Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 34 No. 47 - Beloved Archangel Michael - October 6, 1991


Thirty-Third Anniversary of The Summit Lighthouse<7>
New Beginnings
The Protection of the Divine Plan of The Summit Lighthouse
Seek Adeptship!


 I, Michael, Prince of the Archangels, do stand in the center of the Sun and in the center of the Causal Body of this Messenger, [which is] now upon her. Therefore I am in the heart of the Central Sun, I am here below, and I establish new beginnings and new foundations built upon the old, yet strengthened by and strengthening the old unto the fullness of the New Day appearing!

I AM Michael!  And I have set forth a cosmos of divine protection for this Summit Lighthouse in the beginning and I shall sustain it unto the ending of the cycles of its purpose in the Matter cosmos.

Yes, beloved, I have sent forth the ray with my sword of blue flame for the protection of the divine plan in this activity. And you are that divine plan, for the divine plan is fulfilled through your Causal Body of Light.

Therefore be ye bodhisattvas on the path of the First Ray of your dear El Morya and myself and so many others who bring to you not alone the power of the will of God but the fullness of that power of the will of God in manifestation.

There is no commodity such as pure power, beloved!  Power that is true, that is of God, is always qualified by the Will of God, by the Mind of God, by the Love of God and by the Law of the Divine Mother, as Above, so below.

Therefore let your own Dharmakaya descend upon your form and soul and heart!  And when I say “let,” beloved, I say pick up your shovels and shovel away the debris that blocks that manifestation [upon you] that you see now upon your Messenger!  That Dharmakaya of the I AM THAT I AM cannot fully integrate with the person here below until [that person] accomplish certain [requirements of the Great Law].

Therefore, you–building in new beginnings in your individual world, beginning with this cycle of the anniversary of the thirty-three–must build those foundations whereby you can receive that holy light. And it is not out of the question that you can also have that attainment. Yet the 100 percent balancing of your karma must be your goal. Yet the integration with your Holy Christ Self and the mighty heart of Jesus Christ must be your goal and your accomplishment, beloved, as well as the flow of love unceasing that comes only from the point of God-harmony in the balanced threefold flame.

Yes, beloved, you may look for the star of your Presence and you may know that that star does draw nigh to you and that your goal of union with God must not be postponed unto the day of your ascension!

Did not Elijah walk in the fullness of the I AM THAT I AM and did not the great one of old, Elisha?  And did not they who came from the Far East?

Indeed they did. They were the true mighty ones of old and unto them the Nephilim could not hold a candle.

Yes, beloved, in times past there have been those in the earth who did walk in the fullness of the God Presence. Now let it be the goal of those of you who have thirty-three years yet [left] in this life and much more.

For some of those whom I reach with my ray and presence are babes in arm or yet in the womb. And they shall come forth and achieve a life span whereby, if you will care for them properly, they may actually manifest the power of the three-times-thirty-three, yes, the three-times-thirty-three unto the ninety-nine.

Care for them well and build solid foundations in each of the four lower bodies and you shall see what God shall work through you and what he has already wrought through you as you have dedicated yourselves to bring forth these children, aye, children and more–sons of God, I say, and Christed ones.

Therefore spare not the rod and spare not yourselves the trouble of working and loving and teaching these children. For you will understand that they shall carry the torch you pass to them when the days come that you are feeble in the body and more of your spirit is ascending and you are winding those coils of fire unto that victory of translation, even as Enoch was translated unto the octaves of Light. <1>

Therefore I say, beloved, let the conclusion of this year and cycle of the celebration of the thirty-three be for the violet flame transmutation of all that should not have been within these thirty-three years and for the fulfillment of all that should be and should have been achieved.

Much has been achieved, beloved, and yet that measure and quality of the Christ consciousness that you have been called to embody has not been reached to the level that El Morya had hoped it would be. Yes, beloved, it is because you have allowed other desirings and the leaking of the energies of God in many directions. You have not seen how the disciplined ones and the bodhisattvas, in [not one but] many embodiments, have given their entire attention to the manifestation of this Christhood in imitation of the life of Jesus Christ–[even the] eighty-one years [he lived in his final embodiment]. <2>

Yes, beloved, The Imitation of Christ <3> is yet the book that you must keep at bedside and read, even a page [each night], imitating the ways of Christ until your imitation is become the Divine Reality unmoved, and I say unmoved, beloved!

A personal, individual Christhood is the challenge of the number thirty-three. How many of you have advanced to that age in this audience this day?

Those of you who have attained to thirty-three and beyond, you see, are expected, increment by increment, to exude that Christ Flame. Some of you who have not yet reached [that age], even some little ones, have more of that Christhood than those who have gone beyond. Yet age in physical years is not the determining factor but the foundations laid in previous incarnations and the awareness, beloved.

Therefore, I pierce by my sword of blue flame–yes, the same sword that I raised up over that city of Philadelphia, that City of Brotherly Love, where the Love Ray went forth for the founding of this activity. <8> I take that same sword, beloved, and I pierce the density and the veils whereby you have not seen or been sensitized to the intimations of your I AM Presence, hence the intimations of the Seven Archangels, who stand before you this day!

May you kneel before the God Flame within us, beloved ones, and recognize that we are that I AM THAT I AM fully in manifestation. Thus, you call us Lord Michael, [Lord Jophiel, Lord Chamuel, Lord Gabriel, Lord Raphael, Lord Uriel, Lord Zadkiel].

We desire you to experience that wonder of God in us and the wonder of the archangelic hosts of Light and all of their legions. We desire you to know that the same God that we are and have become is in you!  And therefore, have reverence toward those who have gone beyond you who are that I AM in manifestation, that you might also have that reverence toward the flame in your heart, as tiny or as great as it may be, reverence in the sense that the holiness of the Lord your God is increasing daily.

If you have that sense of the holiness of your soul and spirit and mind and heart and temple, let holiness exude from you, beloved!  Let it come forth from the pores of your skin, from your eyes and heart and chakras!

I charge you with the holiness flame of God to walk the earth from this day forward as a separate people who have that distinct vibration, who say in their heart: 

“I AM holy, for the Lord my God is holy!” 

[Congregation affirms with Archangel Michael:]

I AM holy, for the Lord my God is holy!

I AM holy, for the Lord my God is holy!

I AM holy, for the Lord my God is holy!

Therefore do not convey to the little ones or to the new students a certain secularism regarding the Teachings of the Ascended Masters. There is not a secular vibration in our teaching, beloved. Every word we speak and that is spoken by the Messenger comes out of the Spirit cosmos and it has a sheath of holiness.

Do not be tempted to step down the Teachings to an intellectual or an academic or an emotional format but have the holiness in your aura whereby you sweep up by that aura those in your audiences, those who come to hear the Word, and they are in the rapture of the holiness of God and therefore know the communication because it is transmitted [to them] through the Messenger through you by the Holy Spirit. And only the word that is transferred by the Holy Spirit will work change in another!  Know that, beloved. Seek the quickening and know that the Archangels are empowered to transfer to you a mighty light. And yet that [presence of the] Holy Spirit must be a point of enlightenment whom you obey.

Therefore listen, listen to the still small voice within. <4> Abide the promptings of your soul and your heart. Hearken unto your God and create the spaces of thinking, meditating, visualizing or simply stilling the mind, stilling the outer “things upon things” that come upon you, until you hear your God speaking to you of your mission, of your love that is God’s and of those things to which you must pay attention in order to have your victory on the morrow and on the next day and on the next.

Are your knees troubling you, beloved? <9>

Yes, understand the saints who have knelt hour upon hour, year upon year and even in the etheric retreats of the Brotherhood doing their penance. For they have seen what they did not fulfill on earth and therefore a mighty penance did they put upon themselves in order to reincarnate and [be able] to bring [with them] the holiness of God and that Divine Love–these two qualities which they did fail to develop [in their previous lives].

Come now, beloved ones. Understand that you must examine your day’s preoccupations of the mind and the body and the feelings and the memory. And take command, I say!  Take command in the name of the Seven Archangels of your life and your will and your love and the application of knowledge and wisdom [given] unto you!

Yes, beloved, seek adeptship!  It has been said. I say it again:  Seek adeptship. Above all, do not make the single mistake of being satisfied with yourself as you are today. And I shall tell you a secret of the Seven Archangels:  We are not satisfied as we manifest God today, and on the morrow you shall see Seven Archangels in a new manifestation!  We are never the same, beloved, but always incorporating, embodying in our great bodies of Light more of the God who is the Limitless One.

Yes, beloved. Never rest upon your oars and remain satisfied!  If you will obey my command to you this day and that of the other six who stand with me in agreement[–to seek adeptship–]you shall build another thirty-three-year spiral and see how this Lighthouse shall cover the earth with the light of love and draw all men and women and children to their Mighty I AM Presence and to the mighty lineage of Sanat Kumara, Gautama Buddha, Lord Maitreya, Jesus Christ and Padma Sambhava.

Thus, beloved, be humbled before your God and be emboldened before the world!  Know the difference and recognize that there is a penance to be paid by every one of you for the misuse of the sacred fire under the hierarchy of Capricorn–that is, the misuse of power.

Therefore know that the knees relate to Capricorn, <5> and on your knees you feel the pain of past abuses of God’s power even as you pray to God in this moment for the transmutation of your misuses of that light.

Therefore as we attend you, we give you these moments to pray aloud to your God that you might have the clearing of the crown chakra and the twelve o’clock line as you go forth to fling a new spiral for this activity of Light!  Let us hear the prayer of the holy who do the will of God as love!

 [Congregation offers invocations and prayers to God.]

I bid you rise into a new awareness of self in the holiness of God, the love of God, the light of God and the will of God, which compute as God-Power.

You need the power of God, beloved. We have that power and we desire to convey it to you. Therefore the Messenger has taught that to sing to us as you begin your service or your lectures is the key to unlock the power of cosmos of the seven rays through our Electronic Presence.

We guarantee that we place our Electronic Presence [over you] whenever our song is sung and that we give protection to those who come in to hear the Word. And we protect them, in answer to your calls, from those who would tear them from the breast of the Divine Mother even before they can drink her milk and be weaned to be strengthened on their own.

Yes, beloved, as far as I am concerned, I can only express gratitude to you for producing and using the tapes you have dedicated to me–the rosary and the songs and decrees. <6> Yes, beloved, thanks to you, my name has been heard throughout the earth and I have stamped my electronic vibration upon every erg [of energy] and grain [of sand] of this planet.

I shall increase it and I shall continue to be the absolute God-protection of you and this Messenger and the entire family of Lightbearers who make up the pillar of fire in the earth that is The Summit Lighthouse. Yes, beloved, may you continue to call to me, for I am authorized this day to continue that protection by which there did go forth the initial sponsorship of this activity.

I AM Michael!  I stand in the heart of the Sun. I stand in the heart of your Causal Body and I AM Presence. May you pull me down and make me comfortable where you are.

I love you in the name of God. I love you in the name of God.

[35-second standing ovation]



This dictation by Archangel Michael was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, August 11, 1991, at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana, in celebration of the thirty-third anniversary of the founding of The Summit Lighthouse on August 7, 1958. [N.B. Throughout this Pearl, bracketed material denotes words unspoken yet implicit in the dictation, added by the Messenger under Archangel Michael’s direction for clarity in the written word.] Throughout these notes PoW is the abbreviation for Pearls of Wisdom.

1. Gen. 5:22-24; Heb. 11:5.

2. After his Palestinian mission, Jesus walked the earth in the resurrection flame, passing from the screen of life in Kashmir in 77 A.D. at the age of 81. Following this, his final embodiment, he ascended from Shamballa. (See Elizabeth Clare Prophet, 1984 PoW, Book I, Introduction, p. 11; and Gautama Buddha, December 31, 1989, in 1990 PoW, p. 22.)

3. Thomas a Kempis, The Imitation of Christ, trans. Leo Sherley-Price (London:  Penguin Group, 1952), available through Summit University Press.

4. I Kings 19:12.

5. The twelve signs of the zodiac relate to various organs and parts of the body. Capricorn relates to the knees.  On the Cosmic Clock, the hierarchy of Capricorn is charted on the 12 o’clock line of God-Power. The abuse of God’s power manifests as criticism, condemnation and judgment.

6. Archangel Michael’s Rosary for Armageddon, prayers, decrees and hymns to invoke the assistance of Archangel Michael, the hosts of the Lord and the nine choirs of angels for the resolution of personal and planetary problems and for the binding of the forces of Evil attacking the children and youth of the world; 90-min. audiocassette of rosary, dictation by Archangel Michael and songs to the angels with 36-page booklet, A85108. Decrees and Songs to Archangel Michael, 90-min. audiocassette with booklet, B89092.

7. Thirty-three years ago, on August 7, 1958, the Ascended Master El Morya founded The Summit Lighthouse through the Messenger Mark L. Prophet. On that day the Messenger Mark L. Prophet, Frances K. Ekey and Chrystel F. Anderson gathered in Philadelphia for the first

board meeting. Seven Ascended Masters–Archangel Michael, Elohim Peace, Saint Germain, the Maha Chohan, El Morya, Gautama Buddha and Godfre–delivered dictations, releasing the original dispensations for The Summit Lighthouse. On August 11, 1991, these seven

“founding fathers” returned again to dictate through the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet and to deliver their dispensations for the thirty-third anniversary. These seven dictations will be published consecutively, beginning with this Pearl of Wisdom.

8. In his dictation on August 7, 1958, Archangel Michael said:  “I am spreading over you the canopy of my Love and my Protection in the very beginning of this endeavor. The sword of blue flame is established in the upper atmosphere over the city of Philadelphia.... Do you realize, beloved, what a gracious opportunity this is in that you shall be a chalice of heaven into which I, Michael, shall charge the ray of protection for the God-plan made manifest in this which is to be the highest activity that I shall have sponsored since I took the first root race Home?”

9. The congregation has been kneeling as Archangel Michael instructed (p. 540, par. 1).