Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 34 No. 56 - The Beloved Ascended Lady Master Meta - November 10, 1991


Class of the Golden Cycle
The Mirror of Truth
Be That Christ Truth and Prove and Reprove a World!
The Initiation of the All-Power of God


 Now I come to you in the living flame of Truth. Let Truth, then, be in this hour the divine mirror. Thus, the mirror is before each one and I do mirror back to you your own state of consciousness. Let the mirror of Truth reveal, then, cause and effect of conditions in your world.

Be a scientist with me in this hour. [You, as a devotee of Christ Truth, must] unburden the ascended hosts [as well as yourself] of your troublesome state of mind wherein you do not know your Real Self or your unreal self and therefore cannot assess your progress on the Path or how others view you or why you find yourself in the circumstance in which you are.

The living flame of Truth brings proof as well as reproof–yes, beloved, proof of causes set in motion and reproof [as Truth compels you to trace those causes as they become effects in] the return current [of karma]. Thus, this mirror [of Truth] becomes to you a crystal and the crystal does reveal many layers of consciousness.

You have come for knowledge but knowledge begins with self-knowledge. You who are or would be keepers of the flame of Life this day, keep the flame of self-knowledge:  “I am my brother’s keeper.”

Keep the flame of Truth, then, and know that Truth shall pierce the veil and enable you to see the glory of the Lord.

What is this glory of the Lord

It is the Light-manifestation of the I AM THAT I AM.

It is Christos.

It is the original Word with God.

It is Shakti.

Christ Jesus is the incarnation of that divine Shakti. Christ Jesus is that Lord. Thus, the cause is the I AM THAT I AM and the effect is Christos as Divine Mother[–as the mirror of Truth].

Do you question this Truth, beloved? 

Indeed the fire that does become the manifestation of the son or daughter of God is feminine, [as it is] in polarity with [the fire of] its origin. Thus, whether masculine or feminine avatar, the Christ is the eternal Divine Mother, is the eternal Word. [The Christ is] the power, the energy, the manifestation and the intensity of Light, Light, Light that does purge the Body of God in the earth when that Body is truly ready for the purging.

Now behold the self in the mirror as I show you levels of your own spiritual pride, intellectual pride, human pride, the pride of the not-self, the unreal self. Be willing to look at this; for seeing this image allows you, then, to have the frame through which you will pass [by your dynamic decrees] the violet all-transmuting flame, the sacred fire.

Do not shun this yoga of mantra. Do not say, “I am above it.”  Except ye become as a little child and take the first steps of initiation, you will not enter in to the halls of Truth.

Truth always reveals, as plain as plain for all to see, what is the substance that is real or unreal about each individual. When you espouse the flame of Truth of our cohort of Light, the beloved Pallas Athena, you shall know that Truth, holy Truth, is the greatest comfort to all life.

Therefore the Comforter does come with the incarnation of Christ Truth in the Virgin. The Virgin is the Archeia, the feminine complement of the Archangel. <1>  Thus, the holy Mary did descend as the Archeia to give the protection of Truth and Comfort unto the Lord Jesus Christ.

Will you also raise him up? 

Will you also know the glory, the Light/Christ-manifestation, of that Truth in you? 

If you would, beloved, I tell you, you must know the guardian action of Truth. You must see what is unreal and, in the very least, call to God to bind it and, in the very most, surrender it instantaneously into the flame of sacred fire. Those who are truly on the path of the resurrection will not compromise these facets day by day.

You who celebrate your birth from the Beginning unto the Ending this day and every day must know that the real rebirth in the Spirit of the living God is by Alpha, by Omega, by the admission [that the unreal is not, and the real is], by the confession [of sin that is unreal], by the grace that does praise God for the revelation of Truth[–that is real].

You have been called to be mighty instruments of Love. I call you to be instruments of Truth. This does require not pride but courage, an immense courage that is emboldened by the Spirit of the Lord and by the sense of one’s own humility before that power omnipotent.

The power of God shall never be transferred unto those who have not tasted the sweetness of Jesus Christ. The sweetness of Truth may become the bitter fount for a time, changing all senses of the soul and the ability to know one’s own [spiritual] environment.

This is a process of purging. Welcome it!  Welcome the purging of the body and the mind. And do not become enangered when the voice of Truth and the mirror of Truth do reveal the underpinnings of a pride that shall shortly collapse of its own weight.

Better to pass your test and disassociate yourself from these ancient coils that go back to Mayan civilizations, to Atlantis, to civilizations on the continent of North America where the fallen ones did engage you on a path of mastery, not by the light magic of the hosts of the LORD but by the black magic of the fallen ones. Even in this area <5> and throughout the Caribbean there have been brought forth again such practices of enslavement of body and soul.

Those who manipulate power to their own ends use these modes. Those who allow themselves to be instruments of the power of God and to submit to its will and its commands need no such artifices. They, beloved, have received the [initiation of the] all-power of God from the realms of Light, from the realms of earth.

They, then, take dominion. But in taking dominion they must also recognize that the vigilance must increase; for those who embody Power, even as those who embody true Love, must surely give attention to the protection of that Power and its manifestation in the physical body day by day.

You are as shorn lambs; therefore you have great need of the shepherd. Now let the Lamb of God be the shepherd in manifestation within you. Let the Christ descend into your temple!  Let your Holy Christ Self be the reality of your manifestation! 

And then guard well this dispensation and know that God shall not give unto you an increase in any of the divine attributes  until you come to a reckoning of the forces of Death and Hell who move against the one who is in the earth crowned with that crown of the stars of the Cosmic Virgin.

Yes, understand, beloved, that God indeed has need of you in your truthful, fullest manifestation–you who see that the equation in the earth is one of the misuse of the power of God by those who are called the power elite, the misuse of the altar of God by those who have presented themselves in the priest class since Atlantis and Lemuria.

Let the divine equation be unto you that you understand that he who would defeat the forces of Darkness on behalf of the children of Light of a world must be ready for great surrender and a change of life-style and a twenty-four-hour attentiveness and vigilance in the protection of the Community, even the sangha of the Buddha, even of the called-out ones of the Lord Christ.

Thus, God shall not bestow this initiation [of the transfer of his all-power], though the fate and future of the entire world should depend upon it, unless the candidate to receive it is fully entrenched in the rigors of adeptship of the Great White Brotherhood.   

Thus, beloved, we must test, we must try your spirit. We must know whether you are willing to put on that armour of God in increasing measure, whether you can remain vigilant, whether you can even remember the promises you have made to God and then keep them, even the words you have spoken in a whisper at the altar. All these are heard.

And councils of Light who have been your mentors for aeons do consider whether you have come to that place of your divine manhood, your divine womanhood where you can carry the scepter of power and yet withstand the challenge of those who come with their misused power, which they have stolen from the altar of God.

Why, then, do you suppose that you are powerless to heal, to raise the dead, to do anything about the circumstances in a darkening world?

It is [because of] this very equation, beloved. You might say that the evolutions of earth share this one singular collective karma:  the abuse of power. Therefore [have they been] reduced to threescore and ten; <2> therefore [have they been] reduced to a minimum of energy so as not to allow those who have a record of the abuse [of power] to make a horrendous karma again and again.

See this equation, beloved, and see again in the mirror of self what folly it is to have pride in one’s mind or intellect or supposed spiritual prowess, what folly it is to lean upon that power that is not truly the power of God, that Mind, that Presence.

Against the backdrop, then, of the saints in white who surround you now, whose faces and presences you see in the mirror, take a measure of yourself if you can. Gauge your point on the Path and recognize that in your present state it is by the glory of the LORD and the grace of God that you even have opportunity to balance that karma [of the abuse of power] and step-by-step to enter anew the temple of Serapis Bey, the Dome of the Rock <3> of Hercules and Amazonia, or perhaps be in the presence of El Morya or Archangel Michael [at their retreats] at Darjeeling and Banff, to know again increment by increment the power of God.

My call to you, then, is to discipline yourself each day in the mastery of the increment of power that is yours, God-given. Let it be mastered in the chakras, in the spoken word, in the third eye. And know that as you build solidly, that power does become a part of your identity and you become a part of it. Thus, as you build you will see that the forces of Death and Hell shall not prevail against you.

Do not take this discipline in isolation, as a lonely climber, but recognize that our Brotherhood has ordained the Community of the Holy Spirit, the Mystery School of Lord Maitreya. Thus, by the reinforcement of many devotees at all steps and stages on the Path, both the weak and the strong in an unguarded moment are yet protected by the Circle of the One. Few solitary climbers make it on the Path, beloved.

Again, look into the mirror. I urge you to do so without hesitation, for it is a cosmic moment and dispensation that has not been given to you in this manner in your entire life and shall not be given to you again until you have fully used what has been revealed.

Thus, see and know, if you dare to look, how the forces of hell would move against you, how Archangel Michael does stand between you and them, how you need the Hierarchy of the Great White Brotherhood (which consists of the sons and daughters of God, the Archangels and Cosmic Beings and even the elementals).

[See and know] how God has conspired to put together this cosmic Community of Lightbearers and enlightened ones for mutual reinforcement in the days and hours of Armageddon, when hosts of Darkness from distant spheres array themselves against the Woman clothed with the Sun, who does again and again bring forth the Divine Manchild as the Christ consciousness appearing in each and every one of you.

Pray diligently also for mothers with child who are bearing souls of Light of greater attainment than their own. For parents come under the opposition of the fallen ones who attack the child, and these fallen ones have an attainment on the left-handed path commensurate with that of the incoming avatar on the right-handed path.

Therefore, beloved, the equation of the protection of fathers and mothers and families in the day of the appearing of the descent of souls of Light should be in your heart and mind continually. For if the bearing of such a holy child should cause a mishap or an untimely removal from the screen of life of parents or sponsors, then, beloved, we do not send such a soul of Light.

See how the earth is crying out for Light, Light and Light! Whether it be embodied angels serving the good, elementals serving the good, people of God serving the God-Good, they all, one and all, cry out for Light and for Deliverance!  And some receive it and some do not. It is a karmic situation, but it is also a situation of nonkarma:  it is one of initiation.

Let the bold ones, then, be emboldened in the desire to receive Light as an empowerment unto the giving to others of that Light, unto the keeping of that Light as guardians of the sacred fire!

O beloved, we have spoken in this wise for many years! 

The giant leap that could take you beyond measures and measures of karma is a possibility. But if you would skip over the trends of your karma, which manifest as trends of your psychology, then you must have a self-discipline that is equal to that level of initiation to which you aspire. Only that self-discipline can win against the momentums of karma that pull you as an undertow of a great sea, a sea of darkness that moves in other directions than the direction of your Polestar.

How, then, is this to be accomplished? 

How do you beat the fates of karma and psychology and arrive at the place where you are ready for that empowerment before it is too late for a world, a world that has been waiting for aeons for the glory of the Lord as the sunrise within you?

I will tell you, beloved. It is to affix your soul to the Ascended Master El Morya or to Saint Germain, principal Gurus who will carry you and teach you and accelerate you. Yes, there are some who will accept the word of one such as Morya and make swift strides. There are others who will move with Saint Germain. But Saint Germain does often send them back to El Morya to receive that foundational training.

Thus, beloved, El Morya awaits the call of the earnest soul who understands the meaning of daily and hourly obedience to precepts in order that that soul may not, then, repeat again and again and again the same mistakes, the same errors, the same disobediences.

If you can learn a lesson of God on this day and keep that lesson and move forward with that lesson sealed so that you shall never again compromise [yourself on that lesson], you can know a path of true adeptship under the Ascended Masters, whose teachings are brought to you accurately by this Messenger and by the ascended Messenger, whose deliveries are amply recorded and printed.

Know, then, that the teaching is there, the sponsorship is there and the Great White Brotherhood does come close to you now. Behold, then, the glory of the saints as tens of thousands of these saints surround this place, envelop this city and show you how they are the presence of the swaddling garment of God in a protection of Light in this moment that is almost smothering.    

Yes, beloved, if you have a true desire for adeptship–not for spiritual pride but for the giving of the gift of self on behalf of those who have not the qualifications to attain that adeptship–then I tell you, heaven will not hold you back. There is no holding back of the one who is willing to move forward and who does recognize in this hour that chelas of self-mastery are the ones who must come forward if those prophecies that are coming upon the earth are to be stopped or mitigated.

A karma is descending. It is a grave karma, beloved. Of all those who speak positively, whether on the economy or the political events or of those situations that are transpiring in every nation, none can hide the darkness of the Dark Cycle. May you be a bright light within that cycle.

Now I show you upon the mirror that is before you the great darkness in the earth, the great darkness of the fallen ones. And I show you your Holy Christ Self and yourself one in that Christ, piercing that darkness, standing in the very center of it!  And the Light of that single Christ is the Light that lightens an entire world.

The whole world can be filled with the glory of God!  This is the calling of the legions of Truth, of healing, of science, of the abundant life and of the two-edged sword of the Fifth Ray that cleaves asunder the Real from the Unreal. Christ is Truth incarnate!

I, Meta, who come with my healing bands, salute you in that Truth and I say, be that Christ Truth and prove and reprove a world!

As long as thou art in the world, thou art either the Light of the world <4> or the Darkness of the world. Choose this day!  And cease your dallying in the gray area of self-conceit!  For self-conceit is folly and it is death.

I, Meta, shall continue to impress upon you all Christ Truth until you dismiss me. Thus, I shall be with those of you who no longer desire the compromise of the human consciousness and you shall know what it means to be sponsored by a Mother of the Fifth Ray.

With Mary I come, with Pallas Athena, with the Cosmic Being Elohim Virginia. I come with a cosmos of the mind of the Cosmic Virgin and I am ready to assist you.

You are Christ Truth. I know it! 

Do you know it, my beloved?


Oh then, I pray you, be wise, be wise, be wise!

Be it. Be it now.




The Ascended Lady Master Meta serves on the Fifth Ray (green ray) of healing, science and truth. She is the daughter of Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus, hierarchs of the planet Venus. On Atlantis, Meta tended the flame of healing in the healing temple, now focused in the etheric plane over New England. In a dictation given December 30, 1974, the Ascended Master Hilarion told us that Meta had volunteered to tarry with earth’s evolutions. He said:  “Meta, then, will occupy etheric levels of the atmosphere of the planet, serving in the various healing temples. Her assignment is to minister to the needs of children.”  He said that Meta would be at hand to help mothers and fathers with problems with their children and to heal the minds of children from harmful influences. She is assisted by priestesses of the sacred fire who have tended the flame of healing for thousands of years and who will come to the bedside of children in answer to our call. Meta works with all the Healing Masters and the angelic hosts. She carries in her consciousness the immaculate concept, the pure and perfect crystal design, for every child on earth and those coming into embodiment. Hilarion recommended that we appeal to Meta to transfer the crystal matrix for our children. He said:  “You can call for the Healing Thoughtform and the crystal of the immaculate concept to be anchored in their etheric bodies, even now in this very moment. Each day call upon Meta and you will see how your children will preserve the crystal clarity of the consciousness of God that they had upon entering the world scene.”

This dictation by the Ascended Lady Master Meta was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Saturday, October 12, 1991, during the four-day Class of the Golden Cycle held at the New Orleans Airport Hilton. The dictations of the Ascended Lady Masters Meta and Nada and the Bodhisattva Kuan Yin are available on 90-min. audiocassette (B91126). [N.B. Throughout this Pearl, bracketed material denotes words unspoken yet implicit in the dictation, added by the Messenger under Meta’s direction for clarity in the written word.]

1. Mother Mary, Queen of the Angels, is the Archeia of the Fifth Ray and the divine complement of Archangel Raphael.

2. Ps. 90:10.

3. The retreat of Elohim Hercules and Amazonia is located in and over Half Dome, a huge, mile-high rocky dome in Yosemite National Park, California.

4. John 9:5.

5. landed areas bordering on the Gulf of Mexico