Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 25 No. 34 - Beloved Lady Kristine - August 22, 1982


My Beloved, Let Us Deliver the Word!


I come to converse with my friends. Lanello has chosen me to speak to you today. For as he said, it is the example of the humble servant that is needed most. As I pursued the path of humble servant in your midst, so I would be with you and present to you the goal of that path.

I am clearly here and to be seen. I wear my wedding garment. And in my right hand is the wand of light of the beloved Goddess of Light that she has given to me for you to see as a scepter, the scepter of the authority of the Mother of the World.

You have called me Florence, <1> and I have desired to be but a flower of the Mother. And with all of my heart I have yearned to see the publishing of the Word of God unto the two witnesses.

I also knew the end from the beginning, as each one of you does, for the soul always understands the cycles of its appearing. Therefore, those who knew me saw me hastening to my goal—hastening, O hastening to transcend—even as I would even pull against the divine will, hoping to stay again a round and another round with Him, the beloved Christ with me whose servant I am. God therefore granted unto me another stay and another cycle, and in it we fulfilled so much. But the Goddess of Liberty gave to me a torch that I must pass to you—the beloved staff, beloved friends, beloved students.

The hour of the appearing of the Son of man within you, the hour of the self-transcendence, must always come with a certain sense of regret that one cannot yet fulfill another round as the humble servant. But always the victorious ones who beckon one on explain, “If you do not rise higher, then those who follow you will have no room at the apex of the pyramid.”

And so, when many little feet fill the space of that highest stone of the pyramid, then someone’s little feet must take flight. And when you see the feet following and the shining faces that wear those feet, you know that the hour of their glory is come and the descending light of your own will lighten their faces with a star-fire glow until they, too, attain their own.

My presence and my message as the bride of Christ is in the nearness and the closeness of our community—here at Camelot, at the Inner Retreat, in heaven, and wherever Keepers of the Flame meet to greet the Lord and to praise his name. I am happy that so many have come into the path of the teachings through the books my own hands have touched and arranged for Mother. I am happy that life is ongoing and that God has shown me, through Lanello, that I may still be the humble servant in these worlds beyond this one where many worthy souls are striving.

There are worlds of preparation, whence cometh the Son of light who shall be born. And there are other worlds designed for those who have not quite graduated to finish their course and to balance some other karma of some other year. Now it is the twilight for some and the dawn for others, and the vastness of life in its movement is wondrous to behold from where I am.

I give my love to each and every student of Level I. For, you see, I have chosen to attend this quarter of Summit University. And I have sat in your midst pondering the wondrous teachings of the messengers that were not mine to hear while I served in the publishing department. And so, for me it has been a luxury to be in attendance. Other ascended masters have attended Summit University with the full joy and fervor of souls who, while on earth, so embroiled in the battle, had not the time or space in their karmic cycles to retreat to the arms of the Mother for even three months.

Thus, going over these lines of teaching and the paths of virtue, I could also contribute the vision of the wonder of the ascending saints. For, you see, every bit of teaching you have heard has its application and its point for the expansion of consciousness, even in the ascended state. One can always multiply the geometry of God. The simplest teaching, or the most profound, lives on and on and on.

And sometimes I would have a deeper realization than your own. And sometimes, in communion with your own Christ Self, I would perceive a depth of understanding within your soul that your outer mind could scarcely contain. And that depth of understanding and that contact came because of many previous experiences on this and other worlds where you individually had the great contact with Sanat Kumara or El Morya or one of the lesser angels, whose glory is still the most sacred memory of your own recent history.

I am a flower in the field of life. One day the Saviour passed by and plucked me to his heart, and I became the special one that he would no longer leave in the field. I would miss my fellows and even shed a tear, longing to be in the tall grasses with them in their play and in their labor. But in his heart he took me and to another field where I saw another harvest—Elysian fields where lilies grow and other saints that you and I have known.

Thus, beloved, the parting is the regathering. And we may all understand that being plucked to the Saviour’s heart—this special offering will come to each and every one in time and in space and beyond. And when the hour comes, as you may anticipate your own victory, you will know that all who have gone before you, the blessed friends of light and the saints, have all become a bouquet in the heart of the living Saviour. And the Lord Jesus Christ, who has taken us to himself, presents his bouquet to the Mother of the World. Therefore is our preaching and our teaching not in vain. For, after all, our goal in ascending is to be the offering of the Christ unto the Blessed Virgin.

My bridal garment, which I wear before you, is an image and a vision impressed upon your soul, that you might have remembrance that you, too, stepped forth from the altar of God in that bridal garment and you will wear it once again. The vision of yourself as the crowning rose and the bride of light must establish that self-worth that enables you to strive and overcome and keep pressing back and pressing back every attempt to take from you your space to be the bride.

Your space, beloved heart. It takes a very special place to be the bride. And the circle of your aura—as the gown, the train, and the veil—forms a circle of white fire that must leap into the realm of the Spirit. The circle of the wedding gown is the magnet whereby the Christ will come. You see the bride standing alone. Therefore God must come, for God must present unto that bride the living Christ.

I am here so that you will understand how near is the Path, how near is the goal, and that, in the outer mind, none may know who is the most, the most to be desired of the Lord—which one he will pluck from the field of life.

May this bridal garment be your own. May you weave your Deathless Solar Body. I fling into your heart the bridal bouquet. It is my desire that the fragrance will remain with you until, beloved, you find yourself in the arms of the Beloved One. This promise will be fulfilled in you. I AM the living proof. [29-second pause]

Showers of blessings from bowers of glory, tumbling flowers, a million daisies in the field—such is the love of the angels for your presence.

My beloved, let us deliver the Word!


NOTE:  This dictation by the Ascended Lady Master Kristine was delivered to the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet June 13, 1982, during The Teachings of the Mother of the World at Camelot. Prior to this dictation, the messenger read Pss. 72:1-19; Matt. 5:1-12.

1. Florence Jeannette Miller, beloved chela of El Morya and the messengers, dear co-worker and friend, fulfilled at inner levels the initiation of the ascension on September 20, 1979. In October 1968, she joined the staff of The Summit Lighthouse, where she headed the publishing department for many years and served on the Board of Directors of Church Universal and Triumphant. She was given the title Lady Kristine by Saint Germain on July 5, 1970, at La Tourelle. Sanat Kumara, who relates the story of her ascension in “Seven Initiations of the Saints Who Follow the Lamb” (Pearls of Wisdom, October 14, 1979, vol. 22, pp. 263-66, 271), proclaimed her “the example and forerunner on the Path of the Ruby Ray.”