Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 27 No. 50b - Beloved Mighty Victory - October 19, 1984

A Study in Christhood by the Great Initiator
The Victory of the Sons of God

Most gracious ones, I salute you in the flame of Victory that burns brightly in the heart of the Central Sun as a golden flame so brilliant that all of cosmos moves by the very hum and the sign and the heartbeat of God’s own Victory!

Beloved ones, I AM that Victory in manifestation. I AM the Victory of God’s glory. For I have chosen to display to all evolutions and lifewaves everywhere that the sign of Victory and victorious overcoming is the power to reach the top every time, to reach the top of the crown chakra with each effort and joy and pulsation of the ideas of God put forth into action.

Now, unto a people that is called holy, <1> unto the ones prepared I come with ampules of Victory; for I desire your understanding that wisdom, as wise dominion in all the earth, is God’s Victory. And Victory itself can only come to the wise.

And therefore your golden victorious Light is your crown chakra blazing bright the glory of Almighty God! It is the power of his Mind! It is the pulsation of his Spirit! It is the raised Light of the Mother. It is a God consciousness that permeates the form and the formless nature of the One that is with you.

Beloved ones, golden waves and ribbons of light spanning cosmos in celebration of the victory of one son of God, and [of] the daughter of Zion who is the soul of the people of Reality, are blazing forth and blowing in the cosmic breezes. For angels of Victory one and all, though they come in full armour and with shields, have this day, in celebration of Light’s Victory here and now, tied those golden ribbons of Victory to their garments. And thus each one is streaming ribbons of light that become in their auric emanation as flames of gold leaping.

I tell you it is a cosmic sight to see these ten thousand-times-ten thousand legions of Victory descending to the heart of the earth by the power of the spoken Word and by the fiat of the Lord God! For we are determined with God-determination that all that has gone before in this retreat and all others in all [the] years of our service with you shall be crowned this day with the power of Victory, shall be sealed by that Victory, shall be known in the earth. And you will understand the Christ in you as your conquering hero! And you will yet live to worship him, to abide by him, to be in the very heart of that Christ and not to be set back in any way, shape or form by any thing, any creature small or significant.

Beloved hearts of Light, I tell you Victory is a spirit! It is a determination! It is the launching of God-Good within you. It is a drive that will not be set back. It is that intent of the forehead of the Aries Mind of God that does move against the enemy by the very power of Victory in the third eye, Victory in the crown, Victory in the heart, Victory in all the body temple, Victory shimmering as a garment of light that will not be stayed, will not be set back!

This power of Victory must be yours. And therefore Victory as a golden illumination overcomes all indecision, all confusion, all absence of right action. It is the power of determination and it is the wisdom that does precede right action.

And therefore, in the meditation of the heart and in the musings of your soul upon the Lord God Almighty you understand, beloved creatures of the Most High God—and I call you the “creation magnificent”—that it is the ongoing presence of this momentum of Victory that claims the Victory every hour and every moment, that does not allow defeat and therefore does not allow you to become prey to any force passive or aggressive that would otherwise set itself against you, from a fly to a mosquito to a demon to a remark that is not called for or anything that comes in your way.

Beloved ones of Light, understand the thrust of Victory! Understand the ribbons of Glory! Understand the power of the sons and daughters of God in the earth and be no more those who are defeated, those who are the cynics, those who are the ones who go down in defeat at the least little crisis in their lives. Be the ones who have the sense of Victory, who know no defeat, who will not even identify any defeat anywhere, anytime; for they are the living presence of our God!

And as you are in the earth, as I AM in the heaven, beloved hearts, so I swear to you in the name of Almighty God as I bow to him in this hour that the presence of Victory that is in the Great Central Sun can also be yours in your hearts in this very moment! And you can walk the earth in the power of the Great Central Sun Magnet and in the power of Victory! And Victory can consume all selfishness. Victory can consume all indeterminate acts and all inaction.

Beloved ones of the Most High God, Victory is the power of love! Victory is the power of God’s power itself and the will to do and be! Victory is the absolute presence of the Lord our God with you for the overcoming of every single splinter of error on this planetary body and the astral plane!

And I tell you, when I deliver this message in all worlds the entire false hierarchy trembles, for they know that they cannot stand against the living flame of Victory. For it is the crown of rejoicing, and it is the bedrock and foundation of all of your service and all of your life. And they know that if you take this message from my heart and receive it by the Holy Ghost whereby it is given, that you will nevermore be subject to their preying upon you. And you will be God-victorious! And they will be swallowed up by the Light and they shall be no more! And Death and Hell shall be cast into the lake of fire! <2>

And it shall be because you have taken to heart my [message] and understood that I come here with the full God-determination that I mean business, that I will have the Lord’s work on earth and I will have it in you, and that our legions of Victory will stand by you and will coach you and will coax you and will move you toward the God-Victory that is called for, that must be in the face of all of the complications of the tyrants and their woes and their planetary conspiracies and all that you have heard about for so long. I say they have no power in the face of one little child who knows that he is God’s Victory in action.

It is so! I tell you it is so! Do you believe it? [“Yes!”]

Saints of the Most High God, the hour has come for the fulfillment of the prophecy of Isaiah read to you in this hour, the power and the fulfillment of Isaiah. <3> Take these chapters to your heart. Read them! Respond to the Call! Accept with gratitude the message of salvation and triumph of the daughter of Zion. And accept the mission of the Christ in this age, begun by Jesus, fulfilled in your Holy Christ Self, fulfilled in the presence of Maitreya, fulfilled in the Second Coming of Jesus descending on Ascension Hill <4> and delivering his mandate of The Lord Our Righteousness unto all people everywhere.

Beloved ones, children of Zion and of the true Israel, the House of Reality, I speak to you and I tell you, if you would but read and affirm the prophecy of Isaiah and Jeremiah, if you would but affirm the great mysteries in the life of Jesus as [the means to] your own salvation here and now, if you would but read the Psalms as though you had written them [yourself] as prayers to your God, you would discover that the Bible is an open book and a living book and it is God speaking directly to your heart.

Every promise that is made is yours to claim! Every warning that is given is yours to understand and avert by the power of the dynamic decree. Every calamity that is revealed as prophecy can be undone by the power of the Spirit of Victory in this age, by the power of the mighty Archangels and the Elohim called forth by you! And every lesson learned by every individual is a lesson that you need not go through yourself but [that you may rather choose to] learn from the experience of others, especially those of a karma-making consideration.

And therefore, by studying the lives of those who have faced God, who have learned from his law, who have been put down by that law and raised up by that law, you may understand the way in which ye ought to walk! The way in which ye walk this hour must become the way of the prophet, the way of the disciple, the way of the Christ, the way of the revelator, the way of the ministering servant, the way of the holy people, the way of the apostle, the way of the progenitors of mankind, and the way of the holy angels.

Pick your character or mighty hero [out of] the Bible itself and become that one for a day and put on that mantle and call forth that causal body, even as you who have been Catholic are used to praying to the saints. I tell you, pray to the mighty causal body and the power of Almighty God in these personages and learn to love and know them. For, beloved hearts, they are the pioneers; they have carved a way! And the way they have carved is the path all the way up the mountain to the very crown chakra where you sit at the feet of Lord Maitreya, Lord Gautama, and Sanat Kumara; and you finish up the course of the raising up of the ascension flame, the Mother Light, from the base unto the crown.

Beloved hearts, it is all here! And it is the hour when a God-victorious people who are victorious in Spirit must become victorious in Matter! And I say there must be a translation by your own Holy Christ Self, by your attunement, by your determination to work change. For you understand that all must change daily, all must move toward the center of the Sun, the Mighty I AM Presence, the Divine Monad, the I AM THAT I AM, the living Word. All must say:


I Shall Become the New Day!

      This human consciousness is not acceptable unto the Lord our God! Therefore I move toward the center of the One. I move as a discoverer of the great New Day and I shall become that Day. And I shall leave behind all of those personal preferences of my outer personality, and I shall draw [my soul] into the center of the living Christ.

      And I shall dare to be different! I shall dare to be outspoken! I shall dare to challenge and to preach the Word, for I have nothing to lose except my own ascension if I fail to do so.

      And thus I stand with the living Word and I fear not to speak into the very teeth of those devils and [to] pronounce their judgment and [to] give them the warning to cease from their nefarious and destructive deeds. And I fear not to challenge those [forces of the Evil One] great and small.

      For I AM in the heart of Saint Catherine! I AM in the heart of Saint Clare! And I take my stand this day against all principalities and powers of fallen angels who have attempted to seat themselves in the seat of authority throughout this planetary body.

      I challenge you, each and every one who moves against the Lightof freedom and of Saint Germain! I challenge you in the physical! I challenge you with the Spirit of Almighty God! I challenge you by the power of Victory and his legions and I say:

      You shall not pass! You shall not move with this infamy against mankind any longer! You shall not move against the holy innocents! And I stand in this hour and I call forth your judgment for your heinous crimes against the people, against the little children, against the State, against the Church, and against all manifestations of constructivism sponsored by the Great White Brotherhood. And I stand in the earth.

And when they say, “Who are you?” you may say:


      I AM an emissary of the Flame of God. I AM the representative of Mighty Victory. I stand in the earth by the authority of Jesus Christ and Saint Germain. And I AM an evangel going before the mighty Archangels and proclaiming their word and their power.

   Well, beloved hearts of Light, you may tremble and consider, “How will I ever say such words?” Well, you may begin by speaking them in the very closet <5> where you ought to pray and [to] speak with the power of Almighty God against the foes unseen out of the astral pit and develop your momentum of challenging the dark hordes. And the most fearsome ones are the invisible ones. For those that are visible you can see and mark, and you can trace them by their own noxious odor, which they leave across the earth as a path of soot.

Beloved ones, you can know those that are physical and you can know what they do. And therefore, let us have a Victory of Armageddon over the astral hordes and the dark ones that come to taunt, to maim, to distort, to cause insanity, and to be the spoilers of your joy. Let the Victory come over your mind and heart and speak to those enemies within your own temple and let them be bound!

And I tell you, when you have a momentum of thus speaking, you will not care anymore and you will throw all caution to the winds. And you will speak with as much God-determination to the physical enemy as you have spoken to the invisible fallen one, [forasmuch] as you have seen that they have no power over you when you exercise the [power of the] spoken Word. And until you do [exercise that power] they appear as giant monsters.

And then, when you give forth the cry and the absolute call to Mighty Victory [and you] call to the Cosmic Christ [and you] call to the mighty Archangels and [you] affirm the I AM THAT I AM where you are, you behold how the sun comes out and there is the mighty clearing and you see the rainbow of your own causal body. And you see the double rainbow as the sign of you and your twin flame one in heaven. And as in heaven so on earth, the combined forces of the Alpha and the Omega of your souls are the manifestation of a Victory that is not capable of being defeated. It is unconquerable! It is dauntless! It is a Victory of the ages.

And the golden Sun of Helios does now enfold the earth in the flame of Victory. And charging the very atoms of the earth and the very grasses of the field is that power of that golden Sun, beloved hearts. And you see it and you understand it and you know that the day of our God is nigh and the day of his glory as well as the day of his vengeance. <6> For there is no greater power of judgment than wisdom itself and the power of God-illumination and the power of wisdom!

For when all see and know and are enlightened in the full glory of God, therefore there is the isolation of the criminal mind and the one that is set against Almighty God. And all may see outpictured that which is the denial of God and that which is the affirmation [of God]. And thus the angels may quickly come; for all cast their votes, then, according to the enlightenment of the I AM Presence and the Christ Self. And they [no] longer cast their votes for the fallen angels because they are in a state of idolatry, because they are in a state of spiritual blindness, because they have not the flame of Victory.

Do you see, beloved ones? Illumination is the absolute God-awareness of what is and what is not, of what is Truth and what is the Lie. And therefore the coming of illumination is the crown of all-seeing! It is the power of vision and [the] purpose of the people to proclaim [it]! And in the presence of that enlightenment of the Holy Spirit you will discover that all will vote for the living Christ and none else. And none will be able to deceive by their sophistry, by their politicking, by their outright lies, by their relativity, changing this way and that for the pleasing of the mass consciousness.

In the name of the God of Freedom, in the name of Victory, I AM come that you might understand just how limitless is this very fountain of Light to secure your own glory, the glory of your Mighty I AM Presence where you are!

All that I AM, all that you hear is accessible to you! All of the Holy Spirit can be upon you. All of the God Presence can be with you. But you must lift yourselves out of a twilight zone of semi-action and self-concern and fly with the wings of the morning <7> and know those wings to be the mighty power of Mercury, of the caduceus raised, and on the brow wings of illumination, wings of vision, wings of the mighty crown chakra.

Thus, as I now place around and through and in your aura the Light-emanations of the angels of Victory, I bid you meditate upon the “Victory Symphony.”

[Excerpt from “Wellington’s Victory, or the Battle of Vittoria,” Opus 91 by Beethoven is played.]

I have addressed you in the power of Victory, and in the transfer of that power I have come. Take this portion of my address you have already heard as a lesson in the vibration of the power of Victory and what acceleration is required as in the launching of a rocket, as the thrust of the heart to drive through in the Victory of every holy purpose. If anything is worthwhile doing, beloved hearts, it must be done with this power of Victory. And unless it is worthwhile it ought not to be engaged in or to engage your energy or your life or your attention.

And therefore, it is the moment and the hour in Cosmic Victory to evaluate all of your occupations and preoccupations and realize that every investment of energy is an investment of God’s light, which is inherently God’s victory and God’s power. When you invest that which is his gift to you in those lesser experiences, those things that are not worthy of your calling nor fulfilling thereof, then you create a counterforce to Victory in your life. A part of you pulls in a degrading direction and a part of you is pulling for the mark of the high calling of Christ Jesus. <8>

There must be no division. All things must be to the point of holy purpose. For then, you see, all of your actions become a habit of Victory, all are begetting a greater Victory and manifestation. And the lines are clean and there are no smudges in the aura and no clouds of confusion floating in a configuration that seems more like a swarm of wasps on a summer day than it does like the Mighty Blue Eagle of Sirius in formation and on the march toward Victory.

Do you understand, beloved ones? You are composed of many forces, cosmic forces, and all of the movement of your being and your thrust must be to that one God-pointed direction of the crown chakra realized in the [Great White Brotherhood’s] activity physically manifest on earth. For here is the challenge: not to ascend to the mountain but to come down from the mountain and to maintain the mountaintop consciousness in the valley. Here is the challenge! Here is the Light, beloved ones! Here are the overcomers who will not forget the vibration of Victory when inundated with the vibration of Death. And though you may feel Death all around you, yet in your heart is the flame of Victory and the memory of Love’s victory.

Thus, when you need the power of locomotion, when you need the power to go and to gain that mark, play this first portion of my dictation and call to me and my angels. And we will re-create the divine circumstance of thy coming to earth and of all of thy life’s thrust of positive good and give to you once again a noble start, as when you ignite the match, as when the fire burns and you have that impetus of all-consuming purpose.

Now then, when you hear the “Victory Symphony” you hear the balance of Victory in the threefold flame. You hear Victory’s power. You feel Victory’s love. And you also are called as from far beyond the veil by Victory’s wisdom.

Think not that you can get here and there on earth what the Masters are able to give you from above and in their retreats. Therefore seek the highest Teachers and be the best taught among earth’s evolutions. And qualify yourselves to become teachers of men by pursuing the Corona Class Lessons. <9> For the corona of the sun is a corona of Victory. You see how I behold in all of God’s creation Victory itself!

All that I see is Victory! All that I know is Victory! All that I AM is Victory and this for a purpose, that I might have infinite Victory to impart to those who have taken on, to a certain extent, the defeatist vibrations of a civilization.

Now, therefore, beloved ones, I am seated in the throne of wisdom here with the living Christ of cosmos. I AM in the center of that Christ, that Universal Christ that is the Christ of your heart, and I deliver to you a message of consummate wisdom so that you may understand how we have drawn together this activity of Light.

Planning is the key, beloved ones. Planning is the key. Thus, looking through the vast aeons to this moment where, you might say, infinity cuts through the lines of time and space, we have determined long, long ago that in this hour there should be assembled a circle of Lightbearers, the circlet of the crown of the Virgin, upon whose shoulders we might place cosmic purposes and in whose hearts there might be room for that Christhood, who is the governor and overseer of the Lord’s vineyard.

My beloved, planning is necessary lifetime by lifetime. Our plan has included you, if you will it so. We always maintain the contingency of free will. Thus it is written: “Many are called but few are chosen.” <10>

Each niche in Hierarchy, each office of Christ must be filled. And each office may become a mandala of many, yet singularly filled by the one if necessary. Some of you have held the heart of the daisy waiting for the petals to form. Others have magnetized numbers yet not quality. As you send forth, so you draw in; this is the line of the fisherman. Send forth the quality of heart and you will assemble heart-quality chelas. Thus we look to the one who may fulfill the office of Christ for each facet of the divine plan.

I speak, then, of a company of Lightbearers already gathered here and in other parts of the world, a very different formula of the causal body of God than we saw twenty-five years ago. Some who have been among you have ascended and others, keeping the flame, toiling in the night, victorious in the day, are determined that your Victory shall be physical every step of the way! I commend you, beloved hearts; for physical victories are the most difficult. And I recommend [that you make the call to Sanat Kumara that this company of Lightbearers shall] bring into an organized, physical manifestation a single idea for the cosmic good and the commonweal and rejoice in that Victory.

Now then, beloved hearts, we have called many lifestreams. And as I look into this company I see those of you who have stood and held a flame of illumination in past ages, whether in China or South America. I see many who have stood against all odds, many who have been martyred.

And again, I see those who just before the moment of victory allowed themselves to be overcome, to decide that they were distraught, overworked, incapable of bearing the burden. Multiplying this fear in their beings, they became hysterical and fled in the night and said, “I cannot do it. I cannot face such crisis. I must go where there is peace.”

Though they might have been peacemakers, they understood not how to hold the line, had not the remembrance that our God would send his Christ and his holy angels to reinforce the right step and the right decision if only it be made and taken. Thus you are also here to fight through with a victorious spirit those momentums of insanity and the easy retreat to the nervous breakdown rather than [placing yourself in a posture to] stand, face, and conquer with a mind of steel.

Yes, we may all decide we are sick on the day of the battle. It is easy. But I will tell you a secret. It is easier to be well! It is easier to be whole! It is easier to fight than to lie down and be taken and go down to the pits of self-despair. That is the hard thing indeed. Thus, let us not take the broad way <11> but the way of the simplicity of the Christ, which is not the complexity of the dark ones but it is [the way of the light ones who go] straight to the mark.

Beloved ones, we consider the causal bodies of those who are already a part of this worldwide movement and we say that within your lifestreams there is the sufficient attainment and ability and momentum of victory for the task at hand in this year. What is required, rather, is the decision to allow that attainment, that mastery, that momentum to descend the crystal cord through the Christ Mind into the nexus and lever of the devotion of the heart and be expressed in wisdom by taking one’s hands and using them to extend from the heart what is most needed for the accomplishment of the obvious calling at hand.

Therefore, let it not be said, “They have such a potential for Victory.” But let it be said, “They knew their potential and came to the altar and laid that fruit of past achievement before the flame of Cosmic Victory, before the flame of Almighty God, and said: ‘I will be the physical incarnation of the movement [toward] the Victory of this Community of the Holy Spirit, [of] this settlement in Montana of the emissaries of the Great White Brotherhood. I will be there. I will have my physical Victory in this hour. And I know that the only Victory I can know is the Victory of the now! And there is no victory that is procrastinated, for procrastinated victory is a certain defeat.’”

Do you understand [that] when Victory is in your hand it is a coil of Light? If not unleashed, it will be spent in a lesser manifestation and not be there when the fruit of Victory is necessary. Thus, sense the rhythm of your days by the movement of the symphonies of Beethoven. Sense the rhythm and the moving onward, for all of cosmos is in rhythm and in Victory.

Thus, beloved hearts, I reveal to you who have placed your trust in God and in God’s representatives—for it is time that you ought to know that your trust surely is well placed and that ample initiations have been given to the two who lead you—that as they do not fail God, God surely does not fail them or you through them.

With all keeping the eye upon the Presence and not upon the outer personality, with idolatry banished once and for all from the movements of the Great White Brotherhood, we say, you can have full confidence in this leadership of Edward and Mother.

[37-second standing ovation]

Beloved ones, the qualifications are beyond reproach. The testing of the mettle is: how will a lifestream react under intense pressure from all sides, from the world, from the burdens of responsibility, and from the knowledge of those things that are to come? Thus many who are qualified have not stood up so well under pressure and therefore [they] have moved on to areas of service less intense and [they] are not as responsible as they might be for holding back the Darkness.

[Victory] is a summoning of will. It is a love and a God-determination with which, beloved, I am certain you are wholly familiar. For you yourselves could not be standing here in this hour without having met the foe and defeated him mightily. I commend you. You are worthy to be Victory’s representatives. Now be seated in the golden flame of ribbons of light.

About the previous incarnations of your Messengers you know, and perhaps more shall also be revealed. But I would speak this day regarding Community and the one who leads you in the physical Victory, in the conquest of the land, in [the] outpicturing of vast mandala of the Great Divine Director’s causal body of all those things that must be in place in this ranch for your personal survival. For it is done for thee, my beloved, and by thee.

I speak to you, then, of your brother and son of Saint Germain, Edward, in his mission as James Cook, <12> going forth from England to chart the seas in exploration and discovery with vision [and] with the sense of the mission of life that was all-consuming.

Should you read the life of this servant in that embodiment, you cannot help but [read] between the lines that the training came from Sirius, that the experience beyond this world as the a priori given of his lifestream was the involvement of the soul in other explorations and discoveries beyond this planet, ratified here, even the ascertaining of certain necessary information concerning the stars.

Beloved ones, the scientific skill [that] evolved and the integrity of the soul are based upon the assignment of the Great White Brotherhood that the soul of Edward kept and fulfilled [and that he] went forward with, despite personal adversity, personal sorrow, and ultimate martyrdom in the very act of service.

This momentum of the explorer, the discoverer—having the eye for the land, for the sea, encompassing the totality of the planet—has much to do with the understanding of this land, the seeking and the finding of this land for the Mother and for the Community, and the inner realization of all that must be done with this land and [the] how and [the] when and the timetable. These are momentums [that he has, which were] gained from many lifetimes of service on this and other planetary homes.

You, then, who likewise have a momentum, a skill, an ability, and a response to the divine law of your being can know that [these are] also indicative in your life of a background and a building of a momentum that gives you a certain attainment and mastery in this life. This is why it is so necessary to give children the opportunity from earliest years to express themselves in many, many ways [so] that they might find and discover the thread of their causal body that they must bring down.

For you see, everyone who is worth his salt and who is a Lightbearer or a son of God has a certain mastery and achievement. And the key is to unlock that momentum at the earliest possible age. And thus the help of teachers and parents is most essential in assisting the lifestream to be of cosmic worth and to fulfill his divine plan for the glory of God.

I point to this embodiment [of Edward’s], beloved hearts, so that you may understand, because you have already known of this [embodiment], how it does come to bear [on his present assignment]—how the [momentums of the] steadfastness at the helm, the patience with the long days and weeks and hours [at sea], the preservation of one’s mind in sanity rather than in insanity, [and] the holding of the vision [that serve him well] have come through practice.

Now you can likewise accelerate the practice of [a] virtue [and make it your own]. You can gain a virtue you may think you [do] not have. And perhaps you actually do [have it] in your causal body; [maybe] you have a human habit of not long endurance that you can set aside and exchange for the true virtue of your Cosmic Self, [who always allows Patience to have her perfect work].

So often you know that the “little me” that is acting is not really you [and is] not really like you, and those who love you know the same. And yet you persist in its expression. This knowing is based upon the inner knowing [by] friends of Light and [by] your own soul of who you truly are.

My message today and [the] example [set before you] in this beloved son is given to you so that you may realize that the challenge of the hour is to be in the physical octave who you really are. I know who you really are. You may have a fair glimpse. But I tell you, that God-free being [that is your True Self] can descend [into your temple right now in answer to your call] and [can] displace everything that may displease you or God, and every limiting condition.

Thus I point to a second incarnation of Edward that you might understand why and how we have called this one, and [that it is] by no accident but by the prior designation and the prior passing of tests [that he finds himself in this position of responsibility today]. I speak, then, of Andrew Johnson, President of the United States of America.

I speak of this soul of Light who took up the mantle of Abraham Lincoln when he fell, who was as his own son and went forth [in his name], fought for his ideals and policies, stood alone and took his stand on behalf of mercy and compassion for the South when the radicals determined to fairly destroy her in her defeat; [he] stood for the Union, was the silent flame that saved it, stood for the Constitution and the presidency lest a radical Congress should rob the executive branch of the power vested in it by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution.

Beloved ones, the forces that were there to bite and consume the very vitals of the emergent nation in that hour of crisis are the same fallen angels that move [against the Spirit of America] today. The same forces that plotted the conspiracy of the death of Lincoln and then again [that] of Kennedy were there to wipe out Johnson and to see to it that that which had been begun should not be continued.

So intent were they that they impeached this man. And by the integrity of a single vote he was pronounced free of charges and lived again and served again beyond the pale of those dark ones and was again elected to another office though he could not fulfill it; for his soul, too, passed from the screen of life.

Many who have reviewed history have thought that one to be a very poor president. But, beloved hearts, we know that this Lightbearer and son of God did hold back the forces who plotted, with the assassination of Lincoln, truly the destruction of the threefold flame in the heart of government. Thus I introduce to you the soul of Andy Johnson come to you again in the person of your beloved Edward. [46-second standing ovation]

Beloved hearts, I am grateful for your acknowledgment of victories won. For we desire you to know that there are indeed heroes on earth and heroines and that they live and breathe among you as very natural people, not perfect [people] but [people who] in their hearts [are] perfecting the expression of the Law as their highest quest and goal. Beloved, there is a brotherhood and a love and a community that cares for and loves those who have stood for Truth and been maligned and martyred, and who’ve been alone in past ages.

Thus all of you may know that I single you out in this moment. And the angels read the record, as I have read this record of one son of God, of your finest hour in all of the history of your embodiments. And it is read in this moment that you might know that you are here, for you also deserve comfort and the praise of God as your soul has allowed that God to be in you. And now legions of Victory do applaud that moment of the finest expression of your wisdom. And you may applaud with them for one another.

[31-second standing ovation]

Beloved ones, be seated in the authority of your Christhood. For that seat as the seat of wisdom is a mantle you can claim and one you can be certain will be yours if you have earned it. I speak of the earned mantle in the causal body that must certainly come upon you if you claim it in the dignity and bearing of your Christhood.

Thus you must come to the point of self-worth and not only the education of the heart but self-worth to be worthy of one’s own Christhood of past ages. For once one has achieved a level of [Christ] attainment, beloved hearts, one must always keep the flame and the work with the Father to maintain that level and not to compromise it again.

Beloved ones, there is a mighty task to be performed. We have called you to it because [the Community of the Holy Spirit] is necessary, not merely as an experiment or [as] a means to your ascension but [as] a necessary alternative to civilization as it is on earth today, a necessary stronghold of the wisdom of God and its practical application, and [of] men, women, and children who have determined to embody that Light. In other words the example must be present, the witness, the ensign. Zion must come again in the mountain of her God, and the seed of Light must gather.

And there must be an example of courage. There must be those who engender in all others on earth this spirit of Victory, of Freedom and of Courage. I need not tell you, for perhaps you know it better than the Messenger, that you meet not so many in the world that have the courage of her heart or the determination of her mind and being.

There are not so many who will stand and not compromise. But there ought to be! And there shall be if you shall also reflect that spirit of your own Christhood, as is the spiritual example given that must [also] now become physically apparent [in yourselves]. For many fear, and when they see your love and courage their fear will dissolve in that perfect love. And they will also take heart and join the ranks [of those who will stand and still stand and not compromise nor be compromised].

Beloved ones, I speak, then, because you ought to know that when you give your life to a cause and a service and a community you have the highest backing of the Great White Brotherhood and the best representatives we can find.

Therefore I speak now of the mantle of King Arthur and of Camelot. And you have known of Mark, the soul who returns from having been in the lists and at his king’s side as Launcelot du Lac. You understand the fire of his God-determination to let his sword and expertise become the spoken Word and his riding and his horsemanship to be the riding of your human creation, [in other words] the subduing of it. The knowing of every muscle and every move of the horse becomes the knowing of every part of your soul.

And thus he (Mark), who felt deprived [in] not being a horseman in this life, was truly a champion in like manner, yet translated spiritually. For all who knew him knew that he would probe the very depths and find that one thing that must be exposed and removed for the soul to continue [on the spiritual path].

And you have also been told that his twin flame—embodied in that hour as the chela of El Morya (King Arthur), Guinevere—has come to you in the person of the Mother and the Messenger.

And you also realize, as you realize in your own heart, that each soul mounting the path of soul liberation does increase and put on a greater Light through striving. And thus, it is not Guinevere you see or Launcelot or other knights but the souls of those who have gone through trial and separation and longing and the immense burden of the division of Camelot [and] have come together [again], having passed through many initiations since then and achieved a greater nobility and been empowered by the might of the Lord himself.

Thus, should we point to you as having been the knight or lady then, we should also point [out] that since then you have walked over many bridges, overcome many problems, and gained the bouquet of flowers from the Blessed Virgin, Mother Mary herself. Beloved hearts, role playing in Camelot then and now is our objective [for you].

The causes of witchcraft and of the fallen angels and of divisions [at Camelot, our mystery school of old,] can be studied and known at inner levels. For the full story has never been written of that age of chivalry and of the nobility of the quest and the true understanding that was held by the initiates under the tutoring of Merlin (Saint Germain) concerning the Holy Grail.

I speak, then, of the ones portrayed in story and poem who quested that Grail: Launcelot, Galahad, Percival and Sir Bors. These ones whose names remain, these ones who become identities though seemingly out of fairy tale are indeed real and none more real this day in your midst than Sir Bors himself, again the soul of Edward. [36-second standing ovation]

Humble servant of the king, the expresser of devotion and loyalty, [of] one-pointedness and honor and a vision of all that was and is and shall be characterized the cause behind his steadfastness [as the] right arm of Launcelot and devoted protector of the queen in the knight champion’s absence.

Thus, beloved ones, in this age and period of history, upon the shoulders of this son rests the ruling authority and descent of the mantle of King Arthur and therefore the one and only one present to fulfill this role of your leadership in this hour and as the devoted and rightful husband and protector of the Mother.

[36-second standing ovation]

[Mighty Victory addresses Edward Francis:] Please kneel.


      Son of Light and Freedom, I AM Victory. And unto me has been given the opportunity to be your teacher and guide through many ages. And thus in this hour, as I have waited long for the moment and the timetable, I am well pleased to stand before this company and to make known your anointing unto the fulfillment of this mission.

      Thus it is from the very star of Sirius that the white-fire/blue-fire sun does send the ray for the sealing of thy crown of victory, for the sealing of mind and heart, and for the wedding of mind and heart with the heart of your consort on earth, the Mother of the Flame and the one you have taken to your wife.

Thus I AM Victory and I proclaim with the Lord, “This is my beloved son, in whom I AM well pleased; hear ye him.” <13> Follow him as he follows the star of your homing, Sirius. And uphold and support him in the work, the word, the decisions, and the actions that come to pass and must come to pass in a timely manner.

Therefore, behold the ascended twin flames of these two. Behold, Alpha and Omega, Helios and Vesta now seal in the physical the mandala of the Great Divine Director for all that is to be accomplished. So it is done! So let it be known by Lightbearers that they might move forward with confidence and trust that the hour of the fulfillment of Camelot is truly come in this heart of hearts, in this land, and in this Community. [62-second standing ovation]

Rise, Son of Light.

Remember, then, the call of the transfiguration. Remember, sons and daughters of freedom, when Jesus took Peter, James and John into the high mountain. <14> The mantle is bestowed then and now upon the son of God and it is the reward for many, many, many lifetimes of service; [it] is not given for potential but [for] the actual manifestation and God-determination in love of that attainment in the physical octave.

Thus, by example you can understand that your Holy Christ Self, your Master, your Teacher, also waits to give you this anointing. And if you become all that you really are, you will also know the day when you will be called to this altar, called by the Ascended Masters to receive the mantle and the blessing and the sealing of your mission unto the finish.

As you lay the physical foundation, God then seals in the upper chakras the spiritual attainment, the bringing up of the Mother Flame as the return of Omega unto God, and the drawing down of the spiritual fire. Thus in all ages those who must complete their spiritual attainment in physical embodiment must be sponsored by the Great White Brotherhood.

Thus was Godfre sponsored. Thus have the avatars been sponsored East and West. And you, [one and all,] also have the anointing as you have received it in these many dictations to now bring all things together for your final spiritual and physical Victory.

What one has done, all can do. And recognize that it is to the one who is here and now in the present the master of the hour that all must look for the timetable, for the release, for the call to battle, and for the summoning to the harvest.

Beloved Edward, I speak to you the advice of a father to a son and I remind you of Siddhartha and the victory of Gautama and the magnificent saints. As the heavens and elemental life and the angels proclaim the Victory of the son of God, so the forces of hell also break loose to put down the ascending one.

Let all recognize the glory of the Victory and its requirements. Let all understand that the Union must be preserved, of America, of the I AM Race worldwide, and of this Community and of your individual heart and soul and mind within your being. Let no division enter either in the macrocosm or [in] the microcosm, and many sons shall come into the captivity of the Godhead and many daughters of Zion shall know the triumph that sings Love’s victory.

Beloved hearts, Light is in the earth, Light is the catalyst for your Victory and for the Lord’s vengeance! And they know it, both the exalted ones and those who have debased themselves.

Thus I say, let us return, then, to the integrity of the One. Let us support our leaders, raise up our followers, comfort our children and our families, and be all things that a Community of the Holy Spirit must be to all people, its members, and the stranger at thy gate.

And let the glory of the Lord be the redemption of every one of you who has been slain and [who has] fallen in the way by some dark spirit that dared to taunt you. I, Victory, say: They shall not pass! You are triumphant this day and the triumphant ones! And this is the Church Universal and Triumphant. So be it!

All hail, legions of the Sun! I AM the Victory of Love!

[1-minute, 36-second standing ovation]

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Mighty Victory was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, July 8, 1984, during the ten-day conference The Flame of Freedom Speaks held in the Heart of the Inner Retreat at Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana. [N.B. Bracketed material denotes words unspoken yet implicit in the dictation, added by the Messenger under the Mighty Victory’s direction for clarity in the written word.]

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