Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 33 No. 44 - The Ascended Master Nicholas Roerich - November 11, 1990


Perfect Your Art!
“Everything Must Be Sacrificed for It”
at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York
Event IV
Be the Unextinguishable Ones!


When you think of me, my friends, compatriots and co-workers, think, then, of the sacred fire, think on me in the Agni Yoga. <1>

I am grateful to address you today, to speak to you from the plane of the Ascended Masters that you might know that one from among you has graduated to this level and that you might accomplish the same. Never tire, then, in the work that is your dharma, your duty to be the wholeness of yourself. Never be frustrated that you are misunderstood or before your time in your understanding of the stars, the universes, the mountains and the petals of a flower.

I have indeed fought the good fight and I have won. <2>  Yet I still pursue the crown, for, beloved, every level has its goal and goal-fitting. And now we speak of the goal-fittedness of the chelas of El Morya. Now I speak of the one, my beloved, my Helena, who remains to keep the Flame for me in earth as I deliver from above through her heart even the completion of our mission.

Embrace, then, the work that is yours. And if you have lost the hours in not perfecting that work, O children of the Sun, then go back to school, find the best teacher in your field, but work to perfect your art, your science, your calling. Work, my beloved, for the night of the old order and the old karma is far spent and the day of Aquarius dawns, <3> truly the day and the hour of your manifestation of Maitreya and of the Mother of the World.

Feel very close to me in this moment, for I have made myself present just above the physical octave, desiring to endue you and all who are responsive to the chord of my life with a greater light, a greater fire, a greater determination.

As you have been told, things are not what they seem <4> in the world today. In some areas conditions are worse than they seem and in some areas they are better. May you know the difference, beloved–how to take the fire from the heart of the mountain, from the heart of the arhat to pierce illusion, to pierce maya and to enter in at the strait gate to the heart of your own Christhood.

O my beloved, the great gift of the violet flame is also mine to impart to you. Let my students receive it, for it is indeed the means for the acceleration of the ascension process. It is Agni. It is the fire of the greatest yogis. And at no hour in the history of earth has its use been more necessary to daily consume the sheer weight of negative karma that weighs heavily upon the disciple. For the disciple raises up the Light and therefore the Light becomes the vortex into which the Darkness rushes, desiring transmutation.

Therefore energy superimposed with the Darkness of mass hysteria does come tumbling into the vortex of Light of every devotee. This is why, beloved, once you set your path to be that of Agni Yoga and [your mind] to be that yogi or yogini, you must know that you cannot cease, you must not cease. For the more that fire is intensified in your heart, the more you become that flaming cauldron into which there is poured the Darkness; and you become the one who holds that vessel of world conflagration, world transmutation.

I desire, then, to see my students everywhere in the world add to our teachings the practice of the science of the spoken Word, most specifically the call to the violet flame. I AM that violet flame in action!  Test me, beloved. See how I will commingle a violet flame with your aura, and therefore we shall be one through this intensity of the Lord’s Spirit.

The great Masters who serve with Saint Germain have truly counseled with me that I might speak this day on the necessity of the use of this flame and its purifying action. Let it be well said, and let the word to the wise be sufficient, that I can help you, oh, so much more on your path if you will only take this gift from the great hierarch, the most blessed one, the Master Saint Germain. <5>

I am also grateful for the wide dissemination of our writings most precious from the Brotherhood. I am grateful for this recent biography, <6> if only for the reason that souls might be led through the art, through the life that I have lived, to the heart of Agni–thence to the heart of the Mother, thence to the heart of Maitreya.

This city, then, has [locked in] the negative spiral of the crumbling of the old order, [which crumbling] is becoming more physical every day as problems insurmountable reflect the problems of a nation as a whole. This brings sadness to the brothers in white and to their chelas, for [it is surely] an opportunity lost to draw souls into the perfect union of the three when civilization itself can no longer hold the matrix.

Beloved ones, matter itself crumbles without the flame of Maitreya, without the flame of the World Mother[–without the heart of Agni]. Therefore walk the streets of this city and of your own cities from which you have journeyed to hear me speak. Walk as the embodiment of Maitreya and the Mother and recognize that you anchor the Light of far-off worlds, the Light of Cosmos and the Cosmic Christ.

I ask you, chelas of the Ascended Masters, to include my name in your decrees and preambles, as I work closely with El Morya, K.H. and D.K. and Lanello. I work closely with them for the bringing together of all those who are on the path of the sacred fire. There are many apart from our society, apart from Agni Yoga, who yet have that wavelength. Let them find union through the violet flame!  Let them know that the seventh age has opened doors that were not open to me in previous incarnations.

And I trust that I myself have opened doors, for truly this art that was inspired upon me by great adepts is the open door to the future and the sign and signal of Aquarius. It is liberating and it does draw the soul into realms beyond the physical octave. When you look at these paintings, the notion does not occur that the mountains do not appear in these colors, for the paintings themselves draw you to the etheric octave and bring to your soul the remembrance of your soul’s journeyings into the etheric octave. And thus, they are wholly natural to the inner eye of the soul.

I have painted for the soul, beloved–for the liberation of the soul, for the quickening of the soul!  I have painted so that the eyes of the soul might see independently and unhampered by the intellect of the mind. And I have brought the soul into proper proportion, as is the Asian tradition, against the backdrop of the immensity of Nature.

This has been my desire, and you can well see that I developed this art in previous lifetimes. But I also studied prior to this incarnation in the retreat of Paul the Venetian, the Lord of the Third Ray. And this art has truly been my offering, not only to the chelas but to all of the world who cannot take the specific teaching, for it is too strong for them. Yet in gazing upon my art, they may assimilate the truth embodied in the heart of the artist.

And truly the artist is the Great Artist, whose instrument I am, whose instrument you also can be, not necessarily as a painter but in any field. For the Great Artist would work through you to bring before the people in whatever form or whatever service you may render the true patterns, the heavenly patterns, whereby the inner eye and the All-Seeing Eye converge and the soul in gazing upon that innate perfection–by your love, by whatever form that love does take–can be transported to higher realms instantaneously.

May your very presence do this for those whom you meet. May many look upon you and see there an open door, a window’s view into heaven. O beloved, so many are in sorrow, in pessimism, and their souls are mourning; and therefore they don the garments of blackness and they are burdened by the weight of world karma increasing.

O let the fire in the mountain of your being be the violet flame!  O know, beloved, how many souls receive surcease from pain and healing from your calls!

I am rich in the Spirit to bestow upon you the abundance of virtues, the abundance of all that you need to fulfill your mission. Only remember the first things first. Only remember the purification of the heart. Only remember the strengthening of the body itself.

Certain Masters of the Brotherhood gather on this platform. They come, beloved, for by their presence (seen at the level of your soul) you can establish a sense of coequality with them, a sense of co-measurement as well, that you might enter in and know that the Path is hard but it is not too hard for thee. Thou art chosen because thou hast chosen. Therefore know you are given the tests that you can pass, the strength with which to pass them.

Leap into the fire, beloved, and emerge unscathed. Then you will understand the mystery of Agni. Blend into the flames and feel the mystical oneness with the lightning and the stars. Let your aura become the electric blue of the Divine Mother!  Let your garments become the swaddling garment of a world!

Many areas of the world find women and children in hunger, in terror of the night, in fear of what is coming upon earth. You in this nation are so shielded–such is the glory that yet remains of Saint Germain’s dispensation in the sponsoring of this nation–that I am concerned lest that sudden destruction <7> prophesied by the apostles should come upon you without your prior awareness.

May you realize, then, that those things taking place in the Middle East do not augur well, neither for the body of Light worldwide nor for this nation nor for the peoples involved. May you realize that great weights lie upon Mother Russia and upon her people, weights borne since the Bolshevik revolution.

I state to you for now and for all time that I am for community and the Community of the co-workers of Light, but I am no part of the Bolshevik version of this concept  <8> nor have I ever embraced the ideals of Lenin. I embrace the ideals of Christ and Buddha, and these ideals, beloved, lead to life not death.

Millions have died at the hand of this that has been called World Communism. May you recognize this, that death has followed in the wake of that revolution, much to the chagrin of all who have kept the flame of Mother Russia. May she rise again and may it be in a new order of the ages.

Yet I tell you, beloved, that which has beset that society bespeaks coming calamity. Mark my words and prepare yourselves spiritually and see to it that you will keep the Flame, that you will hold the candle in the night and not allow it to be extinguished. Do not allow the fire of the heart to go out, for millions may one day depend upon you as a keeper of the Flame. Thus, it is the office of the Divine Mother to keep the Flame, and may you know just how key is your role in this office and service.

I was once admonished by one who taught me, one who was an original guru, that there is always an hour in the day that you can give to your art, to your prayer, to your call, to your industry. “Why not 4:00 a.m.?  What are you doing at 4:00 a.m.?”  Thus spake this one to a student. <9>  And so I, too, mustered myself and perfected my art in the wee hours of the morning when all is still.

Why not perfect your own sainthood, the corona of your lifestream?  Why not perfect the flowing of the Light?  There are things that cannot be put aside in life, for they burn from within. They are the calling, and that calling must be secured. Everything must be sacrificed for it.  And you must understand the inner and the outer calling. The outer calling cannot be successful, my beloved, without the inner calling being perfected; for the outer calling is to demonstrate to the world the effects of what the inner Light complete can be.

Choose your art well. Perfect it well. For it is a requirement of the ascension that you fulfill your mission. Thus, remove yourself from the doodads of the world, from an encumbrance of things. Know the beauty of space and of emptiness that you might fill it with the Master’s Light. It is so, beloved. It is so.

One such as I came to embodiment to demonstrate a path of victory in a Western and an Eastern sense of the Bodhisattva ideal. [I came] to give of myself, to perfect the gift and to move on to where others also have need of me.

May you know that this activity of the Ascended Masters is fitting [souls] for the goal of eternal Life. Many, many souls not even affiliated with it on the outer yet study the teachings and in their heart of hearts affirm the Word, the I AM, the Agni Yoga. Many souls are striving. Pray for them earnestly.

The life of the spiritual guardian is surely a life of the divine art. Let your expression be as one of the many hands of the Divine Mother–as the hands of Kuan Yin, even as the hands of Kali, of Shakti. The many hands of the Mother find expression through you. And I am in the Mother as the Mother is in my heart. This is the beauty of the Life everlasting.

The representative of the World Mother is in this room, a resplendent being of Light. She has come to place her crown just two inches above your head that you might feel the presence of that crown and make as your goal the winning of the crown of everlasting Life. <10>

This crown is won by the overcomers. It is your assignment from my heart (for it comes from the heart of God) to be overcomers in the way, to overcome everything that is sent to you. And though the bowling balls keep rolling down the alley toward you, each one is overcome. This is what life expects of you and what you must expect of yourself in life–to overcome all things coming your way from the 360 degrees of the circle of self. Then, you see, overcoming Darkness with Light, you shall rise to levels where all that can be sent to you is Light! Light! Light!  And immediately you shall direct that Light out again for the piercing of Darkness around those who yet know not the way of the overcomers.

Be ye overcomers, I say, and be not defeated, neither by the defeatist attitude nor by the negative spirals of anyone or anything. Insulate yourselves from negative media and the constant sounds and images of television that are so damaging to the finer bodies. Force the world to be silent in your home–in your abode where you commune with God. Shut it out except when something important is to be let in. <11>

It is a world of noise. This noise affects the heart and the heart’s attunement with the Infinite. Seek the solace of quietude in Nature and in the place you have prepared for your communion. For in the hour of your communion, beloved, the shaft of Light from the Above to the below does manifest and you begin to glow with Light as you meditate and decree. And that glowing Light, beloved, becomes an electrode in the earth and many souls receive strength, refinement and nourishment from your effort.

I AM the Ascended Master Nicholas Roerich. I am surely rich on the royal road of integration, <12> and in my being there is Light enough for all. And my angels, each bearing cups of Light, distribute my Light daily to all devotees who are on a wavelength to receive it.

Remember to call for my cup of Light. I will give it you each day, beloved, as long as you are on the wavelength of the ascending one, the aspiring one, as long as you fear not to follow the Mother of the World up the mountain. For she who leads you, beloved, is truly the one that long ago, sometime, somewhere you have forsaken. This time do not let go of her garments, but let her lead you where she would take you, for she does indeed embody the will of the Father.

Sometimes you will conclude that the way she has led you must be wrong, for “look at the evidence.”  But, beloved, she who leads sees the future and beyond. Therefore, cast thyself upon the breast of the Mother and do know that in all of Cosmos there is the dependency upon that one. And that one multiplies herself infinitely so that all may know that they walk and talk with the Mother.

Truly, do adore that Mother, beloved. Truly do raise up that Mother within you. Truly greet her:  “Hail, Mary!  Hail, Kuan Yin!  Hail, O Thou Magnificent One of the Ages!  Hail, O our Mother of the World!”

Into the arms of her presence and into her garments I recede, for in the heart of the Mother is perfect communion and the entrance to samadhi and nirvana. By that entrance gained, so Siddhartha Gautama entered the heights of the Divine Union with the Mother and returned with that teaching that does abide with us forever.

Therefore, in her name and in the name of Lord Gautama, I say, let us fling all inordinate desire into the fire, the Agni!  Let it be gone in the twinkling of an eye!  It is not real. It has held [and holds] no power over you. And I call to the Five Dhyani Buddhas to neutralize the five poisons <13> within you, but you must claim [the answer to my call] yourselves.

O my beloved, the riches of the kingdom of God know no bounds. Yet the greatest riches are to be found in soul by soul by soul becoming that glowing Light that shall never be extinguished.

Be the unextinguishable ones!  For then I shall be with you always.


This dictation by the Ascended Master Nicholas Roerich was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, October 28, 1990, at the Roosevelt Hotel, New York.  The dictation and preceding lecture, “A Profile of Nicholas Roerich,” comprise Event IV of a series of lectures and dictations given in New York the weekend of October 26-28, 1990. Event III, “The Age of Maitreya,” is not published in the Pearls of Wisdom but is available along with Event IV on both audiocassette (3 hr., A90038) and videocassette (3 hr., GP90113). [N.B. Throughout this Pearl, bracketed material denotes words unspoken yet implicit in the dictation, added by the Messenger under the Ascended Master Nicholas Roerich’s direction for clarity in the written word.] Throughout these notes PoW is the abbreviation for Pearls of Wisdom.

1. Agni Yoga. [Sanskrit. Agni: ’fire’. Yoga: ‘yoking’, akin to Latin jungere ‘to join’; divine union.] The union of man with God through the sacred fire. Agni Yoga, or the yoga of fire, is a yoga of action rather than asceticism. As explained in the book Agni Yoga, “Fire will not lead away from life; it will act as a trustworthy guide to the far-off worlds....He who would swim must dive fearlessly into the water. And he who has decided to master Agni Yoga must transform through it his entire life....Verily, all actions must be infused with the purifying fiery striving....Just as Fire is the all-embracing principle, so does Agni Yoga permeate the whole of life. One can notice how the consciousness is gradually sharpened, how the real values of the surroundings emerge, how the immutability of the cooperation of worlds grows. Thus life is filled with the signs of highest understanding. Truth as a real concept enters the daily life” (Agni Yoga, 5th ed., rev. [New York:  Agni Yoga Society, 1980], pp. 101, 103, 108). The Ascended Masters teach that the path of Agni Yoga is the expression of the fire of the Word and Work of the Lord. Not only is it the invocation of the sacred fire through the science of the spoken Word and the violet flame, the raising up of the sacred fire of the Kundalini from the base chakra to the crown, but it is also fiery action for the right, for the truth and in defense of the living Christ in the children of God.

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5. Initiates on the Path who wish to take the gift of the violet flame of Saint Germain should send for The Science of the Spoken Word by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, and Save the World with Violet Flame!  by Saint Germain 1-4, four 90-min. audiocassettes of violet flame songs and decrees, with booklets, B88019,B88034, B88083, B88117.

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11. The Ascended Masters expect their students to keep abreast of the times by watching the evening news and reading the newspapers and newsmagazines.

12. In Hinduism, raja yoga is considered to be the “royal” or highest path to union with God, hence “the royal road to reintegration.” In raja yoga, one seeks to realize God by the control of the mind and emotions through concentration and meditation. It is looked upon as a psychological process or experiment, wherein one enters into certain mental exercises and observes the inner spiritual effects. The goal, as explained by Huston Smith in The Religions of Man, is to attain the “direct personal experience of ‘the beyond that is within.’” As defined in The Pearl of the Orient by Geoffrey A. Barborka, the term raja yoga “signifies ‘kingly union’ or the royal union of man’s faculties, spiritual, mental, moral and physical.”  The Ascended Masters teach that raja yoga is a means of attaining integration in all of the chakras and in the I AM Presence; it is the royal road to reintegration with one’s Divine Self. The key to this reintegration is the violet flame and the science of the spoken Word, the resolution of one’s psychology and demonstrating union with God through acts beneficial to self and society. For the student of the Ascended Masters, raja yoga, as well as all other forms of yoga, must include the Path of the Ruby Ray under the Ruby Ray Masters (See Sanat Kumara on the Path of the Ruby Ray, 1979 PoW, Book I).

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