Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 30 No. 56 - Beloved Jesus Christ - November 25, 1987


The Call of the Cosmic Christ
Discipleship unto the Ascended Master Jesus Christ


Into the fullness of the Light I would draw you, my beloved—not into the partial light, not into the uncertainty between the darkness and the daylight. I AM come to this city very personally to claim my own disciples.

My heart is open, opened by the Father once again to call my own to a path whereby they shall embody my Word, my Teaching, my Flesh and my Blood.

Discipleship in this age is the Call of the Cosmic Christ.

O souls mounting the spiral staircase unto heaven where thy Christ does await thee, I AM Jesus and I call you to be now the embodiment of all that I AM and to receive me that you might have with me henceforth the most direct relation­ship.

I call for a purpose and it is the step-by-step containment of the Light. I call you to my fold not in the general sense but in the specific sense of knowing that a Teaching, a Way of Life, a Spirit of the Resurrection cannot endure upon earth unless, truly, ten thousand determine in this hour of my appearing to embody the fullness of myself. Truly, I have answered the call of the child and the teenager who have asked to be my disciple.

Blessed hearts, with ten thousand I will show you and Saint Germain what we together can do for the turning of the tide. Our God has decreed and the Trinity does embody his will, but here below, if that kingdom is to come into manifestation, truly there must be those who can be pillars to hold up the new city, the Holy City, the etheric octave of light come down to earth. Let the New Jerusalem be seen and shared, be partaken of by my own. <1>

I would receive you, then, in my retreat in Arabia <2> [on the etheric plane] to tutor you as I did tutor my apostles Paul and John and countless others through the ages who have come to be initiated in the secret rites given to those who are able to enter the inner circle.

Blessed ones, that door is open to all who qualify. Therefore, it is not an apartness but the saving of a divine grace until ye are able to drink this strong wine of the Spirit.

Blessed hearts, the inner circle consists of the five secret-ray rings of Light that surround my Sacred Heart and do exist in pattern as prototype around your own heart chakra. These spheres of light have been occupied by your human creation. Therefore, the invitation to be my disciples is given to one and to all—all who will understand the self-emptying by Love in order that you might be filled anew with these five frequencies of spherical lights that must be present round the heart chakra if the fullness of my Sacred Heart is to abide in you.

Let there be a recognition, then, that it is I who have called you to bring ten thousand Keepers of the Flame to the heart of Saint Germain. To be a Keeper of the Flame—of Light in the Lighthouse of Being—is the first step toward discipleship.

Having so fulfilled the basic requirements of these lessons, you then come to that time, beloved, when you desire to study the mysteries under Maitreya. And the World Teachers approach you, that you might know that we give a path of initiation step-by-step to his heart. It is the hour when the fulfillment of all promises is come.

If the cumulative Light of all ages and avatars is to be brought to the fore and to the physical octave in the new age, then the forerunners of the age—those who have lived on earth (and continue to live on earth) bearing with them the signs of previous dispensations—must be willing to enter this age in the fullness of my Christhood and their own [Christhood] appearing within them. Wherefore shall there be, then, a path of the Ascension or of saving grace except ye are the Light of the world and the city that is set on an hill that cannot be hid? <3>

Let it be known, then, forever—let it be known that in this hour of maximum karma descending, ten thousand have heard my voice and understood that wherever there is the Anointed One [the Lord Our Righteousness, <4> the Holy Christ Self raised up within the individual], I AM in that heart and the Father with me. We do take up our abode in those who are in harmony with Love, never an offense to the Light itself. Thus Father and Son dwell in thy temple and in this my own.

Know, then, the meaning of the expansion of the fire of the heart as almost with pain the increase of sacred fire creates the burning [sensation], the expanding, even of the chalice [heart chakra] until the fullness of the Christ is come.

Therefore, in this body, [become] my Body, I AM.

I AM in every disciple who knows the path of the inner mysteries. And to those who desire them I come to teach. Receive, then, all that I have offered, all that is written and spoken. And be ready at any hour; for the Bridegroom, thy Christ Self, cometh to take the soul by the hand into the secret place. And there I come to initiate.

In this moment, beloved, angels of the Holy Spirit and of our Lord, the Maha Chohan, <5> are with me. By the Holy Spirit and the intense Love of angelic hosts there is this day a quickening of the twelve petals of the heart, as though new life were blossoming: and the green stalk and the green shoot are quickened.

And the fountain of the Divine Mother rises up within you that you might perform a work for our blessed Saint Joseph in his day. Called Saint Germain in this hour, my father and your own does reappear to go before my Mother Mary, my brothers and sisters, each and every one of you.

Blessed hearts, it is sometimes true, though prosaic, that the greatest Light compels the greatest Darkness. And therefore by our Light in the earth the Darkness is forced out into the sacred fires and altars of transmutation that you have erected by violet flame invocation.

Consequently, beloved, the presence of the greater Darkness in the earth does compel you by Love to externalize the greatest Light. Therefore there are those who need to see and know human suffering, that the desire to be healed and to be the instrument of healing might be kindled to a white-hot fervor that does magnetize the Holy Spirit in the fullness of his divine appearing.

Know, then, beloved, that when all is well in a level of mediocrity in the earth, there is no goad to spiritual progress. And in past ages when the conquest of the earth itself—eking out an existence, forging new civilizations—was the demand, again, only the very few sought the interior life.

But in this hour, beloved, you who are “my disciples in deed” <6> have drunk the cup, even the dregs of all activities of the sine waves of the rise and fall of civilizations, continents and planetary cycles again and again. There is no new thing under the sun <7> on this earth for you, for the cumulative experience of karma and the world has seen it all. And you yourself look to new worlds to conquer. Yet without wings how does the soul fly to the Source and to her God?

I AM come, then, to give you wings, to teach you to fly to the heart of the Father. I AM come ready to place upon you a crown of everlasting Life <8> when you shall have triumphed over the lesser nature and out of love and purest love magnetized the infilling of the Word, of the Holy Ghost, of the water of Life and the Blood that is my Being, my Self. <9>

Blessed hearts, it is a path of Love that I bring, Love illumined by Wisdom and illumining Wisdom in the way. The burning in the heart for none other than to be in the very Presence of the I AM THAT I AM—this burning is a fire that does propel the soul as nothing else can.

Therefore, with all thy getting <10> on the path of self-mastery and knowledge, I counsel you, my own, that to love one another profoundly as I have loved you <11> in the secret places of the Most High <12> is the key to an accelerated path whereby adeptship is a by-product of love and good works and inner purity and divine motives rather than the goal.

To seek to be master, then, or disciple without great concern for those things that are upon the earth and coming upon the earth makes no sense and does not balance in the equation of life.

Love, then, is that sacred fire that does lay down its life for the friend and take it again. <13> And each time in the givingness of life you increase in Christhood. There is no sense of loss as former garments are laid aside and the robe of Christhood descends. Therefore, with each leaving off of the familiar, one becomes acquainted with the outer court of the kingdom and successive spheres of divine awareness where new friends and new angels abide who attend thy coming.

O blessed one, is it not true that “The Hymn of the Pearl” <14> does awaken the divine memory of other years and lost spheres and a song that the soul has sung and a hymn of choirs that have not recently rung? Therefore, let the bell that tolls be not for Death but for eternal Life.

And in the process of the inner conviction and knowing “IAM ascending unto my God and your God,” <15> let there be a certain abandonment unto the service of our God, our LORD, our Saviour. Let there be the sense in all thy waking hours that but for thy ministration some poor soul may be lost. Bypass the “blank ones” whom the Father himself has no desire to convert, but go to the “little ones of my heart.” Go to the simple ones rather than those of pomp and story and majesty who mix with the princes of this world and desire not to commune with me one hour.

I ask, then, that you renew your commitment to giving my Watch, my “Vigil of the Hours.” So it shall be to you that I shall be in your midst, beloved, as you give this prayer service in my name weekly. You may give it alone, all-one with me, with the recording provided.

And, therefore, know that there is no limit to the expansion of the five spheres of the five secret rays around your heart. And when I AM near and nearest to you in vibration—for you have called me by the magnet of your love and prayerful devotions— I promise you that all who commit to be my disciple as a Keeper of the Flame shall have my spheres of light and my Sacred Heart superimposed upon him or her throughout this Watch each week.

It is my desire, then, that in fifty-two sessions with you, which I would like to be of ninety-minute duration (or more), you might experience such renewal and such self-transcendence at the conclusion of a single year’s Watch with me that you shall indeed know that I AM come into the earth to take my own in the grand ritual of the Resurrection and the Ascension.

Blessed hearts, I come with a simple call and a plan. And yet I remain mindful of the accelerated and complex requirements that the Law does place upon you as you invoke the Archangels to engage in Armageddon to defeat those who would devour souls in the earth.

Therefore, the Watch itself is for the opening of the heart that a door might exist where I might enter and thence release to the earth renewed Light and Presence, beloved, that you might understand that through you I desire–I, Jesus, your brother desire–to increase the Christ consciousness in the earth, that upon this foundation all other Servant-Sons of heaven and heavenly hosts might indeed build the new age, magnetize the little children and devour the Darkness abroad.

Blessed hearts, the greatest persecution of my life in this age is the persecution of my message and of those who speak the Truth in the true Teachings that I have given. Therefore, as in the days of Jeremiah, it is the false prophets of peace, the false shepherds of Christ, <16> who are the betrayers of my Word—those who speak of me and yet do not have my Presence in their hearts—it is their message and their example which do belie the true path of discipleship.

And, therefore, to remedy this I choose to enter in—at a renewed level of calling and dispensation from my Father—to a most intimate relationship with all who will not only call to me with their lips but will also enter my heart by embracing Saint Germain’s teaching of the violet flame and acquaint themselves with my Mother Mary and not shun her. Further, I choose to enter into this relationship with all who will call upon Saint Michael the Archangel to defend both Church and State and to exorcise these domains of Alpha and Omega of all fallen angels who have come to steal away the best of the hearts of men.

Blessed ones, realize that this path of discipleship has its foundation in my earthly mission and its culmination in the fullness of my Teaching of the new age.

I would speak, then, of my Messenger Mark who did write down the Gospel bearing his name and reincarnate as my Messenger <17> in this age to found this organization from which you now abundantly receive our graces and gifts. The calling of this one, and his response in his aloneness as he did respond to my heart, has meant for all hosts of heaven an open door in this activity that is absolutely essential to the survival of the Lightbearers in this century.

I desire you to understand that my persecution is [the persecution of my Christhood is carried out in] the limitation of my Presence, my Word and Life wherever there are those who have limited my own to commune with me and to receive my progressive revelation by the Holy Spirit. Therefore, few there be who have retained the integrity of our message and brought forth in detail a divine mosaic of all that I have taught.

Therefore, beloved, as a single individual may be the key to unlock a door through which all humanity may pass, such being the case with my disciple Mark, so I say to you it is no less the case with yourself. It is the hour to decide if in your aloneness, all-oneness with me and the Father, you shall then be a key for millions of souls who will step through the door that you have opened.

Let it be, then, that you embrace my Teaching and that you recognize that the persecution of the sacred mysteries and those who bear them in this age does require that all who catch the spirit of the message here stated therefore band together and present themselves as a movement of Light that may not be set aside—whose members apart might have been put down or persecuted, but as one fervent heart, one Sacred Heart dedicated to my Mother through me, might then be a magnet to magnetize a world, to literally pull it up and away from the old magnetism of the lower levels of orthodoxy that truly have entombed me and left me upon the cross crucified and therefore left my sons and daughters and my children crucified on a cross of iron and steel and a Cain civilization with all of its burdens.

How can those who are truly Christians or followers of Christ in any world religion cease for a moment their concern and their activism to defend life that is unborn, life that must reincarnate that souls and a world might move on? How can any who know the true path sit back while the world may be devoured in flames of World Communism and by the betrayal of all those of the West who have made this possible?

Blessed hearts, this is why I have spoken of the fervor of the heart. For those who love do not stand by while youth and children are destroyed and civilizations crumble. They walk out from their pulpits and into the streets and they rescue life, not in a humanistic sense but because they have received that power from on high and, therefore, by the empowerment of the Trinity may act in our name to stand between a nation, a people, a family, a single soul and a returning karma too hard to bear.

This is why and to this end I call you to be my disciples in the most serious effort, of all of your incarnations, to recognize that in thy flesh thou shalt see God and be my Self. <18> And only thus shall this world be endowed with a sufficiency and Presence [of my Christhood] in the physical to stay the hand of oncoming Darkness.

The lambs have been shorn not only of their identity but of a Teaching that could enable them to realize that identity. They have been turned aside by every false prophet, false pastor and false guru. Blessed hearts, for every vice there is, there is a false prophet that has embodied it. For every false teaching, whether in the economy or the arts or the sciences, there are the fallen ones who do embody it.

Let the Divine Art appear, let the Divine Wisdom and true God-Government. For this cause I have sent to you for your edification the Lords of the Seven Rays. They prepare you to be the fullness in manifestation of the Mystical Body of God.

Fear not, beloved. You have always believed that somewhere a chalice is filled with the elixir of eternal Life. I say to you, here is the chalice. Take, then, the Teaching. Take, then, that which we have set forth. For there does not come another and another to rewrite what we have said and spoken. It is sealed and it is finished.

So the lost Word is written, ready for you to bring to it the fire of a heart filled with love and therefore to quicken that Teaching in your body, in your members, in your chakras and to be the living Teaching and the living Word. To this calling I call you and to the service with the Archangels of the Cosmic Christ, to this calling—to expose the false doctrine that is leading nations astray, false doctrines of politics, false doctrines in the military and in the defense posture.

Let it be understood that every area of life must have my disciple standing there holding the key that does unlock the mystery of the Word and the Path whereby every branch of service and knowledge and endeavor might be once again endued with the flame of Gautama Buddha, Padma Sambhava, Sanat Kumara, Lord Maitreya, my brothers, my friends, my cohorts of Light.

Heaven is filled with the witness of the glory not alone of my Coming but of His Appearing. Therefore, beloved, I seek no preeminence in the hierarchical chain of being, for I AM WHO I AM, I AM Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending. And my speaking is of the Eternal Logos, who I AM, who you also can be and are. For in the highest planes of thy being, O beloved, I, Jesus, affirm it: Thou art the living Christ!

Now I speak to your soul, sometimes fully awake and sometimes not so, and I implore you, my soul, my brides, come now and determine and desire with all of your desiring to be that Christ whom thou art—here in flesh, here in form. This world hath need of thee. Thou dost occupy the heavens and the stars. Now occupy earth till I come in the full glory of the physical manifestation long attended by many. Occupy till I come, beloved.

And when you stand in my place, being my Self in form and embodying my Light, then I do come to you, Jesus, your Teacher, and I sponsor you, beloved. And you shall know a sponsorship never known before. For my legions of angels are ready and waiting for the ten thousand and more who shall hear me because I come pleading the cause of Saint Germain and world freedom.

Without this victory, then, of a spiritual and physical defense for the nations, there shall not be seen in the earth nor a new age, nor a new day. Therefore, act swiftly and make haste, for I have called. I have called.

So receive now this Communion served by my ministering servants. Do so in remembrance of Me and my Call. Take, eat, this is my Body which is broken for you. And drink ye all of it, for I, Jesus, offer you the full cup of my Life.

Remember, Victory does replace all toil and travail. And in the day of triumph, all struggle is no more.

I greet thee in the effulgent Light of thy Divine Reality.

[Communion served by ministering servants to 1200 gathered at the Penta Hotel to receive Jesus’ words and blessing]


“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Jesus Christ was delivered on Sunday, October 4, 1987, during the 4-day seminar held at the Penta Hotel in New York City, where Elizabeth Clare Prophet was stumping for Saint Germain’s Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness.

Note: Watch With Me” Jesus’ Vigil of the Hours released by Elizabeth Clare Prophet is a worldwide service of prayers, affirmations and hymns which in 1964 the Master called upon Keepers of the Flame to keep individually or in groups. The service was dictated by the Ascended Master Jesus Christ for the protection of the Christ consciousness in every son and daughter of God and in commemoration of the vigil the Master kept alone in the Garden of Gethsemane when he said: “Could ye not watch with me one hour?” Available in 44-page booklet and on 90-min. audiocassette B87096.

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