Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 27 No. 48a - Beloved Archangel Michael - October 1, 1984


A Study in Christhood by the Great Initiator
Archangel Michael, Help Me! Help Me! Help Me!
I AM Come to Reinforce the Protection of the Lightbearers
The Seven Archangels Place a Swaddling Garment
of Light around Planet Earth
“We Are Ready to Cast the Fallen Ones Out of the Earth!”


Hail, hosts of the Lord! Hail, legions of flame!

I AM here in the Heart and I salute Helios and Vesta!

Legions of Light from the Central Sun, descend now in a canopy of sacred fire! By the living witness, by the power of the all-consuming Light <1> gird now the planet round with blue-lightning angels! Seal her in an envelope of Light as a blue swaddling garment of the Mother of the World!

I AM Michael, Prince of the Archangels. I salute you, minutemen and women of Saint Germain, freedom fighters of the ages. I salute you who are the spokesmen of Liberty and I salute those amongst you who are the legions of my bands who have taken your stand for the vigil of faith for the protection of Holy Church against the wiles of the fallen angels.

I AM come, then, to reinforce in the earth in this hour, beloved ones of Light, that power of the blue-flame will of God and the sword of blue flame. I AM here to reinforce mighty cherubim who keep the way of the Tree of Life <2> in this garden. And I AM here to reinforce the protection of the Lightbearers and the binding of those hordes of Darkness.

And I tell you, [by] the vigil you can keep in the full intensity of the Word delivered in the sessions of dynamic decrees [such as that] given by the Messenger and child—by that service, by that continuation of fervor and fire you will find, beloved ones, a great turning and a change on planet earth! For I command legions of Light who are waiting to enter here and there into those conditions of the planetary body, and they must have your call and [the] intensity [of] your [decrees].

And during the period of time that you stuck with the “I AM Michael, Michael, Michael!” decree and gave the “Reverse the Tide” and “The Judgment Call,” you see, there occurred a fundamental and profound change in that condition in Afghanistan, the results of which you shall see and especially greater results if you will continue in this wise.

It is necessary for the relentless Light to move back those hordes of Darkness on the astral plane and in physical embodiment and [to] strip from [them] that momentum of malice and that preconditioning [of the Luciferians] and that direction from afar [to work the works of the Evil One on planet earth] that comes [to them] directed from other worlds, beloved ones, and from the very pit <3> itself and from Death and Hell.

And thus the entire ball of wax of the cause and core of Evil can be bound, must be bound! And where shall we keep our vigil with the World Mother except upon our holy mountain, except in our valley of the Heart of the Inner Retreat, and except in the hearts of our chelas of the sacred fire!

I command and compel you to increase and intensify your calls for protection! For with the intensity of blue lightning there can come a greater Light to earth. We must have the calls for protection so that our angels may act to care for the souls of Light who receive greater Light [and] then become the prey of the fallen ones, as you have been told is their strategy.

Beloved ones of the living flame, this earth can contain more Light if you will only protect [the Light that is released in answer to your calls] and protect yourselves and your children and all those upon this earth who are waiting for the dawn of ascension’s flame and the full power of the Word and the Teaching! Beloved hearts of Light, the people of the earth are hungry for this Truth! And there must be a breakthrough! There must be a shattering of the lethargy and the astral density. And it can come to pass, for your numbers are adequate.

Note that I said they are adequate for the task. I do not say that you have too many. Many more would assist. But this sufficiency of Lightbearers [is able] and those who have placed their feet on this ground [are able. For this] ancient ground [is] where we came forth at the very heart of the Grand Teton to deliver the Law and the Teachings to the early root races. [And for them and for us] this very ground becomes the point of contact in the earth with nations and souls of Light. And therefore as a single body and a single voice, your vote counts and it reaches the heart of the Great Central Sun. (Ladies and gentlemen, please be seated in the throne of your glory, your own threefold flame.)

Now recognize the person and posture of an Archangel that has waged warfare in heaven against the Devil and his angels. <4> Now recognize the presence of an Archangel who has bowed before the Light of our God and who has said, “Who is greater than our God?” <5>

Beloved hosts of Light, legions of flame, you who have never left your first estate, I summon you in the name of these Lightbearers and [in] the power of the fervor of their hearts and hearts’ call. I summon you, therefore, to bind the tares from among the wheat! <6>Bind the very core of those devils in embodiment and let them be bound! And let them be sent to the Court of the Sacred Fire!

For there are legions of Light of blue-lightning angels standing ready from the God Star, Sirius, to take [from the astral plane] those fallen ones whose time is up! And the fervor of your souls [in the giving of your decrees] in the timing of this hour is the magnet for the fulcrum of the sacred fire to release this action [for] the binding of many who will not be allowed to remain on this planetary body for the dictation of Helios, which occurs at noon tomorrow [mountain daylight] time.

Beloved legions of blue flame, beloved Keepers of the Flame, do gather, then, at dawn and return to your vigil of calls to the blue-lightning angels, calls to me. For by these calls you empower us to continue this work through the night, through the morning until the earth is swept clean and the astral debris is bound! And those who have sought to taunt the Great White Brotherhood and its emissaries on earth shall not be around to mock or to mimic the Great Lord of lords of living flame, the God of this system of worlds, Helios himself!

Beloved legions of the sacred fire now forming the retinue of Light around the physical sun and the retreat of Helios and Vesta, we upon earth salute thee! And we are making all in readiness and our preparations shall continue until the descent of Helios.

Beloved ones, would you believe me if I should tell you that I have personally waited and waited with these Two Witnesses two and a half million years for this hour? I tell you it is true. And many of you have also stood by incarnation after incarnation and in the octaves of Light and in various planes of being waiting for the hour when this earth could receive the blessing of Helios and when the hosts of the Light would be empowered once again by the embodied faithful who would use the science of the Word to thwart all of the purposes of Death and Hell!

Now do you not realize the enemy that is pitted against you? And wake up! Wake up, I say, and realize you cannot stand in so great a Light and fail to invoke your protection! For I would stand with you daily, but I must have that call given once in each twenty-four-hour cycle; for it is the law of octaves. I can and shall step through the veil in any hour of the day or night. But I must have that call:


Archangel Michael, Help me! Help me! Help me!
Archangel Michael, Come into my life!
Archangel Michael, Bind this condition now and bind the foe and release me from this imprisoned substance!
Release me now from all temptation and all backsliding and going astray and nonbelief in the power of Almighty God to save my life and to give me my victory in this embodiment!
Archangel Michael, Help me! Help me! Help me!
Archangel Michael, Come into my life!
Archangel Michael, Stand with me!
Save my child!
Save my household!
Save my nation and bind those Communist hordes!

   Such is the call I desire and more. <7> And you yourself can release those calls by the Holy Spirit from your very heart flame.

Beloved ones of Light, the intensity of my presence is for the evolutions of earth and for those suppressed nations who are not being defended as they should [be] from the physical octave. For these fallen ones have slithered into the halls of government, have turned people to greed and materialism and nonsupport [of those who bear the flame of freedom worldwide]. And it is a travesty of the Great Law of Life and [of] the oncoming Victory and [of] the presence of Alpha and Omega!

Beloved ones, the help is present. It needs to be invoked. [We] need staunch souls here below to take that stand. And we the Archangels, seven in number gathered here for the sealing of planet earth, do demand it! We demand it in the name of Almighty God! We demand a response from mankind! and if not from mankind, then from the children of the Light; and if not from the children of the Light, then from the sons and daughters of God and the Keepers of the Flame! We demand a response! [43-second standing ovation]

We who cast the Devil and his angels out of heaven into the earth, those fallen ones, are now ready to cast them out of the earth. And by the edict of Almighty God it is possible, it can be done! But we must have the [authorization by the] free will of those in embodiment. [Yet] far too many [children of the Light] have gone astray to support these fallen ones, to raise them up as idols in Church and State, in entertainment and every area of [life on] the planetary body.

It is an absolute crime that the evolutions of this planetary home have learned nothing from the betrayal of Serpent in the Garden of Eden! Rather than blame all of this upon the first father and mother upon this home, beloved hearts of living flame, blame it on the fallen angels and then upon yourselves, O mankind, for ratifying the same fallen consciousness [of the fallen angels] that was purveyed in that hour to many [twin flames who failed their initiations under Maitreya in the Mystery School].

Beloved hearts of Light, there must be a rejection! There must be a challenge face-to-face, nose-to-nose, teeth-to-teeth with these fallen ones! They cannot be allowed to manipulate life any longer! And the hour is come for the judgment. And where are those who en masse will gather and make those judgment calls and bind those serpents in their lair? I tell you they tremble when I speak, for they do not often hear me speak so physically! And they are astonished that they have not been able to prevent this dictation from happening this day.

Beloved ones, it is your reinforcement! It is the power of Almighty God! It is his will that nothing shall stop me from speaking in the physical octave through your very hearts, through your own mouths as you challenge injustice! How can you stand still another day and allow it to continue?

Beloved ones, they rob you blind! They steal your money out of your pocketbooks, out of your bank accounts. Beloved ones, they are criminals all, and they are moving against the winds of Light and of the Great White Brotherhood and they must be overturned!

And I tell you God will do it through you! We will do it through you, around you, beneath you, above you, to the right, to the left! We will slay the foe! Just speak the Word. Just speak the Word, I tell you! Let the flame of freedom speak and you will see the power of the Holy Ghost upon this earth! And they will tremble and they will fall and they will go down. For there is no life in them except the support system given [them] by the silly humanity of this planetary home who are failing in their course and evolution, for they have not heeded their shepherds.

And where are the shepherds? Let them also speak! And let our Word go forth on the waves of communication. And let it be heard, let it be seen, and let it be known that the mighty Archangels are indeed alive and well on planet earth! And we stand to assist you. And fear not, but speak the name of your God:


Mighty I AM Presence, I AM here, O God,
And I AM the instrument of those sevenfold rays and Archangels!
And I will not retreat.
I will take my stand.
I will not fear to speak.
And I will be the instrument of God’s will, whatever it is.
Here I AM, so help me, God!
In the name of Archangel Michael and his legions,
               I AM freeborn and I shall remain freeborn!
And I shall not be enslaved by any foe within or without!


   [35-second standing ovation]

Once again, won’t you be seated.

Legions of angels of the First Ray have placed the first layer of Light around and through planet earth. Jophiel now stands forth. Legions of illumination now wrap the second layer of Light, the power to convey enlightenment, a swaddling garment that does intensify the ability of the evolutions of the planet to absorb the Light of illumination from Helios.

Each Archangel in succession does now enfold the planet, wrapping it in that winding cloth of the Mother: [Chamuel enfolds the earth in] the power of the pink flame, the power to assimilate the Holy Ghost; thus the Love/Wisdom action of Helios is made possible. Gabriel enfolds all in purity, and Raphael in the emerald saturation of precipitation’s flame; and [then comes] the purple and gold and the intensity of the Ruby Ray of the living Christ and his angel Uriel; [and] the full action of Zadkiel [follows] as the violet flame does now make the planet spin.

Thus, humanity is wrapped this night and there is in this garment of God as Mother the means of conveyance, [the] means of saturation and absorption by lifewaves of the divine intent, of the vision, of hope of the New Age.

“And they shall all know me from the least unto the greatest, saith the Lord.” <8> They shall know I AM Michael. And in my heart is that faith, and that faith is an electric current that I pass through the evolutions of earth upon the command of your word and decree of this night. And I have faith in the God that is in the very center of all life and all being and soul and consciousness. And my faith saturates the earth, for I AM determined by Almighty God!

If you have ever seen that God-determination in embodiment, I say, behold it now, beloved ones. For I give to you that intensity of my heart that none shall be lost upon this planet! No, not one soul of God, [not one] Lightbearer or [one] of the holy innocents. They shall not be taken!

We have cared for them. I have taken them in my arms, sometimes a dozen at a time and then a hundred. I hold them in my arms as they pass from the screen of life aborted. I do not let them go into perdition or into the astral plane. Beloved hearts, I have given the Life of God to them as I would to his Son, for they are that Christ potential and I have never left off as the servant of Christ [in the issue of God]. It was as his servant that I first took up the battle against that Fallen One, that Archdeceiver who desired to make himself as God and led those angels astray.

Beloved hearts of living flame, it is the seed of his consciousness that lurks in those who have not decried it. Let them all write their disclaimers, for I tell you God is nigh! It is not an hour to be in sympathy with the fallen ones, for those who are tied [to them] will be at the wrong place at the wrong time, I assure you.

Let them get on the right side of the fence. Let them espouse one cosmic principle for once in a million years. Let them champion some righteous cause and God will give them again renewed hope and faith to overcome that Serpent. Let them perform one kind deed and place themselves in the oncoming Light and feel the cleansing power of the mighty River of Life <9> coming upon them and washing away that expression, that sneer, that mockery they have worn [for] so long.

They can be saved if they will it so. Let them confess once and for all that their experiment didn’t work. Their Great Rebellion didn’t work; it did not come to pass. He did not win in heaven, he has not won on earth, and he shall not. For he is bound and no more, <10> and it is the clone and the replica that yet lurks in his [genetic seed sown in his embodied] angels and all of this astral debris that must be taken.

And therefore let the last [man,] woman and child renounce all association with the cause of compromise, pacifism. And let them come into alignment and see how God will work his miracle—his miracle of the rebirth of those who have seen the folly yet felt caught, through pride, in their commitment to a cause that is no more! It is passé.

We are here to clean up the debris. We are here to let souls of Light know it is a time to embody the full-gathered momentum of the hosts of the Lord. It is the hour of heaven meeting earth. It is the hour when, as in the appearance of Mother Mary, the sun approaches earth, <11> this time in the person of Helios. This time it is a spiritual sign and all who have that spiritual attunement will see it everywhere upon earth. They will know of his coming.

And now, my beloved, I leave you as quickly as I have found you. For I have much work to do and so do you! My message is delivered and I seal you in the sacred fire of the Great Central Sun for your eternal Victory.

In the name of the Great Central Sun Magnet and by its power, I claim you for the Lord God of hosts! Amen. [52-second standing ovation]


“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Archangel Michael was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Tuesday, Jul 3, 1984, during the ten-day conference The Flame of Freedom Speaks held in the Heart of the Inner Retreat at Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana. [N.B. Bracketed material denotes words unspoken yet implicit in the dictation, added by the Messenger under the Archangel Michael’s direction for clarity in the written word.]

1. When lowercase, light refers to the energy of God; when uppercased, Light denotes the Christ of the Christ consciousness, God or the God consciousness including the light and or energy-field that emanates therefrom; here one’s Light-emanation that is the extension of one’s Christ of God consciousness is that Christ, is that God in manifestation. “The all-consuming Light.” delivered by the legions of Light of the Great Central Sun is the extension and the manifestation of the God consciousness sustained by the great cosmic beings in the Light as a blue swaddling garment...” is the extension and the manifestation of the God consciousness of the Mother of the World; hence the Lights is her God consciousness. As such, Light is the “self-luminous intelligent substance” of the Mind of God. Any being of God who originates the Lights is the Alpha or the Yang force of the Light; any extension or manifestation of that Light is the Omega or Yin force. In addition, the legions of angels who deliver the Light of God from the Spirit cosmos to his sons and daughters across the Matter universes are also extensions and manifestations of God’s consciousness. Hence they are of the Light and the become the Light. For as carriers of the Light they are all Light. As carriers of the Light they are magnetically charged with a specific frequency and vibration of the Light; and their bodies, being electrodes of the Light, they transmit to the Creation of God the charge (i.e., the qualities, or qualifications of God, that are the need of the hour)—such as faith, hope, charity, mercy, justice, healing, wholeness, comfort, compassion, freedom, peace, enlightenment, honor, and their unspeakable love for the will of God.

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5. In Hebrew the name Michael means “Who is like God?” or  “Who is like unto God?” According to tradition “Who is like unto God?” was the battle cry of Archangel Michael in response to Lucifer when he rebelled against God and said, “I will be like to Most High.” (Isa. 14:14)

6. Matt. 13:24-30, 36-43. Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, The Lost Teachings of Jesus II, pp. 319, 323-24, 479.

7. Before giving this call offer your heartfelt prayer to God and to Archangel Michael describing the condition of the human consciousness and the foe of your Christhood and your divine plan that you are asking to have bound and neutralized by the Light. State the nature of the imprisoned karmic substance your are asking to be released from. Nail the specific type of temptation, backsliding, going astray, and nonbelief in the power of Almighty God that you are dealing with and from which you are asking to be delivered. In addition, state all circumstances involving your children, those for whom you are responsible personally and professionally, and the conditions of your household, your extended family, your community and nation and the current incursions of World Communism that require immediate divine intercession by the hosts of the Lord, of Archangel Michael.

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11. Between May 13 and October 13, 1917, Mother Mary made six appearances to three shepherd children near F<tima, Portugal, She had promised to work a great public miracle so that all might believe in her apparitions to the children. On October 13, her final F<tima appearance, an estimated 70,000 people gathered for the event and were witnesses to the “miracle of the sun.” At first appearing as a silver disc, the sun began to spin wildly like a wheel of fire, flashing multicolored beams of light in all directions. Three times it stood still and then resumed this whirling action. With a zigzag motion, it then appeared to leave its place in the sky, plunge toward the earth and hover for a moment above the crowd before climbing back to its normal place in the sky.