Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 30 No. 74 - Beloved Jesus Christ - December 13, 1987


Saint Germain Stumps America
The Day of Thy Christhood
Keep the Flame of Eternal Life


Out of the Light I AM come, never absent but only making you aware, beloved, of my entrance, that you might realize that your own proximity to the Universal Christ does indeed have to do with the preparation of the bride. As you daily invoke this wedding garment by the science of sound, know that this is the vessel I require [that I may] enter into your heart and being, to dwell with you, to walk with you, to be a part of the Great Overcoming in this era.

Let my disciples, then, fulfill the Word of Light and the Law of the One. For I, Jesus, as the Bridegroom, desire my perfect love [to be] in you to give unto you that union of Christos for which your souls have longed and hungered.

Blessed hearts, there must be a sustaining, a continuum of Light. Let discipleship, then, be thy reason for being and thy goal the attainment of the All.

Our desiring, as the ascended hosts of Light, is to work with you daily [in order] that this soul within you be formed and re-formed by the sacred fires of the Holy Spirit.

So, beloved, we are not absent. For the Great White Brotherhood, all saints ascended, whose celebration is even this day, gather, ten thousand-times-ten thousand and more. The saints robed in white can be seen by you and known by you. In fact, you can be a saint robed in white on earth long before the hour of your full ascension. For the white aura is the sign of purification and a path and the [soul’s] empowerment by the Light of the Divine Mother.

Seek Her and know Her and find Her. Love Her and rise with Her. Follow the Divine Mother all the way Home to thy Father. For thy Father does attend thee in the courts of heaven. But thy Mother has tarried with thee in earth to restore a Teaching and a Path, to quicken, to love you, to anoint you, to prophesy to you, to chasten you, to love you and raise you up.

Even so, beloved, I AM that Mother, for God in me is also Mother. And I extend that Mother Flame to you in this hour through my Messenger, even as my Mother Mary has extended her heart’s love and healing through her.

Know, then, that this comfort is an understanding of all of your ways and your waywardness. It is an understanding of your return and your becoming fed up with the old ways of the old man. <1> It is an awareness of your struggles to cease from the ways of life that tear down the light and to be turned around, to be converted [unto the Universal Christ] by the great sun disc, that Great Central Sun Magnet.

O Lord God in the heavens, receive them unto thyself, even a portion, even the mind and heart. Now let them be filled.

Blessed hearts, it is the hour and this is the day of the marking of the hour, November 1st, 1987. Mark it well, beloved, for it is a date written in the Book of Life. And for this reason and on this date I have come to these Twin Cities to celebrate our twin flames, each and every one of you as Alpha and Omega.

I have come to bring to you, then, the Word of our Father, and it is this: The hour has come for you to understand, beloved, that nothing less than becoming the Christ will suffice as fulfillment or requirement of the Law. Too long and long enough have you been blessed and fed by other anointed ones, too long have you come to receive in your church services, in your synagogues and temples and mosques.

Realize, then, that those who have received a light, a witness, a testimony of the ascended hosts, those who know now the true path of the geometry of God, those whose internalization of the Word is long due are given the sign in this hour. And it is the sign of the Holy Spirit. This is the day that the path of thy Christhood must begin in earnest. Not [postponed] till tomorrow but today, my Christ, thy Christ One.

Counting this day as the first day, if you will, of an earnest discipleship unto my Flame and Heart, I draw you if you will be drawn. I receive you if you will indeed be received. Therefore, beloved, know that I, Jesus, declare this day, formally with my Father, as the commencement of a path for Lightbearers of the world who know that in my mantle and in my momentum there is a gift to be received—to be earned and won.

I, Jesus, come to you, beloved, in this hour to impel you forward. For I will not leave thee except by your own request. And therefore I will be as the “hound of heaven.” <2>

Too many yet sleep, having been awakened yet preferring sleep. Be quickened, beloved, and know that the accountability is upon you from this day forward and that the Law does require it for thy salvation, for the very survival of the soul herself.

Cosmic cycles have turned. And in their turning, even the days and the hours of thy life now numbered must be filled with Light and the cup filled daily. For, beloved, if you heed me not you will find yourself at the conclusion of this life wanting in the Light necessary to make the transition to higher octaves.

Foreseeing the world as I foresee it, I do not recommend in all cosmic honor that you plan on reembodying again on this earth.

The hour of your fulfillment is come! Your Christhood is nigh and has been knocking at the door for many years and lifetimes. And some who have known this path and received, as it were, a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation by the chakras of the Messenger have retained the Light and yet not sought the mastery of the Light, the self-perfecting in the Light, the protection of the Light and the will to be as God is.

Thus, we minister unto you. Now we say, Become that Christ! Receive your Lord and your God into your temple. And I, Jesus, as your brother, will walk at your side, will talk with you, will counsel you. And you will know me in the Love that I shared with John, my beloved. You will know the intimacy of Love’s communion and Love’s initiation.

Take to your hearts, then, the lessons given by Saint Germain. Resolve to keep the Flame of Life that is your own Christhood, for only in that Christ flame do you have with you eternal Life.

Blessed ones, your eternal Life is not something to be set aside as a garment or to be left in heaven. You need a lamp in which a Flame of eternal Life is burning continually. For in the day or the hour of the coming of the dark night of the Spirit or even the dark night of the soul, it is this Light that shall light thy way and be a light unto all thy house.

One and several, many and thousands will depend upon this Light. And in the day of your appearing in this Christ, you will be grateful unto God that you have heard me and heeded my word. For so shall you see that ten thousand may be saved because the Flame of eternal Life is burning brightly in the temple of being.

Feel it now, beloved, for I place my Sacred Heart one with your own, one for the impetus of the balance of the threefold flame, for the impetus of the twelve petals of the heart chakra to provide you now, one by one, with the initiations of the twelve gates of the temple, even the seven chakras and the eighth and the five secret-ray chakras. Thus the thirteenth is the deliverance of the All unto the all of you. By the path of the Sacred Heart, by the path of the Ruby Ray, so triumph in grace and in good works, so triumph in graciousness and selflessness.

I, then, predict your future. For this day I have studied the record of the Book of Life for each and every lifestream who has come to this seminar and for all individuals who are called Keepers of the Flame worldwide. My prediction, then, given coming events, given your own karma, is that the only way out of the dilemma of the human equation is to act now.

Hear me, beloved! I have never been more in earnest. I have cried unto the Lord for you. And God’s emissaries have brought abundant Light and Teaching.

Hear me, beloved! For even my plea is a measured one. For the Father has said to me, “How many times will you plead for their own cause of eternal Life, my Son?” Therefore, the Law and the dispensation of karma does allow it, but not forever.

Therefore, hear my cry to your soul! Hear my cry to pick yourself up, to wax hot in your devotion and fervor, to know the inner life, to desire to feel the flow of sacred fire in your being and to desire this until by your very imploring, as in the parable of the unjust judge, <3> so God does respond.

For the soul that does trouble the Lord does truly receive her recompense. If your desiring is sincere and you implore God daily, I tell you, beloved, the Father will not withhold from you every test and initiation, every teaching and interior correction, every leading you require to the fount of knowledge, even Gnosis, even my own Lost Teachings.

Beloved, hear, then, the Word of the Son of God and live! I AM your brother of Light. I come to you in such Reality with my angels in this hour. I come for your rescue. And I come for that rescue that you might in turn rescue others. It is time for you to be true shepherds and ministers, ministering unto the Word at the altar and ministering unto souls who have need of that Light.

Blessed ones, the impelling Light spoken out of the Shekinah, out of the heart of Mary in the deliverance of her prophecy and Saint Germain’s, has given to you the accurate vision of the assignment of your Christhood in these Twin Cities. You did not come here merely to escape and to survive. You came here, beloved, to raise up a pillar of fire, that all might escape and all might survive.

Now let us see to it that the sons of God shall win in this competition. After all, beloved, those who on your behalf fight the good fight in Armageddon have a right to see your Light so raised up as to devour, then, that funnel and vortex of Darkness <4> that hangs heavy over this city.

Let us see, then, how the servant-sons of God on earth shall salute the Godhead and the saints in heaven that none of these saints should have died in vain but should have lived forever, that you might prove here below that this kingdom of God on earth shall not be violated any longer by the forces of avarice or witchcraft or black magic or of the fallen angels’ desecration of the soul of the youth.

Let it be so! For it is time and high time that the Father should have a witness in the earth that does prove the victory of Life over Death and Hell! Let this come swiftly! Let it be, beloved, because you have seen the challenge and consider that for your very own integrity and integration with the living Word of the Mother, you should not allow, while you have breath and life, those forces to defile a holy city.

And once there was a holy city, a city magnificent, in this place. And once you lived in this city. And once you knew the Light and kept the Flame and raised it up. And none could enter there because the Light did seal the city from the intrusion of any whose vibration was less than the Light of the living Flame that you kept on the altar of your heart. And that Flame of eternal Life did burn with a brilliance of Wisdom, the Empowerment of God and the Love of the Holy Spirit.

Therefore, beloved, as in the case of many golden-age civilizations, by subtlety and by microscopic degrees in temperament, in vibration always eventuating in the magnetism of oneself to lower and lower energies, this city then became open, a totally open city for those of all laggard evolutions, those of the cults of the heathen and the hedonists. And by and by the balance was changed: the Darkness prevailed. You forfeited the Light of many lifetimes and went the way of those with cunning and cleverness in their leading who always promise that if you go in their way you will not surely die. <5>

Be it known, beloved, that to leave off the keeping of the Flame of eternal Life is the very first act of suicide. Let it not be said of this generation that they have lost the Word so ready to descend into their temples to save a planet and a people. I cannot speak otherwise, for the messianic mission is yours! The word messiah means simply “leader.” Some must rise up and lead.

Here is the One, the Divine Mother, who leads up the spiral staircase. Follow, then, the Divine Mother all the way to your own crown of Life. Follow, then. For as you set the pace, as fads go in this world, many will follow. It seems a folly in itself that people will follow others in doing almost anything, even if it is most obviously ludicrous or a desecration of life.

The example set of the Light in you must be a quickening. I direct you, then, to the example of my Messenger Mark who is ascended with me now. This one who lived in your midst did truly have the charisma of the Holy Spirit, which is the presence in the aura of the magnetism of Love. That presence became a profile of Christhood impressed upon the ethers of the earth. There are many who walk following that profile today, though they know not that they follow him.

Realize, beloved, that all souls of earth take a reading on your footsteps. And those of Light who desire to know the Great White Brotherhood and to enter in, they follow those who call themselves disciples. Therefore, no longer be disciples but anointed ones. I, Jesus, declare it! I summon you and I command you as my own. Take up the lead. For many must follow, and that quickly, ere the age draw the curtain on my dispensation.

I AM Jesus of Nazareth. I AM your own. Receive me now and receive the serving of Holy Communion as a sign and a promise that I give you of my Life-essence, my spiritual fire, my Mother Body.

My Alpha and my Omega be unto you the quickening. Then return it unto me multiplied and with good fruit. Such is the requirement of the Great Law and the Great Guru, our God.

I see now you and your twin flame in heaven. And my inner eye is fixed upon you and your beloved complement in your inner white-fire bodies. I hold this in my inner sight until you should reject my path, my counsel or comfort.

I AM your Jesus. Now I say to you, Be my Christ!

With the sign of our Oneness and the Law of the Word, I AM with you alway—to the end of your tribulation in this age.


In the Oneness of the All, I AM thy True Self.


“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom”

This dictation by Jesus Christ was delivered by Elizabeth Clare Prophet on All Saints Day, Sunday, November 1, 1987, at the Minneapolis Hilton Hotel, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Prior to the dictation, the Messenger delivered the lecture “The Lost Teachings of Jesus 8 On Woman and the Divine Mother.” See vol. 30 no. 54 notes..

1. Rom. 6:6; Eph. 4:22; Col. 3:9.

2. See “The Hound of Heaven,” a poem by the English poet Francis Thompson (1859-1907).

3. Luke 18:1-8.

4.Funnel of Darkness and Funnel of Light over the Twin Cities. In her “Halloween Prophecy 1987” delivered October 31, 1987, in Minneapolis, the Messenger described two funnels over the Twin Cities: “Two funnels appear over the city like tornadoes, rising straight up, a very tightly coiled funnel and then the spreading of the top as the opening. One is black and one is white. The black signifies the collective misuses of the Light of God; it is a vortex of Darkness and of karma. The funnel itself is holding up this Darkness and this karma....This funnel is very high, perhaps spreading from its center five hundred miles, and it is simply full of astral substance. It is the overshadowing force over the city. The lesser funnel is a funnel of Light, it is white. The canopy of the dark one comes over it. It rises up maybe fifty miles extending with the same shape, a tightly coiled funnel opening at the top, having a radius of perhaps five miles. Each of these is a vortex of energy. The one that is the vortex of Light signifies the Light that is being raised up as cumulative, up until this hour. The Darkness shows the misqualification in the same geographical area....The reading I am giving you of today in the Twin Cities is not the hour of the Final Judgment. It is a reading that tells us how we are running our courses—what is the strength of the forces of Antichrist, what is our strength. If we were to be weighed today, we would see the balances tip in favor of Darkness. But this is a reading that we can run with. It’s a measure that is given. God often sends his angels with measuring rods so that we can know where we are in our Book of Life and in our accountability. You who are assembled here this evening are fully sufficient in numbers, if you should apply yourself in a vigil of the hours, to the increasing of that funnel of Light until it overtakes and supersedes the Darkness and then by its magnetism does release the violet flame for the consuming of that Darkness. This is very especially important in this city because the Twin Cities focus the Alpha, the Omega—the principles of balance in the heart of the Central Sun for America.”

5. Gen. 3:4.

Jesus’ Arabian Retreat is located in the etheric octave over the Saudi Arabian desert northeast of the Red Sea. Another retreat, not in use at this time, is in a subterranean complex of buildings which the Masters hermetically sealed before a cataclysm covered the complex with desert sands. Nearly 400 feet beneath the surface is a huge chamber with 50-foot high columns decorated with hieroglyphs. Other stylized paintings in purple and gold line the walls. In an adjoining council chamber the cosmic symbols of the twelve houses of the sun are inlaid in the floor. The building style and interior design of this subterranean city resemble ancient Greek and Roman architecture.