Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 29 No. 47 - Beloved God Harmony - October 12, 1986


A Mark of Victory


In the flame of God Harmony, I AM come! Therefore, because I am in the flame of God Harmony, that is my name.

In the harmony of the violet flame and the pursuit of the Mystical Body of God, you have attained a point of Reality, a mark of Victory. O chelas of the will of God of El Morya, I am now expanding from your hearts your own great causal body of Light.

Indeed, this is the mighty work of the ages. You have called. You have implored for the victory over the beast. <1> So you have here the demonstration of the geometry of that equation of the saints. They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb. <2> And you are also willing to sweat, as it were, great drops of blood<3> that the sacrifice—the human sacrifice—might be finished, that the candle of self might be spent, and the only Light [wherewith] to light the altar may be the threefold flame of your heart.

Beloved ones, this is the cycle of the burning of dalliance in the human creation—this divine ritual of the violet-flame angels and legions of Light now invoked by you. <4> Let it become a rite of passage. Let all who would enter in to the next cycle of self-transcendent being know the meaning of that work which psychologists and therapists know: It is the work of the soul groaning in her travail to give birth to that Christhood, nevermore to allow it to slip through the fingers of carelessness, to break, then, the chalice of the Divine Mother.

There is a chalice for every cosmic hierarchy. All elemental life and angelic hosts represent the chalice of the Divine Mother. Look at yourselves now. See your bodies of violet flame. Violet-flame crystal are ye—a fitting chalice for the Divine Mother of the seventh age. Let her come into your heart. Let her give to you the Divine Manchild. You have claimed it. You have invoked it.

I, God Harmony, seal you in the power of my causal body and my momentum of God Harmony. For this sacred fire is indeed for the turning of worlds and for change in the seat-of-the-soul chakra, the All-Seeing Eye chakra of America, and for yourself.

Let the rainbow rays span the continent! Let the power of the Goddess of Liberty release now the divine plan for every Lightbearer in New York City and in Los Angeles! Let it be done. Let them be the called-out ones. Let them know the inner calling of the Inner Retreat. Let them come to the heart of the builders.

O beloved ones of the heart of Liberty, know the Lord whom ye seek. Know the Lord God Almighty who is thine own, the God, the Great Guru. Know him in thy members. Know him in fruition and fulfillment and in the response now unto the call of thine own Tree of Life. Know the Lord in the fullness of the great violet-flame spheres. Know the absolute God-mastery and God-protection of the seventh ray and the first and of the power of God Harmony.

I AM the sealing of your souls in this level of attainment now. May you use this ritual and again and again discover the shedding of those snakeskins. And finally in the end of this ritual many of you have released, by the power of momentum of Christ consciousness garnered this day, old and ancient records, skeletons and symbols of the Goat of Mendes and genes of the seed of Satan whereby you have been on a treadmill, falling in the same rut each time the round has come to master the cycle of Taurus.

Therefore, let the little drummer boy drum, then, for the coming of the Cosmic Christ. Let him sing now by the power of the Cosmic Christ for the victory of all life.

O beloved ones from the heart of the Great Central Sun to the heart of Surya, I am come! We are the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood. We draw the Lightbearers into higher spheres and planes of being even while they walk the earth treading veils of the astral plane, treading veils of glory.

Lo, in the heart of the ruby ray, I AM! Lo, accept your freedom, your deliverance, the fruit of your work and your action now, beloved.

Claim it! Seal it! For I seal it in your heart. And you must seal yourself. You must place now the mighty wreath around your own neck—the laurel wreath. Place, therefore, that mighty wreath upon the crown and around the neck and be bedecked now in the flowers of springtime and in the leis of the islands, O beloved ones!


Lo, I AM the Buddha where I AM!
Lo, I AM the Buddha where I AM!
Lo, I AM THAT I AM the Buddha where I AM.
Lo, I AM the Mother where I AM.
Lo, I AM the Mother where I AM.
Lo, I AM the Divine Mother incarnate now.
Lo, I AM the Son of Righteousness.
Lo, I AM my Christ within me now.
Lo, I AM my Christ.
Lo, I AM that Son of God.
Lo, the Father and the Son have come to dwell
 in my temple now.
I AM the soul who is that Bride of Christ.
I AM the Divine Mother now.
I AM the cloven tongues of the Holy Spirit
 consuming now the cloven hooves of the seed of Satan.
Bolts of blue lightning! Bind them now!
Bolts of blue lightning! Bind them now!
Bolts of blue lightning! Bind them now!
In the name of the Cosmic Christ,
In the name of the Cosmic Christ,
In the name of the Cosmic Christ,
We are One.

  Therefore, take the affirmation I have given you. Learn it and recite it and rejoice. Rejoice, O daughters of Zion, souls of Light! The breakthrough has come. Now mount the spiral staircase and admit no opposition. And slay the adversary who would stand on that stair to prevent thee from passing.

I say, in the name of the Cosmic Christ, I,<6> God Harmony, stand in the center of the solar plexus on the 2/8 axis of the Cosmic Clock of these souls of Light. And I blaze the Light through! I blaze the Light through! I blaze the Light through!


I blaze the Light through!
I blaze the Light through!
I blaze the Light through!

I blaze the Light through!
I blaze the Light through!
I blaze the Light through!

I blaze the Light through!
I blaze the Light through!
I blaze the Light through!


Lo, I AM Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending of God’s Harmony in you and in the earth, who is God-victorious now.

To thy Light, O bhikkhus, I bow.

To thy Light, keepers of the violet flame of God, I bow.

To thy Light, Goddess of Liberty, I bow.


“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by God Harmony was delivered through the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, April 20, 1986, at Camelot, Los Angeles County, California, USA.

1. Rev. 15:2.

2. Rev. 12:11.

3. Luke 22:44.

4.Taurus clearance. Before the dictation, the Messenger taught on the initiations of God-Obedience under the hierarchy of Taurus on the 4 o’clock line of the Cosmic Clock and led the congregation in invocations, visualizations, and the “Lovely God Presence Violet-Flame March” for the clearing of the perversions of Taurus on each line of the Clock. During the ritual each one visualized himself centered in the Cosmic Christ in a great circle of Light, with thousands of angelic legions marching on each line for the establishment of divine grids of Light and the cancelling out of old grids of human creation. For a list of teachings available on the Cosmic Clock, see 1986 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 29, no. 23, p. 217, n. 3

5. Give this decree daily as you prepare to be in your perfect place at the right time. Every true–blue chela should memorize this affirmation and give it following the tube of light prior to the Alternate Preamble or any decree to Archangel Michael.

6. Also use God Harmony’s fiat inserting your name here saying, “I say, in the name of the Cosmic Christ, I,   (your name)  , a chela of God Harmony and one with his heart, stand in the center...”