Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 24 No. 11 - Beloved Gautama Buddha - March 15, 1981

The Class of the Archangels

God Has Sent the Seven Archangels
for the Rescue of the People of Light on Earth


Readiness in the Lord—
The Power of Perfect Peace

Thought Form for the Year 1981:
The Right Hand of God over the Earth
Extended in a Mudra of Peace, the Left Hand Beneath

My Command: Establish the Teaching of Maitreya on Earth

I send you peace from the heart of the mountain. And I AM in the holy mountain of God. I AM radiating that peace of my heart as an unsurpassed power into all the earth.

Greetings, my beloved. Salutations unto the hierarchies of light. O thou Sanat Kumara, we yet tarry in the earth in thy name.

There is a great silence in all worlds as all life bows unto the light of Sanat Kumara.

Candles in the night of cosmos, millions of candles of devotees of the systems of worlds, pause in the turning of cycles. And peace be unto all as that power of God to activate, to radiate, and for the resolution of Life within life.

All cycles, all layers and levels of being pause in the great pause of Life. And there is peace—peace unto the beloved of God everywhere.

In this hour of our adoration of the Great Lord of Life, we know that oneness. What rejoicing to know Messiah is come!—to know that because he is, other avatars such as yourself, my beloved, may arise by free will. This is my contemplation of the Universal Christ in the hour of solstice and the equinox. Four lines of the year promise that his perfect image may appear where you are—when you are ready.

Readiness in the Lord is the subject of my address to all beings who gather in the great sphere of our love for him. Those above and beneath and around, forming a world, forming one flame and sphere of light—let us commune.

I meditate upon the One. And the power that makes us one, that flows, is without words and yet contains the all of the Word.

We can gather in the Great Silence. And yet, I would break the silence. For I would speak to you concerning your feelings in this hour as you sit with me and the bodhisattvas who come out of the East and from the planet Venus.

You are aware of their path—the path of Padma Sambhava, the path of peaceful contemplation that progresses into the majestic God-realization of a power, a power that becomes the activator of universes. Our seeming silent contemplation is not silent. For in the inner temple of Life, there we are conductors of the mighty flow of the worlds.

Let your feelings, whatever they may be, be released and flow to me. Let them pass through me, as you would consider a wise one worthy and understanding of your innermost heart.

Crosscurrents of feelings, inner turmoil, fear concerning your success on the Path—Am I loved? Am I not loved? Am I thought well of? Will I be received by my peers or in the halls of the Grand Teton Retreat?—these thoughts and feelings are common, especially in the West where the disciplines of a one-pointed contemplation upon the void of power and power’s Be-ness has not been the practice for thousands of years.

It is my desire for you to feel yourself free of extraneous feelings and thoughts, most blessed hearts. Let there be a clearing, then. And let all that besets your heart, where there is not understanding of how to untangle the mass of threads of feelings—let all of this simply be released to me, that it might be examined and then transmuted and then the perfect feeling of God’s peace returned to you.

With no thought for the morrow, as He said <1>—whether it is of food or shelter, of clothing or profession, of speaking or not speaking—let us enter now into a new peace.

I am now in the recipient mode. I am receiving all of the momentums of feelings that you now release.

Do not hesitate, blessed one. Release them. For I will not, cannot, take from you that which you desire to keep. But let your innermost thoughts pass to me, that you for a while might know the freedom of dwelling within my own desire body and the essential feeling of perfect peace.

Be not dismayed, for I am not dismayed. Be not ashamed, for I am not ashamed—not of you or to be with you or of the most base feelings that you have allowed, not only to pass through the astral body but to remain there.

I come in love. I come to assist you to fulfill the innermost desire of your heart. That desire which is most precious, the desire of all desiring behind the central sun of your being, is to have and to know perfect peace. Is it not so, my precious? Therefore I have sought perfect peace, knowing that out of this state of being, the real desire of the heart to contain and be contained in perfect love should also be realized.

How well you know that imperfect desiring brings restlessness to one’s being. And in a state of restlessness, you are not ready for the Lord. Restlessness within the members of one’s being can be chemically induced, can result from the out-of-align­ment state of cells and organs in the physical body lacking the polarity of Alpha and Omega, the electromagnetic currents of the sun and of the elements in alignment.

Restlessness from the absence of being in the presence of one’s inner Life, one’s inner Companion, the great love of the twin flame and the Eternal God. Restlessness. The tides of the astral plane beating on the shore and the rock of the one on the path of self-perfectionment. Waves of emotion. World suffering. Ah, my beloved! To find perfect peace on earth is truly the art and the science of those who love and love as devotees of the sacred fire, as pure lovers of God.

Then, of course, there are those who are determined to have peace at any price and to have any peace. They lack the courage to open the subconscious and face the cause and core of anxiety; and therefore, these create an overlay of surface peace that is an anti-peace, for it effectively stifles one’s sensitivity to the warring in one’s members. <2>

This peace of the world requires a constant feeding from with­out through human relationships, self-adornment, enter­tainment, and so on. This peace is self-deceit. It is concealment. It is the cutting-off of the crying babe of the soul. It is the muffling of those cries until the babe of the soul is suffocated, to cry no more. It is then that hardness of heart and the encrustations of outer peace may give the appearance of a well-balanced life. These are they who desire to lose their sensitivity to the needs of the inner Man.

Perfect peace is the equilibrium of God’s light. And, my beloved, you can have it long before you have balanced all of your karma! For the peace that I give is as a sealing wax whereby you may seal that karma and those planes of the subconscious mind—not by way of cutting off a portion of identity but by way of allowing the Christ mind to seal the place where evil dwells and to receive only that portion, day by day, that can pass into the flame without creating the agitation of the waters of the mind.

Blessed hearts, I live in the power of perfect peace. And yet, all of the world dwells within my aura. Can you imagine this? Can you imagine the joy of perfect peace with the simultaneous awareness of every pain, every suffering, every crime, every war, every child that has lost its mother?

Yes. And I penetrate hearts. And I AM aware of every part of Life—and every part of you.

My beloved, it is indeed possible to be so filled with peace that nothing can cause even the slightest quivering of the atmosphere.

The exhalation of peace.

Now then, out of your trusting hearts I trust you have truly released all of those feelings untoward, imbalanced. And in our communion I am causing the flow of my peace, my aura, and the pure starlight of my desire body to be as blueprint and presence, as infusion of perfect feelings of the love of God, of peace in God, of completeness in God.

So many of you cry out to me for deliverance from the en­slave­ment of the world, the misuse of energy, the unlawful dependence of lifestreams not centered in God. I can provide all of this if you truly want what you say you want.

Now, is not this something to contemplate? For if people truly wanted what they say they want, would they not go after it with a passion and a zeal and therefore establish it in life? It is so. And it is sad that some fool themselves to think that they want God but, in reality, they would be most uncomfortable in God—that is, if they were to retain the contents of the feeling body.

I desire to make you comfortable in the most powerful energies of God that I have in my lifestream. But in order for you to be comfortable, it was necessary for me to make the request. Thus, in the comfortability of the power of perfect peace, know your readiness unto the Lord.

Free for a moment in this hour of the opening of heaven, free from the burdens of the planetary feeling body, free of maya and illusion—I desire the Knower and the known within you, even your own soul’s integration with the Knower and the known, to now experience your heart’s desiring to be ready in the Lord, to be bodhisattvas.

I AM establishing the bedrock of my being within your sub­con­scious mind. It is a mountain of peace, beloved. It is a focal point of power to which you may return in the days and years ahead when the war councils of the Nephilim <3>would assail thy peace.

I AM renewing the memory of perfect self-givingness in God. Now you are feeling with me a total absence of desire for anything but God.

Without the weight of the tangled threads of human relation­ships, you truly interact with the Godhead and its emanating light in the ascended masters and hierarchies of the worlds. You are all of God. You contain all of God. Every need is fulfilled, every requirement. But there is the ongoingness of perfect striving— mounting, ever mounting the next spiral of peace.

O my dear hearts, you have known war and its ravages for many centuries. You have been bombarded with the dissonance of the misuse of sound in every form.

I hold you close in my heart. The surcease from these rounds and entanglements is almost too much to bear! For the day-to-day cares of life have all but put out your contemplation and Self-awareness in perfect peace.

O heart of a mother, be consoled! O heart of the blessed one, our consolation unto thee is a vision of the future and of glory for thy children, worlds without end.

I AM radiating perfect love, my beloved. For your souls need so very much this healing light and the sealing of thy being. Be sealed from all condemnation within and without that would steal from thee thy perfect peace, thy perfect love.

Do you feel the waves of light as they intensify from the heart of Sanat Kumara through my own heart to your souls? The un­speak­able bliss fills us all. And we could tarry by the hour in the fond embrace of our Lord.

Perfect peace is an armor for the fight. It is a ring-pass-not. O you who are weary of the dumpings of the demons upon your feel­ing bodies, where there is no rest for the weary—blessed hearts, con­sign the imperfect ones and their imperfect emanations to the flame. And make your New Year’s resolution the drawing of the ring-pass-not around the desire body and the whole of being. Make your New Year’s resolution the God-determination not to experi­ence any element of anti-peace.

When messages of gloom and doom, or triumph or tragedy, life or death, are transmitted unto thee—do not allow these to come as injections to change the coloration, the frequency, the vibration of the aura. But simply acknowledge and direct light! light! light! into all activities where those involved have lost the equilibrium of Alpha and Omega and therefore are without peace.

Some of you are thinking that the Lord Christ Jesus came not to send peace but a sword. <4> And I come—and my sword is peace! Thus, together we present East and West. And out of the resolution of the sword of flaming peace and the flaming peace that swallows up the sword, you will understand the active and passive parts of thy being in Spirit and in Matter. Truly the divine complement is one.

Now, blessed hearts, I seal you in the memory of your desire for peace above all other considerations. Do not sell thy peace for paltry gain or some mere pleasure of the human mind or body. Remember there is a higher way and a higher peace. And re­mem­ber that once I held you in that flame to set the course of Life. And in that hour and in that moment you knew the meaning of readiness for the Lord.

Some of you have come with problems that you had a year ago. Some of you know what those problems are, and some of you do not. That frequency of my message which is directed to this octave and this place must, therefore, be to some degree molded by the state of consciousness of the hearers and the doers of the Word. <5>

Thought patterns released from your being condition the Word of God that may be sent. Too high, too low—and there would be an unlawful interference with free will. There are chambers and temples where saints are gathered, and they receive other levels of the impartation of my Word. But you may enter in, in your finer bodies this night, to the various chambers of the release of consciousness.

I rebuke the unstilled waters of the mind. Is this not, then, a first lesson in the disciplines of perfect contemplation upon perfect peace?

Not all who begin at the beginning in the science of con­tem­pla­tion of the One have the extraordinary opportunity, such as I have given you, to experience my own momentum or to receive the waves of love of Sanat Kumara. But then, this is no ordinary following but an order of light-bearers greatly cherished. Cherished because you hold the balance by the violet flame on behalf of those who contemplate without it.

Your hearts are instruments of a ruby light to earth, conveying golden peace. This ruby light cannot pass through hearts that have not been cleansed by the violet flame. We love to hear the mantras of the Buddhist schools, but how we wish that they would integrate with the violet-flame teachings of Saint Germain! But this, too, will come to pass.

I, too, am grateful for the presence of the archangels in your midst. I am grateful for their ordered release of a teaching that is most necessary to your souls. The formula of their light is so complete that if you will study and apply it, you will know how consciousness can grow and you can truly increase my flame—the flame of Shamballa—where you are.

Do you know that in their desire to be with you at this New Year’s conclave, the archangels expressed to me their goal of preparing your heart to be recipients of a light out of the flame of Shamballa? For they have known my heart’s longing of many centuries that there might be those upon earth who should contain the flame of Shamballa. Readiness for the Lord. Thus, the Lord will come.

O glorious angels of peace, deliverers of the sealed thought form for the year 1981, emissaries of Sanat Kumara—welcome!

Into my hands angelic emissaries of Sanat Kumara have placed a sealed sphere. With the opening of the sphere will be the release of the thought form for the year. My attendants assist me in the opening of the sphere.

The thought form for the year 1981 is the hand of God over earth, extended in the mudra of peace. The right hand of God over the earth, the left hand beneath the earth—thus, the currents of Alpha and Omega sustaining Cosmic Christ peace, passing through the planetary body and evolutions.

Peace be unto you from the heart of Sanat Kumara, from the heart of Almighty God. From above, from beneath—the flame of peace is amplified. Already, in seconds, Elohim and archangels, legions of peace and of the Lord Jesus Christ and the avatars take up the thought form in heart and begin to send streams, tributaries of peace to reinforce this thought form.

There will be no peace on earth this year without a price or without honor. The sacred fire of peace will increase, at first, the tensions of war and the uncovering of the records of war. Be not dismayed­ if nation shall take up war against nation, for this is not the sign of the end but the sign of the coming of the flame of peace that must precede the golden age. And if peace accelerating in thy heart produce a sword in thy members—I pray, bear it well. I pray, fasten the soul to the most perfect love and the most perfect star of thy mighty I AM Presence.

If peace as a sword in the nations produce turmoil and strife, remember—remember the Rock, <6> remember the mountain, re­mem­ber that following this meditation you will remember that out of the heart of the mountain of peace within the desire body is the perfect peace of the light of the Great Central Sun which you may invoke and call forth and direct for the consuming of war, the consciousness behind war, the causes and effects of war, and the ungodly buildup of armaments East and West. And know that each and every opposing vibration of peace can be consumed out of the fount of light and energy within the heart of the mountain.

This mountain is real, my beloved. You can enter into your own desire body and see the plains of Mamre, <7> the flatness of the land, and rising in the center the mountain of peace—peace that is power, peace that emits from the white fire core of the mountain.

This is a focus in Mater of the light of the etheric plane. This is a focus that will not be undone by your own momentums of human feelings. This is a focus that will release the fire to consume those feelings at any hour when you call to me and to Jesus Christ for the cross and for the sword.

I assimilate your petitions. <8> I release the response of the Karmic Board.

I rebuke the unwillingness of the soul to advance on the Path but to prefer the familiar environment to the trek upward and the mountain fastnesses. You cannot expect that embracing a portion of the Path, however diligently, will blot out or cancel those other areas of infraction of the law. All things are considered separately. And there is no bargaining with God.

Do not fool yourself any longer. I have come to encourage and to give you the courage of the Path that you very well know you must walk.

Sacrifices are not a thing of the past. My own will not count for you, nor do they belong only to certain chelas. Take the example of the messengers and those who have gone before you and see how each point of surrender does engender another point of perfect peace. How I would that you would truly embrace, not only my flame and my crown and my kingdom but my message and the very heart thereof.

Some of you have been moved, but others among you would rather be removed from this place. Beloved, I have not come to make you uncomfortable. But if my presence has increased your own agitation to fulfill other desires, then this, too, must be a lesson and an exposure of your own state of conscious­ness which is lacking in grace. If my peace has exposed your self-deception and hypocrisy, then I say, Well done, O God, O Sanat Kumara. For this, too, is a sword that must precede the full establishment of peace in your life.

It is important to pursue with diligence the ability to maintain a perfect thought, a perfect feeling—to contemplate, to go beyond the thought and the feeling to the Brahman behind all effects. It is important to be able to enter into a cessation of activity, even as one must understand when it is necessary to assume the active mode.

It is of supreme worth to become the master of one’s life—to know that whatever you are called upon to do you can do it as a point of God-control, God-mastery, and the excellence of his will. It is important to be able to say: I can do it if I will. And then, if needs be, it is important to say: I will do it, though it be unpleasant. On the other side of the mountain of the unpleasant duties of life which involve the surrendering of pleasure itself—there is a stream that flows, there is a waterfall of peace.

Have you sought this night in me entertainment or keys to attainment? Have you wondered why you do not have more attainment? Indeed you have. And I have pressed in upon you my aura that you might find, in the juxtaposition of feelings that you feel, some key to your own psychology, your own identity, your own path.

I unveil because I love and not to cause undue travail. I come to reveal, that with the unveiling, with the realization, the bird can fly, the soul can be free. And I—I have even provided you with a haven to which you may return each day to renew our tryst of perfect peace.

I have thee in my heart. And now I let thee go. Go as thou will—remain as thou wert still or accept my love and be free. Be free.

There is a reason to be free. It is simply this: that others might be free to release their inner God-potential. For you to release your own in this hour is to atone for life unworthy on earth. To make it worthy and to engender the sense of Self-worth has been our goal.

Hearts of love, align with the Cosmic Christ. Behold, the Buddha is come. Receive him. He is my own, my very brother and sometimes chela.

Our love holds you, fastens you to life, and reveals the opening of the clouds in the day of thy journey Home.

Children of the sun, establish the teaching of Maitreya on earth! This is my command. I will it so.

Do you have the courage to be? [“Yes!”]

In Maitreya is all Be-ness. Therefore, will it so. Will his teaching. Accept the command and prove thyself worthy to endure!

I AM worthy to endure. I AM the Enduring One. Perfect peace in the Sun, perfect peace in the heart be unto you.

Out of the Great Silence of the nirvanic rest, I seal you in the cosmic cross of white fire in the heart of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood. I extend to every heart in all of earth greetings of the New Year—happiness that springs as the eternal fount of Self-reality.

NOTE: The above dictation by Gautama Buddha was delivered to the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet during The Class of the Archangels, January 1, 1981, at Camelot.

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7. Plains of Mamre: Mam-ray, symbolizing the Motherhood of God which endows the planes of Matter, Mater, as the launching platform of the soul’s ascension. Gen. 13:14-18; 18:1.

8. Refers to personal petitions written by devotees who gather at the New Year’s conclave. Through these petitions, the individual can apply to God in the person of his ascended sons and daughters who serve on the Karmic Board for dispensations of light in the coming year.