Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 33 No. 35 - Beloved El Morya - September 9, 1990


Poised for the Victory
The Cycles Can Be Turned!
At King Arthur’s Court on the Occasion of the Thirty-Second
Anniversary of the Founding of The Summit Lighthouse
Our Alchemy for the Crystallization of the God Flame


Hail, chelas of my heart!  I truly am with you in this hour as the forces of Darkness rage and the karma becomes more physical day by day. <1>  I am in your heart, you are in my heart and we are one for this glorious celebration of this thirty-second anniversary of our Summit Lighthouse!  [28-second standing ovation]

Surely, surely some of you have attained to the bonding <2> of our hearts and our spirits as one. Surely some yet seek to enter into this communion with me, while others, knowing not what they do <3> to prevent it, yet remain outside the door of my Ashram.

I come to woo you, beloved, to enter and sit by my fire. For surely it is a sacred fire. Surely it is tended by salamanders and spirits of fire. Therefore be seated with me now that we might have our fireside chat to contemplate the achievements of these years and those things left undone.

Mighty is the achievement, truly an adequate foundation for the victory; yet the fullness of the cup must be drunk. <4>  This year we will work through the full power of the flame of God-Justice <5> with beloved Portia [and] all of the ascended hosts. It is our goal and truly our very purpose to see to it that the karma of Community and of individuals does pass into the violet fire of transmutation, [its situations resolved] through the way of service. [It is our desire that] all might achieve that coming into balance whereby the star of Christhood and the birth of a Christ might be the sign next year of a thirty-three-year spiral. <6>

Would to God you would rise, starting at the beginning, that you might pass through the Teachings and the Way and the lessons unto your own thirty-three-year spiral of victory. It matters not whether it take you thirty-three centuries or whether, beloved, you do this in thirty-three months or thirty-three weeks.

May you know, then, that the cycles can be turned. For this [reason] I am so grateful that we have the Ashram Notes and rituals; for passing through these spirals [of our early beginnings], you lock in to the foundation [of this organization].

And truly I tell you that the founding fathers of this activity, who were present in Philadelphia on August 7, 1958, are here again this day. And they are the Masters who have truly formed that great alliance with me as members of the Darjeeling Council, and they did stake their lives and Causal Bodies upon this effort and upon the Messenger and the few who did gather with him.

Therefore there came Archangel Michael with magnificent protection, representing the Archangels. And this protection surely must be invoked from its inception to this hour; for it is the momentum of this thirty-three-year spiral that we would see anchored in the physical octave come next year. Understand this, my beloved.

Understand that Elohim Peace came representing the Mighty Elohim of God that you might keep the peace as watchmen on the wall of the Lord and the wall of the world. Therefore dedicate your hearts this day anew to holding that flame of peace while there is the raging of war in the earth.

There did come, beloved, that Saint Germain, even the hierarch of Aquarius, to endow with his momentum of all ages and ages to come that little band that has become almost numberless numbers by the count of souls who have been contacted through the books and publications and by the wavelength of the violet flame. Millions, beloved, are tied to the heart of these Messengers. For the Light has gone forth through your decrees, and Saint Germain’s love on that day, beloved, did endow this activity with its Seventh-Ray and seventh-age mission.

Blessed ones, there did come the Maha Chohan. And as he stood there with me on that day, I did contemplate how those who would come in succeeding decades would purify themselves, become holy and therefore be able to receive not only the Father and the Son in their temples but also that Holy Spirit.

Blessed hearts, this is the day when you ought to recognize [the seven founders of this activity] and even this very night as you meet in the Retreat of the Divine Mother. [This is the day] for you to make your pact with these seven <19>who spoke that day, to enjoin them and to seal your hearts in that grand alliance of the ages. [Thus may you] bring forward to the present all the dispensations of these years, especially that of the inception, that very initiation of dispensation from the Great Central Sun that did unleash a spiral which, I tell you, was planned to be unleashed in Philadelphia. [For our] purpose was to tie in to the great alliance of minds and hearts and souls who converged in that city for the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

And I tell you, beloved, these two acts are the greatest in the history of this present world. [The first] is the founding of this civilization on the foundations of freedom and the principles of God whereby two hundred years later there could come about [the second], the founding of The Summit Lighthouse as the spiritual culmination and the capstone on that pyramid. These are the Alpha and the Omega of this civilization.

And I tell you, beloved, the momentum of Light poured into America on the day of that signing and that conception of this nation was extraordinary indeed!  And inasmuch as there is the resurrection in this year of that original fervor of the Founding Fathers, <7> I ask you to claim it, to claim their Causal Bodies, to claim all the Causal Bodies of all Ascended Masters who were a part of that founding with Saint Germain as well as [the Causal Bodies of] those unspoken who were with me in 1958 in Philadelphia.

Therefore, beloved hearts, I did speak also on that occasion, as did Lord Gautama Buddha and beloved Godfre. Every line of their dictations and my own, every dispensation is forever as long as you will claim it again and again and seal it in your heart.

Know, then, beloved, that to lay the foundation strong for this year of challenges, it is well to look back and reap the blessings and the Teachings. And inasmuch as all of you cannot read all of the Teachings or listen to all of the dictations, I suggest that you divide them up amongst yourselves so that when you take the staff as a whole and the larger Community as a whole there will be experts on certain years of Teachings, certain Masters and certain subjects, whereby the whole may be held in the heart one by one, some providing this portion, some another, and sharing it gladly with one another.

This Teaching must be a living and a vibrant teaching. It must be alive in your hearts and minds so that when you come together with your planning, beloved, you may also share the precious gems, many of which have not been found or looked into, many of which apply to the very current world scene. Even these seven dictations were for some time unnoticed [in the archives] and therefore heretofore you have celebrated the beginning of our organization on the eighth [of August] with the first Pearl of Wisdom.

Now you understand that it was the seventh when that divine dispensation and endowment of Causal Bodies unnumbered went forth. May you know this, beloved, and know that it is your hour to dedicate the founding of this Church Universal and Triumphant anew in the new heaven, in the new earth that is given.

Truly, beloved, you understand that month by month and day by day you see the April 23rd syndrome, and you see how pertinent were the warnings of the Messenger again and again regarding Third World countries and their desire to move against the Light and the United States. Consider, then, Iraq, [who] without even having the full force of nuclear weapons at hand would unleash the taking of territory and challenge the [global] balance of power and the very flame of Liberty. What, then, would these powers do with [a full nuclear] arsenal under their control?

Blessed hearts, there has truly been unleashed in this action the karma of the West. And there do come forth individuals who are the sign and the signet of that karma–the karma of nonpreparedness, the karma of not being alert. There is a time when it can be turned back and a time when it will outplay itself. This situation [in Iraq] is most serious, beloved, and you must provide the counterbalance by intensifying the Light of the spiritual flame and by keeping the vigil here [at the Royal Teton Ranch and in your centers throughout the world].

I tell you, then, that this vigil of keeping the flame of Church Universal and Triumphant was never more urgent than it is in this hour. Everyone who has received the blessings of these dispensations, everyone who continues to read the handwriting on the wall of a prophecy that is unchanged must understand that for the saving of a planet the Church must survive, the outer Community must survive and you, one by one by one as the individualization of the God Flame, must survive. And that survival is a spiritual continuity of being whose fires you must bank daily, never taking for granted that the fire of Darjeeling will reach you in time [to save you], when you yourselves might be as unprepared as the other Arab states [were] or even the United States [was] for this particular maneuver of Iraq.

Therefore, beloved, it must be told and I must tell you that because of the expenses of many Keepers of the Flame around the world in their preparations, we are not receiving the necessary funds to hold the balance, to make the payments month by month to keep this organization functioning as it should be. I therefore must inaugurate this day a fund-raising campaign and the increase of your calls for supply. I also ask you to take action to bring in that supply by your good works.

This Community is the bread of Life, even the whole loaf of the Christ consciousness when you count the unascended and ascended beings who make it up. The loaf is required, beloved, else how shall we give the crumbs to the multitudes–yes, crumbs from the Master’s table? <8>

There must be outreach and there must be seminars [held] and books published. But above all, there must be an immediate rallying by Keepers of the Flame around the world to the financial needs that moment by moment must be met....

I ask you, beloved, to consider the offer of the Messenger that was made at my request last evening (and the directive to make this offer was given to her at a meeting of the Darjeeling Council) to be present without fail on Wednesday evening beginning with the sacred ritual of the “Watch With Me.”  [The Messenger has offered to] keep the vigil of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, continuing with fervent calls for supply and for the clearing of the seven deadly fears <9> from your worlds, that you might precipitate that supply, and for the clearing of all blocks and opposition to your realization that you can indeed work the works of him that sent you. <10>

For I have sent you, your Mighty I AM Presence has sent you, the Cosmic Christ has sent you!  We do not fail you. We would see you open up your consciousness to the abundance that is at hand in a willingness to work and work hard and to increase and multiply that abundance.

Therefore the Darjeeling Council has said to the Messenger what I shall repeat to you now, that those who come must put something into the collection plate, whether it be a quarter, a dime, a dollar, but something that can be the focus for their multiplication of the loaves and fishes so needed.

Those who would have the mantle and the sponsorship of the Messenger with them as they go out from this [“Watch With Me”] service to do their work and to attempt to provide the necessary aid may have that blessing and that mantle if they will commit to me that all monies that they henceforth receive into their hands they shall first tithe <20>to the Church and then use the rest for the paying of their bills, et cetera.

By that commitment, beloved, you make the same commitment to the living Guru that I made in my own time to the great Guru Melchizedek. <11>  And therefore, I tell you, I did never want for abundance and had tremendous assets under my dominion, for I did always tithe to the living representative of the Almighty.

And this is the measure of your portion, beloved, [that you must give; for the Law of the One states that a tenth of your daily portion] does already belong to God. [And the Lord, your Mighty I AM Presence, will take your tithe and return it to you tenfold in one form or another.]  And therefore be grateful that you have one in embodiment who has the mantle of the Guru, through whom you may fulfill this law [of the tithe] to your own benefit as well as to the benefit of our blessed and beloved Church.

This, then, we shall do; and you shall find that that momentum of the Founding Fathers of both the United States and The Summit Lighthouse is again with you. You shall find them multiplying your efforts and you shall find tremendous assistance from the heart of Kuthumi, <12> who comes into your own individual alliances, beloved, for the purpose of being that psychologist who does assist you in transmuting the negatives by seeing through them, by blowing them away by Divine Love and Mercy, and mercy toward every part of Life.

Blessed ones, you will have to “bless your enemies” <13> as never before, all those from whom you have received negative vibrations and matrices. For, beloved, they presented to you the [test] that one day you would pass, [the initiation that] you would get through, [the obstacle that] one day you would overcome. [And] one day you will no longer carry [the burden of] their challenges.

Blessed hearts, they are the initiators who come from the dark side of life. Bless them for the great strengthening you have received [from God as you determined to meet those challenges victoriously. Indeed, bless them] for the lessons you have learned so that you could pass the tests of Maitreya and the Cosmic Christ when these did come.

Therefore, beloved, [since] you will see that one day you shall have absolute God-gratitude for all who may have ever injured you, I suggest that you have it this day. And in gratitude and in mercy, let that Light go forth!  For when you are in that state of mind, you become invulnerable and invincible and it is then that the healing angels can perform the permanent mending of the holes in your garments.

Blessed ones, I encourage you to do all that you have been told to do in the way of the multiplication of the Light. I encourage you to know what the oneness of this body, this Mystical Body of our Community, does mean. The gathering together of your souls of Light is a [thing of] beauty and a joy forever!  There are souls of Light on planetary homes, such as Venus and beyond, who look with rejoicing to see that out of the Darkness of the Earth and the dark hour that is come upon Earth there are yet souls who have stood and still stood, as you have.

And here you are together in this considerable number, and your numbers are increasing all over the world. And, beloved, you have been able to raise up this retreat, to have it, to seal it, to own the land, to have this court and chapel, to have your publications, to have your children properly educated and to be sponsored by myself and others in the bringing forth of Lightbearers who are destined to set this world on fire.

I tell you, all the way back to the Great Central Sun there is rejoicing this night for your presence, for your hearts and for your dedication. And, beloved, I tell you that in this hour this Community, though the world may know it not, is indeed the hope of the world!  And therefore I ask you, beloved, to save it and to recognize this need of the hour!  [16-second applause]

I tell you, by the law of abundance the supply can flood and flood and flood through you!  Therefore let us see what we can do with our alchemy of the crystallization of the God Flame. Let us see what we can do with the principles that are given by the Messenger, that are given to you from many sources, that are given to you, beloved one, by that individual and others whom we have sponsored to bring forth truly an understanding of the principles of God-success.

I remind you, beloved, [to bear in mind] when you read the stories of those who have been successful in the history of this land, that they got what they wanted, exactly what they wanted. Many of them wanted material success. Many of them saw that that success was empty and that they must turn and give of themselves to Life to truly have their cups filled. Others, though they were successful, passed on with hardly a shred of spirituality and now return again to seek the higher success of the Path.

I say, the materialization of the God Flame is within your grasp. And when you dedicate [this alchemy] to the greatest purpose of all time, the preservation and the protection of this activity, you will see how you will gain the victory of God-mastery in the physical octave and God-mastery in the spiritual and therefore graduate from earth’s schoolroom with both prizes. I wish this upon you. I desire it for you. And I offer myself as a part of this entire endeavor to bring it forth....

Therefore I say, lose not the minutes. And take the opportunity in the morning, as you remember that I penned the first Pearl of Wisdom on the eighth to “Chelas Mine,” to remind yourselves, beloved, that on the morrow we must pay the piper, we must come forward with what we have in the support of this activity. And on the next day we must plan, truly, all of the methods we will use to reach the Lightbearers, to tear down the barriers and the walls that have been built by fallen ones to insulate us against the world and to insulate the world against us by a wall of hatred.

I say, let the walls of hatred within your own beings, within your own electronic belts and within your own dweller[-on-the-threshold] come tumbling down, and thereby let the walls [of hatred] erected around our Inner Retreat [by the misguided] also come tumbling down!

The service that you are about to render on Wednesday nights with the emerald ray should be incomparable, should be for the sustaining of the capstone on the pyramid of this civilization, should be for the raising of the Kundalini to the third eye by the power of that ray, should be for wholeness in your body temples, should be for the victory of healing, of supply, of abundance, of science, of music, of technology, of reaching out while there is time to reach out.

The Messenger is ready to be sent anywhere. And I desire to send you [also], beloved, and I ask you to gather this supply and to occupy yourselves for the sustainment of this effort even while you disentangle yourselves from your own karmic debts. All of this is possible but you must have that positive frame of mind that is the sign of the victors, the sign that says:

“I will not accept defeat!  I will not engage in any pessimism. I will not engage in any negativity. I will fill my house with Light! I will see what I can do extra and above what I am already doing in terms of bringing in the supply, that by the end of this year this activity might find itself in a more secure stronghold financially than it finds itself today.”...

In their anger and in their hatred, beloved, [the fallen ones] have caught the disease of insanity. It is indeed a pity, when they could have taken the Light and applied it [to healing the spiritual schism they have created between themselves and their own Divine Reality] and moved on to their own spiritual victory. You may know, beloved, that those who oppose the Light do so truly under the agency of the powers of Darkness, who have never bent the knee before the living God or his Christ.

I say to you, it is long past due for them to have had a change of heart. [But most of them have not.]  They are relentless and determined [as they wage war against the emergent Christhood of the children of God]. Therefore, you must be more relentless and more determined. Whatever they put into Darkness, beloved, you must put ten times that effort into the Light so that a portion of that Light may be for the defeat of [the forces of Darkness] in this battle of Armageddon, which they have started but which we shall finish.

Blessed ones, we must take another tenth of that extra Light and put it into publishing, another tenth and put it into speaking the Teachings and sending our teams out across this nation for the gathering of the Lightbearers who will be gathered. We must put it into weekend seminars conducted by the Messenger across this country after the teams have gone forth to clear the way, for this truly is the way of the Brotherhood.

As the disciples went before Jesus to prepare the people in the towns where he would come, <14> as the disciples of Gautama Buddha went before him in his lifetime and [as they have done so] ever since, so this process of [the chelas] bringing the Word and then [the Messenger holding] a conference at the [conclusion of their tour] is our plan. And we see you as absolutely essential to this plan, each and every one of you. No matter what your daily occupation may be, here in this state or in [the remaining forty-nine] or in the nations of the world, the keeping of the flame for the Word going forth is absolutely essential.

There are souls who must be saved and they are part of this mandala. <21>They are part of the Great White Brotherhood. Their divine plans have come due and they are ready to enter in.

And therefore let this lightning go forth out of the East and unto the West! <15>  Let it circle the earth. And let our chelas speak the Word because they have assimilated it, because it has become a part of their total being–because it is your being, beloved. Let the Word in its entirety live in you and let the Work as its complement be for the anchoring and the balance.

Fear not the work, for thy strength is the strength of God. And when you are right with God and one with God and when all of your being is the affirmation of God and there are no negatives, there are no minuses, then what can enter in?

Truly your health is based upon the ever-flowing stream of the crystal-clear river of Life.  <16>  Truly that health is available to you. And I can do much through the practitioners of health in this Community who surely do submit to the path of chelaship and the will of God, who truly place that chelaship first and will give God the glory.

When you receive a dispensation through me from great beings of Light who are healing Masters, beloved, who come not only for the healing of the body but [also] for the [healing of the] four lower bodies [as a unit] and the healing and the health of the Community and the supply of the Community, [you ought to receive it with utter humility and gratitude]. For I tell you, these beings are of such a cosmic stature and of such a benign presence that unless [as a practitioner of the healing arts or as a patient] you give them the glory step-by-step, the Law instantaneously decrees that the gift be taken from you.

Therefore remember, beloved, that you are recipients of great Light from above. And we are determined that this activity under God shall not fail, even as we are determined that a remnant of Lightbearers shall be there, shall stand and shall be the flame America and shall wave the flag and shall be able to pass on to posterity that original flame, the flame of the Founding Fathers.

Has it ever occurred to you, beloved ones, that when you say you are a Keeper of the Flame, you are a keeper of that very flame whereby the signing of that Declaration of Independence took place, whereby each hand took that pen knowing that they could pay with their life if the war were not victorious?

And therefore did Godfre come on the occasion of the founding of this activity to bring you the tremendous heart of General George Washington and President George Washington and truly the Messenger of the end of this age. Blessed hearts, with that fervor and that Light and that Causal Body, that Causal Body of Richard the Lion-Hearted, you can understand that there is a great heart even in this one Ascended Master who has been a part of the sponsoring of this Community of Light. <17>

I tell you, blessed ones, all is poised for the Victory. You must simply go through the footsteps of making it happen.

 [16-second applause]

See what you can do for me, beloved. I need you in this hour....[See] what you can do immediately, what you can do a little later, how you can help. This is my cry to you in this hour even as I come with this dispensation of the Wednesday-night fervor, even the fervor of the fervent ones.

I take my leave of you now, as you can well understand that I am involved in many situations in the governments of nations [and] in the economy. Things are worse than they seem, beloved. Thus, the Lighthouse must rise taller and the beacon be sent with greater intensity to a greater distance.

May it be so, beloved, for this is truly your hour and the power of Light to triumph over Darkness <18> and its hour.

Tempus fugit.  I AM with you always.


This Pearl of Wisdom is excerpted from the dictation by El Morya delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Tuesday, August 7, 1990, at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana, upon the occasion of the thirty-second anniversary of the founding of The Summit Lighthouse by the Ascended Master El Morya through the Messenger Mark L. Prophet. [N.B. Bracketed material denotes words unspoken yet implicit in the dictation, added by the Messenger under El Morya’s direction for clarity in the written word.]

1. At about 2 a.m. on August 2, 1990, five days prior to El Morya’s dictation, Iraq invaded Kuwait with 100,000 troops, seizing control of the country and its oil fields, and throwing the Persian Gulf region into crisis. An estimated 200,000 U.S. troops have been sent to the area, joined by forces from at least 25 other nations. The invasion, triggered in part by an eclipse of the moon on August 6, 1990, is analyzed by the Messenger in her book The Astrology of the Four Horsemen, pp. 337-80 ($5.95, add $1.25 for postage).

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5. The Summit Lighthouse entered the 8 o’clock line of the Cosmic Clock on August 7, 1990. The flame of God-Justice is charted on the 8 o’clock line under the solar hierarchy of Virgo.

6. The number 33 symbolically represents the Christ. As Jesus manifested the full victory of his Christhood at age 33, we also are intended to internalize the Christ Self and become the Christ incarnate by our thirty-third year.  It is at age 33 when the fullness of one’s mission begins. See Elizabeth Clare Prophet, The Great White Brotherhood in the Culture, History and Religion of America, pp. 183-95.

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12. On July 19, 1990, the Messenger announced:  “A beloved Master has stepped forth to tell you that he is willing to be the Master Mind in your alliances–Kuthumi Lal Singh.”  Napoleon Hill, proponent of the science of success, defines the Master Mind alliance as “an alliance of two or more minds blended in a spirit of perfect harmony and cooperating for the attainment of a definite purpose.”  See Think and Grow Rich, pp. 167-73; The Master-Key to Riches, pp. 87-92; Grow Rich!  With Peace of Mind, pp. 126-38 (price and postage in note 9 above).

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18. Luke 22:53.

19. Archangel Michael, Elohim of Peace, Saint Germain, the Maha Chohan, El Morya, Gautama  Buddha, Godfre

20. tithe: to give a tenth part of one’s income as a voluntary contribution for the support of the Church. Members, called “communicants,” of Church Universal and Triumphant regularly tithe in support of this activity and its worldwide dissemination of the Teachings of the Ascended Masters.

21. mandala [Sanskrit, literally “circle,” “sphere”]:  a group, company or assembly; a circle of friends; an assembly or gathering of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Also a circular design containing images of deities symbolizing the universe, totality, or wholeness; used in meditation Hindus and Buddhists.