Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 34 No. 58 - The Beloved Bodhisattva Kuan Yin - November 17, 1991


Class of the Golden Cycle
“Forgive and Be Forgiven”
Enter the Circle of the One
Opportunity to the Lightbearers
to Accelerate the Balancing of Their Karma


Without the mercy and forgiveness of God there can be no rejoicing in the heart of the daughter of Zion. Mercy, therefore, is the foundation [of the return]; forgiveness, therefore, is the foundation of the return–of the assimilation of thy soul by the living Christ and the Lord Buddha.

I AM Kuan Yin, the open door unto the Amitabha Buddha. I am the opening of the way unto the mercy of God, which you must first give to God if you would receive it from him.

Give mercy unto God and forgive God of all those things that you have blamed him for. You may not know that you have blamed God but in subconscious, unconscious levels of being, many, in fact the majority, do hold against God the circumstances of the karmic law of retribution that does affect them. Therefore there is an anger against God and a nonforgiving [of God].

If you would be forgiven, beloved, [you must] first recognize that it is you who have transgressed against God. Call upon the law of forgiveness. See yourself drenched in a holy unguent of purple fire, in a balm of violet ray. See yourself receiving that mercy in proportion as you give it, for it is the Law [that you will reap mercy only as you sow mercy].

Then know that your heart shall truly rejoice, even as your heart rejoices when you know you have done well and served with a pure heart [and therefore] you can accept yourself and God can accept you.

Know, then, that the days and lifetimes of your impurity or uncleanness and of the sensing thereof recall a karma that has rested upon you and endured, for the karmic law has exacted it.

But in this day and in this hour you come under the new dispensation, when by the violet flame that is Mercy’s flame–which is always released when you give my mantras <1>–[the opportunity] does open unto Lightbearers of the world for the acceleration of the balancing of karma such has not been seen in many, many ages.

Such an opportunity to be restored to wholeness, to set one’s feet upon the path of Life again!  Oh yes, beloved, the rejoicing to know that God has accepted thee as his son, his daughter and that the curse of the name “sinner” is broken and that you can return [to God] by Love through mercy even as you give mercy to others.

It has been spoken before but we have come to offer you a trilogy, a triptych if you wish, a panorama of Truth and Love and Mercy, that you might understand that these are truly the ingredients of the rejoicing of a mother’s heart in seeing the image of Christ once again upon your face and the face of your soul.

I, too, represent the Karmic Board and I served as the Lord of the Seventh Ray before Saint Germain took that office. I am the Bodhisattva who has tarried long with the evolutions of earth. I minister unto all but I am here specifically to assist the original Lightbearers of God to attain to that level of Christhood which they once knew. [This I do in order] that they might in turn be the God or Goddess of Mercy on planet earth for children who have yet to reach that level.

I place my Electronic Presence this day over one million souls who have known the point of Christhood with Jesus Christ in ancient days of Atlantis and in ancient days of India. <2>  So they have come again and many have exchanged their robes for the robes of this world.

And this brings me full circle to the subject of the robe of the pride of the intellect and its narrow band of attainment. Yes, beloved, these individuals have exchanged the robe of Christhood in the Mind of God for the robe of pride–pride in the path of that human will, that human personality and that human mind.

Therefore, I say to all:  Call for the divine exchange and let it take place day by day smoothly, old garments for new–imperfect truth, imperfect love, imperfect mercy for the perfect all three, the perfection of all three. Yes, tender ones, loving ones who seek to be as we are, we are with you.

Now Mercy’s flame and cup is offered to one million souls. Some receive it, some do not. I regularly assign my angels to this task. Those [angels] whose cups are rejected are themselves dejected, for they are burdened when souls who have had so great a light have now so great a pride that they do not understand how great is their need for mercy and for the forgiveness of God.

I AM Kuan Yin and, [as I sit on the Karmic Board,] I am involved in all legal matters. Call to me for mercy in mitigating the judgments of this world and even the judgments of the Karmic Board. Call to beloved Portia, twin flame of Saint Germain, for divine justice and then [to me for] Mercy’s flame to be added to that justice.

Yes, many matters are before the courts of the world today and many individuals will not receive the true and just verdict or sentencing. Many are abused, mistreated, yes, beloved.

Know, then, that your continual calls for the Seven Archangels to overshadow the judges, the magistrates and the rulers of the people in this world are indeed in order. Call to the Archangels, then, whenever you must face those who hold the reins of power; for the advice is still well-taken:  “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and unto God the things that are God’s.” <3>

The surest path to divine justice and divine mercy is the violet flame. The surest path to soul liberation and the balancing of karma is the violet flame!  The surest path to adeptship in the flame of Christ Truth is the violet flame!  The surest path to the expansion of the heart is the love meditation in Mercy’s ray.

So forgive and be forgiven.

So extend true justice and receive true justice in kind.

I AM Kuan Yin and I am touching the seat-of-the-soul chakra of each one. It is with an awakening love, as the Divine Mother should come upon you to gently fold back the covers that you might awaken to the morning light of Mercy’s flame and feel the healing power of God’s mercy.

How tenderly do the angels of mercy care for you now!  Call to them in the coming days that you might know such a profound sense of inner resolution in all conditions in your life.

Mercy is as mercy does. It is not a passive flame but wholly active. Be active in forgiving and receiving forgiveness. In the giving and receiving of forgiveness you are impelled to action for the very gratitude of such a mercy as can absolve all things, yes, all things, beloved.

There is no sin that is outside of the pale of Mercy’s flame.  All things can be forgiven. Some sins that are greater require greater effort, compensation and transmutation, but in the end forgiveness can be given but only unto those who forgive in like measure unto a universe, as the universe does measure out mercy unto them.

With a grateful heart, therefore, go forth. For without mercy, you cannot be Christ Truth in action. Without mercy, love shall be compromised. O beloved, this is the nectar of the Buddhas! It is Mercy’s elixir.

If you have hardness of heart, choose your violet flame decrees and my mantras and engage in perpetual mantra giving as the heart and the mind have impressed upon them the mantra and as the mantra begins to sing in you even as you sing in it.

Mantras of mercy will wear down layers upon layers upon layers of nonmercy in your tree of life as nothing else will. See how by Mercy’s flame you shall be delivered of the karma–the group karma of a world that has abused God’s power, beloved.

Remember, I did it. So can you.

I leave you with a cup of Mercy’s flame in your hand. May you drink a sip daily and a sip again and again. It is potent, beloved, a potent potion, as they say. Take it, then.

And all who are my children, now bringing me violets of mercy, so I say to you, dear elementals and sweet children of Christ Jesus and the Buddha Gautama, be blessed by your own merciful hearts and rise now to the retreat of Eriel of the Light that you might rejoice in elementals’ receiving of Mercy’s flame through the calls of Keepers of the Flame. <4>

Know this law, beloved:  When your heart shall be filled with the fullness of God’s mercy, then and only then shall you know yourself in the Circle of the One, in the law of the circle, in the protection of the circle, in the perfection of the circle.

So I AM Kuan Shih Yin. My ministry is unto all life. Come and join me. I would teach you of the ministry of the brothers and sisters of mercy.


The Bodhisattva Kuan Yin is known as the Goddess of Mercy because she ensouls the God qualities of mercy, compassion and forgiveness. She serves on the Karmic Board as the representative of the Seventh Ray (violet ray). She also held the office of Chohan of the Seventh Ray for two thousand years until Saint Germain assumed that office in the late 1700s. Kuan Yin ascended thousands of years ago and has taken the vow of the Bodhisattva to serve planet earth until all her evolutions are free. From her etheric retreat, the Temple of Mercy, over Peking, China, she ministers to the souls of humanity, teaching them to balance their karma and fulfill their divine plan through loving service to life and application of the violet flame. In Chinese Buddhism, Kuan Yin is seen as the feminine form of the Indian and Tibetan Avalokitesvara–an emanation of the Dhyani Buddha Amitabha. Legends recount that Avalokitesvara was “born” from a ray of white light that emitted from Amitabha’s right eye. Kuan Yin is also appealed to as the “bestower of children” and patroness of fishermen. Mother Mary once told us:  “The blessed Kuan Yin has become known as the Saviouress out of the East performing the selfsame and identical function as my own, yet each of us bringing to this office of Mother our past attainment and experience, which is different by our very service on differing rays.”

In a dictation given on Mother’s Day, May 8, 1988, Kuan Yin said:  I ask you to prove me, to make your demands upon me and to command my Light and to keep on so doing until you should sense you have reached the limitations of my office. For I tell you, beloved, there is no thing of the will of God that I will not alchemically precipitate if you are able to bear it, if you are able to hold the harmony for it, and if you will seek the internal integration of the soul in the Seventh Ray chakra with the fiery heart of the living Christ Bodhisattva. (See Kuan Yin Opens the Door to the Golden Age, 1982 PoW, Book I, pp. 1-80, Book II, pp. 81-140; and “The Compassionate Saviouress,” in Kuan Yin’s Crystal Rosary booklet, pp. 1-11.)

This dictation by the Bodhisattva Kuan Yin was delivered by the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Saturday, October 12, 1991, at the New Orleans Airport Hilton.

1. The mantras of Kuan Yin are recorded on Kuan Yin’s Crystal Rosary:  Devotions to the Divine Mother East and West, 3-audiocassette album of hymns, prayers and ancient Chinese mantras that invoke the merciful presence of Kuan Yin, the Bodhisattva of Compassion, and Mary the Mother of Jesus. Cassette I:  “Ten Vows of Kuan Yin,” taken from the Great Compassion Heart Dharani Sutra. Cassette II:  “Kuan Yin Mantras for the Woman and Her Seed,” using sacred names, titles and mantras of Kuan Yin arranged according to the fourteen stations of the Aquarian cross. Cassette III:  Mantras to the “Thirty-Three Manifestations of Avalokitesvara as Kuan Yin.”  (Total time:  4 hr. 40 min., A88084; includes 40-page booklet. Booklets also available separately. See also “Special Purpose Kuan Yin Mantras,” no. 650 in Church Universal and Triumphant Book of Hymns and Songs. For teachings by the Messenger on Kuan Yin and her mantras, see:


“The Ten Vows of Kuan Yin for Our Discipleship under Maitreya,” in 1984 PoW, Book I, Introduction, pp. 35-42.

“The Path of the Divine Mother East and West:  Mother Mary and Kuan Yin,” Part I, February 14, 1988:  Teachings and mantras on the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Merciful Heart of Kuan Yin; thorough introduction to Kuan Yin as the Compassionate Saviouress; on audiocassette (3 hr. 47 min., A88059).

“The Path of the Divine Mother East and West:  Mother Mary and Kuan Yin,” Part II, April 17, 1988:  Teachings on the Person and Principle of the Divine Mother as Teacher, Initiator, Comforter–from Mother Mary, Isis and Kuan Yin to Tara, the Shekinah and the Hindu Feminine Deities; on audiocassette (4 hr. 30 min., A88055).

“Teachings, Meditations and Mantras of Kuan Yin and Mother Mary,” April 2, 1988:  Foundational teaching on the ten vows of Kuan Yin and Kuan Yin’s mantras arranged on the fourteen stations of the Aquarian cross; on videocassette (4 hr. 8 min., GP88042) and on audiocassette (4 hr. 10 min., A88052).

“Kuan Yin’s Miracle,” May 8, July 1, October 8-9, 1988:  Teachings and meditations on the mantras of the thirty-three manifestations of Avalokitesvara/Kuan Yin; how to use the mantras for spiritual healing; on audiocassette (5 hr. 12 min., A88068).

2. See Elizabeth Clare Prophet, “The Golden Age of Jesus Christ on Atlantis,” on videocassette (161 min., GP91106) and on audiocassette (163 min., A91074).

3. Matt. 22:21; Mark 12:17; Luke 20:25.

4. Join in the mission of mercy for elemental life!  Get your own copy of the newly released decree-and-song tapes Violet Flame for Elemental Life–Fire, Air, Water and Earth 1 and 2 (90 min. ea., includes booklets).