Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 27 No. 56b - Elizabeth Clare Prophet - November 25, 1984


Fourteen-Month Cycles of the Initiation of the Christed Ones
through the Spheresof the Great Causal Body


Good afternoon, everyone. [“Good afternoon, Mother.”]

   I am very, very happy to find myself with you again today. It’s a great moment of victory for the planet and it’s a great moment of victory for each one of us.

   This happens to be the anniversary of the fourteen-month cycle of our beloved Serapis Bey. Fourteen months ago, on August 28, 1983, Serapis Bey gave his dictation in which we proceeded to the fifth cycle, or the purple sphere, of the causal body.

   For those of you who have not been keeping track of these fourteen-month cycles, I would like to review them for you today.

The Initiation of the White Sphere

   They began at winter solstice in 1978, when beloved Serapis Bey, Hierarch of Luxor, Chohan of the Fourth Ray, announced:


       I inaugurate a year, a fourteen-month cycle beginning in the hour of the victory of solstice, beginning in the very hour of the release of the cosmic unfed flame into the heart of the earth. . . .

      Ascension’s flame as a living fire pulsates, increases, and is carried north and south and east and west out of Luxor. And the Pacific Ocean, site of the temples of ancient Lemuria, now is a blazing light as priests and priestesses of the Mother flame of the temples of Mu and of the Ascension Temple gather robed in white with banners of living flame. . . . A more-than-ordinary experience opens, then, as temple doors beneath the waters of that sea now open and you see coming forth ascended masters and their unascended chelas who have kept the flame of the Mother of Mu even beyond the sinking of that land and even beyond the destruction of its physical temples. . . .

      All who have responded to the call of Luxor in this year past and who are yet coming into our temple for their training on the Path will now receive acceleration at Luxor by the pulsating Light of resurrection’s flame in the very center of the Great Pyramid to now increase the flow of Mother Light, to now accelerate the Alpha-to-Omega within the seven centers of being. . . .

      . . . The goal of this fourteen months is the passing through of your lifestream on the fourteen stations of the cross of the Woman and her seed....Thus you will understand the persecution of the white light within you as it rises and pulsates in the person of Mother. . . . I announce to you, then, the dispensation and the means whereby you can increase the great white sphere of your individual causal body surrounding the Light of Alpha and of Omega.

       In this release, Serapis Bey was giving the momentum and opportunity of our own causal body, his, and that of the Great White Brotherhood to intensify our mastery of the white ray and the center sphere of the causal body that you see in the Chart of the Presence. The fourteen months was the cycle of the fourteen stations of the cross—twelve lines of the clock and then the return to the heart of Alpha and Omega.

   Serapis Bey gave another initiation halfway through this cycle, “in the hour of the solstice of the Mother.” In a dictation given June 29, 1979, with Sanat Kumara, he said:  


      I come to initiate the second half of the fourteen-month cycle begun in the solstice of the Father. . . . I come, then, to release the acceleration of the Central Sun that you might finish the course that is set before you. . . . How many of you have remembered my word and consecrated each of these months to the cycles of the appearance of the Woman clothed with the Sun through her transversing of the light of the fourteen stations of the cross? How many have remembered and therefore transmuted month by month the planetary darkness, the personal karma of each of those stations?

       I come to remind you . . . for in the seventh month when the sun moves into the sign of Leo [July 23], then there will be the shift of Light—the first half being the Alpha thrust in the planes of Spirit, the second half being the thrust in the cycle of Omega. Therefore, the final seven months of this fourteen-month period will be a penetration of the four lower bodies of the planet with the ascension flame—a veritable purification and intensification that even now causes disturbances in the elemental kingdom. This, then, will be a period of great challenge where you will meet unheard of and untold initiations.

   This was the summer of ‘79 and continued through the conclusion of that cycle on February 19, 1980. It was indeed a period of great testing for the messengers and for the organization. And Serapis Bey felt it necessary to remind us that we were in the midst of a fourteen-month cycle and that this cycle had to deal with the mastery of the white ray.

Now, the initiation that is given is the full power and momentum that we can tolerate within our bodies, within our cells, of that particular ray. So, we, who understand the meaning of the rays, their chohans, the paths of initiation and discipleship under the rays, have some sense of realization of what we encounter as opposition as well as the great, great blessing of Light that is transferred to us when we endure every trial and temptation.

What opposes the white light of the fourth ray is opposition to the Mother. It is the records of death. It is the records of hell. It is the records of the misuse of the base-of-the-spine chakra (which is the white chakra) in each one of us—all opposition to our ascension, the opposition to the raising up of the Kundalini fire from the base-of-the-spine to the crown chakra. So this opposition is what we experienced in that fourteen-month cycle.

Often it is the case that when we receive initiations, we tend to forget about them. We may not keep in our date calendar a record of those initiations—and they are ongoing. Every single dictation and every single initiation we’ve ever received since 1958 is still outplaying itself. If any of you know anything about astrology, there are certain dates that are key in the stars and signs in the heavens. And those dates will ring their reverberations for centuries to come. They do not simply occur on the day of a particular aspect in your chart or the chart of a nation, but rather they keep on continuing and the reverberations are like the dropping of the proverbial pebble in the pond, and the rings continue to expand.

Focus of the Ascension Flame in the Messenger’s Heart

So even from this very first initiation in 1978, we are still undergoing the testing of our souls. This, however, is compounded by the next initiation, which was given in a dictation December 28, 1979. At that particular time, for the enhancement of this cycle, Serapis Bey placed a focus of the ascension flame in my heart, stating: 


      It is our desire as God wills it so, and as we now so perform, to transfer the Light of Luxor and of the Mother chakra of the planet in an additional forcefield within this center. . . . Beloved hearts, we do not place our flame or our forcefield in a physical place that can be opposed. We place it in the heart of the messenger where it remains sealed as she has kept the Mother flame of Egypt and of my people for so many thousands of years.

   This was necessary for our chelas, our organization, and our earth to pass through this fourteen-month cycle. This flame resides there and may be called upon by you as a focus in this octave to draw upon the Mother flame for your own ascension and for the mastery of the sacred fire and the raising of that Mother flame in the base chakra.

The Initiation of the Yellow Sphere

The second cycle—“the thrust of illumination’s flame from the second ring of the Great Causal Body of Life”—began on February 19, 1980, as the sun moved into Pisces. It was announced by Serapis Bey in his Pearl of Wisdom of January 27, 1980, in which he counseled us to be mindful as the tests of the fourteen stations would unfold at the change of the sun sign each month.


      The first half of the fourteen under the Alpha current and the second half under the Omega current provide you with the opportunity to go over the cycles of sowing and reaping through the masculine and feminine aspects of each of the seven rays. The testings of the fourteen stations therefore become the opportunity for you and your beloved twin flame to transmute an extraordinary momentum of personal and planetary karma. . . .

      As the sun moves into the cosmic cross of illumination’s flame under the hierarchy of Pisces on February 19, so we come to celebrate the conclusion of one set of the fourteen stations and to inaugurate a second. This further intensification of the Light of ascension’s flame and of the path of the Mother within you is the dispensation of Sanat Kumara which I joyously announce to you today.

   Following the changing of the cycle, Serapis Bey gave a dictation on February 26, 1980. He explained that


the Mother flame will rise in this fourteen-month spire, and the cosmic cross of white fire in the hand of millions of seraphim will be in the earth as the impetus for the purification of the mental belt, where the Mind of God is intended to manifest in the mind of man. And it, too, will have consequences in the physical octave, for the purging of the mind becomes the purging of the subconscious mind and the lowering of the superconscious mind into the very chalice of the heart.

      Thus, the fount of purity rises from the base unto the crown for the alignment of purity and the victory of wisdom. Thus, Father and Son, Mother and Holy Spirit, from the base chakra to the crown chakra, is the alignment of life within you. This is for the straightening of the axis of each individual upon Terra.

      Thus, when illumination, fired by the rocket of the Mother flame, goes forth into the world, I say, “Watch out!” Be watchmen upon the wall of the Lord. Be vigilant, for this white fire and this piercing light of yellow fire combine, then, to awaken all of the serpents in the earth and all of the laggard evolutions who have thwarted the divine plan of God.

   The second fourteen-month cycle proceeded from February 19, 1980, and was a time of tremendous acceleration in illumination’s flame for all of us. And, of course, what we make of the initiation, what we assimilate of it as the Body and Blood of the Christ consciousness of that sphere, is up to us.

Now, if you didn’t happen to be a student of the masters’ teachings during this period, or you were not aware of this initiation or you do not feel you took the greatest advantage you might have taken of these initiations, you can go back and make calls from the center ring of the causal body going outward to the present and ask to be given the initiations of those rings according to the will of God and the discriminating intelligence of your Higher Consciousness—only insofar as you are able to withstand the Light and the consequent Darkness that opposes all Light that we would receive.

So, be careful that you ask only for that which is deemed wise and prudent by the World Teachers and Serapis Bey—that which you can actually handle along with the current load of your responsibilities to life and your karmic load.

Thus, we know that illumination’s flame activates the crown chakra. It is the second ring of the causal body, and its Light is focused in the crown chakra as a polarity with the base chakra of the first initiation. So the crown chakra is the focal point for a clearing action for the flame of the Father in the crown and the flame of the Mother in the base. This is the base and crown of our physical incarnation, this is the spine of our identity; and with the Alpha and the Omega initiations worked through, we then build on the chakras that are in-between.

Now, that is the logic of the initiation of the chakras; but the logic also follows the pattern of the causal body, which just happens to follow those chakras. <1>What opposes your crown chakra is all opposition to learning, to intelligence, to using the mental faculties, discretion, discrimination, the ongoing awareness of life, the increase of the awareness of God the Father. It is the highest chakra; through it we attain the awareness of the Bodhi, the Light of the Buddha. It is a Bodhic awareness, it is a universal awareness, and ultimately, when you have the attainment, you have God consciousness—universally aware, knowing all things, one with the Knower and the known.

Every misuse of the Light of God in the lower chakras limits the amount of the stream of the life-force that is going to ascend to that crown. So, whichever chakra it may be—wherever you are misqualifying energy, or wherever you place your attention—it ties up energy. Some people unduly engage in worry and anxiety, which ties up the solar plexus. It may tie up the third eye, it may tie up the energies of the crown, and it may engage one’s total being.

Some people do not remember to give attention to their I AM Presence daily for ten minutes and then to retain that attention on the I AM Presence throughout the day. People ask me, “How do you do this?” Well, when you establish a very firm connection with Almighty God from the moment you awaken and you begin your meditation even when you are preparing yourself for your activities, and you give your decrees, it is like the background and the backdrop of your day. Whatever else your attention may be engaged in, your attention is really always on God, and everything else proceeds from that attention. And when you get into tense situations and long periods of total exertion of all of your forces, you take microseconds, split seconds, and you go back to that point of attunement and oneness. It is the anchor point of your energy and your Light. It’s like taking all of the forces of one’s being and hanging them on the hook of God and seeing that all is in an upward motion and an upward movement.

As you know, there is plenty of opposition to the crown chakra and to illumination’s flame. It comes in lethargy and sloth, heavy eating and diet making us sleepy, dulling our mental faculties, postponing the studying and the organizing of our spiritual work. But illumination is not merely the sharpening of one’s being in this octave; it is truly, through the crown chakra, oneness with the Father. It is practicing the Presence of God. And it is the Father who teaches us what we must learn from the teachings of the Son, or the Word incarnate.

And so, our goal is not merely to study, but to have the Word of the masters and to have the attunement with the Father through the crown chakra to assimilate, to know, to understand, to penetrate, to contain the essence of the Light for the supreme purpose of one’s own union with God—but even more importantly, for the purpose of having the right morsel of the Bread of Life, the right understanding, when we meet those in need on the path of life. Having this in the storehouse and treasure trove of our memory and our mind, the Holy Spirit can then release the precise wisdom for very difficult situations.

And I find as I go on in life that the challenges I discover in people and their problems become more complex, more demanding, more defying of the very presence of God which I would bring. And I realize that this is the end to which I have been prepared and to which you yourselves have been prepared: this high calling of being in the Presence of the Father and therefore always His instrument.

So the fourteen months of acceleration on the wisdom ray has meant a tremendous influx of Light to those who have taken advantage of it. I think before going on to the third cycle, I should tell you that every form of black magic and witchcraft is used as a manipulation of the crown chakra and the base chakra. And the raising of the Kundalini by the false masters and the misuse of the three chakras—the throat, the third-eye, and the crown—serves to enslave many upon the planet. And we find that the fallen angels use principally the upper chakras in their enslavement of people. As a matter of fact, they use all of the chakras.

When you realize how great a Light and how great a salvation is the Light of your causal body anchored in yourself here and now, you come to an understanding of just how relentless the forces must be to try to stop you from the attainment of any one of these rings in your chakras. We have a step-by-step challenge on the fourteen stations of the cross—every line of the clock plus the twelve and the six o’clock lines over again.

Therefore, you must have the wisdom—the wisdom of serpents, which means the wisdom of the angels who were called serpents after they fell, the wisdom of those who have used the serpent force, which is the Kundalini fire—and realize that this power is so hot, as we might say, it is so intense when you carry it in the body (because you are carrying the Presence of God with you) that your forcefield, then, is diametrically opposed to every other vibration and condition on planet Earth which is basically functioning in the astral plane. And those who derive their energy and their life from the very blood and Light of the people of the earth, who keep them enslaved to their habit patterns, do not want one single individual such as yourself to rise above that dimension and that plane.

And this is something you need to keep constantly before you. You are a self-declared student of the ascended masters. You are a self-declared initiate of Serapis Bey. You have determined to make your ascension and reunite with God at the conclusion of this embodiment. Therefore, you are target number-one of the enemy of Christ within yourself, within friends and family, within people you love most, and within the total mass consciousness of the planet as it has been defined and organized. These facts you know.

Facts become useful when at the point of action and discipleship we remember them. And that is often the place where they are the farthest from our minds. In fact, whole areas of knowledge of the ascended masters’ teaching may be blocked out from us. We may not be able to draw to the forefront of our minds the memory of a single powerful dictation in its entirety and its impact upon our lives! And so, in those moments we lose so much. We lose our hold on the masters and our points of initiation and the Light we have gained through service and sacrifice of many lifetimes.

The ascended masters will take you on the path of initiation as quickly as you like. There is no holding back anyone who meets the requirements of the Law. But remember, the balancing of the threefold flame is most important.

The Initiation of the Pink Sphere

On April 19, 1981, as the sun moved into Taurus, Serapis Bey announced:


With the passing of the cycle of this day there will be the fulfillment of the fourteen-month cycle of ascension’s release of wisdom’s fire....

      Thus, we press through the first and the second spheres and enter the pink sphere of this unfolding rose! And thus, the circle of petals of this spherical chamber move from the most delicate pink of sensitivity to the heart of the babe newly born, the throbbing of the bird in spring, sensitivity to the whispering of the sun, the delicate breezes, the burden of heart upon the loved one. Delicate shades of pink and golden pink glow-ray enfolding within move, then, to the more intense manifestations of the ruby light and the ruby ray which, as the laser beam, must go forth in defense of love!. . .

      Blessed ones, in this fourteen-month spire abuilding from the spiral of our heart, there is the opportunity for you to enter a path of initiation whereby love is perfected in love. . . . But I come to warn you, as I have warned you with each of the prior releases, that the continuing intensity of ascension’s fire propelling out the cycles of the causal body will give you greater and greater initiations—more to conquer both of reality and of unreality.

      Thus, we find that the third cycle is our initiation in the pink sphere. And therefore, as we journey from the white to the yellow to the pink, we experience the flames that form the base of the threefold flame and the Mother flame. Now, this is very interesting because we develop immense illumination and tremendous love guarded by purity, but we are not given the initiation of power to complete the threefold flame—and our triune-flame self-realization in its action—until we have proven ourselves through the entire complement of the causal body. Power is the final ring, the blue ring; without it we cannot precipitate the will or the blueprint of the white, yellow, and pink or the balance of the rays. And we are approaching that initiation; for, as you know, the blue sphere follows the green, sealing the causal body as well as our final fourteen-month cycle to come.

      We have now, from this moment, October 28, 1984, twenty-eight months for the fulfillment of the green and the blue spheres. So in that twenty-eight-month period, you can see how you can recap and regain what you might feel were some lost stitches on the way of the earlier cycles and learn to reinforce in your chakras the greater light of the seven rays, review Djwal Kul’s teaching in his book Intermediate Studies of the Human Aura, practice his breathing exercise, and be sure that you understand what the chakras are for and what their tests are.

      Now, the balancing of the threefold flame comes when you are able to use power without pride, without ambition, without the desire to manipulate people, to control people, to in any way rearrange the universe to your design rather than to the will of God. So, in this causal-body exercise God gives us the maximum opportunity to take command of ourselves and all of our energies, so that when the power of God is come upon us, we indeed may handle it wisely and well.

      We find that this is one of the greatest tests that is faced by any devotee on the Path. And it is the one factor of your lifestream that is examined very closely when you decide to become a chela or a co-worker in one of our centers, because how you have used power or misused it in your previous embodiments is of utmost significance and that is where karma begins; when one can misuse power, one can misuse all of the rays. And when one misuses power, one cannot be trusted—nor trusted with any Light whatsoever.

      The basis of the Guru/chela relationship is trust. You trust El Morya and he trusts you—that’s the name of the game. You trust that the Master will guide you, prepare you, lead you—that he will not fail you no matter what circumstances or injustices seem to arise around you. You know in your heart that Morya is your Guru. He will not forsake you, and if there’s something wrong in your life, you are willing to give him a try—the benefit of the doubt. You are willing to assign to yourself a novena of violet-flame calls, of exposure calls, Cyclopeas, decrees to the Will of God to determine what in your world may be keeping you from receiving the best fruits of life and of initiation.

      You trust that if you are obedient to God’s will, nothing can be withheld from you, because it is cosmic law; and El Morya is obedient to cosmic law and so is your Christ Self and your I AM Presence. So if the fullness of divine grace is not upon you as you think it should be, then it is up to you to discover through the Path and the teachings what part of yourself is out of alignment.

      The basis of trust is the bottom line of chelaship. When trust is broken, the cord and the tie is snapped because the Master has only so much time, cycles, and energy by which he can give to you a dispensation of his sponsorship. And when you prove yourself untrustworthy again and again and again, then by cosmic law he must withdraw and say, “The basic lesson in life must be learned. You must be able to be trustworthy in your word, in your deed, in your thoughts, and in your feelings.” So, trustworthiness is based on our devotion to the will of God. It’s based on faith.

      We have a song we sing called “Trust and Obey.” These are first-ray qualities. And that is why discipleship is taught from the first ray to the seventh. The very first step on the Path is the initiation of devotion to the will of God, and faith; because it is the first ray. But in the conferment of power, you go through the causal body from the center to the periphery.

      Discipleship is a path of self-mastery in becoming the Christ. These initiations of the fourteen-month cycles are for Christed ones. They are based on the assumption that you are a Christed being. If not entirely fulfilled in outer manifestation, the nature of your true identity is Christhood. And so, we might say that the initiation is conferred on your Christ Self, who holds the Light and energy of its fullness until you are able to receive it.

      We only have a messenger in embodiment so many years, so many decades. The Great White Brotherhood wants these initiations on file, in print, on tape recording, and anchored in the physical earth through our body so that this will be available to those who can pursue the same cycles in time to come.

      Happy are you who are a part of the initiation of the dispensation of the Aquarian age, which we are about in this activity, so that you have a foretaste of many things to come—some of which you may not be entirely ready for. And sometimes you may feel that you’re simply flooded with so many teachings and dictations and lessons that you have to study that you are almost surfeited—it is almost too much. But you must realize that in all things there is something for you, and if in every release and every session you can go away with a single idea that will change the course of your life for the better (even if it’s only a slight degree), if you can take an idea and never lose it, if you can keep it and move on with that idea, having worked a certain alchemy and change, you realize that you have gotten the kernel of the Master’s message. You don’t have to remember and know all the words, even though you are accountable for them, because you will have become the Word on that point of the Law.

      And that seed kernel idea will be a leaven, and as all other parts of your being enter into the divine flow of mastery and the upward ascent back to God (the Omega return on the cosmic clock), you will find that each idea that you have made your own and begun to practice and can feel the power of in your life will unloose other creative energies and potentials from your causal body and will contribute to the balance of the threefold flame, which is the fundamental requirement to fully have in the physical octave the initiations of these fourteen-month cycles.

      So let us understand that initiation is increase of Light. All Light is power. All Light is energy. All Light contains all qualities of this causal body, but it is being broken down for us in the seven rays so that we can assimilate it bit by bit. You might say that in these first three fourteen-month cycles through the spheres of the Great Causal Body of Cosmos (as well as your own), you have been studying the white, the yellow, and the pink; but, in fact, you have also had conferred power—power in its ultimate sense, which becomes solidified as that blue sphere.

      Now, this power is given to you in each of the seven rays according to your ability to retain it, and retain your stability. If the masters were to give you too much power, too much Light, it could come to pass that you would become insane, you would fall apart, you would have a nervous breakdown, you would stop being able to function as you normally could.

      When you think of how delicate life in this ecosystem is—how we can only survive in a narrow band of temperature, how we need to have seasons, certain types of food, certain types of minerals (just eliminate a couple amino acids from your diet and you already are feeling it)—you begin to realize that the whole planet is such a delicate interaction and interchange of energy. Start throwing it off with pollution and millions of people get the last plague of cancer; everything is disrupted because of man’s disruption of the delicacy of life itself.

      Our tenure in this physical body could be ended in split seconds—as we know from fatalities on the highways—because our bodies are so delicate a chalice for the life-force. So when you think of that very fragile physical nature of our being, and then you start introducing the function of God’s Light and you start turning up the dial in an individual, the adjustments are enormous, they are incalculable. And this is why we are in this barn with this number of people instead of addressing five hundred thousand people.

      People sense when they are near something that they can’t handle. They may know the ascended masters’ teachings are true, but they also know that to practice them they will have to change their lives. They say they are not ready, but that means they are not capable, which means they don’t want the cape of responsibility or the cape of their own ability from their Higher Self.

      These classes and this teaching I am giving to you is being released to millions of souls at inner levels on the etheric octave every night at the Grand Teton Retreat. This is the service of the messengers. You have attended these classes on spiritual planes before you found this organization in its outer form; you were prepared at inner levels—many are being prepared. And because they are prepared, they are coming into new ideas. And the new age and its gentle winds are graciously working an alchemy in people’s consciousness so that without fear, without an intense sense of dire calamity, they are able little by little to unleash themselves from their old belief systems or the very heavy traditions that have been going on so long that they fear to even question them—whether they are in diet or health or living or life-styles or religion or politics—lest they be ostracized from their social and peer groups and their organizations.

      So, the introduction of Light and the initiation of Light and the stepping up of individuals to carry more Light could be said to be the actual purpose for this organization, our messengership, and your chelaship. Because this is what is necessary for your ascension and for the planet itself to enter the golden age.

      Now, we have noticed that as God has given us more Light, we have desired to fast. We have desired to change our diets, we have desired to come away from the city and its burdens of energy to dwell in a higher altitude, a less populated area. We have lost desires for certain things of the world, we have gained new desires for things of the Spirit. Our priorities have changed.

      When you think of where you started this embodiment and where you are today in consciousness, you can see just what an alchemy is the Light of God and how much power it is. And this power has worked in your system. If you cooperate with it and cooperate with the laws of nature and the universal harmony, you find that you are better able to carry more Light.

      If you’ve prepared your body as a vessel and your chakras through the fasting, the prayer, your decrees, and the correct way of life that you perceive, you have actually taken a quantum leap forward in Light by comparison with the person that is next to you on the highway or in the bus or walking down the street. Yet there may not be any apparent difference on the outer between you and that person—and you yourself do not see how much Light you carry. Thus you tend to, as we always have, equate yourself with those whom you meet. And we ought to, in the sense that we are all sons and daughters of God.

      What we have to be careful about is to recognize that there is a responsibility conferred upon each one of us when we have more Light. It doesn’t make us better than anyone else; it means that we have to be guarded and cherish the fact that we have received initiations and that the Light we carry is not ours to either squander in the misuse of the chakras or to freely give away to the uninitiated.

      We are not initiators of others of the Light we carry. Maitreya initiates those whom he initiates, and we must guard that Light so that when he comes again, we not only have that Light as the candles burning in our chakras, but we also have more Light because we have multiplied it. So, the parable of the servant who buried his talent in the earth <2> has to do with initiation. It has to do with multiplying one’s talents, multiplying the Light of the chakras. So Maitreya will not be satisfied (when he comes again) to find us with the same Light he gave us. Once it is received, because we are co-creators with God, we are expected to multiply that Light. We are expected to increase it and to have fruits.

      This is the ancient tradition of offering the fruit to the Guru. The fruit is the symbol of how you have multiplied your Light. It is the fruit from your Tree of Life. And so there must be an increase wherever you are. Whatever you are doing must have increased the consciousness where you are—the activity of God, the knowledge of God, the work of God, and so forth. This is our lawful requirement. This is our lawful statement of gratitude. This is the means whereby we become the magnet for the next initiation.

      If you think about initiation, you see that Serapis Bey comes on a given fourteen-month cycle (for example, April 19, 1981, when he came with the release of the third cycle—the third ray). At that particular moment we receive an increment of Light. When he comes again, he is coming on a step of the ladder that is considerably higher. Now he expects to find us on that step of the ladder. That means in fourteen months we must have used the Light he gave us and have climbed fourteen steps to the next step where we meet the Master.

      We must be there, ready for that initiation, just as you all strove to prepare for the coming of Helios. You wanted to be there where Helios would be in vibration when he came. You wanted to be in the right place, in the right vibration. People came from all over the world with that one goal in mind: “I want to be where Helios is.” And it wasn’t a point of geography, it was a point of consciousness. And it was quite an initiation for every one of us to be at that place, at that moment. We each had things to go through.

      So you see, an initiation is not merely a conferment of power and that’s it. It is a gift. It’s like receiving a loan from the bank. Why, if you don’t invest that money properly, you are losing money from the moment it is in your hand. It will be worth less tomorrow and the next day and the next day, unless you see to it that it is earning interest. All energy we have, we have an accountability to increase.

      Who, then, does God initiate? God initiates those who already have Light in their chakras. They must have something going for them, a threefold flame, so that when God brings more Light, they have Light to bring to it and to multiply it, to increase it.

      From him that has not shall be taken that which he has. And to him that hath, shall more be added. <3> The great mystery of the teaching of Jesus. You have to have Light to get Light. And if we don’t think we have Light, well, we have invocations we can offer, we can prime the pump through our fervent calls to God: we can draw down the Light of our I AM Presence.

      So this path is for everyone who will make himself a servant of God. If someone thinks he doesn’t have a threefold flame, he can earn one, he can call forth the Light of Maitreya and the Light of Christ to be that threefold flame for him while he earns that threefold flame.

      Some people may have lost the divine spark by misuse. That shouldn’t set anyone off the Path. We have heard of the superimposing of the Electronic Presence of Jesus. If you don’t think your threefold flame is quite adequate to the task you want to do every day or the Light you want to carry, the healing you want to bring, you call to the Electronic Presence—which means the form, the likeness, the very living presence—of Jesus (a duplicate of it) to be placed over yourself. You ask for his sacred heart to be over your heart. You ask for his chakras to be over your chakras. And you ask for him to sustain you in that Christ consciousness.

      Jesus can do this for so long, but he expects you to work to rise to the level of his Christ Self and your Christ Self, so that the mastery he brings to you, you will make your own.

      Thus, the masters will reinforce us in what we are desiring to do: overcoming bad habits, accelerating through the transmutation of karma, but always desiring first and foremost to be the Lord’s best servant, even willing to postpone karma balancing to help a brother or a sister along the way—to take ourselves from a path of absolute determination to attain our God Self-mastery and to say, “I will put aside my practices of meditation and adeptship, and I will go out and I will serve my community and I will help my people. And there will come a day when I will be able to return to the great inner work of building the temple of man.” And when you return to that great inner work—that mighty work of the ages—you will find that your service to your fellowman has truly been the foundation stone of that building, because without love there is no true attainment.

      Therefore, fear not to spend yourself in service. Fear not to feel that everything you have has gone out of you into that perfect service. God comes back and fills you on the morrow with greater Light because you have increased the Light through your service. We should fear not to give ourselves away. This is the true meaning of the fourteen-month cycle on the path of love.

      Let us fear not to lose some special thing we want, some goal of our desire or ambition, but rather understand that the greatest gift we have to give, giving ourselves away, means that on the return current God gives Himself to us. But we don’t do this giving thus motivated—we have no motivation for our reward. We do it because we want to bring comfort to life and to the needy.

      The third cycle of God’s love is a magnificent cycle, and if you want to accelerate in that initiation as the fulcrum and the crystal of your attainment, I suggest you see to it that the library here is organized, that you volunteer to help organize that library of published and unpublished dictations, materials, and tapes, and have a file of cross references which you can find in the index of Pearls of Wisdom to subject matter on love. And see what great and wondrous teachings have been released on love through this organization. They are immense. To sit and study these would at least be a six-month course—to devour everything that has been taught on love and to cull them out for others to have them organized would be truly an assignment for one on the path of the ministering servant.


The Initiation of the Violet Sphere

On June 20, 1982, the day before the sun moved into Cancer, Serapis Bey inaugurated the fourth cycle: 


      By the Word of Alpha and Omega, by the majesty of Light, by the edict of Almighty God, I, Serapis, announce the release in this moment of the violet sphere of the Great Causal Body amplified by the white fire of the Mother, worlds without end. . . . In this very hour, you begin to experience the initiation of the condemnation to death of the Christed One that bears the flame of freedom in the name of the Brotherhood of Luxor, in the name of the Mother of the World, in the name of Omega, as Omega on earth in the Matter universe is the presence of Alpha in heaven in the Spirit universe. . . .

      . . . This flame of freedom, amplified by the white fire core of Alpha and Omega, can remove the miscreations of many of your cycles and precipitations, can transmute the debris so that all unfinished spirals can be completed . . . .

      Blessed initiates of Luxor, I deliver to you the realization that this fourteen-month spiral is also a turning point, for it is midpoint between the first three and the last three dispensations. It becomes the fulcrum of life.

      You have known the initiations of the white, the yellow, and the pink. Through the violet-flame ring, there will be the restoration of the memory of the Ancient of Days and other worlds and experiences to the level of your soul. And your soul will learn the meaning of the inner blueprint. And your heart will be enfired by this memory, even though you may not entirely contain it in the outer vehicles.


Now, in each of these cycles it is stressed that it is the white sphere and the white ray and the white masters who are multiplying our efforts. Each gain we make on each of these spheres the “white masters” multiply by the Mother flame. And so, what you find in this organization is a great growing consciousness of the Mother flame.

You may not be aware of what I am speaking. I am speaking of a certain gentle presence of the interaction and communion of our co-workers, of our staff, and of Keepers of the Flame. There is a gentle presence of oneness that comes through the abiding presence of the Mother with us. And this is truly from the very fount of Serapis Bey’s heart, from the Universal Mother, from your own devotion to Mother Mary. It is a tremendous opportunity that we have.

The opposition to the one who bears the flame of freedom, all of us put together, has been very great—our freedom to practice our religion, our freedom to be on this soil, our freedom to be the Christ or the Buddha or the disciple. We have seen all of this and yet not a hair of our heads has been touched.

When all of the hoopla is over with, what have they actually done? What could they actually do against the Light or the activity or the lightbearers? They may think they have accomplished great strides, but in fact and in reality, the onward movement of this mighty work of the ages is ongoing. And the planet is spinning in its course and many hundreds and thousands of people every year become newly acquainted with this teaching and begin their first step on the Path—through a book, a magazine, a contact. And if you could see the ongoing mail and the contacts and the orders and the people who write in and the book sales, you would have the sense of the enormous outreach and the growing dimensions of this activity. And you would come to appreciate exactly why the ascended masters have selected so great a land as this—because they have so many souls in mind.

The Initiation of the Purple Sphere

The fifth cycle was announced in a dictation of August 28, 1983, after the sun moved into Virgo on August 23. It is interesting to note which sun sign the cycles start with because that becomes the keynote of the cycle. This one began in Virgo; the first one in Capricorn, then Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo.

This is what Serapis Bey said at the release of the fifth cycle:  


      I have come with a crystal of purple fire....And I am in the midst of a mighty crystal of a many-hued light resembling amethyst, but not amethyst; resembling alexandrite, and almost alexandrite—yet not quite. This crystal from the ascended octave bears within it flecks of gold, a spectrum of blues and violets moving to the pink and containing at the very center, invisible to the eye, a single ruby light. [This is all contained in that purple-blue sphere that you see in paint on the Chart. If you can imagine all of this life and activity in the purple sphere, you can imagine what pulsation of life there is in every sphere.]

      The initiation of this fourteen-month spiral . . . begins your course to penetrate this crystal [to go through the purple band and penetrate the ruby crystal]. . . . And you will understand that by the path of ministration and service, which truly is an exercise in the initiation of the Path of the Ruby Ray, you will first master the purple fire, then the flecks of gold within it. And then you will be, as it were, a pianist before a grand piano or a harpist counted among the angels, plucking the many strings, playing the grand chords of the multifaceted hues of these rays of the purple and gold and the violet—so that there is movement, there is adaptability, there is skill in many areas of service.

      This is indeed the point of transition where the remaining bands of the causal body, being the green and the blue, will lead you back. And then, the succeeding challenges from the heart will again enter the five secret rays.

      Thus I give you a glimpse of how the Path is accelerated and shortened. For each of these fourteen months might have been unto each of you a seven-year term of the bearing of your karma—or a one-year cycle. Thus, seven-times-seven and fourteen-times-seven would reach beyond even the span of an expected life term on earth. Thus, my dispensation from Almighty God has been and will continue to be the means of the shortening of the days for the elect.


In this fourteen-month cycle, we merited the appearance of Helios and his tremendous dispensation to us. You will remember that Helios blessed through a ruby crystal, which ruby crystal was placed in my hands for that purpose by a chela who secured it for me. And that is a tremendous focus of Helios to this present hour, and there has never been another initiation that has been given through the ruby ray in this activity.

Now, I can assure you that I did not have these words in mind—this particular goal of this fourteen-month cycle—when Helios’ coming was announced; but one discovers these very treasures when one goes over dictations and realizes what one has passed through in that period. The purple flame, then, and the purple and gold and the ruby are the path of the ministering servant, which path has been greatly accelerated also in these fourteen months with stress on it by beloved El Morya, Gautama, and others.

The Initiation of the Green Sphere

The sun-cycle change into Scorpio for this next release was October 22, but the exact moment of fourteen months later is October 28, which is today. The last fourteen-month release was on August 28, 1983. This is October 28. So that brings up the discussion as to whether this is a Scorpio or a Sagittarius initiation. We’ll leave that to the Brotherhood to tell us, but what we do know, without any question of a doubt, is that the shadow of this cycle of the green band has surely been with us this summer and through our fall conference, Healing through the Emerald Matrix, which we have just concluded. It was a very joyous moment of bringing together people who I feel are very key in healing in the Aquarian age. . . .

 In the dictation “Initiation from the Emerald Sphere” which followed this lecture, Serapis Bey announced:


      Elohim have come, preparing the way of Helios. And Helios has prepared for many, many cycles appearing. Thus, I stand here and in Luxor simultaneously, and I bow before the Light of Helios and Vesta in gratitude for this opportunity to release now through this heart to your heart, activating the third eye and lowering into manifestation the green sphere of the causal body. Its Light releases the twofold light of Scorpio and Sagittarius.


   Thus, study the initiations of water and fire and let them be synthesized in your heart as one. When you find the compatibility of these two, you will understand the lowering from the etheric octave to the astral of the momentum of thy wholeness already intact. And when thy wholeness stands—even at the levels of Death and Hell of the astral plane—unmoved, in that hour and in that day, for you Death and Hell shall be cast into the lake of fire!

The Fourteen Stations of the Piscean Cross


  1. 1.Jesus is condemned to death
  2. Jesus is made to bear his cross
  3. Jesus falls the first time
  4. Jesus meets his afflicted mother
  5. Simon the Cyrenian helps Jesus bear his cross
  6. Veronica wipes the face of Jesus
  7. Jesus falls the second time
  8. Jesus consoles the holy women
  9. Jesus falls the third time
  10. Jesus is stripped of his garments
  11. Jesus is nailed to the cross
  12. Jesus dies on the cross
  13. Jesus is taken down from the cross
  14. Jesus is laid in the sepulchre


The Fourteen Stations of the Aquarian Cross

Revelation 12:17


  1. The Woman and her seed are condemned to death
  2. The Woman and her seed are made to bear their cross
  3. The Woman and her seed fall the first time
  4. The Woman and her seed meet their afflicted mother
  5. Simon the Cyrenian helps the Woman and her seed bear their cross
  6. Veronica wipes the face of the Woman and her seed
  7. The Woman and her seed fall the second time
  8. The Woman and her seed console the holy women
  9. The Woman and her seed fall the third time
  10. The Woman and her seed are stripped of their garments
  11. The Woman and her seed are nailed to the cross
  12. The Woman and her seed die on the cross
  13. The Woman and her seed are taken down from the cross
  14. The Woman and her seed are laid in the sepulchre


“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This lecture by Elizabeth Clare Prophet was delivered on Sunday, October 28, 1984, prior to the dictation by Serapis Bey, at the Royal Teton Ranch, North, near Livingston, Montana.

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