Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 25 No. 20 - Beloved Padma Sambhava - May 16, 1982

I AM the LORD Thy God That Healeth Thee!

“More Reality and More Life and More Perseverance for the Victory!”

Do not fear before the Law of your own Mighty I AM Presence. For the Law that is able to defend thee from all harm must likewise, then, be all-powerful and omniscient, all-knowing and in the presence of the joy of perfect love!

If you would lean on this arm of the LORD, then know that it is the arm that is also able to deliver thee. Thus the Almighty, in his all-powerful stance, will also strip you by the needle ray of that error of consciousness that would cover over the pure and undefiled realization of living Truth!

The LORD God, by the blessed Christ, can deliver such piercing light, blessed hearts, so as to separate that which is the illusion—and the illusion that creeps as an oozing substance into the very crevices of the rock as point of vulnerability. God can separate out from your members that which is illusion, imperfect seeing, human habit, and that which comes from the human culture or civilization of a given embodiment.

As all things are relative and relativity is as the tides of the sea, it is never quite possible for the individual so engaged in the human consciousness to know whether that point of human awareness does coincide with the Rock, with the Lighthouse, and with its beams of transcendent light.

Fear not, for I AM with thee!
Fear not, for I AM thy teacher
Of illumination’s way!

Though you may not know it, I AM as much a part of your life as Lanello or El Morya. And often, the very eye of the Mother (which eye you may not identify so readily) is my very own.

I come in the name of Maitreya, in the name of Gautama Buddha. But I AM the founding one, the Padma Sambhava, ready to deliver to you the purest light of the lotus of my heart.

Wisdom is my teaching. And therefore, I come to facilitate your own understanding and joyful obedience to wisdom’s path. I come to assist the process whereby you might assimilate the gift of the causal body of Lanello <1> and illumination might be that which shines before you on your path, that all men might call you the blessed of the LORD For when you come, they then understand their life, their problems.

Wisdom, beloved hearts, is always the simplification of the complex snarls of the sinister force. When you are burdened by a collection of flowers that are not of the Light and you know not the way to turn because every turn has its limitation, its problems, its vexation of spirit—then, you see, it is the logic of the Serpent that has put you in a corner. And you have said, “No way! No way can I follow the LORD God in purest light and without compromise. There is no way I can extricate myself from this plight without becoming more a part of the human consciousness!”

This is the trap. Blessed hearts, as sure as the animal in the forest is trapped by the hunter, this is the trap laid for the soul of the devotee—the certain belief that whatever the sin, whatever the struggle, whatever the circumstance, there is no way out.

I say, though you were in a cave a mile deep and dark, though you were in the passages inside of the earth—think of any prison house, think of any place physical you know, and I tell you: there is no dungeon from which God himself cannot deliver thee! The deliverance of the Almighty by the angel of the LORD is at hand, and only those who desire not to be delivered remain in bondage.

You ought to assess life. You ought to look at individuals bound by certain conditions and human habits. And you ought to understand that the blind who will not see, do not see; the prisoners who are bound, who will not be free, are not free! Therefore understand the clear and true call for help, for mercy, for divine pity! And understand the ruse of the fallen ones that calls also for mercy, for pity, for light, and promises any promise you will name if you will just extend your hand another day.

Dear hearts, you must look clearly at these fallen ones who take no accountability for the burden that they place upon you or the earth or the body of God, but ask and ask again and again that you will carry them. They are without the sacred labor! They give nothing, but expect all in return! These ones are a defilement of the divine plan to the hurt of the individual.

Realize that the sign of the overcomer is productivity and fruit—fructifying, multiplying, bearing the seed of righteousness that is sown. Those, then, who give commands—“Go here and go there! Bear my burden! Carry this! Carry that!”—are not the ones who labor alongside of the pilgrims of Life.

Let us know them only by their fruits. <2> And let us have mercy upon God, whose energy is stolen and transferred to those who have not earned it and therefore have no right to it!

I speak in this wise, though you may perhaps be weary of the teaching. Weary not, for if you did not require the reminder, I would not be here! And if you had the attainment that you think you have, you should be speaking and I should be listening!

Realize, then, that I would be most glad to take your place and to be uncomfortable <3> for a moment or an hour for you to increase my own wisdom. And so, my belief in God in you should recognize that, yes, it is entirely possible (if not probable) that I could learn by sitting at the feet of your own Christ Self and even of your soul’s experience in life.

But I have answered the call this day to give of my heart, and I have been a teacher of the chelas of the will of God for many thousands of years at other levels of being. And it is my considered observation, blessed hearts, that the simple teachings are overlooked and deemed nonessential by the impatient ones who, in their impatience, reveal their inefficient use of God’s light and their absence of God-control.

Therefore, I speak to you concerning the ways of those who say, “I will take the light of the ascended masters and I will become a teacher of those who cannot bear to enter into so great a light!” And therefore, you become distillers of the Word, offering a certain portion and withholding the rest and therefore gaining a point of pride in your own position as mediator between the messengers and those abroad in the world that you may encounter.

Beloved hearts, take care that in walking the footsteps of the shepherds Jesus and Kuthumi, you do not unlawfully don their garments and therefore appear as one who is all-wise, when you are yet required to walk in the way of humility and prove the very first virtues of the Path, which your intended pupils may already have in greater measure.

Humility is the lesson of this day, and I will yet have you hear it read from the writings of Bonaventure. <4> For when so great a salvation and so great a teaching is given, the error often made is that the hearing of the Word is already the assimilation.

Be ever so humble and ever so tender, one toward the other! For there is much that we together can offer this world and all children of light in it by a profound understanding of our own relationship to the Almighty One.

I then come as a teacher, so anointed by God that you might understand that it is with all due care and carefulness that you ought to approach the initiation of establishing the magnet of the heart as the drawing point—drawing the light of illumination, the very special light and unique, from the causal body of Lanello. This is a very real path to be followed. And those desirous of the power of the three-times-three must truly earn the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Let the sincerity of your own Christhood prevail. And let the things of this world now be demagnetized of their terror, of their temptation—and of time itself which is a net and a prison, and space which is so often occupied by the anti-Buddha.

Let us live.

Let us understand that to live truly is to continually abide in the higher consciousness whose levels and realms are accessible to the pure in heart and soul and mind and body!

Let us not burden our bodies with the unnecessary.

Let us look to the stars and leap!

Let us realize that Shamballa and its glowing flame of Gautama send forth now, on the line of Light, many incarnations of the Buddha, many manifestations of Bodhisattvas who have graduated to that light exquisite of the Buddha!

The earth is filled with manifestations of the Buddha that have come from far-off worlds! And they blossom on the vine of Gautama as the new flowers of spring come forth. Let their yellow fire be a joy and a light, lighting every room of the house. Let the presence of the mystifying darkness be dispelled by the mystical light of the body of Buddha and his members!

I AM an extension of the One!

I AM the Presence of the crystal Buddha of the soul-to-be!

I AM here that you might be in the presence of a greater reality than you yourself have coalesced in this octave!

I AM reinforcing that reality by stepping-up the light of Lanello—and, in conjunction with this manifestation of the Guru, giving to you the completion of the light of Alpha and Omega!

I would have brought forth the Communion wafer and the wine! I would have the manifestation now of delivering to you of the very essence of the body of God.

I would understand and have you understand that, in your partaking of the bread of Life, you must call for forgiveness, even now, and repent of any misdeed or misdemeanor. And confess it to your God, release it into the flame, know it is consumed by his promise, and vow the vow to forsake that infraction of the Law! And therefore be strengthened and know that, when you partake of this Communion now, you will receive an impetus of light that will serve you as you serve the Light—and also will judge you as you fail to stand in the place of righteous judgment.

The Communion that I give is the light of Gautama opening the way for you also to be extensions of his heart.

As you prepare your soul to receive the light essential of the body and the blood of Christ, of Buddha, I charge you then to reconsecrate your life to purity, humility, and love in the will of God. And thereby know that this experience is a new day and a new dawn, by the grace of your own Lanello, for the beginning again to mount the path of righteousness with sure foot, determination, and the shunning of all evil.

Sacrifice, sacrifice unto the LORD. Therefore, when you come, mount the step and stand before me. For I AM the servant of the Lord of the World and communicator of his love directly to you in the name of Lanello’s ascension.

[Communion served through the Messenger (65 minutes)]

I have distributed my Self, the Self of the Buddha, in and through and among you, for a very important purpose. For as we share one cup and partake of one loaf, we are strengthened by the Order of Shamballa and all who have been a part of it who serve together with the Lady Kuan Yin to draw step-by-step the refining elements of the soul to the magnet of the Christ heart.

With diligence and dispatch you have come. Thus, the Buddha rests inside as a glowing light, as a glowing presence in meditation, beloved one.

I AM the LORD thy God that healeth thee! <5> is the Word of the Mighty I AM Presence. Affirm it. And let this mantra sing in your heart, that the fragmented self might be made one.

I AM the LORD thy God that healeth thee!

I AM the LORD thy God that healeth thee!

I AM the LORD thy God that healeth thee!

This is the tone of the bread and the wine of which you have partaken. This is the singing of light. This is the message of your own Mighty I AM Presence.

Accept it by affirmation, again and again! Let me hear it now! Together:

I AM the LORD thy God that healeth thee!

I AM the LORD thy God that healeth thee!

I AM the LORD thy God that healeth thee!

I AM the LORD thy God that healeth thee!

Dear heart, you have sought and seek healing from the LORD, and the LORD seeks to give it unto thee. You must understand that other affirmations in the self form layer upon layer of separation from the healing Presence. Therefore, the various affirmations that come through the consciousness throughout the day and the night are also decrees. Even the idle dream or the fantasy or the reverie or the absence of being in control of the thought, the word, the feeling—these are affirmations that displace the singing mantra of thy God

I AM the LORD thy God that healeth thee!
The flowing stream,
The crystal cord,
The energy of Light
That descends continuously!
This is the moving water
Whose every part and particle
Sparkles with the healing elixir!
Understand how scientific
Is the Presence of God.
Understand, my beloved,
This becoming of the Word
Is the attentive self in motion,
Flowing with the River of Life.
The healing is already present within thee.
Let it sing its song!
Impose upon it no wrong!
Let it tell the celestial order of things
And arouse the soul as the bird on wing!
Trust in the Light!
Trust in God!
Wait not for the healing rod
That is already within thy members,
But sing the song of the LORD
I AM the LORD thy God that healeth thee!
I AM the LORD thy God that healeth thee!
I AM the LORD thy God that healeth thee!
I AM the LORD thy God that healeth thee!

There is no separation,
But the sense of sin
Yet bears the strong odor.
Have a will to win
And let the fragrance
Of the lotus of my heart
Dispel it!
Oh, it is a matter of realization!
It is a matter of quelling pride!
It is a matter of letting the soul
Send forth the call—
Send forth the call, dear hearts!
The twin flames of the Holy Spirit
Are ever present
For the drawing-together
Of Being!

I AM Padma Sambhava. I have stood in your midst.

I do not leave you. I AM always with Lanello. I AM the initiator of the Mother and the Mother flame within you, chelas of the will of God.

Our impelling light as it is given forth, month in and month out in these new dispensations, is entirely for the drawing of your soul into a heightened God-reality where it is not difficult simply to be who you are—to be the Christ, to be real!

Tenderest vines become the strongest branches! This is my command to you: that the branch not break but only bend, as more and more of the fowls of the air come and make their nests. <6>

I AM sealing you in a heart of Light that you might turn your attention to our continuing expose of this seminar. <7>

I have impressed the Buddhic light and the flame of Shamballa with you. You have a lodestone. You may arrive at the Inner Retreat for the gathering in the name of Saint Germain. <8>

Let all the world be filled with illumination’s flame! And let illumination consume ignorance, malice, and all that causes your heart to bend in the direction of the wicked. Let us not bend in their direction but stoop only to conquer the heart of the little child for Christ!

O souls, affiliates, compatriots of the Great White Brotherhood—from the heart of Shamballa, I send you love and more reality and more life and more perseverance for the victory!

In the silence of the interim of my feeding of the birds of your hearts, I have given you the message for your soul. I have loved you, I have embraced you, I have held you! I have gazed into the eyes of your soul! And I impress upon you my own love of Life, as God is indivisible in both of us.

I AM the ever-present Padma Sambhava.

Take me to your heart.

Remove me not into a corner.

I AM with thee and with thy God.

NOTE: This dictation by Padma Sambhava was delivered to the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, February 28, 1982, at Camelot. Prior to this dictation, the messenger read Ezek. 17:2-24; Pss. 1:1-6.

1. On February 26, 1982, the ninth anniversary of his ascension, Lanello announced: “...The acceleration of the light of my causal body is for you—personally!...Illumination is the first gift, as the gift of wisdom, which I send forth in this year of the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit....” See Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 25, pp. 214, 215.

2. Matt. 7:16, 20.

3. The wood benches in the Chapel of the Holy Grail where the chelas sit are notoriously uncomfortable.

4. On the Perfection of Life, Addressed to Sisters of Saint Clare by Bonaventure, Cardinal, Seraphic Doctor, and Saint, “On True Humility” (chapter 2), read by the messenger in the evening following this dictation; cassette B8221.

5. Exod. 15:26.

6. Ezek. 17:7, 22, 23.

7. Refers to the messenger’s analysis of the Vietnam War and the sixties, delivered in the evening following this dictation, as the concluding address of a Summit University weekend seminar (February 26-28).

8. Special Note to Group Leaders and Keepers of the Flame:

Nicholas Roerich records the instruction of a lama to Western pilgrims who question him about “Shambhala.” The lama explains that no one can come to Shambhala unless they are invited and in the right vibration. “...Let a man try to reach Shambhala without a call!...Many people try to reach Shambhala, uncalled. Some of them have disappeared forever. Only few of them reach the holy place, and only if their karma is ready....Do not outrage the laws! Await in ardent labor until the messenger of Shambhala shall come to you, amid constant achievement....” (Nicholas Roerich, Shambhala [New York: Frederick A. Stokes Company, 1930], pp. 12, 17.)

In this dictation, Padma Sambhava is extending an invitation, a dispensation, whereby we might arrive at the Inner Retreat, the Western Shamballa. In the giving of permission is the serving of Communion.

Wherever this dictation is played, let the members present partake of Communion. Specifically and only for this dispensation and this message in this Pearl, they may elect one or two persons to serve the bread and wine. Let these then invoke Padma Sambhava to overshadow them and to bless the Sacrament. (A Communion consecration by Mark L. Prophet may be played.) At the same meeting, they should hear from the Saint Bonaventure album the lecture “On True Humility” (as it is intended to be in preparation for the blessing to go to the Inner Retreat) for the sealing of the dispensation. For the playing of the dictation, the conductor should read the same Bible passages which were read by the messenger (Ezek. 17:2-24; Pss. 1:1-6).