Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 34 No. 4 - Beloved Saint Germain - January 27, 1991


New Year’s
I AM the Light of the World
The Gift
“Let the Fiat of the Lord Be with Me!”
Legions of Aquarius Invade Planet Earth


Now let the hosts of the Seventh Ray descend!

For we have come to take on a world!

Hail, Keepers of the Flame!

[26-second standing ovation. Congregation gives the fiats:]

Hail, Saint Germain!  Hail, Saint Germain!

Hail, Saint Germain!  Hail, Saint Germain!

Hail, Saint Germain!  Hail, Saint Germain!

Hail, Saint Germain!...

You have called for cosmic reinforcements from out the Great Central Sun. And they are here, and they are the legions of Light of Aquarius and of the Seventh Ray!  And there is therefore this day an invasion of Light on planet earth!  [24-second standing ovation]

And the hour has struck. Mark it well:  December 30, 1990. The hour has come for the forces of Light of Aquarius, for the dispensation of this New Age to lock in to planet earth. Blessed ones, this is the moment that I have been waiting for!  [17-second standing ovation]

Archangel Raphael has come to raise you up that you might meet the descending ones, that you might lock in to the garment and the armour of an angel of Aquarius. See, beloved, how the moment comes, how you are prepared and have been prepared. Now it is up to you to call to these hosts of Light, to welcome them and to receive them into your temples. You may do so now with gladness. [Personal calls offered by the congregation in a “joyful noise unto the Lord.”]

As you say, beloved, it is in the nick of time. For the forces of Darkness are gathering, and they have seen to it that they have gathered some of the best of the sons and daughters of men to be a part of these armies in the Middle East.

Blessed ones, this day of confrontation we do not look forward to. Let there be a holding of the balance!  This is a time of severe karma for this nation. This is a time as in [the days of ancient] Israel and Judah, when foreign nations were used to be the deliverers of the judgment and to bring the people back to their God.

There is not a certain outcome, beloved, but there is surely a certain karma. And therefore the enemy does boast, for he does know internally of the karma that is due upon this nation; and the false hierarchies know of this karma. This is why we have given you the labor concerning the Twelfth Planet. And we desire to give you other labors that might be cleared, thereby to forestall certain eventualities that no one desires to see from the time of January 15  <1> onward.

Blessed hearts of Light, you are about to see upon earth prophecy fulfilled. May you therefore understand that the mitigating factor of the Law is on the side of those who bear the Light as an armour of God on behalf of all children of Light.

Understand that mitigation is possible according to the law of the violet flame, which will now and henceforth be multiplied ten thousandfold what it has been because the legions of Aquarius have come. They bear the sign and signet of an age. They bear the consciousness of an age. They bear its momentum and they will sow these seeds in the hearts of those who have the fertile soil of the Aquarian worldview.

Likewise, they come to wage warfare against all those who embody the perversions of this ray and flame. And since Aquarius is the age of the soul, they come to defend the souls of Light and all those who are committed to that reunion with God.

Let there be a profound contemplation of the meaning of this!  Even as the legions of Aquarius arrive, so there is the opportunity through their intercession for many more upon this planet to affix themselves to me in the Guru-chela relationship and to my beloved Portia. We can become more tangible not only because of the turning of the cycle this day but also because of the millions of angels who shall be present as chains of Light around the earth, anchoring those electronic fire-rings of the Great-Central-Sun Causal Body of the Seventh Ray.

Thus earth does receive Light. And this does aggravate!  It does aggravate the fallen ones, whose days are hereby shortened. They are shortened by the fiat of Almighty God and by the presence of these alchemists of the Seventh Ray!

For these angels are alchemists one and all. I assign one to each of you, beloved. May you know the true meaning of the alchemy of Love that is the means to precipitate not only your supply but also your victory in every matter.

These angels have watched [and waited] and been under restraint not to descend, not to move and not to act [until the command was given]. And therefore you, beloved, so ensconced round about by angels of Sirius and of the Sun, have been allowed a certain time–and times and again times, beloved–to bear the cross of your karma, to bear the crucifixion by the world.

Let it be known, then, that when stalwart souls remain staunch and true and bear that which you have borne, help does ultimately come.  And that help has come today in a way that it has not come before even in the entire ministry of these Messengers. Therefore you, above all people, beloved, have somewhat to rejoice for this New Year’s Eve and Day!  [34-second standing ovation]

If those of this world have chosen not to be your friends, beloved, pity them; for hosts of Light have indeed chosen to befriend you!  Aye, they have been your friends for aeons. Let it be known, then, that friends of Light are more precious than the willy-nilly friends of this world, who betray whenever they believe their so-called reputation is at stake for befriending those whom they think are of no concern or consideration.

Blessed ones, I will now tell you the science whereby you can truly profit by these new friends who have come into the earth. You all know that if there should be an oil well beneath your feet or a lode of gold ore in the mountains of your property and you should not find it, you should not mine it, you should not take it out of the earth and use it, you would be none the richer, none the better, none the wiser.

Thus it is true of angels in your midst. Their very presence is in fact not the key. It is what you do about it!  It is whether you plug into them, whether your lives are turned around, as Raphael came to accomplish. It is whether you walk and talk with them and determine not to be dragged down, determine not to be removed from the tryst that we enjoy in this moment in our aura (mine and Portia’s) and that of the legions of the Seventh Ray. You can keep [the tryst], beloved. You can sustain it.

Let the fiat of the Lord be with me!

That is what you must say and it is the key. For the Lord, your Mighty I AM Presence, knows the fiat, will draw down the Light of the fiat that is appropriate in the moment to sustain the levels of violet ray and violet flame that you have with you now.

Let the fiat of the Lord be with me!

[Congregation affirms with Saint Germain:]

Let the fiat of the Lord be with me!

Let the fiat of the Lord be with me!

Let the fiat of the Lord be with me!

Let the fiat of the Lord be with me!

Beloved ones, you can vary this command:

Let the fiat of the LORD <13> Saint Germain be with me!

Let the fiat of the Lord Archangel Michael be with me!

Let the fiat of the Lord El Morya be with me!

Let the fiat of the Lord my God be with me!

Then the one you name shall release the Light ray of the fiat. And it shall be done!  And you shall be clothed in the Mind of Christ and shored up.

This is the test, beloved. Do not allow yourself to sink below the level of the heart, the threefold flame of the heart–that Holy Christ Flame or that Holy Christ consciousness that is embodied in that flame. When you sense that deflation, that descension and condescension, O beloved, say:

Let the fiat of the Lord be with me!

I have pondered much how I could give you the gift that would enable you to walk all the days of your life so very close to these angels of the Seventh Ray and legions of Aquarius. I have known that [without the gift] your separation from them would be as great as your separation has ever been from your God, your Christ Self or from me, especially in hours of trial and tribulation.

Blessed ones, [I determined that] there must be a mechanism that works for you when you may descend into the deepest depression or temptation or old sockets of the human consciousness or [the revolving of] whatever has ever been said to you in this and thousands of lifetimes. You are not a victim; you are the victor!  You are not a reactor; you are the originator of the living Word where you are!  [And for this reason I give you the gift of the Call:  Let the fiat of the Lord be with me!]

And I, Saint Germain, for some moments now am placing my entire Electronic Presence over each and every one of you here, and I am intensifying my violet flame over you for the healing of your four lower bodies and your souls. I am doing this to “cook” out of you those records that are as flytraps and mousetraps for your consciousness when you get out of the way of your God!  I do it now, beloved, as I continue to speak to you.

I speak into the caverns of your mind!  I speak into the recesses of your unconscious!  I speak to all of the levels where there is that wrong programming of the sinister force and the carnal mind of yourself and others. I say, it has no power!  I, Saint Germain, withdraw that power [of God misqualified] from it this day!

I make of you, by the authority of God and our Lord Jesus Christ, new creatures in Christ. <2>  I make of you new creatures in Christ by the alchemy of the Seventh Ray and by the Cosmic Christ of that seventh age, none other than our beloved Lord Maitreya, who also stands in our midst this day. O receive him, then, in his role as Saviour of Aquarius!  [22-second standing ovation]

Yes, beloved, yes, beloved, there are many Seventh-Ray Buddhas, not the least of which is your own beloved Padma Sambhava. They gather. They come closer. And I will tell you, they can become physical, too, as you invoke more and more violet fire. May you never neglect to give the message of the violet flame, for it can make this earth once again blossom as the violet rose.

O beloved, the violet flame can work wonders!  And above all, it will cushion that which is coming upon the earth. It will place a cushion between you and all those things that have been prophesied.

Yes, beloved, I am speaking into the canyons of your mind and your memory body!  And I am even searing and cauterizing there and removing some of the worst of the records that fallen ones have attempted to dump into these vessels that are God’s vessels. They are holy vessels and holy chalices, and so are you!  This I tell you, and I seal in you the self-knowledge that you are holy ones of God of the Aquarian age. Keep that holiness, for it can be lost as easily as you can spot your garment.

Now be seated in the stillness, for I am working a work of alchemy in your beings and bodies, beloved. I am determined that you will not forever be trapped and trapped again in these mousetraps laid for you.

Blessed hearts, be of good cheer. These four lower bodies are vessels that are transient. They are not your permanent Ascended Master Light Body!  Now for a moment I place upon the screen of your mind that true version of yourself, your own Ascended Master Light Body, that which you can and shall be if you determine to be it, beloved. It is up to your determination and the power of your will!  You must have the will to be who you are!  And do not ever say that what you are now in your consciousness here below is who you are, for it is simply not the truth!

And the fallen ones would like to have you be galvanized [to the lesser self] or be fired in the kiln of this lesser self. They would have you believe that that is the immortal self and there is nothing more. Many on this planet believe it, beloved. They spend their entire lifetimes preserving their mortality, only to see it come to naught.

Now, beloved, you are a God-free being. You have but to use the formulas that we all have given you!  You have but to use them. You have but to turn the key, the key of Divine Love, and watch how you are transformed before your very eyes and the eyes of the world.

Have we not demonstrated the rejuvenation, the power of the Light and the resurrection in our Messengers?  And do you not see your beloved Lanello stepping right through the veil, a conqueror of earth and heaven, one and the same, standing on this platform?

Beloved, it is time you would see him standing here in this very moment in his white suit as always, and yet not as always; for [if you would], you could see him standing in his Ascended Master Light Body.

Now see all the saints who have gathered upon this altar this day, who have made their ascension because they have touched the writings, the teachings and the persons of the Messengers. See how they gather!  They are far greater in number than any of you and even this Messenger does realize in the outer.

For, beloved, they have read the books. They have been touched. They have been taught at inner levels. They have come through these magnanimous hearts because of [the Messengers’] determination to leave no stone unturned to give the logic of the Word, the step-by-step progression whereby the soul can rise in dominion because there is a certain path and the stepping-stones are there. And none will falter and none will fall before the outrageous false doctrines of orthodoxy that persist to this day.

But I tell you, both the doctrines and the fallen ones who have sustained them have reached the hour of their judgment. And they are no match, beloved, for the legions of Aquarius!  Therefore, let us wipe out the old orthodoxy and bring in the Everlasting Gospel of the age of Aquarius!

Lo!  the angel does come, having that gospel in his hand <3> and he does preach it to the sons and daughters of Light. Let them receive it, O with joy, through your lips–through your lips and yours and yours!

See the saints robed in white! <4>  They are the testimony. They have ascended. Then see the others who gather, who are waiting in the etheric octave, who made it there because you have kept the Flame and because the Messengers have not failed to stand for them, to make the call, to see them through the astral labyrinth that they faced at the portals of transition from death to everlasting life.

Yes, beloved, you are counted among the armies of the Lord. And you can do much, much more and you shall. Therefore I shall also train you with the representatives of the Divine Mother in these succeeding quarters of Summit University.

You shall go forth!  Your mouths shall be opened!  They shall be unstopped and you can receive these initiations to speak the Word.

Now I am speaking at the unconscious level of your being, beloved. And I am standing there before the raging wolves of the unconscious that has part with the collective unconscious of the planet. Yes, beloved, it is time you also entered with me. Therefore I bid you descend to that compartment of consciousness, for we shall bind the wolves together!

And we shall not promote their proliferation anymore, either in the unconscious or elsewhere! <5>  For we have angels of God that we will set loose in these forests and in these parks and in these lands, and we have elementals of a very high order. And therefore, we will not promote the lower animal species before the species of the sons and daughters of God.

And therefore not only do I stand in your unconscious but I also stand in the unconscious of the fallen ones. And they are judged by my presence this day. And there is a binding of this [misqualified] substance, beloved–there is a binding of these caricatures and these animal forms in the electronic belts.

Now my angels provide you with the rope. Jump in, then, and seize those wolves of the forces of anti-self within the psyche. Bind them now!  Fear them not!  Seize them!

Although they appear to attempt to overtake you, they cannot; for the angel of the Lord (which means your Mighty I AM Presence, your Holy Christ Self), the angel of the Lord overshadows you. And you are in that presence and you may stretch forth your hands and bind them. And therefore their forms are broken, and from within them there do step forth angels of Light that you have imprisoned along life’s way by the misqualification of energy.

Thus, we shall clean out the unconscious!  Thus, we shall clean out the subconscious!  But you must do it brick by brick with your Holy Christ Self. The only thing you must not do is to simply let it be and think that you have no power to overcome the programming of yourself by yourself and others.

You do have that power!  You do have that power!  It is your Mighty I AM Presence. The violet flame is that power. Omri-Tas is that power. Archangel Michael and Mighty Astrea are that power.

I say, the miracle of the alchemy of change is come!  The violet flame is with you. I decree it. You are new creatures in Christ, transformed and transforming yourselves. I am doing the work this day that I am allowed to do, but I will never deprive you of the work that you yourself can and must do in this hour.

Yes, beloved, this is a job that you can do, for which you have the talent. And any skill lacking will be provided you by your seraphim, <6> your violet flame angel, and your elementals, <7> who will assist.

Yes, beloved, it is the hour of change. It is the hour of compelling change. You are compelled to change, else be pulled backward in retrograde motion, back into a lesser evolution, back into ancient forms you once wore when the bodies of earth’s people were not as developed as they are today.

Yes, beloved, you must move forward, and the compelling change exalts you into bodies of Light which you had when you first descended, before this earth was corrupted. And when you had to occupy it <14> in the etheric octave, you did have bodies of Light given to you through your [God-]parents at that time.

Yes, beloved, it is the time and the hour of the compelling change:  it is time that you return to those refined bodies, to minds also refined whereby the greater capacity to contain the Mind of God shall enable you to walk the earth in roles of teacher and counsellor, being public servants and always servants of the God within all whom you meet. These things are possible. These things are possible, beloved.

Now then, Let the fiat of the Lord be with you!  Let the fiat of the Lord be with you!  Yes, beloved, it can solve every problem, but you will have to say the mantra I have given you with fire, with conviction, with the Word that brooks absolutely no interference.

Do not be shy about giving this anywhere you are in the workplace of this Community or in the privacy of your home and residence. Let it resound!  Let it not be forgot!  Let this not be remembered as a “memorable address.”  Let it be lived and returned to.

Beloved, it behooves you before Alpha and Omega to prove to your Father-Mother God that you can embody and contain the meaning and the call of these two dictations <8> so that we may come to you with greater and greater dispensations.

If the fiat of your Lord be invoked and accepted hourly, I am confident that you will move forward with such lightning speed that you will scarcely remember yourself as you were the week before from week to week.

This is what we desire for you, for the condition of being under the burden and the weight of your karma and world karma has gone on long enough. You can transmute it!  The Law does not require you to be thus burdened. You have simply accepted it and you move on in that state.

This is the meaning of your entering this new year. It is not so that you may simply cast this burden aside:  it is so that you may cast it into the violet flame and therefore be free of the day’s delivery of personal and planetary karma.

The attention of the Karmic Board is upon you in this moment. Therefore, it is a moment when you may speak from the recesses of your heart in silent prayer to the seven members or any one of the seven. [Congregation prays silently.]

The Keeper of the Scrolls and his angels give the reading of the record to the Lords of Karma as they examine what may be done for you and what you may do for life. Your greatest strengths and your greatest weaknesses are assessed. These will be made known to you in one way or another. You may observe [them] by watching the tests you pass and the tests you fail in the next seven days.

Be watchful. Be awake and alert. Make physical note of both. Capitalize on your strengths. Eliminate those weaknesses. Eliminate your vulnerabilities and seal the place where evil dwells!  Seal the compartments of the dwellers-on-the-threshold, [one on] each of the twelve lines of your Clock. Keep the dweller of each line bound in chains. Never allow any room in your being for the expression of the unbridled force of this carnal mind!

Now, beloved, the hour is come for you to receive Holy Communion. If there is anything else you would confess, <9> so let it be spoken to your God. The hosts of Aquarius shall serve you in our name.

I seal you now in the Maltese cross. May you visualize it upon you, its center over the center of your chest cavity. And may you rehearse from my studies in alchemy how the movement of energy, its descent and flow, proceeds through the arms of the Maltese cross. <10>

Be a perpetual alchemist and let the perpetual alchemy of God manifest through you to all life!  The alchemy of the violet flame is healing. It is the adjunct to the Healing Thoughtform <11> and the emerald ray. <12>

Thus we have spoken. Let the threads of the emerald and the purple be one!  And may you always have that garment [charged with Light] from which others may derive a blessing.

Our hopes are high for you this day. May you fulfill your dream of immortality on earth.

I AM Saint Germain, Knight Commander of the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity!  I call you, my Keepers of the Flame, to give accounting before God this day that you might rise in full dominion of yourself, your household, your city and planet.

Onward unto the victory of Aquarius!  Hosts of the Lord, march!  We have come and we are here to stay!  [54-second standing ovation]

[Holy Communion is served.]



This dictation by Saint Germain was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, December 30, 1990, during the six-day New Year’s I AM the Light of the World Conference held at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana.  Saint Germain’s dictation is available with Archangel Raphael’s on 120-min. videocassette (HP91013) and on 90-min. audiocassette (B91008). [N.B. Throughout this Pearl, bracketed material denotes words unspoken yet implicit in the dictation, added by the Messenger under Saint Germain’s direction for clarity in the written word.] Throughout these notes PoW is the abbreviation for Pearls of Wisdom.

1. January 15, 1991, was the date set by the United Nations Security Council for the unconditional withdrawal of Iraqi troops from Kuwait. On August 2, 1990, Iraq invaded Kuwait with 100,000 troops, seizing control of the country and its oil fields and throwing the Persian Gulf region into crisis. The UN resolution, which was approved November 29, 1990, stated that unless Iraq withdrew by January 15, UN member states would be authorized “to use all necessary means” to force Iraq out of Kuwait. On January 16, one day after the deadline, the United States and allied forces began air attacks against targets in Iraq and Kuwait, officially beginning the Persian Gulf war. For more on the August 2 invasion that touched off the conflict in the Persian Gulf, including the Messenger’s analysis of the astrology of the invasion and Iraq’s president Saddam Hussein, see Elizabeth Clare Prophet, The Astrology of the Four Horsemen, pp. 337-80. See also the Messenger’s update on the Middle East in her lecture “How to Heal Yourself and Planet Earth,” delivered February 16, 1991, at the Whole Life Expo in Los Angeles.

2. Gal. 6:15; II Cor. 5:17.

3. Rev. 14:6, 7.

4. Saints robed in white. Rev. 3:4, 5; 6:9-11; 7:9, 13-17; 19:8, 14.

5. In December 1990 Interior Secretary Manuel Lujan appointed a committee to devise a plan for reintroducing the Rocky Mountain gray wolf to Yellowstone National Park and the central Idaho wilderness area.  The committee, composed of representatives of state and federal agencies, the sheep industry, and environmental groups, is to report its plan to Congress by May 15, 1991. If the plan gains the support of at least six of the ten members of the committee, the required environmental impact study will begin and within a few years wolves could again be roaming the park, after an absence of 60 years. Wolves were hunted and exterminated as a pest predator in much of the United States in the early part of this century; and the gray wolf is now on the endangered species list for the western United States. Rep. Wayne Owens (D-Utah), who introduced bills in 1988 and 1989 to return wolves to Yellowstone Park, has said he is pursuing the wolf legislation because “Yellowstone is the largest near-perfect ecosystem in the temperate zones. All it lacks is its chief predator–the wolf.”  Another supporter of the reintroduction of the wolves, David S. Wilcove of the Wilderness Society, says, “Many of us feel it’s a moral imperative and a biological imperative.”  Opponents fear that the wolves would not stay within the boundaries of the park but would migrate and attack cattle and sheep, threatening the livelihoods of ranchers and sheepgrowers. The Defenders of Wildlife organization has raised $100,000 to compensate livestock owners for their losses caused by the wolves. Hank Fischer, a Montana-based representative for the group, has stated:  “Basically, we would be asking livestock operators to bear the brunt of wolf reintroduction. We want people who support wolves to pay the bills for the wolves and take responsibility for them.”  If the wolves are brought into Yellowstone, it will be the first time a major predator has been returned to a U.S. national park. John D. Varley, Yellowstone Park’s research director, says, “I’m continually amazed at how symbolic Yellowstone is. These wolves are going to be the most famous wolves in the world.”  The Messenger comments that wolves have been on earth as an outpicturing of the subconscious and unconscious patterns of the race in order that mankind might see the products of their own consciousness.

6. See p. 21.

7. 12 elementals for each chela of the will of God. See Diana, July 8, 1990, in 1990 PoW, pp. 416-17.

8. Archangel Raphael dictated prior to Saint Germain. See pp. 27-35.

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11. The Healing Thoughtform. The dispensation of the Healing Thoughtform was announced by Archangel Raphael on March 28, 1964. This thoughtform is composed of three concentric spheres:  white in the center, then sapphire-blue and emerald-green sacred fire. As described by Archangel Raphael, the white fire core is “ a mighty, tangible blue sheath of light” which “denotes the will of God,...the manifest perfection for all mankind. The mighty sheath of green, vibrating and quivering around all, is the substance of the healing qualification for the earth and for the evolutions thereof.”  The thoughtform is scientifically formulated to bring spiritual and physical healing and to restore the soul’s inner blueprint. It can be visualized over a specific organ or superimposed upon and penetrating every atom, cell and electron of the four lower bodies. The Messenger has taught that the white-fire center is for purification and restores the balance of Alpha and Omega; the blue sphere magnetizes and restores the inner blueprint; and the outer emerald sphere brings the continuous flow of healing and restores life. See Archangel Raphael, “The Healing Thoughtform:  The Crystalline Star of Understanding,” in 1982 PoW, Book II, pp. 461-65; Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, “My Visualization for the Healing Thoughtform,” in The Science of the Spoken Word, with color illustration, pp. 144-48; and “The Healing Thoughtform:  The Perfect Picture of the Divine Design,” decree 50.04A in Prayers, Meditations and Dynamic Decrees for the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness, Section I.

12. On June 29, 1988, Archangel Raphael announced the dispensation of the Healing Matrix of the crystal electrode of the Fifth Ray of Elohim imbedded in the psyche of the planet. Archangel Raphael said:  “The intensity and the depth of the positioning of this crystal, beloved, is truly for the creating of a spiral that does turn around the disintegration spirals that have affected the Lightbearers beyond their control. Thus, wherever hearts provide a correspondent spiral of intensity, there the action of this focus shall serve to multiply, to strengthen and to create within the individual that turning around whereby the spiral of wholeness can and shall displace spirals of disintegration.”  See p. 56 note; and Archangel Raphael, “A Healing Matrix:  The Crystal of the Fifth Ray of Elohim,” in 1988 PoW, Book II, pp. 439-40.

13. When Lord is capped in the Old Testament, it stands for YHVH, the Hebrew letters Yod He Vau He, or I AM THAT I AM. This name of God is the name of the Mighty I AM Presence. When you use Lord with the name of an Ascended Master, Cosmic Being or Archangel, you are calling for the specific manifestation of the I AM THAT I AM that is upon that one to be with you. You are calling for that one’s Mighty I AM Presence and Causal Body to be upon you.

14. i.e., the earth