Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 32 No. 29 - Beloved Gautama Buddha - July 16, 1989


The Messenger Stumps New York
The Message of the Inner Buddha
Love Is the Liberating Power of Aquarius
Wesak Address May 20, 1989


Hail, O Light!  I AM descended in my Dharmakaya into this place even as I hold counsel simultaneously with my bhikkhus and devotees not only in the heart of the Himalayas but in every place upon earth where the individual does adore the God within.

Thus I come, thus I minister, and I AM the Lord of the World.

Therefore, out of compassion in this hour I speak to my own and to all people who are citizens of planet earth. It is an hour, beloved, when love and greater love as compassion and Divine Love I would bestow to melt within you fear, doubt, ignorance, the clouding of the mind, and the nonawareness of the signs of the times.

Love, therefore, comes, for love is the wisdom of the heart. And in this peace, in the peace of my Presence, I enfold you that you might know, beloved, the eternity of Life that is in your own causal body, that you might rise to dwell within that body of Light and that you might understand [that] past, present, future collapse as time and space collapse as you enter into the Presence of God with you.

Blessed ones, in this Presence you are delivered from the burdens of hoping for a better life in the future or remembering nostalgically the past. In this Presence, beloved, you are. You are Love, you are Wisdom, you are endowed with Power. And you know who is your Real Self. You know who is the not-self. And you resolve to conquer that self and to be with me a mighty conqueror over sin, disease, and death.

No matter what does transpire in the earth, I, Gautama, am with you. I am in the very heart of hearts of those who love God and his will, who meditate upon his law day and night. <1>

Whatever your religion or affiliation, it matters not. But it matters, beloved, if you enter into fanaticism, into condemnation of life and become bound by the letter [of the Law] without the spirit. <2>  Thus, love is the liberating power of Aquarius.

I call you Home. I call you home to my Shamballa of the East and of the West. I call you home to the light of the universal yin and yang. I call you home, beloved, to inner balance; for you shall not find it in the outer world or the outer self. You are weary of both. Therefore come unto me, all ye who labor and struggle with karma and I will give you the rest of the bliss of the hidden man of the heart that I AM THAT I AM.

From my heart is a filigree thread of Light [that goes out] to every individual upon this planet. And over that thread of contact flows life and a nourishing of the divine spark, establishing oneness through my heart with the entire hierarchy of the Great White Brotherhood. For as the mantle of Lord of the World is upon me, so through my heart do you contact Cosmic Beings, Elohim, the center of the Great Central Sun until ye are able to do so through the development of your own heart chakra and the balance of the threefold flame therein of Power, Wisdom, and Love.

I AM THAT I AM therefore the Inner Buddha within you, the crystal Buddha of the color rays. I ensconce myself now in each and every one of your chakras that therein there might be the spinning of the Tao.

And therefore let my Son Lao-tzu <3> appear once again on earth. For, Lao-tzu, the earth has need of thee.

Wilt thou, O my son, go forth once again clothed in flesh and form, born of the Divine Mother, to carry once again the message of the eternal Tao?

Wilt thou, my son, come to the West where thou shalt be blest by the love of the bhikkhus gathered in the northern Rockies at the place of the Western Shamballa?

Wilt thou come?  For I have called thee to unveil again the Middle Way and [to] bring all the bhikkhus not yet ascended into the path of golden, shining illumination’s flame [in order that they may] enter Aquarius fully clothed with the violet flame cloak of self-transformation.

Wilt thou, O Lao-tzu?

Beloved, it is indeed a question that I ask whose answer must be pondered not by my son alone but by the Hierarchy of Light. For those changes coming upon the earth, and severe changes, must be considered not [only] by yourselves but by the Hierarchy of Light. And therefore many souls of Light who could accelerate their path by a final incarnation are waiting in the wings in the etheric octaves to descend into form lest in so descending they should not survive the turmoil and the turbulence of the final decade of the century, of the millennium, and of many thousands of years of cycles.

Twenty-five thousand eight hundred years I have awaited thy coming, beloved!  And you also have awaited your coming into this very embodiment when the doors should open [whereby you should] enter the gates of the inner temple by the twelve gates of the twelve signs of the hierarchy of the zodiac.

Thus, understand the twelve gates as twelve paths of initiation. You have lived in many dark ages enslaved not alone to self, but for the karma of self-enslavement you have endured enslavement by the tyrants of this world and mockery and persecutions and maimings and death.

So that which many have experienced even in this century on this planet some of you have escaped, some of you have not. For you were there in the Holocaust. You were there in prior wars. You have been there East and West. Aye, the sword of the fallen ones has fallen upon you in your vulnerability, and that vulnerability being the failure to heed the law of God and the Inner Voice in past incarnations.

Many among you, almost all who are here this day, and many Lightbearers of the world did plead before the Four and Twenty Elders and the Lords of Karma to enter this life to walk the straight and narrow path of the Buddhic victory, the Christic light. Yet, beloved, those who should be your teachers have not upheld the true calling within to present the Truth no matter what the cost. And thus indoctrinated once again as children, you have set forth on your quest as I did as Siddhartha to discover the answers to life and to the profound meaning and cause of human suffering that so outrages the sensitive soul.

You who feel and know world pain as well as the bliss of nirvana, you who are sensitive to elemental life and to all who suffer as well as to all who triumph, you, then, do have the makings of Buddhahood. I come to say this Wesak 1989, the hour is long past. Do not postpone the day, for the hour is come and now is when thy Teachers are close at hand. And you shall know your Teachers <4> as you are known of them.

Receive, then, the Ascended Masters. Receive their teachings, beloved. For it is a moment when, as none other in these 25,800 years, you can accelerate and enter by the fiery coil the innermost presence of the Inner Buddha and thy Holy Christ Self.

As the cycles are opened and the portals to the city, let all take the science of the spoken Word; for it does necessitate a giant leap, when the hour is so short, to come under the wings of the holy angels and the I AM Presence. [And the science of the spoken Word is the means to that leap.]

O blessed and most holy God, God Flame within, as Above, so below, let thy oneness be declared. O in thy infinite mercy, thou bodhisattva Kuan Yin, come with thy mantle of Mother Flame mercy and violet fire!  Place it upon each one of these and all of this world who are the devotees of Love.

A filigree mantle of Light as light as a feather does fall upon you–mercy’s mantle, an insulation you may wear with any other mantle, an insulation from the burdens and the harshness of life on this planet.

Many upon earth in this hour are hopeless. Thus our attention goes to those who would raise up freedom in China <5>–China long ago betrayed by the powers that be in this very nation, betrayed, then, to World Communism when freedom was her destiny. <6>  Blessed hearts, the powers that be in China today do not intend to allow this youth to triumph and to win. Thus I place my comfort flame upon them in memory of the Ancient of Days and the endowment of that civilization with the flame of illumination long, long ago.

May your mantras and decrees be for the binding of tyrants everywhere that the Buddha might emerge. These tyrants, beloved, are not of the seed of the Sons of God but they are fallen angels and betrayers of the Inner Buddha and the Inner Christ. And they strike and strike again and again wherever souls unite to declare the fundamental principle of the path of the Buddha and the Christ, which is freedom. And [these souls of Light united], they themselves do ring the bell of the Aquarian age and they say, “Thus far and no farther!”  Yet, though the power of Hierarchy be with them, the power of this world is not in their hands.

Will you not, then, invoke the Archangels and all hosts of Karttikeya, <7> Sanat Kumara, for the deliverance of youth and those of all ages in every nation to overcome tyranny and bigotry and enslavement in every form?  Unless freedom triumph, beloved, the Aquarian age cannot be and shall not be an age of the God of Gold, a golden age of enlightenment.

Freedom is always hard won, as is true illumination. Therefore the Buddhas and the bodhisattvas have raised up the kindling fire of the crown; and we bring our crown chakras as we walk, almost physical, through the earth this day, those Buddhas in heaven and all of their disciples. And the fire of our crown chakras is as the fire of a candle and we make ourselves fiery candles walking, walking through the earth.

I bid you, then, take the tape of decrees on the Second Ray of illumination that we have called for and that is now manifest <8> and [I also bid you,] as a messenger of the Eightfold Path and of the Inner Buddha and of the Holy Christ Self, vow to carry that flame of wisdom, of illumination (which is [of] wise dominion and of illumined action). Messengers are ye all of the Middle Way, tethering not to the right or to the left of the world’s various isms but knowing that Truth is above them all.

I AM in thy heart, beloved. Fear not. Fear not, for I AM with thee. I AM thy Father, thy Brother, thy Son. I AM thy Husband. I AM the Lover of thy soul. I AM so very close to my own. Do not extend distance between your self and mine but speak to me each day as a friend you entertain and who entertains you along the way. For thus the Lord of the World is not elevated above his subjects but is the servant of all. <9>

I keep the Flame of Shamballa until you have the mastery to go there out of the body, to commune in higher octaves, to arrive at the retreats of the Ascended Masters. I keep for you the threefold flame of the heart until it does expand.

Yet those of you who follow the Ascended Masters and those of you who have just learned of their presence so near, I say, do not be fooled by the very process of the reasoning mind that does say, “I am a chela of the Ascended Masters. I am secure.”  Thus you will make the mistake of an ancient disciple and not attain to the inner mind.

It is true, beloved. Not an Ascended Master or the Inner Buddha or the Holy Christ Self or the I AM Presence can attain this victory for you!  It is not possible. This is the message of the hour, to work out your own nirvana, your own salvation, with that fear and trembling before the law of God, before the signs of the times, before your karma–understanding that it will take all of your life and your loving, all of your determination and your willing to affirm, in the science of the spoken Word, mantras of the East and the dynamic decrees that Saint Germain has introduced to the West. All of the Hierarchy of Light does sponsor this and it is the swift and sudden descent of your I AM Presence!  It is the shortest distance between two points.

Thus, with all of thy disciplines and all of thy getting of the knowledge of the Path, do not exclude the daily recitation of the mantra and the giving of the devotion. [This ritual] does weave the light by the power of your spoken Word and your chakras and thereby [you do] establish strong cords of light from your chakras which bind you to the infinite and clear the pathway through the astral debris to the higher octaves whence you descended with your twin flame!

Be not afraid to give your life to the Victory, for thereby you shall have everlasting Life. Do not fear to face the future or what is coming upon the earth, but take heed to be in preparedness, as we have told you. For when you are in the physical body you are subject to physical conditions. Therefore, if you go out in subzero weather, you may take cold or pneumonia unless you are one of the few yogis in the high Himalayas who may sit [naked] in the ice and snow untouched.

Remember, you are subject to the forces of this world, to the chemistry, to the poisons, to the diseases, to all of the threatening woes and that which is delivered as karma of the earth through the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Understand this, beloved, and do not confuse by your metaphysics the absolute God-Reality of your Higher Self with the mutable lower self as so many in the past have done in their [self-]idolatry. And therefore they have not met the challenges of the times because they have refused to bend the knee to acknowledge the laws that govern the time-and-space manifestation, the Nirmanakaya.

To be master over time and space means that you must obey the laws governing the health and survivability of the body and the mind and the psyche within this octave. To be an instrument and a crystal chalice for the higher Light you must take care of this lesser vehicle.

The challenges [being] faced by this planet, the challenges that you will face, beloved, require a steeling of the mind and [of] one’s inner resources, then, a preparation for the return of that karma [which is] becoming more and more physical.

You have thought that that karma descends perhaps from a century or two thousand years. But I, Gautama, tell you that it descends from 25,800 years of continuous incarnations by yourself. That which has not been balanced by you in that period is the [karmic] baggage you bear for these cyclings of the earth in the precession of the equinoxes.

Thus you see, if the righteous be scarcely saved, where shall the sinner and the ungodly appear? <10>  It is the noble Son Saint Germain who has given his causal body and his life that you might have in your hands this day the gift of the violet flame. By calling forth that violet flame daily, you, then, may transmute that karma residual that has been the accumulation of this cycle of cosmic history of your soul’s evolution.

The more karma you balance and do so quickly by this dynamic decreeing to the violet flame, the more you will help the planet and the more you will decrease your vulnerability to that returning personal and planetary karma which shall accelerate in the twelve years hence from this hour, from Easter past, and from the auspicious date of April 23, 1989, as April 23, 1969, was the commencement of the return of mankind’s karma. <11>  These cycles, beloved, do intensify and it is because the Light does intensify.

If you, therefore, by spiritual exercise, by the use of the spoken Word and the Work of the Lord, will increase the Light in your [body] temple and literally enter the ruby fire for the exorcism of those invaders of your temple who are not of the Light, you will find that the Light within you will hold the balance for many upon earth who may be swept away by the tide of personal and planetary karma. This is the life of the bodhisattva–to bear the burden of the many as well as [of] oneself, to transmute the lesser self while bearing the cross, the cross of the meeting of the way of the Tao in the very heart of life.

I counsel you, then, as you shall see me now and as you shall see me when you draw your last breath in this life, that you spend all the remaining hours allotted to you, aside from the responsibilities of livelihood and family, in the giving and offering of praise to God and [in] the invocation of his Light that you might be a Light to the nations.

That you might learn the lesson of overcoming as taught in the story of the “Spade Sage”–that when you do conquer self [and] the desire and greed [for] an unnecessary livelihood in place of the Path, that conquering of self is the internalization of the Word, the eternal Logos that I AM THAT I AM[–is my prayer. This internalization of the Word is] the internalization of the Buddha whereby you are known as the Buddha, [it is] the internalization of the Christ whereby you are known as the Christ.

And this victory over self is the fusion of the permeable self, the soul, with the permanent Self who is the Lord of Life. And in that oneness, beloved, there does come upon you the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit. And thereafter the one and the thousands will know that because you have conquered self they also may conquer self and enter in [to the Holy of Holies of their own God Presence].

Therefore, when the pull of the flesh and of this world and the lower desire body would take you apart from the Middle Way, I say remember [the] many lifetimes you have spent in a state of nonresistance to the lower self. Let it be a turnaround in this hour of Wesak, for my causal body is upon you and with you to strengthen you! It is an hour when you can appropriate my mantle and move on.

And therefore, inasmuch as you have ample experience of allowing the pulls of this world to take you from your First Love–your very First Love, who is your I AM Presence and your beloved twin flame–why not experiment and see where the determination to go up, up, up in the desire of thy spirit to soar sunward and enter the I AM THAT I AM [will take you]?  Let each day be that decision reinforced until the momentum is the momentum of Hercules, of Amazonia, of Elohim, of Cosmic Beings!

May you hitch your wagon to the star of that I AM Presence and move on. For, beloved, every affirmation of the “I AM THAT I AM the Buddha in the way, I AM THAT I AM the Christ in the way” is the building of momentum. And you find that the momentum becomes the Holy Spirit in your sails and in your wings, and you are propelled by your prior good works and by that momentum of your very causal body.

This is the easy way, but the way of the toilers is the hard way of Death and Hell and self-annihilation. It is far more difficult, beloved, to choose the path of annihilation than it is to choose the path of Light. Yet in this world it has become reversed. I say, it is not so.

Therefore on this day of Wesak I come. It is with a message of encouragement to all who mourn, and they mourn because of their acceptance of their incomplete awareness of self. They mourn because they are in a state of ignorance.

Let there be Light!  Let the Light of the Buddha now expand from within your heart until you feel a physical heat melting the ignorance, the avarice, the unmerciful heart, and all those things that block the flow of Divine Love from you!  In the fullness of this meditation I bestow upon you a halo of Light, each one. My angels guard you [together] with the angels of the Seven Archangels.

There is a fire in the mountain of God. May you meditate upon that fire, become it, enter the mountain, and transcend all stages of nonexistence until you become in God the self-existent one.

Think upon this. Your I AM Presence is the self-existent one, the full God Presence. When one day in the highest octaves you shall have realized the allness of God as Above, so below, you shall know the meaning also from Christhood to Buddhahood to Godhood. This is your destiny, beloved. Let none, no thing, no force, no subtle deception, no creature great or small take from you that First Love, your daily devotions, and all that you must accomplish to become as we are.

We are your elder brothers and sisters on the Path. To you who have come from near and far, I, Gautama, shall be present with you to answer your unanswered questions, to tell you that which cannot be spoken in a public place, to lead you and to guide you. Therefore fast and pray that you might hear my word and know that which is your assignment that will bring about the hour of your Victory.

Until that hour, then, you are overshadowed by the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood. It is yours to appropriate our Power, Wisdom, and Love, to call it forth, to apply it, to direct it for the healing of society and self.

All the world is thy patient, beloved, for there is none saved unless the whole is saved. O my bhikkhus, save thyself that thou mayest save a billion souls and more!  For the Light is equal to it!  The Light shall perform it!  The Light shall do it!  The Light is thy God-Reality.

[Congregation intones the mantras with Gautama Buddha:]

Om  Om  Om

Om Mani Padme Hum  Om Mani Padme Hum

Om Mani Padme Hum


This dictation by Gautama Buddha was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Wesak, Saturday, May 20, 1989, 5:19-5:58 p.m. EDT, at the Whole Health Expo at the New York Sheraton Centre Hotel. Prior to the dictation the Messenger conducted a workshop on “The Message of the Inner Buddha.”  [N.B. Bracketed material denotes words unspoken yet implicit in the dictation, added by the Messenger under Gautama Buddha’s direction for clarity in the written word.] Throughout these notes PoW is the abbreviation for Pearls of Wisdom.

1. In His law doth he meditate day and night. Josh. 1:8; Ps. 1:2.

2. The letter killeth but the spirit giveth life. Rom. 2:29; 7:6; II Cor. 3:6.

3. Lao-tzu: 6th century b.c. Chinese sage and mystic, traditionally accepted as the founder of Taoism and author of the Tao-te Ching, one of the most sacred scriptures of Taoism. The Tao-te Ching is said to be the most frequently translated work next to the Bible and Taoism was a major influence in Chinese thought until the Communist revolution. Lao-tzu is believed to have once met and spoken with Confucius. In Chinese, Tao means literally Way; it also denotes Teaching. In Taoism the term takes on a metaphysical meaning as the Absolute, the ineffable Reality, the First Principle and source of all being to which all things ultimately return. The goal of Taoists is to become one with the Tao.

4. Thine eyes shall see thy teachers. Isa. 30:20, 21.

5. Demonstrations for freedom in China. Following the April 15, 1989 death of ousted Communist Party leader Hu Yaobang, regarded by Chinese students as a supporter of greater freedom and democracy, hundreds of students gathered at Beijing University for a demonstration that grew into a people’s movement for political reform and the most serious challenge ever faced by the Chinese Communist government. On April 18 several thousand students chanting democratic slogans marched through Beijing and demonstrated in Tiananmen Square, the political center of China. On April 27 more than 100,000 people, including Chinese workers, marched 10 miles from the university to the square. Students in Tiananmen Square began a hunger strike on May 13 and within days more than one million people rallied in the streets of Beijing in support of the 3,000 strikers. Demonstrations spread to Shanghai and at least 33 other Chinese cities as people from all levels of Chinese society joined the students in demanding greater freedom of the press, free elections to fill leading positions, an end to governmental corruption, and dialogue between leaders of the government and the student movement. The massive demonstrations coincided with a May 15-18 visit to China by Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev–the first Sino-Soviet summit in 30 years.

On May 20, Chinese leaders declared martial law in parts of Beijing. Troops were stationed around the city, ready to crack down and attack protesters. In a show of solidarity with the demonstrators, masses of Chinese people surrounded the troops attempting to move to Tiananmen Square, halting military transports and preventing the soldiers from reaching the center of the demonstration, where 100,000 people had gathered. In Shanghai, troops were stationed nearby tens of thousands of protesters but did not advance. It was reported that on May 22, 100 military leaders signed a letter stating that the army “will never shoot the people.” 

Meanwhile, Communist Party hard-liners headed by senior leader Deng Xiaoping and Premier Li Peng were locked in a power struggle with the moderate faction of party chief Zhao Ziyang. By May 26 the hard-liners had taken command and placed Zhao Ziyang in custody. As the number of protesters in the square dwindled to fewer than 10,000, student leaders considered ending their historic occupation of Tiananmen Square. The arrival of a 30-foot sculpture resembling the Statue of Liberty, dubbed the Goddess of Democracy, helped to embolden the students to continue the protest.

In the early morning hours of June 4, the seven-week standoff between the government and students ended in the worst day of bloodshed in Communist China’s history. Ten thousand soldiers stormed Tiananmen Square hurling tear-gas canisters and firing their assault rifles and automatic machine guns indiscriminately into the crowd. Some protesters fought back by throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails but within a few hours the army had gained control of the square. The Goddess of Democracy statue was demolished. An estimated 500 to 7,000 Chinese had been slaughtered by their own countrymen–crushed by advancing tanks, felled in the square, or killed in their sleep when soldiers rampaged Beijing neighborhoods. The real count will probably never be known since there were reports of mass cremations of corpses.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, the hard-line government of Deng Xiaoping denied that a civilian massacre had ever occurred. At a press conference, one official praised the nearly 100 soldiers and policemen who gave their lives in putting down what was called the “counterrevolutionary insurrection.”  Determined to extinguish all vestiges of liberal sentiment, Beijing authorities raided universities and detained students and teachers. National television broadcast mug shots of wanted “hooligans” and provided hot line telephone numbers for informants. Arrested students were paraded through the streets with placards detailing their crimes. On June 21 and 22, 27 people were executed for allegedly beating soldiers or destroying state property. The New York Times reported on July 17, 1989, that “the Beijing Evening News suggested that 3,586 people had been sentenced by the end of June for counterrevolutionary crimes.”

The U.S. press called the government’s propaganda campaign the “big lie.”  However, many Chinese outside the capital with access only to state-run central TV believed or professed to believe the government’s story that the crackdown and suppression was justified. Some cooperated with authorities by betraying family members and others suspected of criminal activity.

Chinese reprisals were strongly condemned abroad. With each act of repression, the U.S. imposed new sanctions on Beijing. These measures, which included banning arms sales and high-level diplomatic contacts and applying pressure on international lenders to deny new loans to China, conveyed disapproval without causing a complete break with China. Both Democratic and Republican congressmen criticized the weak response of the Bush administration, complaining that it did not reflect the outrage of the American people. As the crackdown continued, dissident students and intellectuals were being smuggled out of China by an antigovernment underground. Some student leaders were mobilizing for a democratic movement in exile.

6. Betrayal of China. See Elizabeth Clare Prophet, “The Abdication of America’s Destiny,” Part 2, 1988 PoW, vol. 31 no. 23, pp. 181-85; Archangel Gabriel, Mysteries of the Holy Grail, pp. 353-56, 357-61.

7. Sanat Kumara is revered in Hindu tradition as Karttikeya, the god of war, commander-in-chief of the army of the gods. He is often depicted holding a spear and riding on a peacock and is sometimes shown with twelve arms holding weapons. Legends vary regarding his origin. According to one account, he is the firstborn son of Shiva and Parvati; in another, he was fostered by the six visible stars of the Pleiades and thus is depicted with six heads.

8. Illumination tape. 1989 PoW, vol. 31 no. 22, p. 250 n. 1.

9. Servant of all. Matt. 20:25-28; 23:11; Mark 9:35; 10:42-45.

10. If the righteous scarcely be saved. I Pet. 4:17-19.

11. Dark Cycles of the return of mankind’s karma. 1989 PoW, vol. 32 no. 19, pp. 205-6, 215 n. 6.