Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 29 No. 80 - Beloved El Morya - December 28, 1986


Purity of Heart
“The First Shall Be Last, and the Last Shall Be First”
New Year’s Eve Address


Chelas of the First Ray of God’s Will,

I salute you in the highest of the spectrum of your being, and in the lowest. I salute you in the heart of Christ. I salute you in the soul who has descended to this level of Mater. I salute you in the power of the I AM THAT I AM.

How many of you can focus at will, at all or one of these points of being? I ask it for a reason. (May you, then, be seated in my love.)

I come to take you, then, into the lap of the Father. I take you upon my knee but not over it. But, beloved ones, this is not to say that some ought not to receive the New Year’s spanking this New Year’s Eve.

Blessed ones, the sands in the hourglass have run out for this year, 1986. I may say to some of you, “Friend, how camest thou in without a wedding garment?” <1> I explain to you, beloved, that when you are a soul passed from the screen of life who must pass through the astral plane, it is then that you require the attainment of instantaneous focalization in the heart of the I AM Presence, in the highest and the lowest of self, and in the heart of Christ.

The soul in the astral plane who is not able to navigate out thereof following the change called death, the soul who is unable without the Guru or the Messenger to make contact with the I AM Presence in that moment, is most pitiful indeed. This life and every life, beloved, is given to you with our earnest and most loving assistance that you might internalize the Word and reach an attainment whereby you may arrive at the door of the Royal Teton whenever called—whenever the sands in your hourglass run out.

Some who long hear of this teaching make the fateful mistake of considering that they have it “under their belt” as attainment. Now, beloved, I speak to the child in you as well as to the ripened son of God. And as each one of you is seated upon my knee, as your father I look into your eyes and say, “My son, my daughter, my beloved, hear me well. For ‘the first shall be last, and the last shall be first.’” <2>

Understand the mystery, then, of the Sacred Heart. Understand, therefore, that I have come to welcome you to my Inner Retreat, to the inner chambers of my causal body, to my Heart of hearts.

As I came here this night and found you, so I transmitted to my Messenger upon her arrival the condition of each and every soul gathered here, each and every aura, though not seen physically from this spot. And I showed to her how some have come with a mighty fervor indeed, while others, continuing in the way in which they have always continued, have arrived for the prize of the Buddha’s pudding. But they have not attended the Buddha nor nourished him when he would fair faint emerging from the wood. <3>

Beloved hearts, it is necessary to remind you at the conclusion of a year that this is Maitreya’s Mystery School. Each one stands on his own. Each one must recognize why he has been called, whereto he has answered, and the meaning of such a dispensation as the lowering into the physical octave of Eden once again. Blessed hearts, Eden is a long, long Paradise Lost which has remained in the etheric octave since the sinking of Lemuria and beyond.

Understand, beloved, that there is an inner path and a standard to be met. Upon the Messenger’s arrival here two staff members were disciplined by my direction. Blessed hearts, the Path is not to be taken lightly—nor Death nor Life nor opportunity.

This year has seen immense victory for this activity. Some have leapt into the sacred fire to find therein an acceleration, a self-transcendence. Inner attainment is not a badge or a visible sign. Nor is it noted by intellectual prowess or emotional bubbling over. It is not easy to tell, one chela to the next, who has the inner light, who has seen his star.

Thus, some have come with holy auras and some with holes in their auras unaware, for they are warmed by chelas other than themselves, by fires other than those they have built. And they do not tell the difference between their own warmth and the warmth of the Mother or the angels present.

Beloved ones, the change called death is a very serious initiation. The Brotherhood has attempted to impress upon this student body long year the profound necessity for working “while ye have the Light.” <4> The Messenger has preached it again and again, and the teachings are so readily available.

In musing upon this dilemma this very week, the Messenger knocked on the door of my heart and said, “Why, El Morya, when they have been told again and again, do they seem not to hear, not to respond, not to know the urgency of their own life’s hour?”

I simply reminded her, “‘Many are called, few are chosen.’ <5>  Still fewer choose to enter in.”

“But why is this so? Why is it so, Lord,” she asked again, “when the teaching has never been more plain?”

I shall attempt, then, to tell you why. Perhaps it is the substitution of the Messenger’s Presence for your own. Perhaps it is, beloved, that you mistake words for fiats of Light internally won. Certainly it is a covering over by yesterday’s karma that comes as a wave—almost as a wave of the dirty water of yesterday’s laundry. When yesterday’s karma is not transmuted, it surely does muddy the spiritual senses and the ears are waxed dull by it. And the soul has a blurred vision.

Blessed ones, it is simply this—the Word must be internalized. From our viewpoint, there is no other choice than to ascend at the conclusion of this life that is a realistic choice for you. If you would see all that we see, you would know that this is so. But we spare our chelas much of the unknown, for it is the studied opinion of the Darjeeling Council of the Great White Brotherhood that so much has already been brought to your attention that it is pointless to add unto it greater burdens. For even that which you know has in some instances caused a moment’s hopelessness or even depression.

If you have not dealt with the known momentums of maya of self and planet, why, then, should we open the curtain to the unknown horror of Death and Hell? This is an initiation that has been given from time to time by the Lord Jesus to the saints. Suffice it to say, beloved ones, that those who somehow in their busyness, in their day’s occupations, can set aside present opportunities by a certain nebulous consciousness and absence of focalization, shall we say, and can somehow say, “Well, if I do not ascend in this life, I will ascend in the next”—blessed ones, realize what a bold statement this is!

You see, you are counting upon the human consciousness. You are counting upon a world condition that could change in the twinkling of an eye, where conditions might no longer exist anywhere on a planet, on which you have outstanding karma, that would allow you to fulfill that path—and where the enlightenment of the day may be on the morrow another dark age.

It is folly to postpone opportunity, for opportunity knocks at the opportune moment for your lifestream. Simply because you hear the knock at the door does not mean that the knock will come every day for the next three hundred thousand years! Do you realize, beloved, that you in fact have no guarantee that the seasons will roll or that the sun will shine in an era as perilous as this one?

Thus, beloved, those who have not entered the fiery coil of the Mother’s garment in an upward moving wind of the Holy Spirit now find themselves at a serious disadvantage. It is difficult to catch up with an Olympic runner, beloved. Best be in form and move when the winds of Morya move.

What I tell you is this: Hearts among you have attainment, other hearts do not. The Law is impartial, plays no favorites; and a Community of the Holy Spirit is made up of individuals responsible unto God. A Community is also a brotherhood and a sisterhood of chelas supporting one another, upholding one another. But this is only until the child may stand on his own two feet. One dare not take the habit of leaning on another’s decree momentum or any other momentum, beloved.

I come, then, with some advice for your letter writing to the Karmic Board this night or an addendum you might write. It is this—that you might yet appeal to have the opportunity in the new year to make up for the lost time of the past year and years and centuries, that you might press between the discs of the minutes and the hours more violet fire and a penetration into the past. For you see, beloved, with the turning of the year a door closes and another opens.

What will you do when the door of the new year is three steps higher and you have not fulfilled the steps of the last? How will you be overcomers unto the victory, come what may?

It is not my desire to make you uncomfortable, and never to cause self-condemnation or an absence of self-worth. I can only tell you that this week the Messenger has seen a former Keeper of the Flame who passed from the screen of life stand statuelike and motionless before the Lords of Karma to receive the rebuke of each and every one of the seven members of that Karmic Board. As though frozen in time as a mother-of-pearl statue, this one was motionless as death yet heard every word.

When the sands in the hourglass are thus wasted when so great a salvation and a knowledge has been vouchsafed, beloved ones, do you not understand that for [the sin of] nonperformance such an encounter is due? Others who have passed from the screen of life also having this Teaching have crouched and cowered and trembled in fear, and some in anger, in the astral plane until the Messenger unascended and the one ascended should make fiery invocations for the soul to be taken [by holy angels] to a higher place—the soul having wasted so many hours in idle dreams, not centered in the true path of the Great White Brotherhood.

Blessed ones, I remind you that this is not the Roman Catholic church nor the Protestant church nor the Jewish synagogue, neither mosque nor temple nor Hindu shrine. This is the Great White Brotherhood and the Church Universal and Triumphant! Do not equate former paths as sufficient in the hour of testing. They will fail you, each and every one. Do not attempt to combine the old ways, nor pour the new wine of the Everlasting Gospel into old bottles. <6>

There is much too much to do in the exercises of the spoken Word and the Teaching than to have nostalgia for the old ways. Those old ways can draw you into the astral plane at the moment when you must rise above all the Death and Hell that is celebrated in one form or another by the religious of every movement—not that it was the founding principle but that religion and religious form has degenerated into the combining of the sympathy of death, the fatalism of death, and even the beauty of death with the original release of Light wherein there was no death at all.

Let us, then, be lifted up once again in the great blue sphere of Himalaya and of Hercules. Many, many times the members of the Brotherhood have come with their dictations, and you have felt that exaltation. The lesson that must be learned is self-watchfulness. How many moments or hours did you retain that centeredness in the causal body or in the Christ consciousness or in the I AM Presence of the Master? How swift was the “decay rate” when you were subject once again to your mortal terrors or avarice or sympathy with the lower order of things or lust for this and that? How quickly were you overtaken by a spirit of criticism, and so forth?

Beloved hearts, the highest levels of consciousness are not sustained for you by us but they are given unto you that you might have the foretaste of a vibration of attainment and then gain a co-measurement of your individual absence of that attainment. For you do not experience this Higher Consciousness except through the dictations of the Ascended Masters.

The Darjeeling Council has been concerned about the dependency of the chelas in an incorrect way upon the outpouring of the dictations without the follow-up, in the week and days after the dictation, of pursuing the Master, hanging upon his words, giving intense calls for the binding of all that is within the individual that prevents him from sustaining the aura of the Master, the message, the vibration, and the love of the Master for a seven-day cycle unto the next week and the next outpouring.

We desire to make you like us, not for you to become dependent upon us. We desire you to know that in this state of transition through the physical octave, you do need our intercession and we gladly give it. And so does the Messenger. But it is for a purpose. It is for the preparation of your solo. It is for the preparation of an instantaneous contact with the Beloved.

I speak of the Beloved, the Mighty I AM Presence, and I tell you, if you have not experienced firsthand the breathless, profound, and all-enfolding Love of the Presence—the warmth, the joy, the communion, the intimacy, the sense of well-being, the self-knowledge that you are forevermore locked in your I AM Presence—that though you make your bed in hell, though you descend to the astral plane in or out of the body, in life or in death to balance an old score there, wherever you are, you cannot flee from the Presence because you have with our assistance made the contact.

I would say, beloved—and I shall make it the first course of your fourteen weeks <7> with me—that the meditation upon the Presence, the decrees to the Presence, the pondering and thinking upon the Presence, and the love of that Person of the Father is the most desperate need!

You see the Chart, you say the tube of light decree, you call to the Beloved—but something has kept you from a profound desire to know that Presence “face to face” and to pursue it with the hot heat of an intensity that comes from the self-knowledge that “as long as I am separate from my God, I am in the gravest danger in this time/space continuum where I find myself.”

So I ask the question: How many can at will make the contact with the Presence that comes as a feeling of Love descending—a feeling so powerful as to exclude all other awareness of a planet? Beloved ones, this can be yours. But you must stop chattering, stop seeking so many interchanges with others. Let those in the valleys of the world, cease, then, so much television, so much contact twenty-four hours a day with outer things going on which take your attention from your Presence and make you worry and have that overconcern which makes you incapable of mobilizing your forces to defeat the whole ball of maya that is before you—the whole ball of illusion.

For a moment in every day you ought to ascend to the heart of that Presence just to know that that Love that was and ever has been and ever shall be is greater than all of this. In that moment’s knowingness and communion, beloved, there is the perspective, the co-measurement whereby the fiats offered and given are not given as Don Quixote beating the air but rather as Victors, as the Omnipotent One, as the I AM Presence who has descended, then, into your temple. One moment in the arms of the Presence and your entire life shall change! Your whole life shall be, then, in the Presence of Love’s great mastery.

Blessed ones, our violet flame angels are kept very busy transmuting the anxiety with which many of you charge your decrees. Sometimes you are aware of this anxiety and at other times it is simply a fear and doubt that muddies the subconscious stream, the rivers that actually flow in the depths of the electronic belt. It is hard, then, to remove from the individual the dye and the stain of pride.

One, then, in a distant city comes to mind. I have shown that one to the Messenger and the Messenger has said, “What can I do to show that one the folly of his pride?” And so I have brought that person and aura closer to the Messenger’s eye and gaze to let her see for herself that when pride is a stain that stains all of a man’s being, when it is, as you might say, homogenized throughout, when there is no point of reference within the individual of something apart from the prideful sense, then there is no place whereby the Teacher may thread the eye of the needle—that is to say, no point of entry into the world of the individual to say, “Look, receive the Holy Ghost. Be delivered of your pride.” It is like the leopard and his spots. Some are the totality of their human creation.

This brings us full circle to the message of Maitreya from last New Year’s conclave stating that some choose to embody the dweller on the threshold, some choose to embody the Christ. The choice to the right or to the left is clear. It can be met, it can be dealt with. But, beloved, the choice to be in the middle and to think one has chosen the Light or the Dark—this is the prideful state that goeth before the Fall. <8> Call it mediocrity or lukewarmedness, call it insensitivity or indifference—blessed hearts, it is extremely difficult to deliver a serious student on the Path or a sometimes student on the Path from such a state. For that one believes he is in and of the Light while at the same time he continually indulges the sloth of his own human ignorance.

Beloved ones, it is not the mere repetition of decrees. And this is a fallacy in itself—”If I decree long and hard enough I must arrive.” This is the fallacy also of the Christian who says if he will believe on the Lord Christ he will be saved.

There are some entertaining ridiculous and heinous psychic concepts who have been on the Path many years, who have tumbled in the astral plane and think they are of all men most knowledgeable. They will write to the Messenger to guarantee their psychic interpretations of life as being out of the mouth of the Master by assuring the Messenger that they decree anywhere from one to twelve hours a day, thinking that if they decree eight hours or ten hours a day they must be right!

Beloved, there are many paths of folly and illusion. And this is why, even immersed in the Teaching itself, only a few will enter in. This is not a game of hopscotch where one, two, three, hop! and you are in the etheric retreats and next you are resurrected and next you are ascended! Life is not so, beloved. And contrary to what you may have thought, you do require self-mastery and mastery of the sacred fire to arrive at the gate.

This is not a somber path. It is a joy-filled one unto those who are Self-centered and who hear our words and pray to understand and embody their meaning. But it is not a gay path. It is not a superfluous or superficial path. Thus, it is a path of happy hearts who are happy because they know the I AM THAT I AM within the heart. And they have sought after and gained the sensitivity to know when that Spirit has fled from them because their actions are an offense to the Spirit.

Yes, it is possible to offend the Spirit, but not by the human foibles and mistakes that so many line up according to rules. The Law may overlook much, even when all others point the finger at an individual. But I will tell you what the Law will never overlook.

It will never overlook the withholding of love from thy brother. It will never overlook an impure heart. The impure heart will not enter in. It will not overlook the Liar and the lie. It will not overlook those who see a brother’s need—who see him toiling in the day and the night and then walk away to their own pleasure and conceit.

The Law will not overlook one who separates himself from a path that is clearly outlined. The Law will not overlook one who elevates himself in spiritual pride and soon falls prey to the psychic. The Law will never overlook one who does not receive any of these little ones as the Christ in arm.

There are sins that can be brushed aside by the hand of God, and then there are sins that are not forgiven. Some have always wondered, “What is this sin against the Holy Ghost that is not forgiven until it is forsaken, and in some cases never?” <9> Beloved hearts, it is the violation of the flame of Life in any form—failure to feed my sheep when they are hungry and naked and in need, failure to be sensitive to world pain and world need, taking instead the Teaching exclusively unto one’s private life and development.

Beloved hearts, this is a path of Love. It is not human love. It is the Love of the Presence that must be experienced and then it will flood from you unerringly to the children of the Light. And it will come from you in the sternness of the Ruby Ray—in the rebuke whether of the righteous or the unrighteous when they go out of the way of Life and venture into the outer courts of Death.

Blessed hearts, the Christed one attuned to God does not fail to give his life to save the soul that is lost who comes to his attention. He does not turn his back. He does not count the cost. The Law does not overlook those who take the Light and, as James said, consume it on their lusts. <10>

Let us, then, enter the new year desiring to know the heart of Portia, the Goddess of Justice. And for this reason, I counsel you that you deal justly with your God and not be so concerned about human justice or a sense of injustice as to how you have been maltreated and how you deserve more of this and that.

Blessed is he that seeth his brother’s need and supplieth it. <11> Blessed is he that showeth his brother how to supply his own need. Blessed is he that does receive the Teaching and transfer it to the poor in Spirit. Blessed is he that does not pamper himself or his ego but is renewed continually by his Love tryst with the Presence.

I desire you to have—and I shall so train any chela who knocks on my door—to have conscious and continuous contact with your Mighty I AM Presence and to have it, whether conscious or unconscious, in the physical body and at the change called death. When you can reach that point, there is safety in your life and lifestream. There is safety for come what may.

Blessed ones, you have heard it said that at the point of the balance of 51 percent of your karma there is the opportunity for the ascension. And you have heard it said that the reason this is decreed by the Lords of Karma—that you may balance the remaining 49 percent from the ascended state—is that following the balancing of the 51 percent there is the initiation of the soul’s descent into Death and Hell and to the astral plane. And few have returned from that descent. So alarming was this condition, especially in the Western world, to the Lords of Karma that this dispensation was proposed and granted by the Cosmic Council.

Beloved hearts, strange as it may seem, for the chelas of the will of God it is not so difficult to reach the point of the 51-percent balance, given that this is a son or daughter of God who has diligently striven lifetime after lifetime. Thus, it is important to be conscious when one is beyond that mark. For there are some who in descending into the astral plane to take those initiations beyond that point have in fact succumbed to a suicide of a spiritual magnitude or taken the left-handed path.

How can this be? It is because of the strong delusion of Hell itself and all of its hordes that play upon and prey upon the untransmuted substance and the bedrock of the dweller on the threshold that does not easily give way to the sweeping winds of the Holy Spirit that have blown away the lesser debris. One cannot emphasize enough to one’s chelas the intensity of this delusion nor the difficulty of the choices of right and wrong, for they seem to converge at a razor’s edge where the wrong answer seems right and the right seems wrong or both seem correct.

Blessed ones, happy is the man who arrives at that point of the balance of karma who has also diligently pursued self-mastery. You have heard it said that to balance karma does not necessarily make for attainment. At a certain point this is not true but at early stages you may literally have so much devotion to the violet flame and service that you may balance karma without attention to the detail of an accompanying self-mastery—a governing of those conditions which are easy to overlook, especially when there is not a Messenger or the Guru present to point them out to you.

So, beloved, pray for vision, for enlightenment, for purity of heart; for nothing can be hidden or withheld from the pure in heart. Contemplate, then, the mystery of purity of heart—guilelessness, a spontaneous championing of the true cause of all of one’s fellows. Blessed ones, purity of heart is much, much more than form or mores. It is profound indeed.

Let none construe any of my words as license to set aside the letter of the Law. For the spirit does not replace the letter but it accompanies it, as they go hand in hand. But let all construe from my words that the letter of the Law will never suffice for the entering in. For this entering is achieved by a grid which is filled with Light [emanating from your Christ consciousness] by you through the living Spirit of the Law.

Thus, beloved, many have gathered, desiring to be here for what they consider to be a momentous occasion. And so it is. But I tell you, beloved, the most momentous occasion of all that is recorded in all of Cosmos is the moment when the soul, transfused, transported, transformed, is infilled with the I AM Presence and does never separate out again, for the fusion is won.

If you would desire to know of an example of one who has walked the earth fused in the heart of the I AM Presence, a guileless one of honor and love for all, one meek and humble who could know pain and be subject to his own human foibles, mistakes—if you would desire to understand the profile of one fused to the Presence before the hour of parting, I direct your hearts to the man they called Mark Prophet.

You can know him better in his voice, which modulated with the voice of the Presence. Never have you heard a voice so close to your I AM Presence as the voice of Mark. Upon the decibels of sound you could traverse that voice to the heart of your own Beloved. Contrast it to the shrill sounds and voices strident of the earth and you will have a comparison.

Blessed ones, I return you to the point of the Mark and the point of his Origin—how he came through those lifetimes and came to this one bearing yet such a heavy burden of karma, the burden of the planet itself, and how through the heart of Mother Mary he transcended all—not to present to you the perfect computerized man, impeccable in all his ways, but to present to you, beloved, the one gift and the one example: purity of heart. Entering by the door of the purity of his heart, you can rise to the power and the attainment that was wrought by that purity.

I would suggest, then, that as the discipline of Darjeeling, those coming to the Mystery School beginning at midnight know that we shall begin with the purification of the heart. For our path is the path of the pure in heart who see God through the Sacred Heart of Jesus and his saints.

I seal you with my awareness of your individual Christhood. I seal you but you must retain the seal and strive to know that Christhood which I am beholding with Mother Mary in the diamond heart of Life not Death.

The Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood saluteth thee!  We are real!  So must you strive to be.

I AM Morya of the First Ray. Come where I AM, if you dare!




Messenger’s Comments:

Let us think now upon the harpstrings of the Mind of God—so many, many strings, their sounds. Let us allow them to resound through our temple that their sound might tell us something of the presence of God. Let us be seated as we hear the singing of the harp of Tara.

[“The Harp That Once through Tara’s Halls,” played]

We send our gratitude to beloved El Morya, the first of the Chohans, whose dictation is the last of this year, 1986. And we are profoundly grateful for the Father’s heart-to-heart talk with each one of us, which we feel so personally as his only child, his beloved child. When he speaks, we are all alone with him. We know he loves us, and because he loves us, he warns us. His warning is a comfort. It is a strong comfort of love that sends us back to the reason we entered his heart in the beginning.

Beloved El Morya told me that the absence of dictations this fall was an experiment of the Brotherhood to see how each chela would fare—how each one would respond to the need of Christ in brother and sister here and at Camelot and wherever there are Keepers of the Flame.

El Morya also showed me that in the course of the year, usually in the spring at graduation time, in June, or at the time of the meeting of the Lords of Karma at summer solstice and at winter solstice at the Royal Teton Retreat, final exams are given to all chelas—very specific tests to be passed, usually on the very element that has held them back.

I have marvelled in counseling chelas at how many do fail their tests and do not expect to be tested. And Morya has said to me and to them through me time and again, “You have a right to be tested. You have a right to expect to be tested, to prove your mettle. You have a right to pass your tests. And we have a right to expect our chelas to come up higher.”

Another test given to the movement at large is in the delivery of the Word that is written, once again to see who will understand it as the Body and Blood and the sacred Communion of the Messengers and the Masters and who will understand how to assimilate it and who will understand how they can ascend through the eating of the Body and the drinking of the Blood of the Christ in the Great White Brotherhood released in their written or their spoken Word.

And so, we have much to be thankful for, grateful as we are to be able to hear these words and admonishments and to have a wide opportunity of a year ahead of life in this octave that we might renew our courses and be about our Father’s business.

At this time our staff is prepared to serve to you our beloved Buddha’s delight. You, then, are being fed as the bodhisattvas. It is time also to finish your letters to the Karmic Board. Sometimes we think we can write them later and burn them later, but it is well to burn them at New Year’s Eve, so we’ll be collecting them after this break....

God bless you. You surely have been sealed by beloved El Morya, whose eye is on your victory. We look forward to returning for Gautama’s dictation.



Onward, Courage!

Onward, courage!
Then blame not the Bard
When the wind and the gale
Sweep o’er the moor
And bow down the sail
For the ship shall move on
And the port be obtained
If the courage be high
And the will be maintained!



“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom”

This dictation by El Morya was delivered through the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on New Year’s Eve, December 31, 1986, at the Royal Teton Ranch, Montana, USA.

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7. Fourteen weeks at the universities of the Spirit. Does the Master here indicate that the chelas shall pursue 7 cycles of 2 weeks in each of the Chohan’s retreats and that of the Maha Chohan? This 7 Chohans times 2 equals 14 weeks times 7 cycles equals 98 weeks, plus 14 weeks with the Maha Chohan equals 112 weeks, or 25.75 months. Those who start the cycle of spending 2 weeks at the retreats of each of the Chohans and the Maha Chohan on January 1, 1987, and pursue this discipline 7 times will conclude their ‘Odyssey’ through the 14 weeks of initiations with each Master on George Washington’s Birthday, February 22, 1989—a most propitious hour in the turning of planetary cycles when all chelas should be spiritually and physically prepared for earth changes in the decade of the 1990s.

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Universities of the Spirit