Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 27 No. 56a - Beloved Serapis Bey - November 25, 1984


A Study in Christhood by the Great Initiator
Initiation from the Emerald Sphere


Hail! O mighty Light descending from afar.

Eternal oneness of the Spirit, I AM... In the fullness of the reservoir of Light, I speak.

I am no pauper, but filled with the abundance of God’s Light—God-willed. For the magnet of the ruby ray in my heart does draw from far-off worlds, from an infinitude beyond time and space, all elements natural to my God-design, destiny, and eternal striving.

Thus, by the quality of my heart, I AM Serapis Bey. I stand before you the example of one who has meditated upon the heart of God as the heart of Self, never taking my devotion or the attention of my devotion from the awareness that in the Central Sun is the heart of a cosmos and many.

And in my heart there is a vessel deigned, <1> ordained by God to be the chalice for that heart. This is the premise as the mathematical formula of my devotion, beloved ones. Thus my heart, in meditation, in service, in alchemy, long ago as I was trained by the preceding hierophant (not alone of Luxor, but of the ancient temple on Atlantis), then internalized this power of the heart as a ruby flame, a sacred fire.

One Shall Come to Initiate the Heart Chakra
through the Ruby Focus

Now begin to understand the quality of the great initiation brought to you by our beloved, most revered Helios. The starting of the spark of the ruby ray, beloved ones, is the point of contact. You have been initiated in the third eye. Thus, for the awakening and the quickening of the true quality of this heart of ruby fire, one shall come again to initiate the heart chakra through the same ruby focus.

Prepare for it, for it shall be the drawing down from the mind the fullness of preparation, consecration to add unto the quality of your heart’s devotion some wondrous thing of my own mentor who preceded me in this office where I now stand, able to lovingly receive you in the consecration of your lifestream to those details of self-perfectionment whereby truly you may enter that ascension flame—not as a pauper but as one whose heart overflows with Light. A cup that runs over to the world!

And therefore, when you come to the flame you already are the flame. And the twain, as one, celebrate the union of Alpha and Omega within you—celebrate the eternal union with the God Self, with the twin flame, and with the All. For once having passed through that flame, you discover truly that All is one and all are the One.

Lo, I AM the One! And you are also the One—embryonic, for this oneness escapes the mind and heart. And therefore there is strife, division, criticism, and all manner of that mortal consciousness so devious as to captivate the soul in these sockets of time and space and the stickiness of karma that will not let go until you transcend its plane and discover yourself somewhere else—the point of Light. Then nothing, nothing can hold you back! Though you may yet carry that pack of karma on your back awaiting the cycles of its transmutation, beloved ones, you are free! You know the I AM is in you and with you and not alone above you. You act in the name of God, on behalf of God, as God, for you are God!

Remember the Flame of Luxor

This awareness, then, can be yours preceding the full balancing of your karma. Hasten the day, I say! Meditate as you are taught. Remind yourself of the flame of Luxor. Paint a picture of it with your own hand. Put it above your bed where you will see it once a day, just as a reminder to think of me and my own as we stand on the points of that geometric star-formation surrounding that mighty central focus. Beloved ones, there are manifold stars interconnected in a divinely geometric pattern. And thus, those with greater and lesser Light may stand closer or farther from the central flame on the points of these interpenetrating stars.

Beloved ones, all who are invited to attend the ritual of an individual ascension in the Light are invited because they are ready to participate in the experience, which adds unto each one something more of the measure of the ascended one. Think of any one here in your midst. Would it not be a great joy to gather round at Luxor as this disciple or chela, this brother or sister you have known for so many years, should stand in the center of that flame? It is the unspeakable joy. It is worth the striving, worth pressing through, pushing on, knowing the Goal is before you.

You must have a constant reminder of your goals. When you look at the whitened obelisk, reminiscent of the alabaster of the City of Light on ancient Atlantis, it ought to remind you of Luxor. But perhaps you think only as far as this nation’s capital without remembering that there is a threefold flame.

A Prudent Path of Fasting and the Mountaintop Experience

Expand your inner vision! Follow a prudent path of fasting under my direction through the messenger and not apart, and therefore open your eyes that you might see beyond these planes and take with you the remembrance of the fasting and the mountaintop experience that will see you through the issues of life and the confrontation with the dweller.

It is important to clear the ethers that you might experience heaven here on earth. It is important to make preparation and set aside moments for Infinity. For these experiences are your strength when the astral storms descend to rock the ship of your soul’s voyage. Write down your experiences. Keep them safely in your care. Reread them. Relive and reexperience with joy and gratitude these moments. Take them not for granted; they are gifts.

You may think because you fast or decree or use this or that technique that you have had an insight or a contact. Not so. Only God can produce the contact. And by His will and by some representative of that God such as ourself, you may then be accorded the divine experience—never psychic but always bearing the fruit of Light, Joy, and Action that follows as a testimony of the source of the contact.

Thus, beloved, as you strive to perfect your path, recognize that the gifts which come come as reward, incentive, and confirmation not of right formulas but of a right heart. You see how many become locked into formulas of religion; and because they experience God in this or that church or through this or that doctrine, they say, “Aha, this is the perfect religion! This is the consummate Truth.” Beloved ones, the devoted heart is always rewarded in spite of the formula and the forms, for it is the heart that is all.

The Presence of Certain Unascended Masters of the Himalayas
in the Paradise Valley

Cherish, then, the presence here of certain unascended masters of the Himalayas who find comfort in your communion, who are brothers and sisters of your messengers and yourselves, and who would plant their Light here to draw many to whom they are tied whom they have seen so require this path of the Mother at the conclusion of this age.

These masters have retained consciousness and a type of form in the unascended state because they are the guardians of certain lifestreams, because they recognize the heavy burden of this hour of the Kali Yuga <2>—an age of self-destructivity which in the divine sense ought to be the shedding of the snakeskin of this materialistic Cain civilization; but indeed, with those who have not banked the fires of the heart, it becomes the soul itself unraveling in a downward spiral of this destructive materialism.

Thus, it becomes to those who are the initiates the age of the initiation of Kali—Kali, the fierce Mother who goes after the demons, who in her intensity to defend the child aborning in your heart will tear almost to the point of sunder the very fabric of that mortal self to challenge, to bind, to remove the mask and go beyond to the tempters. Thus, understand that in every age the Mother takes on a new and different visage which must deal with the circumstances of the law of karma.

Thus, you may look to previous ages and future ages to different types of mystery schools which have emphasized different powers of attainment and a different way of life. Understand that all comes home in this activity of the Great White Brotherhood, and the unascended masters of the Himalayas recognize this fact and have seen the light of this school. And they bow before the Lord of the World, Gautama Buddha, and before Maitreya and before Sanat Kumara and before the Universal Christ in Jesus, Kuthumi, Morya, and your own dear selves.

Let us examine what this means when we say “all comes home” in this age. It means that all of the skeletons, all of the demons, all of the old substances hidden in the folds of the garment of the astral body and the physical body come with the devotees who are making their way to the holy mountain, Mount Kailas, <3> and its focus again replicated here. For Lord Shiva himself sits upon that mountain here and does raise his scepter and does call to his Parvati to bring home the children of the One.

Understand, beloved, that in consideration of the dire circumstances in the East—in that area of the world and surrounding India—many have followed the Light of Gautama Buddha to set up here that alternate. And they are building, as you are building, the intensity of the forcefield which one day will be able to contain that which was lost in the sinking of Lemuria and much of the momentum that has been sustained over the land of India.

This is not to say that in any way they have or shall abandon the etheric forcefield of that ancient brotherhood and the consecration of the unascended masters and their chelas, but rather that they understand that the body of lightbearers gathering and to be gathered here are capable of drawing into physical manifestation the Light which they hold. And therefore they desire to answer the call of the Omega ones with the presence of their Alpha spirit. Thus, you have provided a magnet suitable, and they have long awaited the hour of the coming of the very image of the World Saviouress and the many sons and daughters of God. For thus heaven is compelled by Law to respond to such devotion as this.

When I praise devotion within you, I praise devotion! It does not mean that I praise the absence of it or condone it. Therefore, recognize that which is praiseworthy within yourself and note that I confirm it and that it is confirmed this day by wise men of the East who have followed the star of your appearing. They are also wise in understanding the challenge that lies before you and are ready to assist and commend and sponsor from the unascended octave your endeavor to pursue to the very quick the healing arts and the conquest of matter.

The Unascended Adepts Are Determined
That the Chelas’ God-Mastery Become Physical

Therefore, on this august occasion of the mighty transfer of initiation from the emerald sphere of the Great Causal Body of cosmos—of my own, of the messengers, and of your own—these unascended adepts gather, for they are determined—even as determined as they are to maintain God-mastery in the etheric octave on behalf of earth’s evolutions—they are determined to see that mastery become physical. And they recognize in the chelas of El Morya those whose physical vehicles and four lower bodies they can use and thus, in a sense, once again have physical form without descending from the etheric plane. Yet there are also those among them who desire to embody and who will do so when vessels are prepared.

Beloved ones, heaven—heaven personified in many exalted beings illustrious as the stars—has conspired in this hour to create opportunity for the advanced souls in and out of embodiment to enter new levels of conscious cooperation. Rather than give and give again that support to lifestreams who have made quite a mess of things in the outer world, heaven places its bet on the most advanced ones, trusting that a veritable lodestone of power might indeed produce in the earth a magnet, an interior force, a point of stabilization, that the filings, as the souls of Light across the earth, shall not be able to resist so great a magnitude of the force of the Mother in ye all and in the earth and thus [these filings—i.e., pieces of iron representing souls of Light] shall be drawn to their own [Magnet of the] Higher Consciousness through your presence, your face, your life, your sweet footprints, and ever your gentleness and adoring love toward the stranger at thy gate.

Take heed, for I warn. Entertain strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. <4> Be the servant of each one who would enter at the gate, or the healer, and let wisdom direct the course of dealing with all difficult circumstances. Give the soul—give to us, the ascended masters, and give to your cohorts of Light, the unascended masters—the opportunity to demagnetize those burdened by their entities and the bag and baggage of the world.

All Things Come Home to Mother in the Kali Yuga

For all things come home to Mother in the age of the Kali Yuga! All things must come to the fire of Kali to be consumed! Understand this! When all things are passed through the heart of the Mother, all things are holy and holiness unto God. <5> For the pure stream thereby is rectified and does rise, and the fountain will increase.

Maintain the immaculate heart but be on guard! For the bag and baggage trailing in with otherwise well-meaning souls comes only to harm and challenge. It is the enemy and never the soul. Divest the individual. You have the key and the tool, beloved ones. Thou knowest the Way. Walk ye in it. <6>

Life for you shall be exactly what you make it. To make—it is a verb in every language, meaning “to create, to manufacture, to bring about, to coalesce in form, to give shape to.” Thus understand the meaning of the Emerald Matrix and the emerald sphere. Understand the meaning of the convergence of worlds.

Take refuge in the secret chamber of the heart. Take refuge under the shadow of the Almighty in the heart of the wings of an archangel. Take refuge in the secret chamber, in the very lap of Lord Buddha. Find thy true Father. Find thy true Mother. Do not labor and belabor the records of thy past. They have not touched thee at all except for thine own conception.

Experience in the Great Causal Body of the Spirit
Perfected in Form Manifestation

Insecurity requires identity. Identity has been defined in the human sense of the tenure of life and interaction with others. This is not our definition of thy identity. Understand this, beloved hearts. You see yourself as having evolved through experience; we see you evolving through the great spheres of the Central Sun.

Know you not what we have done and are doing through this mighty configuration of initiation of the rings of the causal body? We are taking you through the womb of creation. Before you ever took incarnation, born in the white fire core of being, you made the circles round and experienced far, far beyond this moment—seemingly backwards in infinity through the causal body, experiencing the creation of worlds all within each sphere of Light until you completed those rounds and, with the twin flame, went forth to prove in increasingly denser spheres the God-mastery of your righteousness as the right use of the Law.

Had there never been the betrayal of the fallen ones or the request for free will, yet a form of Mater as the Omega universe should have been entered, in any case, by yourselves merely for the proving and the expanding of that which was learned in the Great Causal Body of the Spirit. Thus, beloved ones, incarnation in the sense of the perfect golden age is still the figure-eight flow, drawing forth from the Divine into the manifestation that which was once blueprint, that which is now form. And this gives the increase; this gives the expansion. This is how God grows. And this is how the self-identification of oneself as the One occurs.

All Are Gods Yet All Are One

Thus, all are gods yet all are one. And form itself is as maya—God in the great play of universal experience, presenting Himself in so many forms, as yourselves gathered here, as so many Hindu deities. You see, the mayic illusion is of the many. And as soon as the many converge in the polestar of being, the One appears and all identify with the Great God Self yet in perfection as the various modes of manifestation.

Thus, many have become “caught up” in the deities, and the human personalities around the world have become the gods. You turn on your television to see the morning talk show—the host is a god, all are gods interacting one with the other. But they have swallowed the mayic illusion! They are self-identified as the egoic self. They no longer understand that they are only the effect of a higher cause. Tell them!

One in every thousand is our devotee. One in every ten thousand may take up this path of the Inner Retreat. They are there, and in each heart there is a sliver of ruby waiting—waiting for the fanning by the fires of love, waiting for someone to care enough, waiting for the soul to respond to love. For the soul itself becomes the object of devotion.

When you meditate upon the flame of Luxor as the flame of your I AM Presence, as the Presence of the One, your devotion goes to that sliver of the ruby in the heart of the devotee. Thus being loved, thus being adored—receiving that as a newborn babe gladly, joyously receives the adoration of parents—so that soul quickened by your attention upon God then responds with joy, which increases little by little, microscopically, that sliver of ruby which grows as the gems grow in the earth.

It is true. I paint you not a picture of fantasy, not a story but the actuality of inner planes. And the molecular structure of that ruby is able to hold a Light. But someone must deposit the Light, and that someone is God. Thus, we employ initiation for the conveyance of elements necessary to your building the temple of man.

O the blessed...the blessed are arriving—devotees called by the unascended masters. Saints, in the true sense of the word, out of the East. They come also, for they desire to receive the physical initiation which I lower through this heart.

Now recognize the Teacher in the way. You have called it the Place of Great Encounters. Learn from the Teacher within one another. Study what has been given. Gain the mastery of self as taught before you this day, and see how so many who love you will be allowed by cosmic law to add unto the measure of the stature of your manifestation of Elohim.

Activating the Third Eye and
Lowering into Manifestation the Green Sphere

Elohim have come, preparing the way of Helios. And Helios has prepared for many, many cycles appearing. Thus, I stand here and in Luxor simultaneously, and I bow before the Light of Helios and Vesta in gratitude for this opportunity to release now through this heart to your heart, activating the third eye and lowering into manifestation the green sphere of the causal body. Its Light releases the twofold light of Scorpio and Sagittarius.

Thus, study the initiations of water and fire and let them be synthesized in your heart as one. When you find the compatibility of these two, you will understand the lowering from the etheric octave to the astral of the momentum of thy wholeness already intact. And when thy wholeness stands—even at the levels of Death and Hell of the astral plane—unmoved, in that hour and in that day, for you Death and Hell shall be cast into the lake of fire! <7>

No evil thing shall hold over thee, my beloved—nor threat nor burden nor trial nor tear nor temptation. To be the master in the earth you must be the master in the astral plane. Thus, pursue the calling of the emerald ray, for the test of this matrix is surely revealed day by day. For all and everything is in the doing and in the action and in the concrete building.

Thus, if you will it and if you will draw it forth, you will see an unprecedented era of building and expansion on this property and in this organization. If you will allow it to happen, if you will expand your consciousness of the possible, if you will go in spirit to this Stump on the East Coast with chelas of living hearts of fire, you will open the doors of the East through the power of Helios positioned there on the three o’clock line of this nation. And there shall appear and be drawn into this activity such a flood tide of hearts as you cannot believe.

Beloved ones, I come to slay that unbelief. I come to slay all barriers to the inception of the gathering of the elect. <8> All things are possible if you will expand your consciousness. I say, let the clay walls be shattered! Let all limitation go down! Let the law of mortality have no sway or hold in this Ranch.

Let it be the beginning of the spiral of eternal youth and eternity in life. Let us begin to roll back the threescore and ten. Let us call for the expansion of the crystal cord and the dispensations from the Great Central Sun to increase the lifespan of the devotees of God. For this alone is possible, for the lifewaves of earth have not yet merited any such dispensation. Thus, they go after their serums and their formulas to prolong their life, but they shall not pass.

Open the hatch-door of the mind. Begin to think in infinite terms. Begin to consider this and the next generation who must have your wisdom and your example. Begin to think in terms of doing exactly what the unascended masters gathered here have done. They have pursued the science of sustaining Light and their Christhood in this physical universe to the end that the souls of Christ shall not be lost.

Begin to think of calling down the Light, thus accelerating the entire octave, and it shall come to pass. And each one may coexist with God in his auric sphere of Light. And within the center of being each one shall know heaven and paradise and communion and yet walk the earth.

It is a joyous challenge to defy all death and dying and disintegrating spirals, to infuse them with Light and to command the atoms and electrons to dance in ascension’s fire. It is as near to you as the heart of your messenger and nearer when you make it thine own.

Those Who Build My House Shall Have the Building
of the Inner Temple of Man

Thus, triumph in the name of the Buddha. Be the builders in form. Let all across the earth hear me. Those who build my house physically—stone for stone, line for line—shall have the building of the inner temple of man. This is not some meager work for the uneducated who can do naught else. This is the work of the wise master builders who with every act, each piece in its proper place, have also resolved the interior temple and the four lower bodies.

You who have accentuated the development of the intellect, I must report to you that it is not the gateway to the Buddhic mind, nor is it the development of the Bodhi. Beloved ones, leave it rest and now let the art of Zen perceive what the builders are all about.

Do you think that we need this temple built? Nay, thou needest it! Beloved ones, the need is in the process. The need is in the exercise of the emerald sphere. Why, if the chelas of El Morya and the devotees of Buddha had the outer awareness of such an opportunity, there would be lines waiting to be accepted to serve here.

Thus, build thee more stately mansions, O my soul. As the vast seasons roll through the hills and the valleys and the mountains and the streams and the rivers and the lakes, know—know, then, that the consummate oneness of thy life through all of this is met in the heart of the Universal Kali. Seek Her, find Her, desire Her, expect Her, welcome Her—for She is able to deliver thee in this octave. She has many faces—faces of the ascended masters and the unascended masters.

“I Know the Ones Who Shall Defy
the Darkness and Death of the Kali Yuga”

Such is the opportunity to reverse the downward course of the Kali Yuga. Dare anyone try! Oh yes, I have assured them. I, Serapis, have said, “I know where they are! I know the ones who shall defy the Kali Yuga and its darkness and death!”

And they have said to me, “Show us, Serapis. We would go and see.” And thus, they have come to the place where the child lay, and they have seen and they have said, “We did not believe, but now mine eye seeth thee. <9> Now we have seen, Serapis. Now we believe. Now we set up camp. Now we will stay and we will help those who have determined to be the helpers of the Universal Mother.”

Remember the course of life. Remember the course of the gift of life within thy hands. For to employ this opportunity, to use it, to be ingenious in multiplying it will open the way for many to be saved—many whom even the angels have looked upon and about whom they have wondered and said to themselves, “Can these be saved? Are there some who will go and rescue them?”

Beloved hearts, precious as the jewels in the crown of the Mother are ye. I, Serapis, touch now each and every one who shall see by the seeing of the eye this release and hear by the hearing of the ear, for I bring comfort and love as we commune by the fire of our camp.

And now, as we take up once again and move upward on the mountain, once again we enter the spiral of the fierceness of the white fire. The white fire is the key to the multiplication of each sphere. Thus white and emerald become the Alpha and the Omega of thy calling, thy challenge, and thy internalization of this my initiation unto you.

Peace, beloved. I AM the One.


“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Serapis Bey was delivered through the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, October 28, 1984, at the North Ranch of the Inner Retreat, near Livingston, Montana.

1. deigned: from Old French, meaning “considered worthy.”

2. Kali Yuga: Sanskrit term in Hindu philosophy for the “age of darkness”; it is the last and worst of the four yugas, or world ages, comprising a cosmic cycle and is characterized by strife, discord, and moral deterioration. The present dark age, or Kali Yuga is believed to have begun on February 18, 3102 b.c. (with a duration of 432,000 years)

3. Mount Kailas, the breathtaking “Jewel of the Snows” which towers to 22,000 feet in the center of the Trans-Himalayan range in southwestern Tibet, is revered by Hindus as paradise of Shiva and his beautiful consort, Parvati (“Daughter of the Mountain”). To Tibetan Buddhists, who identify the holy mountain the Sumeru (the cosmic center of the universe), it is the celestial throne of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the “highest bliss.”

4. Heb. 13:2.

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7. Rev. 19:20; 20:10, 14, 15; 21:8.

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9. Job 42:5.

Our Hearts United as One Heart*

Beloved Mighty I AM Presence, beloved Mother Mary, beloved Jesus and Magda, form now, of the fires of our hearts united as one heart, a magnificent heart of Light pulsating over the Heart of the Inner Retreat. Weave now this heart out of all of our devotions and our entire momentum of the heart chakra.

We desire to pool our hearts’ love as one, O God, and present an offering to the Lord of the World this day of our hearts’ desire and devotion to create a veritable magnet of the Central Sun of the sacred heart of Serapis and his mentor and all devotees of the heart of God of all ages, that earth might indeed have a physical polestar and a gathering ground for souls seeking the way out of illusion of the Kali Yuga.

O blessed ones out of the East and the West, saints in all octaves, we adore the Light of God within thy heart. We bow before the Light within thy heart as thou art the manifestation with us of the one great Heart of God.

We welcome teachers, supporters. We welcome children and adepts. We welcome all who come to our gate, O Lord. Let it be for the flushing out and the purging, and let us be eternally the hands and heart of Kali in action.

Mighty I AM Presence, place into our hands the sword of Kali. Let us be the demon slayers, binding the demons of disease and death and especially of the afflictions of the mind and soul and spirit.

To this end, O God, bless our love offering this day. We bless thee, O God, the source of all offerings of our hands. We bless thee, thou Creator of ourselves as instruments to go forth in thy love.

Open wide the gates that we might save thy little ones, O God. Fashion us anew and send us. Let us be thy builders. Truly, the fount overflows. The Light is ready. Thus, let the supply appear.

This day, O God, I demand and command the full release into our hands and use for the complete building of this Inner Retreat unto thy calling. And I demand this day from the heart of the Divine Mother, from the heart of the Universal Shiva, the one I AM THAT I AM, all co-workers and servants of God necessary to this task.

Let the master masons and the builders be assembled! Let them come from all of the ancient schools and guilds. Let them come, O God. And let this be the appearing of the hand of the Mother in so many forms as the hands of the sun so lovingly perceived as the many out of the one Aton.

In the heart of hearts of Ikhnaton these thirty-three centuries, we keep the flame. We build the mountain of God.

In the name of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva; in the name of the Father and of the Mother, in the name of the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Send it forth, O God, unto thy Victory! Send these hearts to the sun and back again for thy Victory.

Let the alchemy appear! Let this substance of our labor and thy labor, O Elohim, be the gold of the sun in our hands to deliver this earth. Thou art our source, O God. In thy heart is the key. We accept it and receive it, Amen.


*Give this invocation aloud in full force–right now–and often as you reread and meditate on the words of the Master in this Pearl. Your voice is your vote in heaven that counts for the establishment of world peace. The Light of God never fails when you release it through the science of the spoken Word!