Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 31 No. 19 - Beloved El Morya - May 8, 1988


Saint Germain Stumps America
A Sapphire Chalice
Violet Flame for a Measure of Safety


I give myself, a sapphire chalice, to the chelas of the will of God. Fashioned of my heart, this chalice interspersed with diamonds is one that can grow as the chela grows (even as the parent who carries the child may carry a greater weight as the child does grow).

So I, El Morya, looking with utter compassion upon my own, desire in this giving of myself to demonstrate to you the way of the Diamond Heart of God’s will.

Therefore, out of the First Ray of the dawn’s love for the diamond-shining Mind of God I come to you with lessons to keep you in the facets of the sapphire will of God that you might not sink into lesser vibration, my chelas, in these hours when earth becomes heavier before she shall become lighter–and she shall become lighter by your invocation of the violet flame and only by that invocation.

Therefore, in making myself a chalice for my chelas, I give myself to be filled by my chelas with the wine, the purple wine of the rich grape of the harvest. Let it be, then, an intense wine of the Spirit that comes forth by your call to the violet flame. Let the chalice of my being, with you, be the wine-bearer of Aquarius, beloved, for something must be done. Something is needed, beloved. Therefore, I propose in my heart to give myself, for what else can one give?

Therefore, I have appealed to beloved Alpha, who has assured me that in the giving of myself to those who espouse the will of God I am consistent with his proclamation of sponsorship of the Lightbearers of the earth. <1>

Blessed hearts, I desire to be a chalice that does overflow with the wine that you distill by your meditations in the white light of the Holy Spirit, and then with the intense imploring and fiery appeal to Mercy, to Kuan Yin, my cohort of Light, there might flow through you such intensity of the violet flame as to provide our beloved Saint Germain with an extraordinary portion, even a reservoir of such violet flame as to increase transmutation and therefore provide that measure of safety that is not now present in the earth.

You tread on thin ice, beloved. This sea of glass, then, becomes a transparency not for heaven but for the pit itself that does exist beneath this city, and therefore see how a surface of glass sustained by the light only of Lightbearers <2> does hold up a city that has turned toward Darkness. <3>

Let us reverse the tide, the Lemurian tide of the misuse of the Light <4> of the Divine Mother in holy temples! <5>  Let there be a turning of the tide, for God is able and God in you is able and I have seen what miracles my chelas have wrought in recent years and centuries. Therefore, it is never too late to begin.

Thus, I AM become a chalice walking–a chalice running when you run!  I come, beloved, in the full measure of my heart’s devotion to my brother Saint Germain, your own beloved Master whose life, I tell you, is given for you. Therefore, let the full measure of this chalice be given daily, for each day I shall take that which you have deposited in this chalice and place it in the violet flame reservoir of light on the etheric plane. Therefore, beloved, fill and let it be emptied–fill it to overflowing.

Thus, beloved, this my walk with Saint Germain may prove to be that stitch in time of Hercules and Amazonia. <6>  It may prove to be such a boon to chelas that they will at last transcend these planetary karmic cycles that have produced a density within them that is not to my liking.

Therefore, pierce! pierce! pierce! O blue-flame sapphire light!  Blue-lightning angels and devas of the Diamond Heart, come forth, then!  For there must be a piercing of this density, that this overflowing wine of violet flame, Holy Spirit, may pour through the cracks and the fissures in the earth and yet give to elemental life the support so necessary.

Blessed hearts, now let us consider how each one does become a facet of the Divine Mother’s Diamond Heart and my own. Blessed Mary does stand in this room radiating a healing light. You have tarried long, some longer than in many a year, longer than many have attended a church service for lifetimes, and therefore the reward is instantaneous. As the Blessed Mother has perceived needs for healing you know not of, she does anoint you with unguents of healing light. You are so beloved.

O be quickened, O be quickened, beloved!  For the victory is nigh. The angels stand guard. But a victory whose cup is not quaffed is not a victory–and there are not in-betweens. Blessed hearts, it is a choice for victory or utter defeat and self-humiliation.

Let the light ascend and the soul will follow suit. Let the soul ascend and millions will follow. Have we not earned our blue-flame ribbons of light?  Have we not seen and known the inspiration of millions because we have dared to ascend the mount Horeb and to know God face to face? <7>

Let the uncommon Light be kept by the uncommon souls who do dare to be different.

I now touch by my heart’s love and the fire of God’s will ten thousand new chelas of the will of God about to enter in. I touch them, beloved, for my love of Jesus and his call for ten thousand new Keepers of the Flame. <8>  I touch them and I tell you I am in pursuit of the holy ones of God who know not they are holy until they are told by the Blessed Mother.

Beloved, let the flowers who are the lilies in the earth be quickened and awakened!  Let them feel the gentle breezes and have hope again. Do your part, beloved, for I have secured all the dispensation that the Great Law will allow me. Now, will you not give of your heart’s Light <9> that you also might be the recipient from Alpha of a fiery mantle and dispensations that I could not receive?

In your own way, then, seek and find. Call and knock. Receive the answer and know that the door of Darjeeling is opened. <10>  Come, then, my beloved, for we have the work of the Divine Mother of all ages to fulfill.

O ancient Divine Mother of Lemurian soil, O Divine Mother, rise again, rise once again!  Thy children call thy name, see thy face, know thee once more. Rise, Divine Mother!  Carry thy children to the heights of summit peaks!  Bear them up and we shall catch them by the Holy Spirit.

O Divine Mother, raise on high the Manchild ere flood tide take him from thee. O Divine Mother, many-armed Kuan Yin, blessed Mary, O Divine Spirit of Omega, O Mother of the World, receive thy children ere it is too late!  Seal them in the Immaculate Heart that they may not lose faith or hope or courage.

Let fearlessness flame pierce, then, the darkness surrounding the children of God!  Angels of the Diamond Heart, seal them in the fiery protection of Saint Michael that they may no longer be abused, misused, trodden upon. Father, take them in thine arms.

I AM Morya, so concerned for the little ones and the tender hearts and the little feet and the blessed hands that pray and the lispings of the tiniest child in crib.

I stand before you in this city as I have stood before. I receive you, if you will receive me, on a path of discipleship that shall lead to a practical and swift application of the Law for the defense of Life. Life must needs be defended, beloved. I implore you, defend Life and know your own freedom!

I AM Morya. I seal you by the sign of the First Ray. Know, then, the signet of the blue rose of Sirius.



This dictation by El Morya was delivered by Elizabeth Clare Prophet following her Friday, February 12, 1988 lecture, “Crystals and Chakras:  Chakra Initiations with the Lords of the Seven Rays,” at the Sheraton-Palace Hotel, San Francisco, California, where she was stumping for Saint Germain’s Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness.

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6. Hercules and Amazonia’s stitch in time. In a dictation given July 1, 1987, during FREEDOM 1987 in the Heart of the Inner Retreat, the Elohim Hercules said:  “By your presence I send through your body chalices–which I do qualify with sapphire diamond light–a current of the First Ray to summon all earth to divine purpose. [10-second intonation] The sound I have sounded in that instant, beloved, reached the Central Sun and did return as a cosmic stitch in time through this heart. So make thy heart a chalice of God’s will and be those who sewed up the garment of earth with a stitch in time. I, Hercules, the cosmic tailor, will sew it through your heart.”  See 1987 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 30, no. 34, p. 317.

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