Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 32 No. 8 - Beloved Lanello - February 19, 1989


Givingness of the Heart
Desire the Will of God!

Ascension Day Address, Sixteenth Anniversary 1989
The Clearing of the Etheric Body


Friends of My Heart,

I come to you with great givingness of purpose. This givingness [comes] from the heart of El Morya and all who precede us unto the Great Central Sun of Alpha and Omega. Givingness of the heart is the opening of the heart. Thus, let this opening be, beloved, for expanded awareness of Life and earth’s evolutions, <1> specifically [of] the Lightbearers.

The opening of the hearts of certain of the Ascended Masters this day does come by divine decree. For, beloved, the opening of the orifice of this heart, as the opening of the lens of the camera, does therefore afford greater light to be released from the Great Central Sun and light to be received.

Know, then, beloved, that the light that we pour forth is always by dispensation and especially [is it so] in this hour of cycles intensifying on the earth. And therefore as there is an opening of the heart of heaven in givingness, I say to you, let it be the meditation of your heart to open, that greater light might flow, even as the dimensions of any pipe determine the water that does pass through.

There are fewer and fewer hearts upon earth through whom we can direct the light in the sense that descending karma has truly stopped up the hearts [of many]. Thus, let the few who have the contact be the open doors, for we require greater light in the earth to hold the balance [for the increasing weight of world karma] and even, if it is possible, to lengthen [by your threefold flames] the cycles that you might have [to work the works of God], before the Dark Cycle <2> does require that the recompense be made by all those who have set [in motion] the imbalances on the planet.

Hope, then, is not lost to us nor to you. For the hope that you bear in the heart, delivered to you by the Archeia Hope in January 1987, <3> is the hope of ascension’s flame, is the ever-present reality that you are ascending, I am ascending. And the light intensifying does therefore create a magnet, as though you were assembled like a honeycomb, all as one–ascending souls of Light. And the nectar of the crown does begin to open that aperture as well, that the wisdom of God might motivate your words and acts and deeds.

I come, then, beloved, with that supreme hope of the Fourth Ray. I hope individual by individual. I know every soul of Light upon earth personally at inner levels who may fulfill the ritual of the ascension in this life. And although you may think that an Ascended Master’s time is unlimited, I tell you, beloved, it is no small task to minister to all of these, to keep track of them and to determine “Never a Backward Step!” <4> but forward only.

Blessed hearts, the raging of the fallen ones is against these Lightbearers. I have said it before and I say it again, they must have contact with this Teaching and Path. For when they come to that place where they are assailed by the forces of Death and Hell, they are not able to beat them back with the wisdom teachings of the Divine Mother [or] with the understanding of the modus operandi of that very force itself. And therefore they accept the condemnation and the self-condemnation unto themselves, as you also have done until you came of age to enter into that wisdom teaching.

Blessed hearts, I therefore ask you in the name of the Great Divine Director, when you take your place in this court each Friday night, [seated] as though [you were each one] directly at the altar of God, that you determine to go after and to slay the world beast of [the] condemnation of the Lightbearers of the earth, [of] the ascending ones and the children of the Light who are truly tossed and tumbled in the turmoil [and] in the traducing of their lifestreams by the fallen ones. For they are not meet <5> to the chicanery and the subtlety of these fallen ones.

Thus, beloved, I say to you, let us clear the twelve o’clock line for the Lightbearers!  Let us this day determine that if we are to be in physical manifestation by these sixteen sapphire points of light of my Victory celebration this day, we must have a smooth passageway through the etheric bodies of these Lightbearers. We must together determine to clear that line of God-Power and clear that passageway!

For from the center of the circle through the Holy Christ Flame through the I AM Presence there does descend to each individual one, first through the etheric body, the God-Power, the God-Love, and the God-Mastery. <6>  And in that etheric body, beloved, there is the record and memory of their existence in higher octaves, even in the golden-age cities of Light, even in etheric temples.

Let us together, then, work and work the works of God for the clearing of those lines in ourselves and in those recruits who are ready, truly ready to embrace the Path!  Let us clear, then, on a regular basis all opposition to the [flame of the] Great Divine Director, all opposition to [his initiations of] God-Power [which he gives to the chelas of the will of God]. Let us get rid of it once and for all in this Community!  Let us bless and bless and bless one another and let us support one another.

And let that word criticism, that word condemnation, that word judgment be something that is no longer a part of your vocabulary or feeling world!  Let it be exorcised, beloved, by the power of Astrea; for it is always black magic, always malice, [and it] always returns to the sender with sickness, disease, disintegration and death. You cannot escape [the karma for] the arrows, the black arrows of the mind, sent forth almost unconsciously as there is that critical carnal mind surveying the scene and tearing down instead of building up.

Beloved ones, to heal the Mystical Body of God in the earth, to heal the Keepers of the Flame of this condition and conditioning is my purpose this day!  And I go before El Morya, for if you are to heal this condition, beloved ones, it will serve in an amazing way to move him toward that moment of being unbenched. And I tell you, beloved, we as twin flames and you as twin flames with your own do stand side by side with the beloved El Morya. And you ought to see the legions of angels who stand with him!

Yet the spoken Word must be accomplished. Yet the inner purification must be accomplished. <7> And therefore in the very process of clearing the etheric body there is the clearing of the space for the will of God to descend and [for] that mighty chalice that is desired [to be perfected], <8> even the crystal chalice [of God Self awareness] that does become the Holy Grail.

As the Great Divine Director is the sponsor of El Morya and Saint Germain, let us approach, then–as we seal the twelve o’clock line and the crown chakra with the fullness of the blue-ray will of God–that [one o’clock] line of Aquarius and that line of the soul, even the seat-of-the-soul chakra.

That soul being wed to God is what we are about and what we have been about since my ascension and long before. Beloved ones, until that wedding take place the soul is in danger, the soul is not safe, the soul is subject to the levels of Death and Hell that register in the astral plane but that are built, mind you, out of the misuse of the sacred fire in the etheric body.

Let the memory bodies of the chelas of the will of God throughout the world be cleansed!  Hear me, O chelas of El Morya!  For imagine [what lightness and brightness there will be] when that etheric body is cleared [and] all others [will] therefore reflect it and will be able to receive that Divine Image clearly. [That this may take place] let the soul herself [ensconced in] the seat-of-the-soul [chakra] desire to wear the bridal garment, be rid of self-hatred and mild dislike of the self–disapproval of the self.

Beloved hearts, let the soul desire in the desiring of God to enter into the worthiness of being the bride of the Eternal One–lo, of Christ!  lo, of Saint Germain, the Hierarch of Aquarius!  lo, of the I AM Presence!  Blessed ones, the desiring to be wed to Truth, to the Christ Self, must come upon one in a mighty way [in order for you to be able] to reject the [temptation of] going after other gods.

Thus, Israel became a harlot, and so it was spoken to the prophet. <9>  And therefore in the state of going after [the Nephilim] gods the soul of Israel remained unclean and could not be wed to the I AM THAT I AM. And therefore the prophets came, but the prophets could not achieve that union without the obedience of Israel and Judah; and they did not give obedience in time.

And thus, you see, there does remain from ancient times the severed [tie of the] souls of the twelve tribes, [who were severed] from their God, from their I AM Presence [through their exercise of their own free will]. And [their karma–for all except the remnant have not repented of their deeds unto the present hour–] is the cause of all [of] the woes [that have come] upon earth today and all of the vulnerability of North America and Europe to [a] Soviet first-strike attack. See it, beloved. They were not wed then [to their Mighty I AM Presence] and they are not wed today [to their Mighty I AM Presence]. Thus, Assyria and Babylon came between them and their God[–through the wedge of spiritual pride and intellectual rebellion they had allowed themselves to manifest which became their point of karmic vulnerability].

Did not we go forth in those times?  Did not we warn?  Was there not miracle upon miracle?  Did they not come through the hand of Moses and all who followed thereafter?

O beloved, understand that in [a] sense of the word this is the hopelessness of the Ascended Masters–not that a people cannot ultimately be converted but that the time and the cycles have come to the place where that which must be accomplished for [the] spiritual and physical protection [of the reincarnated tribes of Israel and Judah] cannot be achieved in the time that is left. [This we calculate] according to the cycles turning in the Dark Cycle for the delivery of mankind’s karma through the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Thus, beloved, the best that we can hope–and hope for this we must–is that one by one the individual soul will love God’s love more, will love Saint Germain more, will love the will of God more than self and all selfishness and self-love [by that Divine Love] that comes from the Ruby Ray cross (which begins on the one o’clock line [and carries through the four, seven, and ten) <10>–the best that we can hope is] that that soul will say:

“This day I AM begotten of the Lord!  This day I have come forth out of the will of God, out of that divine direction of Alpha and Omega, out of Elohim!  This day I will be wed to my Holy Christ Self. This day I AM wed to the heart of Saint Germain and Portia. This day I give the cup of my solar awareness unto Morya, for I know of none other who has so cared so much for me to deliver me from the oppressions, the depressions, and the [self-addictions that lead to the] annihilation of self.”

Blessed hearts, you must find the ultimate reason for denying criticism, condemnation, and judgment [entrée into your mind–for denying] the dislike of the self of others and [the dislike] of oneself [entrée into your feeling world]. You must find greater reasons outside of yourselves and outside of one another and outside of those things that you allow to come upon you[–yes, greater reasons to espouse the Truth, the whole I AM Truth, and nothing but the Truth]!

You must have an expanded awareness of earth’s evolutions and an expanded awareness of God!  And that God within you that is contained, beloved, must expand from within until this expanding balloon of consciousness becoming larger and larger causes the specks upon the surface to disappear.

Blessed hearts, the Great Divine Director, Saint Germain and Jesus Christ call you–call you to dedicate yourselves to the clearing of this etheric body. Therefore you see on the line of God-Mastery, the two o’clock line of Pisces, how Jesus the Master has offered you all that could be offered until you [answer the Call he sent forth] in his dictations of the past several years. <11>

Now you see the [potential for your God-Victory in the] crown, the [seat-of-the-]soul, and the solar-plexus [chakras charted on the twelve, one, and two o’clock lines, which make up the etheric quadrant]. Therefore, in the etheric quadrant there is [intended to be] the mirror image of the Divine Self–[for] there [was placed in the etheric body upon the creation of your twin flames] the Divine Image of God that [was and] is to be outpictured in the astral body, [the desire body, as well as the mental and the physical bodies]. [And] there [on the twelve o’clock line] you are dealing with the crown chakra which, when it is infilled with the I AM Presence and the Presence of the Father, the Presence of the Buddha, becomes a solar magnet, a central sun[–to the blessing of the soul and the four lower bodies].

And [when there is God-Mastery of the Light in the crown chakra] the light misqualified (that forms the electronic belt <12> at the level of the solar plexus and does enshroud the soul) is now raised up in a spiral, is now transmuted by the violet flame. And all [that negative karma coalesced in] those animal forms [of animal magnetism sent forth], all those points of consciousness of the anti-Self [that are amalgamated in the subconscious] are bound, for you have the perfect decree and you do give it perfectly:

It is the decree for the binding of the dweller-on-the-threshold. <13> It is the use of the blue-lightning mantra. It is the power of exorcism of the Ruby Ray. It is the power of the clearance that is done continuously by the Messenger.

Beloved ones, there has never been such a time when Lightbearers of the earth have so removed so much [misqualified] substance from their worlds!  And you who are not present on these Friday nights have no idea how you postpone the day of glory for your own lifestream. Why, you ought to rearrange your entire life to be here in this court at that very hour. For you do more for yourself and more for Morya than any other time of the week when you come together, for the sinister force cannot stand against the Body of God that is one in those hours!

Blessed ones, it is the day of Serapis Bey, it is the day of your ascension. And one day you shall ascend on a very Friday, and it shall come to pass and you will remember that I, Lanello, have spoken to you!  And you will ascend on that Friday, for you [shall] have completed the clearing of that entire twenty-four-hour cycle of all embodiments past, present and future [on the Fourth Ray].

And you will see, beloved, that the God-Victory of the ascension was yours and is yours because you dared to challenge every  point of Darkness in that etheric body and that etheric body became a vessel for your Holy Christ Self!  And that etheric body became so clear that the mirror of that etheric body received the I AM Presence [and] directed that [sacred] fire into the astral body, and that electronic belt could no longer stand. And those beasts and those fallen ones beneath the surface of consciousness were blinded by the Light that you could contain.

Let the etheric body become the chalice, beloved, and see how 25 percent of your being will therefore be the momentum and the lever whereby the rest of your lower self must be magnetized to your I AM Presence!

Blessed ones, since the coming of Godfre, since the delivery to the world of beloved Master M. and K.H., <14> of Saint Germain and the Great Divine Director and Serapis of the Theosophical Society, since the coming of the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings in modern time, there has never been, I tell you, a greater action of purification than that which has occurred in this court on those Friday nights by your hand!  Now, I say, will you give your thunderous applause to Almighty God for this blessing? [“Yes!”  52-second applause]

Blessed ones, so great is the outpouring of your Mighty I AM Presence in this moment that I ask you to sing to the ascension the song of “Aloha Oe” that you might establish such a crystal cord within you unto your Presence, sealed in ascension’s flame, that you may neither forget nor forsake this calling and thereunto be an anchor point in this octave for our beloved Serapis Bey and all who are to ascend in this life. Let us sing it with all of our hearts, beloved, for that Victory.


            The Ascension

From the realms of God’s eternal peace
      I feel the pow’r of Love’s release
And in contemplation now I see
      My belov’d I AM Presence over me.

Its dazzling Light envelops all
      As I, in adoration, now do call
As loving arms enfold me ‘round
      I dwell in majesty profound.

From within this pulsing sacred flame
      I hear revealed my secret name
As I rise in consciousness, I stand
      Ever holding o’er death the victor’s hand.
As I arise, ascended, free
      From deep within my heart, the Light I see
Enfold all in its pow’r of love
      The sacred tone from God above.

Now in heaven’s realm, my voice I raise
      In pouring forth eternal praise
For the love that strengthens and inspires
      And the light rays that are God’s sacred fires.

I AM God’s love, his pow’r, his might
      My one desire, all life free in the Light
Returning now to God, the One
      The Source, the great Great Central Sun.

   (Please be seated, beloved, as I continue my address to you.)

You would think that a crystal-clear etheric body would represent 25 percent of oneself or of karma balanced. But I tell you nay, it is greater; for the corresponding lines go to the astral body.

The etheric holds the matrix of all misuse of the sacred fire, all black magic, all witchcraft, all records of Death and even records of Hell. Thus, when this body becomes truly the light body, the heavenly body of the saints, you have more than 25 percent of oneself that is in attunement with, vibrating at the same chord with, the etheric octave where there is the golden age, where there are the etheric cities and retreats of Light, where there is the Holy City.

Thus cleared, beloved, this etheric body, which is the envelope of the soul’s journeying, becomes [a tunnel, a clear passageway to octaves of light. It becomes] a chalice. It becomes one with the Deathless Solar Body that is woven [through the process of soul purification at all levels], for the Deathless Solar Body does consist of the sacred fire that is of the etheric ‘gossamer’ substance [of Cosmic Christ purity].

Understand, beloved, that to clear this body you must be aligned with the forces of Archangel Michael and his legions. For what did they do as an example for you?  Why, they did cast out of the heaven-world the fallen angels. <15>

Therefore you must cast out of your heaven-world, your etheric body, creatures of the UFO creation, that which would invade the subconscious, fallen angels and their subtleties. They do not simply pass thoughts to your mind, beloved; they plant seeds in the unconscious and the subconscious so that they appear to appear out of the memory rather than out of the fallen ones themselves.

The soul and the etheric body require protection. Of course, all the bodies do. But, beloved, there is nothing to replace a determination to gain a very special strength, a very special aptitude, a very special calling [in one area of life, especially when it is the area of the spiritual body. And the etheric body] is the true spiritual body. [And] none will take from you your heaven anytime, anywhere when this body is cleared.

Need I tell you, beloved, and tell you again that there is no success at this attempt until you embrace the will of God?

I speak to those of you who know you have, as it were, psychological problems and have written to the Mother concerning these, where you express your doubt and fear to embrace the will of God as though somehow you will be swallowed up.

Blessed ones, you must be astute. You must be logical. You must write those words on your mental body:  Be astute and be logical.

To embrace the will of God what will be lost?  What will be lost, beloved, is the forces that oppose that will, [starting with] the carnal mind you have identified with.

In your imbalanced state, beloved, you may not have pure contact with the soul nor may the soul have pure desiring. But if above and beyond it all you desire union with God, it is necessary to seize that ‘driftwood’ of the will of God as [though] you were upon the sea of the astral plane and there were nothing left to grasp.

I tell you, it will come to this and therefore you might as well grasp it first rather than last. For those who elect to do the will [of God] in the hour when to do so requires sacrifice build good karma for the day when their karma does descend, build a momentum of spirituality [against the day of the dark night of the soul].

There are some here this day and throughout the field who will know, painfully, the meaning of my words. For years ago when you could have given yourself in greater measure and generosity to the service of the Light instead of to your private pleasures, [when] you had the opportunity to gain greater self-mastery, to gain a greater facility in the opening of the chakras, to balance karma and therefore to arrive at the place [today] where the blessings of the Great White Brotherhood might be your reward, [and you did not,] today you face instead calamity of various sorts–[principally the] calamity [of] making a shamble of your lives in the misuse of the sacred fire that has been shameful and in the waste of that money that you have acquired when it was easy to acquire it.

Blessed ones, you may have regrets about these things. And if you do, you will have to accelerate your cycles to make up for lost time. For the time has moved on and the dispensations are not as great as they once were. Praise God that the door is still open, that there is an aperture you may pass through!

Thus, beloved, understand that the Law is unfailing and [that] the Law will reward those who commit themselves unto the Law. Those who, therefore, espouse the will of God and do so in an enduring fashion, enduring to the end of cycles required, of karmic balances required, these do receive the crown of Life <16> that is the opening of the crown chakra, the supreme bliss and oneness with the Buddhas.

Therefore, beloved, do not expect that [when you embrace the will of God] suddenly all shall come upon you as a shower of blessings from heaven. You will be tested and tested again and tested again. The will of God is a diamond, even a diamond heart of many facets. Every facet must be tested. Just when you think that the will of God is sufficient for you, someone comes along–even the some one [or the] some thing that represents your karma–and all of a sudden you find out you have wants and desires which, if you exercise [them] and decide to fulfill [them,] will take you somewhat afield from the straight and narrow path that will serve the purposes of the Darjeeling Council and the Great White Brotherhood [and your own victorious ascension in the Light]!

Blessed ones, I give you a key, then, to perpetual bliss and rejoicing in the will of God. It is to come to the place, beloved, that you have no other desire in life [than to do the will of God].

Do you think that is a hard place to come to?  You may think so, beloved, by your present attitude.

But, beloved, you are not without thoughts. You are not without musings. There is scarcely anyone here who has not contemplated what the day of World War III might be like or the coming upon one’s house of the plague or all manner of calamity, cataclysm, or catastrophe. All of a sudden you look around yourselves and nothing that you have except a heart that beats, a life, a family, loved ones is important any longer–no desire of acquisition, no desire to satisfy the sensual indulgences.

What can the world give you when in a moment the world [and you] could be a pinch of dust?

All of a sudden your longing is for God and for God alone. And if you desire to survive it is for him. For who would want to survive in such a world?  And if you desire to achieve a greater [self-]mastery it is for him, that you might be in his service. If you desire love, it is to love those who are bowed down and burdened by an age of such pain and suffering. Anything you could desire from God should be to alleviate either the burdens of those near or planetary woes.

Thus, beloved, what can one achieve or do or say or be outside the will of God when the vastness of the consequences of the misuses of ages of opportunity does come upon a planetary chain?  In this moment I should believe or desire to believe that there is not a soul present who should not desire union with God first and foremost. Beloved hearts, if there is someone here who does desire something else more than union with God, will you say aye?  [silence]

Though you may not have dared to say it aloud, if you said it in your being, beloved, I ask you to take note. For if this does linger within you, I say it shall become the law of your being and you shall live to fulfill your desires that are not union with God or do not lead to it. But I warn you, as I love you, as I am your father, that to desire in this time and moment of earth’s history to fulfill these other things and to do so will deprive you not only of your Victory, not only of that Union, but they may [also] deprive you of your soul’s very garment, very protection, and you may find yourself suddenly cast adrift on the astral sea.

Thus, beloved, I return to the magnificent opportunity of this clearing of the crystal chalice of the etheric body. When you ascend you will not need a mental body [like the one you have], for you will have the Christ Mind as the Mind of God in you. You will not need an astral body [such as you wear], for you do not descend to the astral plane. You will have the universal desire body of God. And that which you perceive as physical today will be something above the physical yet far more solid.

Thus, beloved, you see, the etheric is the meeting ground between the plane of Spirit and the plane of Matter, a band called the heaven-world to which Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings descend and to which the souls beneath rise.

Therefore, beloved, we see this as a direction which if followed by this Community worldwide could create a wedge–a wedge, I say, of Light, a wedge in the mental belt of the earth, a wedge in the astral belt, a wedge in the physical belt. (For, after all, you are in embodiment and your etheric body is with you wherever you go.) A wedge, blessed ones, between the Darkness that is impending and its full precipitation in the lower octaves.

I come today from the Royal Teton Retreat. I come, therefore, to express to you the continuing desire of all who serve the Second Ray to make available the opportunity for the chelas of the will of God to sow a band of yellow fire around the earth, sparks that fly and ignite not only the minds but the memories of the people–a yellow band as a lining of the sun and of gold, the yellow fire passing through your etheric bodies.

Can you feel the piercing of the yellow lightning?  Can you feel the magnet cleansing?  Can you feel the points of the magnet pulling from you base ignorance, density?  This yellow fire chaliced in a purified etheric body is for the sweeping through [and the clearing] of humanity of all indoctrination, all disinformation, all manipulation  of the media that has brought the world to such a low state.

Blessed ones, the dark ones move on with their agenda but Alpha’s Agenda is yet here. <17>  I will tell you what these fallen ones fear. They fear your preparedness. They fear your clear-seeing. They fear the Divine Love, even the Love that comes from the Sacred Heart of Jesus in you. They fear the spreading abroad of the Teachings. They are not on such a strong footing, beloved. They may have all the armaments to destroy the physical plane, but they have a point of weakness:  for even they fear the Most High God and those in embodiment who are able to call forth that Light.

As it has been said to you, words are words on a page. They do not guarantee the answer to prayer. It is the fiery heart uplifted, the dedicated soul whom Elohim answer. Thus, beloved, they cannot steal your mantras or decrees. They may imitate but they are bound to the astral plane. Therefore, beloved, they are unsure.

And it is most definitely an hour to call for the judgment of the International Capitalist/Communist Conspiracy as it would move against this Community and activity. For [this Community] is the City set on an hill. <18> It is set on the mountain of God. And in the mountain of God they call upon the name of the Lord and the Lord does answer. And there is deliverance in this hour in Israel, there is deliverance in Zion. <19>  And the prophecies of Joel [concerning the remnant whom the Lord shall call] shall come to pass. [And] unless the fallen ones are turned back, the prophecies of their warfare [against the Lightbearers shall also come to pass;] but following the [repentance of the twelve tribes there] is also the victory of the seed of the Almighty One.

Blessed hearts, it need not happen this way. Nevertheless, you need to have two plans:  a plan that it will happen, being physically prepared in every way; a plan that it will not that does allow you to hold that cord of Light extended everywhere upon the earth, everywhere in the world.

And may that cord, beloved, be a lifeline to the Presence. May it be for those who find the Teaching and follow that cord all the way back to your heart. By the strength of your heart they will climb. You with all hosts of Light must have the strength to hold on as Hercules, to hold on with Elohim, and [to] bear the weight not only of their physical bodies, astral bodies, mental bodies climbing, but [of] all their karma with them. Thus, send violet flame down the rope, beloved, to greet them with violet flame angels, with seraphim.

Blessed ones, you have heard that even the angels find certain souls whom they must carry to higher octaves to be extremely heavy–heavy as though [they] were picking up a portion of the ocean [along] with them, so large are their contaminated astral bodies. Understand [that] that is why more do not reach here; for it requires that this [physical-spiritual headquarters] be the point of the balance of the fulcrum [in raising them up].

Let the Great Central Sun Magnet of your causal bodies coalescing around the causal bodies of the God and Goddess Meru and the causal body of the planet Hedron focused here and all other focuses placed here–[such] as the focus of [the] Chalice of Elohim [placed in the Heart of the Inner Retreat] <20>–be called forth to be more in the etheric, more in the mental, more in the astral, more in the physical plane that that balance [which] you hold might allow the Lightbearers to approach.

Blessed ones, the Lightbearers who would come here must get through the hordes of Death and Hell that surround outside the walls of this retreat, that come here drawn as moths by the Light or to take the Light. They are drawn to their death, else they come for the very purpose of separating [from you] the Lightbearers of the world [and preventing them by their wedge of Darkness] from [finding and entering] this place.

For this reason we gave to you recently the vision of the great crystal dome [with which Alpha and Omega have sealed] the entire [Inner] Retreat [and Royal Teton Ranch]. This crystal-dome [covered retreat], being atop a very high mountain, [is] the most prominent feature [(on the inner planes)] of the entire Western Hemisphere. And [the] light [of that dome], beloved, and the light of [the decrees and auras of] those living under it is intense. But the forces of Death and Hell have established and do continue to establish a thickness [of blackness outside the dome] of their [own misqualified] substance and their [own decrees and auras of] darkness ranging from fifty to several hundred feet [outward], depending on how much decree work [you] do on [that which has become a vortex of mass effluvia].

Thus, beloved, [such a conspiring of Darkness and the Dark Ones] does demand a continual clearance and that is why we have set Friday night for the weekly clearing of the area outside the walls of the retreat as well as of your own [four lower] bodies. [It is also] so that you might present yourselves on Saturday to Saint Germain as a living sacrifice, a vessel for the reversing of the tide and the judgment of the fallen ones and [so that] you might be self-emptied and ready to receive the illumination of the crown chakra [from your Mighty I AM Presence] on the day of the sun.

I ask you to visualize a yellow flame burning at the crown chakra. I ask you to place your left hand to your heart chakra and press the right into that crown. Press it into the physical skull at the place of the crown chakra.

Let there be established, then, through your Second Ray decrees the cycling and recycling of the yellow fire from the second plume of the threefold flame through the crown chakra and back again, activating the experiencing of the Mind of Christ in the crown and in the heart. Illumination does open the door to compassion–to the compassionate Buddha, the compassionate Mother, the compassionate Christ Self.

I would remind you, then, upon this very day that The Summit Lighthouse is dedicated to the victory of Divine Love upon earth. <21>  Let Love be radiating and rippling through you. Remember, our hearts have opened and that which flows is Love. Love is a Ruby Ray consuming all unlike itself. Love consumes, as Ruby Ray action, Death and Hellfire and fear and doubt. Love is a cleansing. And its merging with the will of God does produce every shade of the purples and violets.

O beloved hearts, through me now, through all of my chakras there is pouring to you light of the seven rays [as] my coat of many colors going to you and filling in where you have less attainment. I AM a Door that you may pass through, for I AM the Ever-Present Guru. I AM with you to assist you to become a very close chela of El Morya.

How the fire of my heart does pour!  I now tell you, beloved, and all who hear me throughout the world–you who are Keepers of the Flame and keep that Flame in supporting this activity, you who come to those Friday night services, you who know that the most important thing you do each day is to give some, some time to your violet- and blue-flame cassettes–[that] you will find me, you will receive me, you will have my Presence and assistance at each and every Friday night service.

And I shall place my Electronic Presence at a chair that you have near your altar. I ask you not to sit in it, beloved, for this chair shall have my Presence there.

I cannot help you if you do not ask. And if you ask without a deep desiring to receive that which you ask for, you will not have the magnet either to receive it or to retain it. And therefore [first and foremost] seek the desiring–or perhaps ask me to assist you to develop the fire of the desiring–to have the will of God.

Thus, beloved, I cannot help you if you do not ask. But if you ask for those things that you are unwilling to work for, yourself, to give the decrees for, or to work on in terms of personal habits or achievements, I am also limited in what I can do.

Try me, beloved. My ascension flame and mantle upon this Messenger will be to increase and multiply the fire of the calls for the clearing of the etheric bodies. May it be done, beloved, because you have heard, because you have listened in your souls and in your spirits, and because you feel in my ascension mantle today a power, then, [such] as you have not felt before on any prior anniversaries of my ascension–a power that can empower you as you measure up to it, a power to not sink back into the old ways, to not go back on your commitments made at the altar or your promises to yourselves to improve.

This day I say, let the mantle of Lanello deliver to all who will truly claim it for God’s will the all-power in heaven and earth that is given unto me in Jesus’ name! <22>  Therefore, through your I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self let the Law act according to your will.

In Love I stand for your Victory. In Love I stand for your Victory!  And all that I AM is pledged to your completion of the tasks at hand. Therefore breathe a breath to me and say, “Lanello, help me!”  when you are in the midst of service anywhere anytime. “Lanello, help me!” Blessed ones, I need my name spoken and a call for help. Please do not forget.

Thus, in gratitude to Serapis and all who have assisted me on my path, I bless you each one. The kiss of fire be upon your forehead from your father.


This dictation by Lanello was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, February 26, 1989, 4:33-5:27 p.m. MST, at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana, upon the occasion of the sixteenth anniversary of the ascension of the Messenger Mark L. Prophet. [N.B. Bracketed material denotes words unspoken yet implicit in the dictation, added by the Messenger under Lanello’s direction for clarity in the written word.] Throughout these notes PoW is the abbreviation for Pearls of Wisdom.

1. “Watch With Me” Jesus’ Vigil of the Hours, the Second Potential:  Expanded Awareness of Earth’s Evolutions, p. 11.

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4. “Never a Backward Step!” Motto of Keeper of the Flame Carol Hedgepeth, who early in The Summit Lighthouse activity brought many souls to the Ascended Masters by his tireless outreach through the classified ad pages of New Age magazines. He was knighted “Sir Valiant” by Saint Germain.

5. obsolete, equal, on the same level

6. The twelve, one, and two o’clock lines of the Cosmic Clock correspond to the etheric, or memory, body. Initiators, chakras, God qualities and their perversions:  Twelve o’clock:  Great Divine Director; crown; God-Power; criticism, condemnation, judgment. One o’clock:  Saint Germain; seat of the soul; God-Love; hatred, mild dislike, witchcraft. Two o’clock:  Jesus Christ; solar plexus; God-Mastery; doubt, fear, human questioning, records of death. For further teaching on the Cosmic Clock, see 1988 PoW, vol. 31 no. 61, p. 479 n. 5.

7. If Morya’s chelas are in earnest about getting their Master unbenched, they must not only be healed of criticism, condemnation and judgment, but they must daily accomplish their blue-ray decrees using the four El Morya tapes along with inner soul purification by a serious and devout application of the violet flame (also with our tapes).

8. In the Messenger’s February 22, 1989 letter to Keepers of the Flame on lesson 7 and above, she explained that the giving of decrees and songs with the audiocassette El Morya, Lord of the First Ray 2, starting with the first prayer, “I Raise My Cup to Thee,” is “the best means I know to raise the cup of our consciousness to be filled with the Christly virtues and blessings of the Will of God for all people....That this cup of self that is becoming our God-Self realization under your tutelage, O Lord El Morya, may one day be a chalice worthy, a chalice strengthened, a chalice perfected for the Holy Grail–this is our prayer” (pp. 1-2).

9. Israel as harlot. See the Book of Hosea; Isa. 1:21; Jer. 2:20; 3:1, 2, 6, 8; Ezek. 16:15-59.

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14. El Morya and Kuthumi were known in their final embodiment as the Masters M. and K.H. (Koot Hoomi Lal Singh), who worked together in founding the Theosophical Society.

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20. Causal bodies of the God and Goddess Meru and of the planet Hedron over the Royal Teton Ranch. On December 25, 1986, Jesus announced that the God and Goddess Meru had “placed themselves within golden white spheres” over the Royal Teton Ranch “to be sustained above it as their Presence with you.”  See 1988 PoW, vol. 31 no. 80, p. 633 n. 19; 1986 PoW, vol. 29 no. 78, pp. 681, 682. On December 31, 1986, Gautama Buddha announced that the causal body of the planet Hedron, a “golden sphere of a paradise that was beyond all necessity of human pleasure” built by the Lightbearers of that planet long ago, was being transferred over the Inner Retreat and Royal Teton Ranch. See 1987 PoW, vol. 30 no. 1, pp. 1-3, 10-12. Crystal Chalice of Elohim. On June 27, 1987, during FREEDOM 1987 in the Heart of the Inner Retreat, Archangel Chamuel and Charity revealed that “a tangible chalice is being formed, tended by Paul the Venetian, by Nada, by angels of Love....When the chalice shall rise to meet and greet the Elohimic level, then shall Elohim pour into this chalice that which ye seek, beloved. Truly, and truly I say, it is the purging, purging of all impurity:  Light, then, solidifying and codifying the Word within you.”  Beloved Alpha explained on July 5, 1987, that the building of the chalice “must give to us entrée to earth twenty-four hours a day by the Spirit of Elohim. And by that Spirit of Elohim, the Cosmic Spirit of Freedom shall also descend.”  Calling for an intense decree vigil to the resurrection flame by Keepers of the Flame for the completion of the chalice, the Messenger explained that this chalice, “as a ‘funnel’ of crystal light,” would be “the perpetual open door for Elohim to work through all true Lightbearers of the world. This is the key to the real victory of the golden age under Sanat Kumara.”  On August 17, 1987, the Divine Mother Kali announced “the fulfillment of the chalice in the Heart of the Inner Retreat to the Elohimic level.”  1987 PoW, vol. 30 no. 31, p. 302; no. 32, p. 310; no. 37, p. 374; no. 38, p. 383; no. 44, pp. 417, 418; no. 47, p. 443; no. 50, pp. 456, 459; no. 51, p. 461.

21. El Morya wrote in his August 8, 1958 letter to “Chelas Mine!”  which marked the founding of The Summit Lighthouse that “the potent cause behind it is revealed to you here and now as the necessity to establish the Flame of Charity, the pink flame of Divine Love in cosmic action, in the third activity of the Threefold Flame.”

22. “All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.” Matt. 28:18.




by Lanello


In the name of the beloved mighty victorious Presence of God, I AM in me, my own beloved Holy Christ Self, Holy Christ Selves of all mankind, beloved Archangel Michael and Faith, legions of white fire and blue lightning from the heart of the Great Central Sun, beloved Lanello, the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and the World Mother, elemental life–fire, air, water, and earth!  I decree:


Toward Love we go to understand;
Then Power flows from God-demand!
Transmuting darkness into Light,
We win the struggle for the right.


Love, release thy shower now!
Wisdom, for this age we vow
Deep renewal to the plan,
God now manifest in man.


To greatness let our souls go free,
Every moment then to be
Sons of God in thought and deed
By thy victory Godspeed.


Wisdom’s stream on thy beam
Answers now our call to thee.
Light and Power always gleam,
Heaven’s Law remains supreme.


Archangel Michael, fulfill our highest thoughts and desires–
Make them manifest, manifest, manifest!
In the name of Jesus the Christ, it is done!

   And in full Faith I consciously accept this manifest, manifest, manifest! (3x) right here and now with full Power, eternally sustained, all-powerfully active, ever expanding, and world enfolding until all are wholly ascended in the Light and free!  Beloved I AM!  Beloved I AM!  Beloved I AM!