Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 27 No. 8 - Beloved Lord Maitreya - February 19, 1984


A Study in Christhood by the Great Initiator
Immortality and the Cosmic Sense


...The joy to the world which was expressed by the angelic hosts on the occasion of the nativity of the Christ flooded the entire planet with the choruses of the angelic hosts. And the joy that expressed in the hearts of the shepherds leaped from heart to heart across the fields and plains, forests and mountains, until it entered into the heart of even a tiny shepherd boy upon the hillsides of a land far across the sea.

Precious ones of the light, you think nothing today of experiencing television and radio programs broadcast around the world. The wonders of a few years ago cease to be wonders to your minds. But, beloved ones, two thousand years ago this was a transcendent experience when the joy of the angels passed into the hearts of the shepherds and swept around the world into the pages of history and into the consciousness of mankind.

The martyrs of that era of early Christianity expressed their love through giving their all. But the comfortable experiences of present-day Christianity are a far cry from that era of sacrificial offering, when to take a stand for the Light of God was almost tantamount to the loss of one’s physical life.

Today, beloved ones, the world knows more about the meaning of freedom; it knows more about the meaning of peace; it knows more about the grace of God. The intellectual comprehensions of mankind have been expanded, and the theologians understand more of the ancient scriptures. The arts of printing and communication have been enhanced and expanded until the world today is not the world of two thousand years ago.

And the multitudes have increased. Those who heard the words of the Christ as he walked among men two thousand years ago upon the hillsides of Judaea were few in comparison to the multitudes of the earth who are hungry and who are thirsting today for the living water of Life. <1> But that water of Life is like a great river and, this very hour, is being offered to all who are athirst that they may drink.

Individuals, through habits of thought and feeling—as this beloved one told you—have become somewhat recalcitrant, and they no longer realize the inner voice of their own Mighty God Presence. But they have heard the voices of discord and the voices of confusion of the world until the voice of the Christ seems far distant.

But I AM come today to charge into your midst the radiance that is familiar to your souls, the radiance that is your natural habitat, the light that will exalt you and raise you and comfort you, the light that will be a solace unto you when you seem to be separate one from another and from all forms of comfort.

For the light of God will penetrate your consciousness as you lie upon your beds and cannot sleep, when the cares and oppressions of the world seem to press in upon you and you find difficulty in finding peace. If you will turn your hearts toward the Christ and make a call unto him, he will respond and with blazing light come into your forcefield to bring you that same peace and love which he brought to mankind long ago.

You are dealing now, beloved ones, with immortality. You are dealing with the realm of the ascended masters. You are dealing with the compassion of heaven. It is no ordinary or mortal concept that comes to your mind, but it is the concept of Life, the concept of eternal Life, the concept of the grace of heaven.

The grace of heaven, beloved ones, transcends history. It transcends the known world. It transcends your human thoughts. The grace of God is sufficient for you <2> for every occasion which you may ever face. And with the waning of all human sensibilities, mankind will find the dawning of the cosmic sense wherein they are able to cognize the nearness of the heavenly octaves and the spheres of light to their own consciousness.

The tiny babe lifts its eyes toward its own God Presence, and it smiles. And those individuals in the presence of that babe are pleased to see the smile upon the face of the child, but they do not know of the vision of the angels which appears to the tiny one.

   Much later in life, when familiarity with the world scene has closed the door and the curtain that separate the consciousness of the child from the wonders of heavenly spheres, those visions come, then, no more. And the child becomes a part of the mass consciousness—guided by parents, guided by teachers, guided by companions, many of whom are fit and many of whom are unfit to guide.

The pressure, then, of mass consciousness builds up a synthetic man—not a manifestation of the eternal Light, but a manifestation of carnality destined to be confused, destined to confuse, and destined eventually to perish as an individual entity and pass from the screen of life.

But this is not the plan of immortality, and God is immortal. God is immortal! And in his immortality there is peace and joy forever without end.

The harshness of the world, the clanging furor of the tides of mortality do not comfort mankind; and therefore, they run to and fro, seeking peace. And no peace is given to them, and yet they continue to seek. For it is the Great God Self within, that manifested in the cosmic sense in the tiny babe, that must awaken. This cosmic sense, like a rosebud, must unfold. Like a lotus it must breathe its perfume into space.

When the consciousness of man begins to unfold, it becomes as a little child. And as it becomes as a little child, the entire glory of heaven is revealed to that individual. And man realizes that outer life has been a chimera, and that all that the eyes have seen and that the ears have heard is nothing to be compared to the wonders of the eternal spheres!

I, Maitreya, come to you as a father would to his children. And I come to you today to breathe upon you concerning the cosmic sense, that you may awaken within yourselves to the glory of God which is present in space wherever you are. Individuals have the idea that God is far removed from them. But this God that I declare unto you today, beloved ones, is as near as your hands and feet, or as close as your heart and breath.

The inflowing of the cosmic light within the body of man is a gift of the Presence of God which is perpetuated momentarily by the intelligence of heaven in action. The Christ mind—the divine power that beats your heart while you sleep, that gives to your physical consciousness, your body elemental, and your mind the understanding to govern all of the senses that control the body movements, both voluntary and involuntary—is a gift of God.

Be grateful, then, for this gift, but above all be grateful for the gift that is the eyes of your soul, the hearing of your soul, the understanding of your heart. For you are not your garments that you wear. You are not these physical bodies. You are a living soul! At inner levels you wear garments of immortality, and these are real and tangible; but because you have diverted your attention from the inner realm to the outer, you are not aware of the inner garments that you wear—and it is as though you were bereft of your attire.

Pause now and think, beloved ones, what it means to be clothed upon with immortality. Beloved Hilarion, when embodied as Saint Paul, warned mankind of the fact that they must first put off mortality if they would put on immortality. <3>

I, today, admonish you, beloved ones of the light, that you likewise recognize the need to put off the mortal senses during those moments when you desire to awaken the senses of immortality. In the name of Almighty God, precious students of the light, if you are thinking of entertainment, if you are thinking of food, if you are thinking of some accomplishment that you wish to do in order to expand your own personality, during a time when you are trying to make attunement with your God Self, how can you possibly make that attunement?

You must, then, put off the consciousness of the outer man, of the human self. You must come in full faith to the fount of Almighty God, believing that he is “and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.” <4>

This is a truth pursued of old by Enoch, <5> pursued of old by every ascended master who ever made the ascension. This Christ-seeking must become the goal of man if he would awaken to all of the potency and power of the sacred fire.

Beloved ones, some of you have idly dreamed of moments when you would be able to say to a man with a withered hand, “Be thou made whole!” <6> Some of you have idly dreamed of a moment when you could at a glance pass an individual on the street who was suffering from habitual drunkenness and be able to speak to that one at inner or outer levels and say, “Be thou free! Be thou whole!” <7> Some of you have been more ambitious, and you have dreamed of how you could reach out your hand as the Christ did and raise men from the dead. <8>

Well, beloved ones, this power is within you. But it is most important that you recognize that you as individuals must first put off the old man and his deeds <9>you must put off the consciousness of the world sense and put on the new mind of the Christ if you are to accomplish these specific feats and enjoy these cosmic graces, these cosmic gifts.

These gifts are given to you. They are free—they are without money, they are without price. <10> They are held for you now by your own Mighty I AM Presence and they will manifest in your world, and no power in heaven or earth can possibly prevent their manifestation at that moment when you are ready to receive them.

But, beloved ones, you cannot be made ready to receive them until you yourself have elected to open up the senses of heaven—to recognize the angelic hosts, to recognize the ascended masters, to recognize your own Mighty I AM Presence as the only power in your world. There is no other power but God. There is no other power that can act in your world but the power of God!

I ask, therefore, that you pause as I make contact with the beloved angelic hosts and ask them to pour their radiance into the chalices of your hearts. I ask that they saturate you with the pure light rays from their hearts, charged with the essence of roses and the fragrance of pine. I ask that you be made aware, then, of the sweetness of the soul of God that is within you and of the eternal Presence of God within you.

The eternal Presence of God within you is forever and forever and forever. It is without end. Therefore accept this gift from the angelic hosts that are part of my band of light. I ask you now to be at peace. [interval of meditation with music]

Children of the Light, I want to remind you that each one of you was conceived by God. I want to remind you that you came not through the gate of birth by accident, but you came by conscious, divine intent. I want to remind you that your life was as divinely intended a manifestation as was the birth of beloved Jesus and other great avatars.

I want to remind you that the hopes of heaven for you were and are great, that simply because individuals have permitted their own self-hope to become dim does not prevent the immortal concept of God from being held steadfast for every lifestream. And it is this anchor—it is this anchor, beloved ones of the light—that causes each man to feel the pull of immortality, leading him onward to seek, to understand the great cosmic laws and the great cosmic Light.

I am known as the Great Initiator, and it is my responsibility to take interest concerning the unfoldment of the individual chelas in coming through the stages of initiation of the Great White Brotherhood. Today, as I gaze not only upon those lifestreams who are assembled within this room but upon the lifestreams of all humanity, I behold among mankind many who are ready for various stages of initiation. Some are ready for cosmic stages of initiation. Some are ready for less advanced stages of initiation. But many are making themselves ready by application to their own divinity.

The bonds of divinity are so far greater than mortal concepts that it is sometimes difficult to bridge the gap between human words and divine ideas so that mankind will understand the wonder of which I speak. Mankind today are plagued because of the fact that, through the semantics of words, they do not always understand or conceive of the true power of the Word of God. But the Word of God is the progenitor of every individual within this place, upon this planet, and everywhere in the universe.

This Word of God, beloved ones, is ever blessed. It is tangible and real, it is intelligent, it is Light! And in it there is no shadow, nor is there a shadow of turning. <11>

I would like to ask some of you who are young in years: Where shall mankind go? The apostles of the Christ said unto him, “Where shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal Life.” <12> And this is Truth. The words of eternal Life are given to the ascended masters by God.

Individuals have thought that God held all these secrets and all of his powers strictly for himself and the angelic band. Many among mankind have not understood that God giveth gifts to the ascended masters, gifts of hierarchial power whereby they are specifically charged with certain momentums of freedom, of obedience, of love.

This is also true of the elemental kingdom. As you gaze upon the wonders of nature, beloved ones, have you ever stopped to consider that almost every tree and bush has an angelic or elemental being standing guard over it to see that it outpictures the perfect plan of God? Have you ever stopped to realize that just as each individual has a blessed guardian angel, so every manifestation of nature has some specific God-intelligence which watches over that manifestation to see that it comes to fruition and to perfection?

Well, beloved ones, then realize that your Mighty I AM Presence, the great electronic body of God from out the Great Central Sun, came forth in dazzling, blazing light as a duplicate of the magnanimous, ever-expanding light of the Mighty I AM Presence in the very heart of the Great Central Sun and was duplicated for each individual’s own Mighty I AM Presence. And this duplicate, beloved ones, is never separated from the Central Sun itself or from the Presence of God within the Great Central Sun, so that every man, woman, and child’s Mighty I AM Presence is one with everyone else’s own Mighty I AM Presence. This makes of all life one, and there is, then, no diversity whatsoever.

And I am speaking now, beloved ones, concerning inner levels. For when you gaze outwardly, you behold individuals of various stages of development. You see them representing various age groups as far as physical aging processes are concerned. But as you look on the inner, you see no such condition. You see only the perfection of God manifesting at every point in space where there is an individual lifestream. Now that lifestream, when that individual awakens to his own cosmic identity, will find that he is able to shake off the fetters of mortality and to become charged with the power of divinity!

Well, when an individual awakens to the power of divinity, an initiate is born on the world scene. The star of Bethlehem appears in the cosmic sky, and the star of that nativity of divinity is manifest to the ascended masters. And immediately when they perceive this, they send forth a special protection to seal that lifestream in the protection from the heart of God coming down through the angelic hierarchy presided over by Archangel Michael.

Do you see, beloved ones, how great cooperation takes place at inner levels— how at inner levels, the levels of the Spirit of Life, perfection and protection ever manifest?

There are three people within this room who within the past week would have left this earth if it were not for the protection of their own Mighty I AM Presence and their guardian angel. One of them is somewhat aware of it; the other two are not. But I would like to point this out to you because you do not realize just when you may need the perfection and the protection of your own God Presence.

O beloved ones, what conceit and what vanity is present in human consciousness! And yet we are not here to condemn you, for you are Children of the Light, and you were born to receive the glory of that birthright. We are here to assist you and we are ever here to bless you.

We will not forsake you. Your Mighty I AM Presence will not forsake you. Every ascended master and cosmic being will stand by you “through thick,” as you might say it, “and through thin,” so long as you yourself are consciously willing to do your best to accept the plan of God, to understand the plan of God, to walk circumspectly as much as you are able.

Beloved ones, God is no tyrant. Your Mighty I AM Presence is no tyrant! I would say that your Presence has been most lenient—the Presence of Life has been most lenient to all mankind. But although the Presence has given men their freedom, they have not enjoyed God’s universe with that freedom, simply because the freedom which they have enjoyed they have made into fetters. It is the intention of God to see to it that those fetters are cut and that mankind are set free from every condition that binds them to the continual round of rebirth, and that they experience those cosmic initiations which cut them free from the power of death.

Beloved ones, what is death? You understand what life is, but life, beloved ones, cannot end. For life itself is a quality. How can a quality cease to be? And inasmuch as you have life, how can you cease to be—I ask you in the holy name of God, how can you cease to be?

Precious ones, that which mankind know as death is only the end of a cycle; and when that cycle comes, it merely means the beginning of a new cycle. And this continual round as circles within circles and wheels within wheels <13> is a manifestation of the divine intelligence and the life plan of God. But God intends mankind to have continuity of consciousness, and therefore today I would like to point out a very specific principle to the students:

At the end of each embodiment, in mercy, the door of memory is sealed so that the lifestream coming into embodiment in most cases does not recall the events of his past life, except dimly. But, beloved ones of the light, that is not the intention of God. God intends men to have an unbroken, continuous, conscious knowledge that they are.

I ask you right now to ponder and consider the meaning of “I AM.” I AM, beloved ones, means “being” and it means “existence” and it means “bliss”! Well, if it means existence and bliss, then that existence cannot be broken or interspersed by a series of experiences whereby you do not know anything, whereby you no longer are aware of yourself, whereby you are in shadow or darkness, for God is all Light. And therefore, because he is all Light, he would bestow upon every son of himself a continuous experience.

I ask you, beloved ones, if any of you are aware of the experiences of beloved Jesus from the time they removed his body from the cross until he rose again? Do you recall that the scriptures record that during the time when he was taken down from the cross until the time of his resurrection he preached to the spirits of those who were disobedient during the days of Noah? <14>

Well I think, then, if the Christ preached to the spirits which were disobedient in the days of Noah, that he must have experienced an unbroken consciousness. And I cannot conceive that the Christ who spoke to the thief beside him and said, “Today thou shalt be with me in paradise,” <15> was himself no longer conscious of God or aware of Life. The Christ was continuously aware of Life. And as part of the great initiatic experiences that come to mankind, there is an unbroken series whereby an individual is aware of God—morning, noon, and night.

Through the night, at all times, an individual is never without consciousness. One is always conscious, either in the outer or the inner. And therefore, many of our initiates are assembling during the night hours while their physical bodies sleep. And they move in their white robes throughout the earth to assemble in sacred retreats and places set apart, that they might be instructed at inner levels concerning the rightness of cosmic laws by great cosmic masters and by cosmic teachers.

For it is a part of the plan of God to educate mankind continually until men are indeed as wise as gods. It is not the plan of God to keep men in ignorance or to keep men victims of untruth, but rather to illuminate mankind by the glory of the Mighty I AM Presence so that the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood will be revered by all men upon earth and will be a living Spirit of the living Christ in action among men. How can this be except it be a personal experience of each individual?

Beloved ones, when an individual comes into manifestation as a tiny babe, that individual in time comes to recognize its own father and mother and members of its household. So it is of the Spirit of Light. When an individual becomes as a babe in Christ—aware of the ascended masters, although dimly—there is a gradual expansion of consciousness until at last that individual is able to walk and talk with the ascended masters and the cosmic beings as freely as you have your social familiarity here among mankind. And this is as it should be.

For the patriarchs of old communed with the angels, communed with the cosmic beings. And this will happen to you, and eventually, precious ones, you will find that heaven is all around you, and the roses of heaven will blossom at your feet. The fragrance of heaven will penetrate your body and your mind. The light of heaven will lift you up in consciousness until you will feel at home beneath the stars! For you will know that they are points of light within this mighty universe of light. You will know that there are points of light— chakras within your body, and centers of light—and that in time all of these points of light will blend into one beautiful star, the star of initiation whereby you are able to pass through the star doorway and commune with nature, with the elementals, with the angelic hosts.

You will no longer be possessed with a mere sense of a physical body and the limitations of that body. You will be able to leave the body at will, and you will be able to move anywhere upon this planet or upon many planets at will. And you will find a freedom from fear, from bondage, from the need to partake of food, from the need to be subject to natural and manmade laws in an ordinary sense. For you will become subject to the great cosmic laws, and these transcend all other laws.

Precious ones of the light, the goal is mighty. The race needs the help of the ascended masters. This we are willing to give. We ask that you make the call within yourself; we do not ask that you necessarily make the statement before mankind concerning your inner intention.

Those of you who may be timid today and may not quite recognize the voice of the Good Shepherd, <16> I ask tonight, before you close your eyes in sleep, that you make a call to God, to your own Mighty I AM Presence, and that you ask him to guide your footsteps that you may understand the power of Light, the power of the ascended masters, the power of the Christ in action—and that you consciously elect to further your progress in the things of the Spirit, that this which passeth away, these “former things,” <17> be no longer cleaved to, but that you anchor within the veil that permanent God consciousness that no man can take from you.

And then you will be a part of our band and you will have begun in newness of Life, <18> in renewing the consciousness of the atoms and electrons of your body, in charging yourself with the sacred fire. You will be eventually victors, not vanquished.

I thank you, and bid you good evening.

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Lord Maitreya was delivered through the Messenger Mark L. Prophet October 21, 1961, in Boston, Massachusetts. The opening words were not recorded.

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