community of light. Camelot, thou Church Universal and Triumphant. Camelot, the heart of each living soul.

I bid you rise now. Will you not take in your right hand that sword Excalibur whose replica is your own and pay tribute to mighty Victory and give unto God the glory for his victory which mighty Victory makes your own?

Nineteen eighty-one: the sign of victory—of turbulence and turmoil overcome by love of God’s will and the saturation of the violet flame.

Now let us see how the other archangels will come to fill in this matrix of the seventh and the first rays, ever devoted to the holy Cause and the mighty work of the ages.

I AM Michael, Prince of the Archangels, defender of the Woman and her seed. Ever, evermore I go before to clear the way of the Faithful and True. <8>

America, I AM come because I love you in Saint Germain’s name.



Blessed Keepers of the Flame:

In joyous gratitude to beloved Archangel Michael and the Cosmic Virgin, let devotees of the will of God throughout America and the world take the opportunity in this year of the Descent of the Doves, on behalf of the holy innocents and our youth, to renew their zeal and their fervor for God’s holy will by dedicating two hours weekly to the invocation of and dynamic decrees to the Mighty Blue-Flame energies of Perfection and Protection through the diamond hearts of the magnificent beings of the first ray in our will of God focuses or at home.

The Messenger


NOTE: The above dictation by Archangel Michael was delivered to the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet at The Class of the Archangels, December 30, 1980, at Camelot.

1. Location of Archangel Michael’s etheric retreat in the Canadian Rockies, near Lake Louise.

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4. Arthur Pendragon, sixth-century king of Britain, an incarnation of El Morya. Upon Arthur’s tomb at Glastonbury Cathedral the epitaph reads:  Hic jacet Arthurus rex quandam rexque futurus–“Here lies Arthur, the king that was and the king to be.”

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