Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 34 No. 48 - Beloved Elohim Peace - October 13, 1991


Thirty-Third Anniversary of The Summit Lighthouse
I Inaugurate a Thirty-Three-Tiered Spiral of Peace
in The Summit Lighthouse
Keep the Flame of Cosmic Christ Peace!


Peace, be still and know that I AM Elohim Peace!  And where I AM there is the peace of Aloha. I AM THAT I AM Peace in you. And I am called of God from the beginning unto the ending in the cycles of this activity to establish the Cosmic Christ flame of peace!

And in my original dictation, beloved, I did release a prayer for peace that I did ask the students to offer. May this prayer be yours. May you use it daily. And may you visualize a large, fiery, blazing sun at the solar plexus, the “place of the sun,” the place where Cosmic Christ peace must be established in you.

Shaft of golden light and purple, flecked in ruby, descending upon you now is for the alignment of chakras and the healing of your physical organs and their etheric counterparts. Be seated in my shaft of peace, beloved.

Peace, be still and know that the I AM that is God in me is the God where you are!  I AM Alpha this day. You are my Omega counterpart. And, beloved, Aloha does place her Electronic Presence over you that you might know and enjoy the flame of God in the Sixth Ray. Therefore I am come and therefore I have been given the mandate to keep the flame of peace in this activity.

I come as a cosmic teacher, beloved. I come to tell you that where there is not God-Harmony there cannot be God-Peace. Thus harmony is the other side of peace and peace the other side of harmony.

Know, then, the white fire. Know the central sun of being. Establish that sun. And do not allow yourselves to live upon the periphery of your auras, for there you shall be plucked by the fallen ones. But they cannot reach you when you are centered in the heart. And the heart of this activity–as the heart of God and the heart of El Morya and Lanello–the heart of this activity, beloved, in this octave must be your heart and [all of] your hearts as one.

Did not El Morya come forth to wrap the Diamond Heart of Mary in his own Diamond Heart, thus signifying the power of the Masculine and the Feminine Ray, thus signifying the presence of the Cosmic Virgin in the founding of this Community?

Aye, indeed, the blessed Mary has been a part of all those Sons of heaven who have nurtured this activity. Therefore know the “Diamond Heart within the Diamond Heart” and seek to have the twain envelop your own heart, beloveds. See your heart now enfolded in the heart of Mary, enfolded again in the heart of Morya. See the Trinity, then, of a Father- and a Mother-presence abounding round about you and your heart being strengthened by the matrix.

You must solve the chemistry of being here below and the biochemistry. You must know that you are made of points of light and atoms and cells and electrons. You are made of the substance of this octave, beloved. And I do not say “of the substance of earth” but I say “the substance of this octave,” and I do not wish to be misquoted.

Therefore, because you are made of the substance of this octave, beloved, you must seek the divine harmony of the resonance of all atoms and cells in your being and all organs in your being with one another and with the etheric matrix and the etheric mandate. After all, we, Elohim of God, are builders of form. Builders of form are we!  We must have, therefore, a chalice in every molecule of your body–your etheric, mental, desire and physical bodies–in order to endow you with a greater light.

When you achieve the balance of harmony, beloved, then you can hold the greatest light. You have called this harmony the yang and the yin, the Alpha and the Omega, the plus and the minus, and it is so. When you find that equilibrium at each level of your being, beloved, and become alchemists of your own temple, you shall see how much more of God you can hold within those vessels of chakras, organs and all the components of being.

Yes, beloved, I AM Peace. Where there is the warring in the members, where there is the teetering and tottering of the imbalance from day to day between the emotions and the thoughts, where there is not strength and fire raised up as the virya <1> of the Buddha in you, how can we add unto you increments of fire when the fire would only make matters worse?

In the extreme, beloved, [there are] the deranged and the insane and those who have made their pact with Darkness and therefore erupt as volcanoes with anger and all sorts of blasphemy speaking through them. They may not come near the altar of God. They must go forth and balance themselves, for they are in rebellion against the law of God at every level of being.

There is a chemistry for the mind, another for the desire body and another for the etheric body. When you attain that balance, you will find the Path to be one of peace. Attain peace in your members, beloved. And you know whereof I speak!  Thus, I shall not warn again lest you have the karma of neglecting the warning of Hierarchy. We leave it, then, to the Messenger and other representatives of the Path to speak to you concerning these things.

I say, then, beloved, to seek out harmony in all that you are, you must invoke the violet flame for the transmutation of layers of [misqualified] substances and [karmic] records. How can you attain God-Harmony with the records of a past karma that trouble you at the deepest levels of being?

Thus, there must be surrender to your God to have peace. There must be the all-desiring of God to have peace. Did not the great one of peace, Gautama, teach you that inordinate desiring is suffering and that this is the cause of suffering?

If you suffer, then, on a daily basis, warring in your mind and body and being burdened by those conditions, I give you opportunity this day. For this day I, the Elohim of Peace, unleash a new cycle, a spiral of peace within this activity, and I inaugurate that spiral of peace for each one of you, beginning beneath the feet and going up as high as your Causal Body of Light. It is a thirty-three-tiered spiral of peace, if you will.

Yes, beloved, you can mount that spiral and you can stay on each tier until you have achieved peace in that tier.

Yes, beloved, I say, this is the day when the heavens have opened, when the Causal Body of both of your Messengers has opened. This is the day when you can say:

The Path of the Elohim of Peace


      Enough!  I have had done with my human creation and I choose to enter the path of the Elohim of Peace! I choose to now receive the original endowment of peace that Elohim Peace gave upon the founding of this organization.

      I shall become that point of peace to which every angel ministering on earth shall have recourse. Yes, in my heart the flame of peace shall abide. Therefore I shall be unmoved. I shall not be moved by what does transpire anywhere outside the circle of my being or within it.

      This day I have said:  Enough is enough!  I am the victim of my own wrong desiring. I am the victim of my abuse of my four lower bodies. I am the victim of my karma. And this day I say, I shall no longer be the victim of myself but I shall be the instrument of God!

      I shall walk out from this court of King Arthur and I shall keep my vow to keep my counsel, keep my peace, keep the sealing of my words [and to control] the flashing forth of dark thought or feeling and the revolving of [negative spirals of] the memory.

      I can do all of this, for I am the child of the heart of El Morya, my beloved. I can do all of this because my God is with me. I have a path, I have Maitreya, I have a Messenger whom I can see and touch and who will love me and comfort me and help me and rebuke me and lead me.

      Yes, I am in the best possible position that my karma allows me to be in. For I know there is no injustice anywhere in the universe and I am truly convinced that there is mercy beyond mercy that I have this opportunity this day to remake myself by the power of Elohim in the image and likeness of Almighty God, by the power of the Word with Brahman in the Beginning.

      Yes, I will work with Elohim of Peace. And I know that because God sent Elohim to endow this activity that this activity is sponsored from the Elohimic level and all the power of Elohim is upon me and the mighty chalice of the resurrection flame in the Heart of the Inner Retreat. <2>

      Yes, I shall take the dispensations of Elohim, for they are power in the seven rays. They are the power of Alpha and Omega. And I shall remake myself that I might carry the spiral of the next thirty-three years of this activity until The Summit Lighthouse transcends the octaves here below as Above and its beams shed their powerful light into the depths of Death and Hell so that souls caught in those levels may follow the beam to the heart of their I AM Presence and receive the Archangels’ deliverance.

      Yes, I will walk in the living flame of peace. I shall be a true pilgrim of peace. And I shall show the two-edged sword dividing the Real from the Unreal, binding the engines and elements of war.

      Yes, I know the meaning of true peace and I know it is not pacifism. I know that the power of peace will swallow up the records of war upon this planet as I take the mantra:

      Peace, be still and know that I AM God!

      Peace, be still and know that I AM God!

      Peace, be still and know that I AM God!

      [Congregation joins Elohim Peace:]

      Peace, be still and know that I AM God!

   May you say it with the fire with which I have given it!  I speak to all who come to study–those who would be ministering servants, those who would be chelas and disciples, those who would pursue their professions now at hand–and I say to you, beloved:  Learn to release the fire of the heart, the sacred fire, and to be infilled again and learn it with this mantra. Hear how it is spoken:

“Peace, be still and know that I AM God!”

 Blessed ones, it is not [mere] volume but it is the power of the sacred fire released [in the volume]:

“Peace, be still and know that I AM God!”

Thus the fire goes forth, beloved, and the power is released. May you practice. May you feel the light raised up in the chakras by your mantras and meditations, by your devotions. And may you learn that the most powerful fiat and decree you can utter is the one that you endow with the sacred fire.

Learn of me. Learn of your Messengers. And understand that some defy the power of God and will not speak forth when called upon to do so!  They consider it beneath them to raise their voices, to let the Lord’s power flow through them.

It is a defiance of God, beloved, to refuse to raise the voice above a common conversational tone and it is also a defiance of God to raise the voice in anger [or at any time you are not in control of your thoughts, feelings, acts or unconscious momentums]. Therefore be in God-Control and know when is the moment to let the volume rise to reach a heart enslaved, a heart and a soul and a body infested with demons. [For that one] cannot hear you unless the fire go forth to strip from him that which does assail him!

Be ashamed, then, to be called a minister of God if you refuse to master the spoken Word and the delivery of the fohat. You will have it when you let the sacred fire of the Mother rise within you. Let it be at first an imitation in the privacy of your own room or as you walk alone in the hills. Yes, beloved, it does take practice and it does take the call to Elohim and Archangels and the Maha Chohan. But the fire of the spoken Word must go forth!

As far as we are concerned, the individual prophet, messenger, apostle is defined by the level of fire that is in [him or her], and none can attain to that calling unless ordained by God. Thus, you who would become the lay servant, the ministering servant, beloved, must know it is a step in the right direction, and yet the power [of God] must go forth from you in time of need. And you cannot rise to another level of appointment until you achieve some measure of the power of God by obedience to his will, by surrender and sacrifice and [selflessness in] service.

Yes, beloved, you see, until you have [this power], it is dangerous for you to have the next and the next mantle. Therefore make your peace with the power of God that is his will and know that peace is God-Harmony, peace is God-Control and peace is God-Reality!

I could speak on of power and I shall for a moment, but I shall also leave to the meditation of your heart [the proving of] the necessity for the establishment of the blue-flame cross in your world. <3>  And when you make that sign of the cross nine times, <4> think in your heart:  “I AM God-Power, God-Harmony, God-Reality, God-Control.  This is my blue-flame cross and I reject all misqualifications of that blue-flame cross in my world!” [For these misqualifications are] the stumbling block to Christhood and the nonfulfillment of some [devotees].

Yes, beloved, power must become something in the hand and the heart, something in the throat chakra, something in the mind that is there as a resource, that when you encounter Evil that light flashes forth from you because it is of God and not because you force it and not because you enter into the [reactionary] human [consciousness].

Yes, beloved, be at peace in the centeredness of God-Power, in our definition of the word, in the four quadrants of the cardinal signs. Yes, beloved, be at the center of peace so that when there is danger and challenge of your office, God shall release the power through you, whether you speak in the still small voice of fire or in the [resounding] power of that fire.

Comprehend my meaning, beloved, for the cycles become physical and the challenges so. We, Elohim, come to your aid. We, Elohim, say:  Come to our level and know the ultimate protection and the ultimate chelaship.

I AM Peace. I AM the peace-commanding presence of the Cosmic Christ. I AM the peace-commanding presence of Almighty God. Therefore, I command you:  Peace, be still and know that the I AM in you is God!  Be ashamed to violate that peace.

And now I charge every one of you, from the least unto the greatest, as you perceive yourselves:  You must receive the gentle rebuke from anyone of this Community when you abandon your point of peace. Let every brother and sister remind one another, regardless of rank or position or background or standing, that where there is the breaking of harmony and the breaking of peace there is the fracturing of the mandala. Many tiny fractures in this mandala need healing.

Therefore do not react when someone in the still small voice of peace reminds you to return to your center, reminds you that whether in thought or feeling or word or vibration or in purpose or in plan, you have departed from peace. Take the reminder, beloved, and thank that one with all your heart. Call immediately upon the law of forgiveness. I ask you to become a fountain and a foundation of Cosmic Christ peace and thereby know our presence in your midst.

The byword of the peacemakers, beloved, is “I shall not be moved.”  Blessed are the peacemakers. [Therefore affirm:  In the name Jesus Christ, I shall not be moved!]

Thus, the peacemaker must challenge the vibration of nonpeace. But nonpeace is not the power of God that resounds from the heart of peace and power.

Some think if another raise his voice, he is out of alignment. It is whether the raised voice is charged with anger and condemnation or whether it is charged with fire. And if there be a dispute, then let it be committed to the flame or referred to the Messenger or the counsel of the board of directors.

 Yes, beloved, disciples require the rebuke and those [other disciples] who rebuke [them] are not always perfect. Yet when they do counsel, let them first take a step back and say:


      Peace, be still and know that the I AM God in me is the I AM God in that one. And I go forth to establish Christ-peace, to teach a lesson, to correct an error. Therefore, O God, seal me in my tube of light, the violet flame, the mantle and the armour of God that I speak the word of Truth and yet hold the God-Harmony of Peace.

   Think what a magnet this shall be.  It shall be the greatest antiwar manifestation on the face of planet earth!  This is my prediction and my prophecy!  Will you make it come true?

 [“Yes!”  (34-second standing ovation)]

I, Elohim Peace and Aloha, hold you to your word!  The Law does hold you to your word and so does El Morya. Thus, I withdraw to the flame in your heart to assist you in keeping that flame of Cosmic Christ peace.


N.B. Passages in bold are suggested for use as mantras.

Pour Out the Radiant Golden Oil of Peace!
by the Elohim of Peace
August 7, 1958, Philadelphia


      Beloved Mighty Presence of God, which I AM in me, and beloved Elohim of Peace:  from the zenith of the heavens pour out the radiant golden oil of peace unto the horizon of my world–to the 360 degrees of the circumference of my being that extends to the borders of time and eternity! 

      Fill the circle of my world and the worlds of all children of the Light with such an effulgent Light and Love as is the manifest power of the Elohim of Peace that no dissonance or any other variant of peace can manifest where I AM–in the heart of Peace!

      *Beloved Elohim of Peace:  From the Zenith of the Heavens, Pour Out the Radiant Golden Oil of Peace unto the Horizon of My World!  (9x)*



Elohim Peace and his divine complement, Aloha, are the Elohim of the Sixth Ray (the purple and gold ray) of peace, brotherhood, ministration and service. Elohim Peace and Aloha focus the gold and the purple flames as the perfect balance of the masculine and feminine aspects of peace. Their retreat is located in the etheric plane over the Hawaiian Islands, where they focus the energies of the solar-plexus chakra of the planet. From the Temple of Peace, they radiate ribbons of Cosmic Christ peace over the entire earth. Souls who are to embody on the Sixth Ray study for a time at the Temple of Peace in preparation for their mission. (See “The Elohim and Their Retreats,” in 1978 PoW, pp. 414-27.)

Elohim is a Hebrew word, meaning God, used 2,500 times in the Old Testament. It is a uni-plural noun that refers to the twin flames of the Godhead–the “Divine Us” who created male and female in their image and likeness. The Elohim embody the Light of the Father-Mother God, whom they personify on each of the seven rays. These seven sets of twin God-flames are the “seven Spirits of God” referred to in Revelation 1:4; 3:1; 4:5; 5:6.


This dictation by Elohim Peace was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, August 11, 1991, at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana, in celebration of the thirty-third anniversary of the founding of The Summit Lighthouse on August 7, 1958. [N.B. Throughout this Pearl, bracketed material denotes words unspoken yet implicit in the dictation, added by the Messenger under Elohim Peace’s direction for clarity in the written word.] Throughout these notes PoW is the abbreviation for Pearls of Wisdom.

1. virya [Sanskrit]:  variously translated as “vigor,” “energy,” “strength,” “manliness,” “zeal,” “power,” “diligence.”  In Buddhist teachings, virya is one of the ten paramitas (“perfect virtues”) that one must practice and perfect as a prerequisite to the attainment of Bodhisattvahood. See Elizabeth Clare Prophet, 1984 PoW, Book II, Introduction, pp. 3, 5-8.

2. Chalice of the resurrection flame in the Heart of the Inner Retreat.  On June 27, 1987, during FREEDOM 1987 in the Heart of the Inner Retreat, Archangel Chamuel and Charity announced that a tangible chalice was being formed, tended by Paul the Venetian, Nada and angels of Love. They said:  “When the chalice shall rise to meet and greet the Elohimic level, then shall Elohim pour into this chalice that which ye seek, beloved....It is the purging, purging of all impurity:  Light, then, solidifying and codifying the Word within you.”  Beloved Alpha explained on July 5, 1987, that the building of the chalice “must give to us entrée to earth twenty-four hours a day by the Spirit of Elohim.”  On July 13, Elohim Apollo and Lumina said:  “As this chalice does rise and has risen that two-thirds of the way to our octave, we await the completion by the breakthrough of resurrection’s flame.”  Calling for an intense decree vigil to the resurrection flame by Keepers of the Flame for the completion of the chalice, the Messenger explained that this chalice, “as a ‘funnel’ of crystal light,” would be “the perpetual open door for Elohim to work through all true Lightbearers of the world.”  On August 17, 1987, the Divine Mother Kali announced “the fulfillment of the chalice in the Heart of the Inner Retreat to the Elohimic level.”  (See 1987 PoW, pp. 302, 310, 374, 383, 417, 418, 443, 456, 459, 461.)

3. On the Cosmic Clock, the blue-flame cross is formed by the 12/6 and 3/9 axes. The qualities of God-Power, God-Harmony, God-Reality and God-Control are charted on the Clock on the 12 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock lines under the solar hierarchies of Capricorn, Cancer, Libra and Aries. 12 o’clock, Capricorn, God-Power, perversions:  criticism, condemnation and judgment, all black magic. 6 o’clock, Cancer, God-Harmony, perversions:  indecision, self-pity, self-justification, emotional instability, all misuses of the sacred fire and perversions of the Mother Flame. 9 o’clock, Libra, God-Reality, perversions:  dishonesty, intrigue, treachery. 3 o’clock, Aries, God-Control, perversions:  conceit, deceit, arrogance and ego, intellectual and spiritual pride. For color diagrams and further teaching on the Cosmic Clock, see Elizabeth Clare Prophet, The Great White Brotherhood in the Culture, History and Religion of America, pp. 173-206.

4. See decree 10.10, “Blue Cross - Blue Flame Protection,” in Prayers, Meditations and Dynamic Decrees for the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness, Section I. This decree is also recorded on audiocassette so that you may give it along with the tape. See Decrees and Songs to Archangel Michael (90-min., B89092), or El Morya, Lord of the First Ray:  Dynamic Decrees with Prayers and Ballads for Chelas of the Will of God 4 (90 min., B91102). When giving the “Blue Cross - Blue Flame Protection” decree, you make the sign of the cross before you, behind, to the left, to the right, beneath, above, and over the heart center, visualizing blue-flame crosses sealing your physical and spiritual protection.

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Blue-Flame Cross of Power

Charted on the Cosmic Clock