Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 24 No. 10 - Archangel Chamuel and Charity - March 8, 1981

The Class of the Archangels

God Has Sent the Seven Archangels
for the Rescue of the People of Light on Earth


To Extol the Light and Love
of the Heart of Gautama Buddha

Love of Excellence and the Striving of Self-Givingness
The Way of Self-Perfectionment through Love

Mighty light, mighty light descending!

O my beloved, we are come into the very midst of life, bearing the sacred gift of love. It is the love of the Lord of the World for thy soul, for thy heart, for thy gentle becomingness.

We are bearers of infinite love of a cosmos. And we would take this hour with you to extol the light and love of the heart of Gautama Buddha. (Won’t you be seated.)

Most blessed ones, he cometh! And his servants—as the bodhisattvas, as the initiates of the Buddhic light amplifying the Mother flame—are in attendance. And they carry the train of the Lord of the World which sweeps around the whole earth, for it is a manifestation of his infinite patience with the children of God who have gone astray upon this planetary home.

Infinite patience. Thus the Lord of the World embraces all in his heart. And he is the reflection of Sanat Kumara and the Holy Kumaras and the light of far-off worlds.

Now this love is supreme power. And this love is the fullness of all that God is—all attributes, all consciousness, all will. The flame of love of the heart of Gautama is therefore the very thrust of challenge to all those who have departed from the center of God’s love. It is the positioning of the one who determined to become the Buddha in the very heart of the creative fire.

Blessed hearts, this presence of love incites the greatest rebellion, the greatest hatred and the creation of hatred that is anywhere manifest midst the fallen ones. Because love is the highest attribute of God, because perfect love can never be defiled or penetrated or destroyed or perverted—this love remains the ultimate challenger of the fallen ones and the ultimate destroyer of their infamy in the Person of the Holy Spirit.

Thus, of all initiates and adepts who have risen from this planetary system under the Lord Sanat Kumara, it is Gautama Buddha who holds the preeminence of the love fire. And therefore, he is the one at the point of the nexus of all light gainst which the hordes of hell and the anti-Light direct their opposition. Every devotee of the Buddha and of the Cosmic Christ and of the avatars whose issue streams forth through his heart must also face this energy that opposes the perfect peace of perfect love.

We come, then, defenders of love and leaders of the archangels and the many angelic bands serving with us in the very victorious flame of divine love. We come fully aware that the maintenance of love, day by day, involves a striving, an ultimate striving—a compelling of the soul to strive to manifest the greatest essence of the interior Light, even the nectar of the Lord Buddha.

It is the summoning of forces, cosmic forces, within and inherent in thy own being. It is the summoning of will to bring forth that skill, that perfection, that perfect enterprise that becomes not only the handiwork of God but the instrumentation of highest manifestation of God in the earth.

Let me tell you something about perfect love. It is not only selflessness but it is the assertion of the Great God Self with such an all-consuming fiery furnace of manifestation as to consume all unlike love.

Now, you know that irritation and dislike and hatred and disdain is unlike love. And you know that misuses of the sacred fire and lust and sensuality and human possessiveness and all these things have been pointed out as the antithesis of love. You are aware of human rebellion and disobedience as the sign of anti-love and anti-Christ. You are aware of ingratitude and an absence of appreciation for the sacrifices made by Gautama Buddha and other avatars as also being anti-love. You are aware of the blindness which is the cutting-off of the all-seeing eye of God, the absence of vision, that is also the antithesis of love.

All of these things you know. But we, in this year and in this cycle turning, would bring to you the appreciation of the ruby ray of love, of the unfolding rose of the heart, and of the light descending that demands manifestation within you.

This love of which we would speak is the love of excellence. So you have inscribed the word of Casimir Poseidon: “Learn to love to do well, and you shall!” <1>

We speak of that love, then, that descends and is perforce the active principle that is able to crystallize the ideations of the mind of God, the desires of God, into action—action that is an intense release of the sacred fire of the heart, action that becomes opportunity to endow Matter and material creation with the Holy Spirit!

It is the love of perfecting the art, the skill, the profession, the study. It is the love to do all things well because God is thereby glorified.

It is the love that desires to be in the right vibration, now and always, because of the great sacrifices made by the avatars who have gone before and of the intense plight of humanity in their needs. It is a love of excellence and a love of the very process of striving to perform with excellence.

It is love of the sacred labor. It is love to be engaged in the work of the ages. It is a love that says: All things I do, I will do them according to the law of perfection. I will do them to manifest this perfection of Christ and his will of which God has given to me the capability and the perseverance.

This is a love that is sharpening the tools of the mind, that is preparing the heart, that fasts and prays, not in order to display spirituality but for a cosmic purpose: to be the vessel of the Lord.

It is a love that lives in the sense of God’s holiness. It is a love that does not forget the person of Mother Mary or the holy angels or the vastness of the work at hand or of all that hangs upon this victory.

It is the love of souls about to be lost but who will not be lost because you press on and summon again and again the necessary energy and light and determination to finish that which has been begun.

My angels now open the Book of Life for you each one, in private consultation with your Christ Self, with your soul, and with your etheric memory, that you might observe written upon this book the unfinished tasks, the beginnings that have had no endings—only frayed ends of nonaccomplishment, only a looking back to what might have been and even a glorying in the very fantasy of the idea itself with the nonrealization that the idea is totally ineffective for Good because it has been stillborn.

Therefore, beloved hearts, we show you only those spirals begun which, had they been completed by you, would have been a blow for the Lord and the striking of the iron while it was hot—those beginnings which could have resulted in small and greater victories in past ages, which could have made the difference in past civilizations and even the nexus of the now where we are gathered together to consider in this hour what is the state of planet Earth at the turning of the year.

Beloved hearts, as you look upon the long lists (and they are indeed long!) it is not our intent that you should become weary but only that you should realize that you are here because of unfinished business—unfinished because of the absence of perfect love in your life, a love of excellence that will see through to the moment when that which is brought forth becomes nourishment for the babes in Christ. <2> Not until the precipitation in the spoon and the feeding in the mouth of the child and the assimilation of the one to whom the gift was intended is the spiral complete.

Selflessness but it is the assertion of the Great God Self with such an elevate humanity, and thereby elevate His flame within the souls who are tied to Gautama Buddha.

Understand, then, that the path of excellence is being lost in the world at a most rapid pace. In the trades, in the arts, in merchandising and manufacturing, the profit motive has replaced the love of excellence and even service for the love of humanity.

There are those who will manufacture goods unnecessary to life whose very manufacture will cause by-products, pollutants, chemical wastes dangerous from the manufacture of plastics and other substances which are not being disposed of correctly. There is no love motive, therefore, but only greed—only the giant octopus of the money beast taking unto itself more and more of the lifeblood of the people.

Blessed hearts, the free enterprise system—the ability to enter into competition and to bring forth the highest work—has been destroyed by the monopolies of the fallen ones, by their interference with government controls against these monopolies. Therefore we see that the flow of love, the flow of the Holy Spirit, is stopped on one hand by the human consciousness of greed itself, which then becomes vulnerable to the manipulation of the fallen ones from without.

We see, then, that the entire intent of God of human interaction through the Holy Spirit is being worn away. And the abuse of that light of the Holy Spirit is causing not only a depression of the chakras but a depression of the money system and the out-of-alignment of the abundant Life and of the souls of God with that Life.

It is this misuse of love in this single quality of excellence in action, excellence in precipitation—highest striving for the highest good—that we would call to your attention. For as we serve on the third ray as the archangel and the archeia thereof, we must consider that which is stopping the flow of love and therefore causing death and decay from this angle of the misuse of the third ray.

You have been instructed by Gabriel concerning the causes of disease in the mental and feeling worlds of mankind. <3> Well, beloved hearts, it is the absence of love and of perfect striving, it is entering into the rituals of Satanic ones and their mechanization man, that closes off the flow of love into the world.

This absence of love is the upsetting of all things—of the culture of the Mother, of education, of the sanity of souls, and especially of the correct use of the laws of supply and demand. When people have thrust upon them goods that are inferior or goods that cater to the flattery of the body or of the ego, then the very substance of the Holy Spirit, the energy of creation, is being totally misapplied.

When you consider, then, that people no longer consider in many areas of life that their work is indeed a service to one another but rather only see at the end of the day what their pay will be and how they can play, you can well understand that in order for society to survive it turns to the welfare state where government does everything for the people—they do less and less. Therefore there is no longer the challenge of the striving of self-givingness.

And the quality of the excellence of love, the quality of striving, is that each one in his own soul, in his own sacred right, might arrive at that perfect self-givingness. And the perfect self-givingness is the giving of one’s own creation upon the altar of humanity to bring the happiness of God, the joy of God, the peace of God, the freedom of God, the mastery and control of the environment of God.

I repeat, then—“of God.” For many perform these works for human happiness, for human peace, for human freedom, for human comfortability. And all these things then are minus the state of grace, the vibration and the light of grace, that always descends from the Lord Jesus Christ and from your own Christ Self as the result of this perfect self-givingness.

Working hard has gone out of style in many quarters. And therefore, where there is striving among the chelas and sacrificial giving of life in service, it comes under condemnation and criticism. And the fallen ones who sit in the seat of the scornful <4> set themselves up as judges as to whether or not it is lawful for the children of the light to serve!

You have heard of the sheer idiocy of the fallen ones in Austria who cut off the service of the Vienna Boys’ Choir because it violated child labor laws. <5> Blessed hearts, this was the effective instrument of the Christ light of pure love to stream through their hearts, to give them a goal of striving and discipline and service, and to offer unto those chosen for this most notable service the opportunity to excel and to realize the meaning of pure love. But the fallen ones desired that they should no longer have this path of initiation under our own angelic bands. And therefore they cut off the aborning of the Christ Child within them.

This occurs here and there and everywhere. And you find that the problem of teenagers all over the world is the absence of the challenge for striving, in the sense of producing a sacred labor.

Where do we hear the term “sacred labor” outside of Summit University? Where do we hear the extolling of the virtue? Where are the youth taught that they can bring forth a work of the hands? And yet they themselves, so longing for it, have gone back to the so-called cottage industries and those things that were wrought by the hands of the early settlers that they might be in touch with their hearts and their souls and their innermost mind in contemplation of the Buddha.

See how the handiwork then draws forth energies of God that are necessary for the evolution of the soul. And when souls are cut off from this interaction with their own inner being—then the rebellion sets in, then the ingratitude, then the demand for more and more freedom and money from the parents, then the getting into the drugs. Too much time and space and the absence of Gurus in the midst thereof to teach them the way of self-perfectionment through love.

Let us realize, then, that it takes time to hate, it takes time to gossip, it takes time to lose the energy of the sacred fire in dissolute living! And all of this time is the absence of the filling of hallowed space with the striving for excellence, in one way or another, according to the freewill expression of the heart of the individuals. Therefore you can sum up all of the perversions and the misuses of love as energy misspent because of the misuse of time.

Time is opportunity to enter into perfect love to the glory of God.

Let us train up the little children. Let us renew the path of initiation of our loved ones. And let us begin at the beginning. For perfect love is wrought by the work of one’s hands.

How well I remember this messenger’s own plaintive plea to El Morya concerning the development of love within her own heart. And her plea was this—that she was so busy working the printing presses, getting out the Pearls of Wisdom, and seeing to the activity that she feared she did not have time to develop perfect love. It was then that El Morya instructed her that the very activity of service, when performed in harmony and love to the glory of God, was the development of perfect love. And therefore, that love has manifested in the expanding activity, in the multiplication of the Word.

Think, then, on these things—of how that love has become a line and a point that you could attach onto yourself as that book, as that poster, as that spoken Word, as that friend on fire because of personal contact with the ascended masters through the tireless service of the messengers.

Realize that all actions of perfect love wrought by the messengers and the avatars who have gone before have resulted in your being seated in this sanctuary, in your coming to Camelot in this hour. The contemplations, the inactions, the unfinished spirals—none of these have led to your discovery or acceleration on the Path, but only deeds well done in perfect love.

Therefore, in the hours when you sleep this night, you will have counseling from the most compassionate and wise ascended masters serving with beloved Kuthumi and Djwal Kul and El Morya and you will receive instruction on your own life—momentums of procrastination and dalliance and incompleteness of perception as well as of precipitation. And therefore, beginning the new year, you have a new slate, a new page to write—a new karma to balance and a new opportunity to finish those spirals that are pertinent to this age and to bring forth the one single spiral of the Great White Brotherhood that counts, which is the victory of the publishing of the Word and the establishment of the Inner Retreat.

Therefore let all energies vested in incompleted spirals which are not to be completed, for the time is past, now according to the consent of your free will be withdrawn that thereby you might reinvest those energies in the common goals of our Cause. Thus we show you how, though past history has shown the sign of the zero of incompleteness, in this age it can be the fullness of your victory in the test of the ten.

Upon the foundation of sacrifice, selflessness, surrender, and service <6>—therefore let us build the ruby pyramid, the pyramid of the ruby ray! Let it rise within the seat-of-the-soul chakra of each one as the supreme gift of self-givingness in this year.

As you look now toward the past, the year and the decades gone before, know that this cycle marks a new beginning. The greatest mistake you could make would be to tarry any longer in lamentation concerning past failures.

Let that which can be placed into the flame be placed into the flame by ruby-ray angels. Let that which must be balanced as karma be greeted with joy as joyous opportunity. And let the new beginnings which can be begun because of past victories you have won begin in this hour as our joint and mutual dedication, our gift of appreciation to the Lord of the World, Gautama Buddha, who cometh—who cometh quietly into our hearts.

May your understanding of perfect love, may your raising up of the ruby-ray pyramid within your soul, be for the healing of the absence of perfect love within the economy. May you take measure, then, of the levels of opposition to love manifest as perfect harmony in your feelings, in your mind, in your heart and soul and desire body—and in the excellence of your perfect precipitation!

Let harmony be the sign of the presence of love. Let harmony endure. And let your own path of self-perfectionment toward the ascension be filled with this love, this love of striving, all the days of thy life.

And recognize that the perversion of striving is strife—internal strife, strife one with the other, and the strife among nations. Thus we see, if people would put aside their arguments, their feuds, their differences, which are waxing hot in the Middle East, and concentrate on striving to draw down the perfection of the Christ consciousness, the engines of war would be consumed and the rivers of hell would dry up.

We are Chamuel and Charity—ever striving to focalize within your heart that perfect love and to bring you into congruency with the soul’s erection of the ruby-ray pyramid.

Cherish this goal. For the starlight will pass through that pyramid and make you whole.

With the sign of the ruby cross and the ruby-ray angels, I AM come. I AM come. And I AM Chamuel/Charity of the Light.

This dictation by Archangel Chamuel and Charity was delivered to the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet during The Class of the Archangels, December 31, 1980, at Camelot.

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