Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 34 No. 25 - The Ascended Master Phylos the Tibetan - June 23, 1991


The Messenger Stumps San Francisco

“We Are Winners and We Win with Joy!”


Here in this city of Light, ancient city of the Motherland, I have been called to speak to you and to reach your hearts with the love of Venus and hierarchs of Light who have long served on this Earth as emissaries from our home star.

Yes, we were Atlanteans and even Lemurians, but we are also citizens of Venus who have come bearing the Christ in our hearts and the culture of the Mother, which has brought forth such beauty, such crystallization in Matter of the glories of the Spirit [on our planet, that you might cultivate that Christ of the heart and that culture of the Mother on Earth].

Now, beloved, I address you as an Ascended Master and therefore may speak through this Messenger. I am grateful that many have profited from my book, <1>even though there may be a percentage of error resulting from my or another’s perceptions. Yet, beloved, these records are true and I bear witness, and I bear witness to much more than that which was written.

I was present when the Ascended Master Lanello did survey the chelas in Montana and with tears streaming down his face he did probe the soul. And therefore did the Messenger ask, “Why do you weep?”

And his answer was “Because the chelas on the Path do not understand the nature or the necessity of suffering until the full victory is won.”

We do not stress a path of suffering and perhaps that is why some do not consider it to be an essential. We do not dwell upon it in this hour except to bring balance in a civilization where pleasure has become the hallmark of success, and without pleasure no thing is measured of value or of meaning or to be true. It is as though it were an essential ingredient to life.

I say the quality of God-happiness is essential to meet adversity, but the pleasure of the senses in excess does surely detract from the straight and the narrow way.

Thus, may your forces be focused that you might not perceive your karma alone but have an eye and an ear for others who suffer and, [taking divine pity upon them,] say thereby, “There but for the grace of God go I.”

May you see yourself in every life who suffers. May you know that as long as life suffers, a part of you is suffering with that life, for God is one. May you understand, as the leaves of my book have given up much profound teaching through the Messenger, that the path to be walked is worth every joy that you encounter and every sorrow.

For you are sending energy back to God and receiving it again. And as quickly as you send to God Light for the transmutation of error, so as quickly does he send to you Light that is Truth incarnate within you. And this oscillation from your heart to the center of the sun of your I AM Presence, to the center of the Great Central Sun is the beginning of the acceleration process whereby you shall know that oscillation to the point of the speed of light and then beyond.

You are an extension of that Sun here and now but perceive yourselves not as rays of light or energy pulsating, going and returning and being magnetized to the great Polestar of Being.

You have become weighted down with the myths of the mass consciousness, with a sense of weight. It comes from karma. It comes from the karma of the planet. It comes from the yoke that black magicians have learned to place upon you that is rightfully their own, yet they transfer it and allow the people to bear their karma.

You have heard that this is called “karma-dodging.”  Many practice it. They amass power and wealth and place this between themselves and their returning calamities. So long may they dodge, but the day does come when there does descend the horrendous karma held back by manipulation of past artists of the black arts.

Now, beloved, I come:  I would turn your grief to joy, your sickness to health, your emptiness to fullness. May you have the realism and the true wisdom to know how the grace of God is upon those who serve the Christ and the soul of one another.

Lose yourself, immerse yourself in the self-givingness and the self-emptying; for that which infills you after the giving is so much greater than that which you have given. Be willing to let go, to no longer have the last word, to be silent where an argument may be brewing, to sense the inner flame and to rise above the morasses of life.

May you go out of your way to help others, building and banking such good karma that in the day of thy adversity, in the day of the dark night of the soul, the fire that blazes, for you yourself have kindled it, shall cause there to be no night there.

The spiritual devotees on the Path have their work cut out for them, but I stress the joy. If any man or woman think that this is a path of martyrdom, let him depart hence; for martyrdom is not the way to the kingdom of God but a true compassionate self-givingness.

I am Phylos and I come from the battleground of Earth unto the realms of glory. As you go through my book you shall have an experience yourself at inner levels if you meditate, if you decree, if you give the Ashram rituals and maintain your attunement with the masterful beings of Venus who are called upon in your rituals.

My book is a companion to the Ascended Masters’ path that has been laid before you by Saint Germain and El Morya and Mother Mary and Kuthumi and Djwal Kul and Jesus and Gautama. It is an assist to you and I am grateful to have the Messenger expound upon it [and elaborate upon] those advances that have come forth in the century since I dictated it.

Thus it is an open door and considered by the Darjeeling Council to be among the best of books to present to the new student on the Path, for it does contain keys for the awakening of many souls, as they recognize themselves in the streets of Caiphul, participating in Atlantean life, whether at the end of Atlantis or in the great golden-age civilization of Jesus Christ.

All these we have known. And some of you have found this day your footprints left in the sands now at the bottom of the sea. How strong are the footprints of karma!  Yet stronger are the footprints of heroism and Christlike deeds!  Strong are the footprints of honor, black those of deceit, deception.

May you build carefully, stone upon stone, the pyramid of your life. This was the teaching [of the adepts] of the Great Pyramid [that was outpictured in] the many pyramids that we built in various civilizations of Atlantis. The four sides, being the four lower bodies that must converge at the point of the All-Seeing Eye, must synthesize as one vessel, even the chalice of the Holy Grail.

I have looked upon America and I have wept, for I have seen in the collective karma of the reincarnated Atlanteans here the same pitfalls that I found in my own karma. I could not come here free to rise as a servant of God but must pay every jot and tittle.

America is beset with the karma that the nation has made since its inception two centuries ago. It is beset with ancient records of Atlantis not yet paid. And it is bowed down by a false teaching that is not that of the Christ concerning this karma, concerning accountability.

So many false teachers abound and so little discrimination is exercised, even in the New Age movement. Wherever there is a claim or a personality or a new fad or some other exploration into the psychic, there do they run like chickens for feed.

Blessed hearts, find the truth of Being in yourself. Find others who have that truth of Being. And watch out, for the disease of the carnal mind is idolatry. Most people on or off the spiritual path are idolatrous of themselves, quite pleased with their meager knowledge and even less attainment, which they deem to be great.

Know ye not that the first step on the Path is one of humility and self-effacement?

The first step beyond this is forgiveness toward all life.

Do not jump into the arena of learning to be a psychic channel. Do not jump into those areas where you again jeopardize the soul. For this channeling is a form of spiritism and it does rob you of the very sheath of light that does protect the physical body and the chakras, and this energy once spent is not replenished.

Thus, when you experience exhaustion instead of a recharge in the presence of a channel, know that your energy is being drained to sustain that communication, which cannot be from an Ascended Master if it does drain you.

Therefore shun the discarnate entities that come prattling about this and that while the stakes of human existence hang. They hang heavy, beloved, for it is a century that can be the springboard to a golden age but more likely will go down in defeat unless such as you rise to a new fervor of determination to spread the word of the karma descending, the prophecy of the decade and its signs in the astrology of the Four Horsemen.

Remember, then, the prophecy of Jesus Christ for that karma descending that America must face, and recognize that to divert it will mean [that her people must offer] a mighty act of invocation of sacred fire, of violet flame, of diligence.

May you understand the Call and know that you need preparedness in a true mystery school of the Great White Brotherhood. That is why the Ascended Masters Maitreya, Gautama, Jesus have set aside the land in Montana, that you might study and know “how to,” “what to” and all that is essential so that you can have the tools to deal with the challenges of your cities, of your youth, your children and the question of abortion, which is so heavy a karma upon the nation.

Taking life in any form, beloved, is fraught with major consequences of karma. Therefore defend life in all forms and love life free.

I bid you welcome to the classes that are taught, to the summer retreat, or even to the Fourth of July weekend. The land itself waits for your feet and Maitreya’s mountain is your mecca. May you go there and know what it is to be in the presence of the great American wilderness, millions of acres of untouched land that border on this property, which is become the counterpart of the Western Shamballa. <2>

May you understand what it means to go to the mountains to balance the sea and your life at sea level, to feel the fire in the rock and waters that flow neath the earth, and to help hold the balance for millions upon Earth who know not what is coming upon the age.

It is the goal of the Ascended Masters to see you locked in to your own Christ Presence, to see you fortified by the I AM THAT I AM, with whom you freely discourse as you walk and talk with your God. The reconnection of the soul [to her Divine Reality] and the strengthening of the crystal cord, this is our desire–techniques of meditation, of service, of mantra, of self-giving and of healing, healing, healing the psyche.

O the soul needs healing to be able to go out and heal others and to deal with the challenges of life!  And the four lower bodies must be healed!  And you must find your strength as it comes from God, direct, to give you all that you need of spiritual energy to forge a future for the nations.

Can any deny the warfare of Light and Darkness ongoing?

I think not. Yet few can define it or have the discrimination to see what is the Truth and the Lie, what is the Real and the Unreal. There are things you must come to understand if you would triumph in the time you have in this life.

I pray that you know that I am a part of the Brotherhood and I teach also at Summit University. Do I teach?  I am also a student and I also strive for my own greater God-mastery. I am one of you and yet a little farther along for having gone the final initiations of facing alone, in a seeming wilderness, Absolute Evil accompanied by the absence of Absolute Good. As in a vacuum, you will one day come to pass those tests. I would prepare you as would other adepts of our bands.

No one is more desirous of preparing you than the Ascended Master El Morya himself, the founder of this activity of the Great White Brotherhood. Each Master comes with his gift, his discipline, his training. Thus you may learn how to go to the retreats in the etheric octave and to retain what you have learned. This is a process of total transformation. It may include dietary correction that enables you to hold greater peace and strength in your cells and organs.

We can give you an accelerated course but you must have the strength of an undivided attention and a will to pursue, to prepare so that you may face life as it really ought to be faced.

Listen now as the music of the spheres from Venus does encompass you. It is the comfort, it is the light–it is the civilization to which you shall one day return if you have the stomach, the fortitude to deal with all that must be dealt with ere you can have your freedom.

To know that loved ones are there, that the twin flame awaits is one thing; but to collapse time and space so that there is no longer separation is another. It can be done, but very few solitary climbers have made it. Therefore, fasten thyself to the Guru of your choice, an Ascended Master, and follow that one to the point of your own praise of the true God Self that you are.

I have come with a special assignment through the year 2002 and that is to assist in the program of the outreach of the Ascended Masters. I will come to you until everything that my book offers as teaching may be assimilated by you. I will give you all that I have learned that you may go on and study with other Masters ascended. I will be at your side.

And as you use me to learn and to know what is real and unreal, I will use you to go after those lifestreams who are tied to you and to me and to this entire Community of students of the Ascended Masters worldwide. And we shall go together and we shall find them!  And you shall become fluent in my story, which is fascinating in itself were it not so awfully true.

And therefore the horrendous nature of the encounters as well as the tremendous wonder of the appearance of God and his Son to me contrast so clearly the choices that are to be made:  whether the right hand, whether the left, whether the seeming shortcut of the left and the compromise of the Path or the full and full-measured cup of the right that leaves no stone unturned until that victory is secure.

May you use that book and these teachings to straighten out the false teachings of the religions of the day until all come to the native understanding of the sun of the I AM THAT I AM, the God Presence with you, symbolized by the sun in the heavens, the one God, whose rays and extensions ye are.

True religion is simple, compassionate, deep and it does connect the soul to God directly. May you stand on that conviction and live to fulfill your fiery destiny!

I AM Phylos and I AM with you, a new brother on the path of this course. We run to win, for we are winners and we win with joy.

I salute you from the heart of the Himalayas and from the heart of the etheric retreat of the Goddess of Purity over this city.

Out of the Fourth Ray of Gabriel and Hope, sponsors here also, I have descended. To the archangelic realm I return to continue my work with you. Amen. Amen. Amen.


This dictation by the Ascended Master Phylos the Tibetan was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, April 28, 1991, at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel, San Francisco.  Preceding the dictation, the Messenger delivered her lecture “A Profile of the Incarnations of the Ascended Master Phylos the Tibetan on the Continents of Lemuria, Atlantis and America.”  The lecture and dictation are available on 93-min. audiocassette (B91077). Both will also be available on videocassette. [N.B. Throughout this Pearl, bracketed material denotes words unspoken yet implicit in the dictation, added by the Messenger under the Ascended Master Phylos’ direction for clarity in the written word.]  Throughout these notes PoW is the abbreviation for Pearls of Wisdom.

1. Phylos the Thibetan, A Dweller on Two Planets, paperback (Harper and Row, 1974); or hardbound (Borden Publishing Company, 1952), available through Summit University Press.

2. The Western Shamballa. See Gautama Buddha, April 18, 1981, “The Arcing of the Flame of Shamballa to the Inner Retreat,” in 1981 PoW, Book I, pp. 226, 227; and 1989 PoW, pp. 419-22.