Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 32 No. 14 - Beloved Peace and Aloha - April 2, 1989


The Chalice of Elohim


From the sixth heaven we are come to deliver the power of Peace!  And this power, beloved, is the Great Light of the sixth heaven. By that heavenly Light, O blessed ones, be now conferred in Light by Hope with Peace, by Faith with Peace, by Charity with Peace!

Peace is the all-consuming fire of a flaming sword that does devour war and the warlords and the hordes of war.

We have come, O hosts of Light, to stand in the heart of the cities of the earth. From this City of the Angels we radiate peace to all souls of peace!  To them that have, let more be given; for by the magnet of the heart of peace we convey a God Flame. Unto all who have peace shall more be added this day. By the law of the divine magnet, the power of Christ’s own attraction–Alpha running to Omega, Omega running to Alpha–so the power of the magnet does generate pillars of peace on earth.

Those who have the true flame of Peace, those who are the initiates of the Prince of Peace, those who stand in the way of <1> the Father-Mother God named Helios and Vesta in this system of worlds, those who move with the angels–Archangel and Archeia of the sixth heaven, Uriel and Aurora–now receive the gift of the angels of Peace!  And those who strive in their heart and soul and body and mind for peace come to the retreat of Elohim in the etheric octave over the Hawaiian Islands surrounded by the mighty power of Peace–Pacifica. <2>

O let the Light now traverse the earth!  Let it go to the heart of the little ones, the great ones empowered by the Lord’s Spirit!  And let them be increased this day by that Spirit in the hour of Pentecost, in the light of peace which they have gathered. These are the peacemakers which are called the children of God.

And therefore, do understand that we radiate rings of light–peace–from the eye of the altar, from the eye of the spoken Word and the Messenger of the Word!  And rings of peace, as the power of the Central Sun, go forth from the center of the altar and from the center of her heart wheresoever she does move.

And therefore rings of peace establish nuclei of peace and set the matrix of peace of Alpha and Omega. And the power of peace does push out as the mighty circumference of circles of peace widen and widen, becoming ever wider across the face of the earth, soon to contain the earth. Rings of peace push back the Darkness, push back the momentum of war, the threat of war, the lusting after the Light of the nation America and the Light of all peoples of all nations of Light on earth.

Understand the meaning of this, for this is the power of Peace and Aloha adding unto the solar ring the intensity of the sacred fire in this hour, beloved ones of the Most High God–sending forth rings of peace perpetually and forevermore until war does cease on this planetary body and the warring in the members of the psyche and the division within the four lower bodies and within the families and within heart and mind–healing, therefore, all schism in the personalities of the nations of the earth and in the peoples of the earth and thereby bringing the flame of Peace.

The flame of Peace is like unto the flame of the Holy Spirit, cloven tongues of fire. And therefore the twain–lo, Alpha and Omega, lo, the power of the Great Central Sun Magnet–must be now the force of God-Harmony within you.

For by that balance, by that wholeness, by that Spirit in the Matter bowl, by that fire in the temple burning, you see the magnet of our God, you see the power and the mighty thrill of the rippling of the light of cosmos and you realize that the all-power of the Prince of Peace in heaven and in earth is given unto the Christ of you. And when you are one with that Christ all things are possible with the God in you, for you have the power of the Almighty One as Father, as Mother, as Light descending, as Light ascending.

O Mighty Victory of the Light!  O Mighty Victory of the ages!


Beloved ones of the great Light of God that never fails, lo, I AM Peace and Aloha, Elohim of God!  Therefore, by the power of rings of peace we establish the circular momentum of the saints, using the sacred sword of the science of the spoken Word to reverse the tide of war, reverse the tide of totalitarian movements, including the International Capitalist/Communist Conspiracy abroad in the land of China, abroad in the land of Russia, abroad in the land America and all nations of the earth.

For nowhere is there complete freedom from the fallen angels who seek by subterfuge to create conflict, driving the forces of extremism right and left for the sake of conquest and control, dividing the people against the Light of the Father and against the Light of the Mother into this and that political or religious extremism.

Beloved lights of the Sun, understand that ye are brethren. Let not the fallen angels induce you into world genocide!  Let there be the cease-fire in Iran and Iraq! <3>  For you worship the one God, the one Universal Light, who has given all resources for your development, for your Christhood, and for your nationhood.

Why is there a warring among you when you have the Word of God?  It is a spirit of strife and of fanaticism and of hatred for that very Word and living Light that you profess to serve!  There is an abundance of light and every good thing and all you will ever need in the resources of the Middle East–the almost infinite resources of the Mother Light centered there for your livelihood.

Therefore, make peace or suffer the consequences of the judgment of the Elohim of Peace!  Let there be at the midnight hour the cease-fire!  And let [the war] cease and let the warring cease in your hearts, in your souls!  Let rivalry and vengeance now cease!

And the Lord shall have his day and his recompense. And you will submit to the Law of the One and the law of the circle, which is the law of thy karma. And you will use your spiritual and your material resources to resolve all problems!  And you will take the violet transmuting flame to consume the errors of the past and the past feuds and hatreds!

And I speak not alone to the nations of Iran and Iraq but I speak also to the division in the heart of India between the Sikhs and the Hindus, the warring factions, and those who have already broken off and formed the independent state of Pakistan. You have had your leader. <4>  The fire of the heart of Elohim has come to you and you have broken that heart by your warring, by your feuds, by your ambition for power!

And you now have desecrated the holy temple, you have caused the murder of my sons and daughters there. <5>  And therefore let the karma be upon Indira Gandhi this day and all those who use power and force and the absence of love and the absence of the initiation of the flame of Peace to resolve all questions and matters!

This earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. Have you forgot that ye are also his offspring?  I speak to your very hearts, ye murderers among the people of India, ye murderers and serpents and liars:  the shedding of blood will not bring about peace but only feed the vultures and discarnates and demons of war who grow fat because of your absence of love and your real and lasting commitment to peace!

It is time that India and the nations of the Middle East should show the blessing they have received in the gift of the holy prophets, the avatars!  Why, the saints have walked your very land, the ark of Noah has come to rest there, the power of the Buddha, Krishna, the very imprint of the feet of Issa! <6> And you are the worst of the earth!  For the Gentiles, the ‘foreigners’, have taken the grace of God given to the seed of Sanat Kumara.

And therefore I tell you, the mantle is upon our Messenger this day by the power of the Holy Ghost that you may know it indeed–the power to transfer that fire of the threefold flame to the Gentiles, meaning the evolutions of planet earth apart from the Hebrew, who derive their seed by Abraham from the kindling Light of Sanat Kumara.

Let these nuclei from the beginning now take heed and know that they must be representatives of all nations, raising up the mighty power of the serpent in the wilderness as Moses did raise up the brazen serpent, signifying that the requirement for the taking of the Promised Land is the raised Kundalini fire, which cannot be raised without obedience to the Law of Love, the Law of Life, the Law of the One!  And thus the Mother with you is the power for the turning of worlds by Elohim if you will realize that the ascension fire is the cosmic honor flame, the flame of God-obedience.

Therefore I send the power of the Holy Ghost unto India. If you do not mend your fences, if you do not fall upon your knees and beg God forgiveness for the murder of one another, for strife, for political feud and every manner of fanaticism, I tell you the judgment will come upon you in the form of World Communism and you will be overtaken from without!

And, beloved ones, the mountains, the Himalayas, the streams, the mighty Ganges will weep in that day when you forsake the calling of your nation to go after the gods of lust and murder and war!  And it shall come to pass, as we speak this day, that God will deliver his avenging fire upon you if you do not cast this foul spirit out of your midst!

Ye Sikhs, come into alignment with the flame of Peace!  And let the Lord God have his vengeance else you will be destroyed entirely. Ye Hindus, where is the Light of the Mother in your heart?  How can you go after those who are a part of her very own womb?

And you, the leader professing to serve the fire of Zarathustra, <7> I tell you the judgment of that fire be upon you, Indira Gandhi!  For you could long ago have led your nation to be the Promised Land and power of Light in the East equal to that of America. And you have been a whoring after the gods of World Communism; and you will lie with them and they will destroy you as I live, saith the living God!

And that fire of Elohim will eat up those who have not stood on the Lord’s side!  And you will know that God is in the earth, and you will know he is yet able to save his people of Light nation by nation!

Therefore, saith the Lord, plant the flame of Peace in Kabul and let the power of that peace devour the fallen ones, devour the Soviet and their snakes and their tanks and their planes–devour to the very core!  And let the freedom fighters of the nations now move in!

And I challenge this president and this Congress:  Go to! Give them not meagerly but supply them with the power of Almighty God for the defense of America in Afghanistan!  For this is the place of the I AM Race also, and every nation can become the very force of America by way of the name I AM Race.

Let the pillar of fire be raised up!  Let the rings of peace go forth!  Beloved ones, let the armies of God appear. And let there be a miracle of Almighty God as the power of those freedom fighters is increased and as there is a welling up of the world conscience that will not betray, will not stand aside, will not turn their heads and pretend they do not see the slaughter of my holy ones, these little children.

For I tell you, it is one thing to have the karma of the slaying of the little child, but it is another to have the karma of standing by while another slays that child!  You nations of the earth, you are accountable!  And nothing shall stand between you and the fire of Almighty God. It shall descend, for you have allowed one of these little ones to perish when you could have raised your sword in defense of that one!

And therefore, you who seek the Messiah, he shall be denied you because you have not received him, protected him, and cared for him as the little child. No, not in Lebanon, ye would not!  Ye also allowed the little child to be slayed there. <8>

Is nothing sacred on earth?  Well, I tell you, if nothing is sacred on earth, then God will consume the earth!  Thank God for some who have understood the meaning of the reverence of life and the divine spark, for at least there is a remnant who hold the balance that the judgments of Elohim do not descend through the forces of Nature.

Is it not enough that there come tornadoes in the land, devouring man and child and beast in the night?  Is it not enough that you have seen this?  Can you not see the fierceness of the Holy Spirit coming in the very week of Pentecost to utterly raze a town? <9>  And the people say, “It is not the will of God.”

I tell you, it is the will of God, as they have misused the Law in this and previous incarnations!  And there is a price to be paid, and the force of each one’s misuse of the light must return to his doorstep sooner or later. And if I were you, I would pray sooner that you might balance that karma swiftly and stand once again right with God.

Beloved hearts, what messenger will they hear?  They do not remember the prophet and the sign–the sign of the small cloud in the distance that [became many clouds which] covered the whole heavens. <10>  They do not remember the sign of the lightning and the thunder in the hour of the crucifixion. Elemental life fear the movement of God in the forces of Nature. Even the animal kingdom knows the signs, but ye call it superstition.

Beloved sons and daughters of God, if they will not listen to Moses and the prophets, if they will not read the ancient texts of India, if they will not abide by the power of Gabriel and Michael, sponsors of the light of their seed, if they will not abide by the inner voice of conscience, if they will not hear the I AM Presence and the Christ Self, if they will not heed the Messenger of God, then I tell you, God will speak to them directly by the power of his own hand!

For the only progress that God will ever allow is the progress that is founded on the rock of Christ-peace!  And all that is gained by misuse of the Law, all that is taken by force will be stripped in the hour of the coming of Maitreya, the hour of the coming of the Cosmic Christ.

You may build for a while your towers to the sky, your civilizations, your materialism, your implements of war. Go ahead and build them into oblivion. But when the Cosmic Clock strikes twelve, I tell you, the Lord God shall raise his hand and collapse those systems of matter and those molecules that compose those implements!  And ere this shall occur some may destroy themselves or others by implements of war unless the nations raise their hand.

Let the rulers and the people of America understand the vow of the guardian Name, the vow of the guardian Light I AM THAT I AM, and he who must be the guardian nation. I AM the guard and I AM the watchman of the night!

Let the entire program for the defense of America be implemented swiftly without regard to the reactions of the fallen ones who are at the head of the state of Mother Russia, who have seized that throne of Mother Russia, who have it not by the authority of the Great White Brotherhood and are using that Light of the Ancient of Days which they have usurped, calling themselves the Supreme Soviet.

Let them be bound, let them be judged, and let them hear that this day the power of the Elohim of Peace does withdraw from that seat of government in Russia all Light ever vested in the tribe of Reuben reincarnated there!  And therefore you shall no longer steal the Light of Christ, of Joseph, of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in your quest for world dominion, world submission unto yourselves.

In the name I AM THAT I AM Sanat Kumara, we the Elohim Peace and Aloha and seven with the divine complements do therefore withdraw all Light stolen by the black magicians of the Soviets who hold a nation in bondage and a world in terror!

Therefore it is withdrawn, and withdrawn from client states and from Castro[’s Cuba] and Nicaragua and Eastern Europe!  And that power is withdrawn from those who have taken the land of China from the Lightbearers!  And you will see how the removal of the force of the ancient Kali, the very Mother chakra, will see the crumbling and the decay!

And I bring with it the judgment of Trudeau, who has laid that blame upon America for the cessation of the talks in Geneva. <11>  You are betraying the Word. You have betrayed that Word for a million years and your hour has come, Pierre Trudeau!  We Elohim speak it before the I AM Presence!  And all of heaven and the saints of earth affirm that judgment now. For you will no longer go forth and betray the Light of the Elohim in Canada or pursue the division in this hour of North America, creating strife and hatred and division on the border of Canada and America.

I say the mighty rings of peace go forth. They go forth in this hour and they consume these artificial divisions and the schism and the playing of brother against brother. And there is a binding of that greed that you have put across Canada, you and your henchmen on the astral plane and all the forces of black magicians!  For the Keepers of the Flame of Canada have mandated it. They have decreed for it. They are the authority, the divine authority, for that true God-government!  And therefore we answer their calls this day. We, Peace and Aloha, free you therefore from the ancient shackles of an ancient bondage of black magicians!

And you who have pursued your attack upon this Teaching, this Word and this Church Universal and Triumphant and this Messenger will also be stripped. And so it is true nation by nation, city by city. Those who move against the nucleus of fire, the Central Sun Magnet, established in this heart and the hearts of the faithful worldwide, are now stripped. And the rings of peace [are] pushed back upon them by the power of the reversing of the tide of their hate and hate creation and their desire to destroy another man’s freedom of speech under God, another man’s freedom of assembly, and another man’s freedom of religion and freedom of the press.

I tell you, beloved hearts of Light, there is the going forth of the power of Peace in the four quadrants, consuming therefore every opposition of the free will of the individual to exercise that divine spark in the four quadrants of Matter by the power of the four sacred freedoms–freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, freedom of the press.

Therefore we enshrine them, we ignite the flame, and we give to the freedom fighters of the world the transmission of our heart’s flame for that empowerment, for that fervor, for that determination to defend that freedom!  For without that freedom there is no life!  As the brave ones who have lived under the Soviets’ domination have told you, they will give their life before they will submit to this totalitarian state. And you will understand that freedom is an a priori assumption of life and there can be no life without it.

And therefore, people of America and every nation, respond to the Elohim of Peace in this hour!  Stand upon your feet and take that light for peace and freedom, for the light of victory, and stand with those who are the defenders of freedom in every nation upon earth!

Now we would serve the power of Light of Alpha and Omega as the Body and Blood of the Universal Christ, of Jesus, of your own Christ Self and [of] every manifestation of that Light worlds without end. On this day of Pentecost 1984, we the Elohim of Peace bless the bread and the wine and serve you our Holy Communion. Drink ye all of it. Assimilate our Body, our Light, our Consciousness. As the helpers of the altar serve you now, meditate on the fire of Peace. [Holy Communion is served.]

The forces of anti-Peace have entered the heart and the soul, the mind and the womb of woman. O mothers of the world, hear me!–you who have been drugged and doped by the indoctrinations of the forces of anti-Freedom to kill your own life, your own child, your very own beloved in whose heart there burns a threefold flame of Life [where] the image of the Holy One of God can be seen. I speak to you!  Hear me!

By the power of Elohim, by the fire of the Holy Spirit, I free you from this darkness, this insanity, this perverseness of the depths of hell that has taken you over like some strong potion of a witch’s brew. You would never in all eternity in your right-mindfulness in God consent to the invasion of the womb by these fallen ones to take from you the precious little child of God’s heart–a part of you, a part of the father, and so much a very part of the needs of the world–sent by God by cosmic timetable to move his little fingers once again, to twinkle his toes as he lies in his little bed.

O mothers of the world, how can you turn back the face of the living God and accept the cult of death?  You are our standard-bearers. You must raise up life and light and hope!  I say, shun them who promise you liberty and give you death, for you make a karma that you will one day reap!  And you will truly weep and reap, as certain of your prophets have said, as you face the awful specter of yourself with your misdeed and you are called by God to live and serve again to give life to these little ones.

Beloved hearts, this we might say “ingenious” evil plot of the wicked must prove to all that there are wicked [spirits embodied] in the earth that are not of God or of his people but are the fallen angels who kill and kill and kill! And the more bodies of the babies they can pile up, the more they are in the gladness of their own lust. These wicked, therefore, have determined to destroy you as you come in the name of the divine Woman clothed with the Sun.

Have naught to do with them!  The warfare of the Spirit has come upon your own house and you know it not!  Rise from your beds, rise from your chambers, women of the world, and unite and throw off the forces of hell that are taking your babies! Can you no longer cry out when Herod’s men come to take your firstborn?  Can you no longer cry and scream and say, “No, I will not have it!”

O women of the world, do you not understand the powers of Darkness to turn your minds and to make you shun the most precious gift that God will ever give you apart from your own life and free will and divine spark–that precious babe in your arms, the gift of heaven that comes to you with love, singing songs of angels, cooing in the night, yes, crying too?

Does it distract you that he cries?  Are you burdened that the baby needs attention [and] comfort?  Do you not know, [even] as your soul needs comfort, that, in a world as dark as this one with life-threatening situations boring down upon the newborn babes, these little ones are also frightened and [that] they are also angry in the wrath of God that their cohorts and sisters and brothers have been taken and that they need their group of souls to fulfill their mission and their duty to life and their cause?

Are they not disturbed?  Yes, they are disturbed. They need your comfort. Do not shun them!  Do not beat them!  Do not deny them!  Do not feed them impure food and water. Care for them. And when you do, one day it shall be spoken of you, “All nations shall call you blessed,” for you have championed life, beloved hearts. And unless you take your stand for life, that thing that is most precious to God on earth–the soul, the beautiful body temple of the newborn babe–will be vulnerable to every form of tyrant, Satanist, black magician, so-called scientist or surgeon with knife in hand.

The day will come, women of the world, when if you do not stop the enemies of the child and the practice of abortion, you will have no say and the babies you want will be torn from your arms and seized [from you]!  And you will grieve all of your days for the one taken [from you] by force.

Yes indeed, life has responsibilities, men of the world!  Let us see the fervor of the honor flame in your heart to support your women and children, to care for them:  uphold them, guard the sanctity of the door to life, and see to it that the children you bring forth and you bear are those which you may comfort and love.

Men and women of the world, have respect for the sacred fire of creation and realize you are called to be co-creators with Almighty God–not co-creators with devils, not co-creators with gods of lust, therefore bringing forth creations unbearable in the sight of God and man. It is your absence of reverence and consecration of life and prayer and preparation that results in the unwanted child.

In heaven there are no unwanted children. We receive them all back again when you reject them, O earth!  We receive them in our temples of light!  We comfort!  We are Father and Mother unto millions that you have aborted in this very year, O world!

I will speak it!  And I would speak all day and all night if the temples of my people could bear it, for I do not stop speaking at inner levels to your hearts and your souls concerning this issue–the most pressing problem of our time!

And why do I say this?  Because it breeds death!  It breeds the evacuation of the body temple by those who cannot face life with guilt upon their souls. And the dark spirits move in and overcome them and promote insanity abroad in the world. It is the most pressing problem of our time because it is the greatest single act that causes the greatest karma to the individual and to nations!

Thus, the sands in the hourglass descending as the karma for abortion are filling the bottom of that glass. And who will turn it over to start the round all over again?  Do you think Almighty God and his angels, his Elohim will forever turn aside and [forever] allow it?  I tell you nay!

And I cry out to you, O people of earth!  Hear the Word of the Lord and live! And if you do not obey the mandate to stop the practice of abortion, you will find that Almighty God will abort your opportunity for life and victory and to balance thy karma and attain thy immortal freedom. As you sow, you will reap. And whole nations will come tumbling down. For they have denied me, saith the Lord, as I come in the person and the body and soul and the laughter and the joy of the tiny babe!

Lo, the Holy Ghost goes forth this day of Pentecost!  For it is the Holy Ghost that does breathe the breath of Life as that child is born, does ignite the divine spark as it comes forth from the mother. And the Holy Ghost goes [forth], then, as the avenging sword of our God, denying that power and presence and flame unto all who have denied the Holy Spirit room in these newborn ones!

Behold the Holy Grail in the child in your arms, the child in your womb!  Behold the Holy Grail, fitting for the presence of the Holy Spirit until you defile it with the desecrations of this civilization!

This is that abomination of desolation that standeth in the holy place where it ought not. <12>  This is the sin against the Holy Ghost–to deny Almighty God the living temple for the living Word, to deny Life opportunity in Matter, to deny that breath, to snuff it out, to deny that fire in the heart, to extinguish it!  So come into the reason of the LORD and the love of the Mother. [intonation, holy tongues]

We now call the three graduates [of Montessori International High School] to this altar.

Hear me, O Community of Lightbearers, for we speak out of the heart of God’s magnificence. We reward the faithful as these have been faithful. We also single out vessels that have sought, by the soul’s desiring, sanctification by the holy Word, purity, and the desiring to do God’s will. The hand of God passes over the earth, draws out symbolically three to carry the force of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.

Understand the meaning, therefore, that there are some who may carry a Light and the promise of God in their hearts, which Light and promise does then endure like an holy office even the comings and the goings of the soul and the outer self as it seeks to balance life’s actions.

Beloved ones, we whisper through these hearts to all youth in every nation. You who are without a cause or purpose or calling or vision, we speak through these hearts as thy peers of this generation. There is hope. There is a way. There is a holiness to be sought and a path.

Let these souls bear our torch. Let them have a try at it. Let them be ones to determine to keep the flame of Peace for the consuming of war and to preach the gospel of Peace, of salvation through the defense of the Law of the Lawgiver Brahma, through the mind and the action of Shiva and the power of Vishnu. Thus the Holy Trinity, the triangle of Life, interchanging, interweaving as threefold flames dance the dance of the hours and each one shows forth in his time, in her season the attributes of the Three-in-One.

My beloved son and daughters, I speak to you in this hour of your graduation, signifying initiations passed, a level of accomplishment as foundation for the next challenge of life. I speak to you of your ancient past and your longing to be free and your desire, each one, for peace. For these pure desires have drawn you to this altar to receive my love.

I commend you to cherish all you have received. Though you have not understood all, you shall in time. And those sweet lispings of Truth of your own soul and the tenderness of a mother’s heart will one day come as a vision and an understanding of goal-fittedness which your parents and teachers have assayed to give you. It is an hour when you launch forth empowered by your own Christhood and your soul’s determination to hold tightly, tightly the hands of your God-reality.

Precious hearts, I do shed a tear and I am overcome in this hour to see youth in every nation, your age and younger, who have been wrested from the very hand of their Christ Self!  Guns are placed in their hands when they can barely read and write. They know nothing but Communist slogans and their indoctrination is to destroy freedom and America.

Hearts of living flame, I tell you, if you will take the flame of Peace and become pilgrims of Peace in the highest sense of the word, I will be with you to multiply the power of Peace I have given you and through you to reach others by the power of the conversion of the Holy Ghost whereby in the word spoken, the love given, you may draw forth [a “good catch”] from this generation, as mighty fishermen bringing their nets full at the behest of Christ, [and lead them] to the way of Freedom, to the way of Peace.

There is no peace without honor. There is no freedom without love. All misuses of freedom are a sign of the absence of love. All misuses of peace are a sign of the absence of honor. Therefore understand that those who pass through the halls of learning here–of Montessori International from the lowest to the highest grade, of Summit University, and of the disciplines of staff service–may qualify themselves to receive the mantle of disciple of the Elohim of Peace.

It is up to each one to make of a given situation the best of all possible alternatives. We cannot guarantee anywhere perfect people, perfect parents, perfect teachers, perfect administrators, perfect children, perfect classmates.

Do not lament another’s shortcomings but by the flame of Peace supply the difference!  Give of your heart and see how the blossoms of peace spring forth in the hearts of those who may not be serving you as well as you think they ought to be serving you. Turn around and serve the Christ in them and see how they will respond. Turn the tables on the plots of the fallen ones to destroy this Community, this school, this flame!  Overturn the tables of the moneychangers in the temples. Will you do it for love, my precious?  [Graduates answer “Yes.”]

One day long ago a woman who called herself Peace Pilgrim came to our abode and I gave a special dictation through the Messenger Mark affording her the opportunity to be my spokesman. She would not receive me, denied it, and went on her way, walking across the land notoriously as Peace Pilgrim.

It is this day of Pentecost 1984 that Elohim have responded to Alpha and Omega, who have said, “Peace, go forth!  Anoint these. They will not disappoint you, for they are lovers of peace and freedom.”  Thus I have great joy in this hour, beloved ones, to pour of my Spirit into your temples, to sponsor you and through you all who will receive me in my name, Elohim I AM THAT I AM Peace, Peace, Aloha!  [Graduates receive blessing]

My beloved, though you are well taught I must warn you of the forces of anti-Peace abroad in the world who will come to challenge my flame in your heart by all manner of subterfuge, serpentine logic, and subtlety. Beloved ones, shun them, for they come to divide you, to cause division in your soul and heart and within your families and amongst those who are to be with you as you go through life.

Remember the sign of Peace of the Prince of Peace. Raise the right hand and turn them back!  Remember the tube of light and the solar ring and the ring of peace established this day.

Defend and uphold my flame!  Start a revolution of peace that is true peace and not the laying down of defenses and not diplomacy with serpents!  Start a revolution, start a revolution, start a revolution as a vortex of Light, as peace in your heart that will draw to you the souls of Light who are the physical counterparts of the army of Maitreya!  See and prove how one flame can unite a world, and three thrice-told!

There is a desire for union. There is a desire for peace. Therefore, let it begin with thee. Go in the peace of Elohim with all of our love and our hope and our strength and our oneness.

My beloved, the saints have gathered and the spirits of the unborn denied and the souls of those in embodiment who have yearned for this moment of the empowerment by Elohim once again of the youth. Who is the youth?  It is Sanat Kumara, the Eternal Youth–mighty image of the youth of the world!  He is redeemed by one, by three, by many hearts of love in the children of this Community and many sweet hearts dotting the earth with stars of peace and peacefulness.

Souls of Light gathering from many octaves rejoice to witness the true descent of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost from the heart of Elohim. And many who are Christians and devout Jews and devout Moslems and Hindus and Buddhists and others, having witnessed the power of Elohim and the transmission from heaven to earth of light as a flame in the hand of Elohim, now contain an inner standard and an inner voice of conscience whereby they might choose with greater discrimination and selectivity the path of the One.

All things whatsoever ye shall do in this life, know, graduates, that every other soul upon the planet bears witness. Souls will rise by those who rise and fall by those who descend. Ye are not ordinary children of God but already extraordinary sons of Light. By thy example written on the ethers the youth of the world will know that there is a God and that he lives and his power is unto them as they will to receive it by his law.

Let all know that the sign of the coming of the prophet, of the Messenger, of the disciple, and of the holy innocents is a spark of hope that conveys a new God-determination to all people of Light. And they shall rally! They shall know! For none will stop the Word of the Great White Brotherhood and Elohim in this age and of the Lord of the World and the living Christ and the Father-Mother God in the person of Helios and Vesta!

I have said it!  It is so!  For the rings of peace will guard the way of the Word of God in my Messenger, in my disciples, and in my little ones cooing the sounds of angels, speaking with the Nature spirits. Truly, they enjoy the communion of saints and are blessed. May you be blessed this day as the little child.


This dictation by Peace and Aloha was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Pentecost, Sunday, June 10, 1984, 3:04-4:26 p.m. PDT, at Camelot, Los Angeles County, California. [N.B. Bracketed material denotes words unspoken yet implicit in the dictation, added by the Messenger under Peace and Aloha’s direction for clarity in the written word.]

1. those who persevere or persist in, remain obstinate or steadfast in the way of; those who take their stand on the path of

2. the Pacific Ocean

3. Cease-fire in Iran-Iraq war. Iran and Iraq, which had been engaged in a full-scale war since September 22, 1980, reached an agreement on June 10, 1984 (the date of Peace and Aloha’s dictation) to cease bombardment of civilian targets. The cease-fire went into effect June 12 and produced a two-week lull in the fighting. The agreement was negotiated under United Nations auspices; it was the first time the countries had responded to international requests for restraint in the war. It was estimated that in just the week prior to the agreement more than 900 people had been killed or wounded in attacks by Iran and Iraq on each other’s border cities.

4. Mohandas Gandhi (1869-1948). One of the causes championed by Gandhi was to put an end to the division and strife between Hindus and Moslems in India. He opposed the partition of India and Pakistan into separate nations as a deterrent to the goal of a unified India.

5. On June 6, 1984, thousands of Indian government troops stormed the Golden Temple, the most sacred shrine of the Sikhs, which militant extremists had been using as a stronghold. The attack came in the midst of escalating terrorism by Sikh extremists agitating for an independent Sikh state in the Punjab. The bloody 36-hour siege that ensued left between 600 and 1200 people dead. Less than five months later, on October 31, 1984, Indira Gandhi was assassinated by two of her Sikh bodyguards as she was walking to her office in her New Delhi compound. Her death triggered a blood-bath as Hindus retaliated by killing and wounding thousands of innocent Sikhs.

6. Jesus is called Issa in both the written chronicles and oral traditions of the East, where he spent his 17 “lost years,” from age 13 to 29, not accounted for in the Bible. See Elizabeth Clare Prophet, The Lost Years of Jesus.

7. Although it is said that Indira Gandhi was Hindu, when the Messenger interviewed her in April 1970 in India and asked her what religion she practiced, she said she was a Parsi.

8. Beirut massacre. Between September 16 and 18, 1982, over 700 Palestinian men, women, and children were massacred in two refugee camps (Sabra and Shatila) in Israeli-occupied West Beirut by Christian Phalangists, one of the major parties fighting for control in Lebanon’s ongoing civil war. Israel had invaded Lebanon on June 6, 1982, and defeated PLO and Syrian troops; PLO guerrillas were evacuated from Beirut in August 1982 after the Israelis’ fierce and prolonged barrage on the city with bombs and artillery that killed hundreds of Lebanese and Palestinian civilians. The Israeli-backed Phalangist militia was sent by the Israelis into the Palestinian refugee camps in search of Palestinian guerrillas who might be remaining following the PLO withdrawal. The brutal massacre caused an international uproar and sparked an official Israeli inquiry into the incident. Top Israeli officials were charged with ignoring the danger that the Phalangists would take the opportunity for revenge for the assassination of their leader, Lebanon’s president-elect Bashir Gemayel, two days earlier. In addition, Israeli commanders were accused of not acting promptly to stop the killing spree once they had found out about it. In 1983 Israel’s investigative commission found Defense Minister Ariel Sharon and several other military officers guilty of errors equivalent to dereliction of duty in the failure to anticipate or to stop the killings. Even Israel’s Prime Minister Menachem Begin was assigned a certain responsibility in the massacre. In Lebanon the actual killers remained unnamed and unpunished.

9. Tornado destroys town. On June 8, 1984, the small farming town of Barneveld, Wisconsin (population 580), was literally flattened by a tornado which killed nine people and left 77 hospitalized. Only three buildings in the town were left standing intact. The twister was one of 49 tornadoes that swept through the Midwest the night of June 7 as part of a storm system.

10. A little cloud out of the sea. I Kings 18:44, 45.

11. Geneva talks. On November 23, 1983, in Geneva the Soviets walked out of arms negotiations between the United States and the U.S.S.R. to limit intermediate-range nuclear forces in Europe when West Germany decided to deploy U.S. strategic Pershing II and cruise missiles. On December 8 the Soviets also suspended the Strategic Arms Reduction Talks (START) to negotiate reductions in strategic intercontinental missiles.

12. Abomination of desolation. Dan. 11:31; 12:11; Matt. 24:15; Mark 13:14.