Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 34 No. 64 - Beloved Saint Germain - December 8, 1991


Class of the Golden Cycle
The Golden Cycle of the Central Sun  1
Light Cycles of the Decade
A Scientific Plan for Individual Victory
The Need for Personal Adeptship


Hail, Keepers of the Flame and lovers of Freedom’s light!  I, Saint Germain, enter the city and the citadel of your consciousness.

Welcome!  [27-second standing ovation. Congregation gives the salutation:]

Hail, Saint Germain!  Hail, Saint Germain!  Hail, Saint Germain!

Hail, Saint Germain!  Hail, Saint Germain!  Hail, Saint Germain!

Hail, Saint Germain!  Hail, Saint Germain!  Hail, Saint Germain!

Hail, Saint Germain!  Hail, Saint Germain!  Hail, Saint Germain!

Now out of the Light <1> of the Central Sun I release the golden cycle of the sun, and its release in this hour is timed according to the cycles of the Great Causal Body. Therefore, beloved, prepare to receive that cycle as it descends to earth. Thus, be seated that I may speak to you of its portent.

The golden cycle of the sun is a release of Light out of the very sphere of the golden light of the crown chakra. Thus, it does come for the increase of the Power, the Wisdom and the Love of the mind.  Therefore, let the Holy Trinity be also ensconced in that Mind of God in you.

This is a spiral, beloved, that shall affect all evolutions of the Matter cosmos according to the cycle of their individual worlds and planes. The cycle therefore lends itself to the cycle already commenced by the individual initiate.

Inasmuch as you have heard a great deal about the path of the initiate and the chela, know that it is to the purpose [of your fulfillment of this path] that certain dispensations are forthcoming in this decade. They are concurrent with the dark cycles of karma but they are the light cycles of the Causal Bodies of the saints. And these light cycles, like unto the golden cycle of the Great Central Sun, converge; and those who are ready and those who are prepared, even as those who did receive the planting of the seed in the chalice prepared, <2> they shall know a great boon of Light.

For as darkness comes forth to be balanced [i.e., transmuted], so light does come forth. As a man soweth, so shall he also reap. Therefore now is the hour, and continuing, to reap the golden cycle of the sun of your Causal Body that you have sown into the various planes of the universe in all of your sowings since you left the Great Central Sun with your twin flame.

Thus, it is the hour of the reward of the prophets and of the saints <3> and of those who have come as the messengers and the instruments of God, and that release of Light shall be an empowerment that they themselves have generated. Thus you have access, as of this day, to certain cycles, specifically golden cycles of the sun of your own Presence that have returned to you by the good works that you have sent out.

I AM Saint Germain. I, then, come as the facilitator of this process. For I place my violet flame between the soul [and Causal Body of the one] who is servant on the Seventh Ray with Melchizedek, king of Salem and priest of the Most High God, with Zarathustra, with Lord Zadkiel, with the Elohim Arcturus and Victoria, with my own mentor, the Great Divine Director.

You who have served the Seventh Ray in the temples of Lemuria and Atlantis and other planetary homes even as far [away] as the Violet Planet, you now have that boon of the violet flame that I may multiply. I multiply your portion and increase it. And therefore between your soul and your Causal Body is violet flame; and by and through that violet flame, the golden cycle of the Great Central Sun and of your Causal Body can quicken the crown chakra, can quicken your soul and quicken your entire manifestation.

It is up to you, beloved. [Because it is you, the individual, who determines what you can receive.]  It is the individual lodestone. It is the individual momentum. By your momentum, by your fruits, by all that you bring to this table prepared in the wilderness, so shall you receive.

As though it were awards night, beloved, so there does come to you opportunity–opportunity according to cycles. These cycles are foreordained in the beginning of the manvantara, <4> in the beginning of the outbreath of God. Thus, in the inbreath all cycles return to the point of beginning, which is also the point of ending.

Now I say, beloved, there are portents, [some] that are positive, such as the handwriting in the skies [portending] the coming of avatars and Christed ones to be born under the auspicious astrology of Pluto exceeding its outer ring and moving toward the center [of the solar system] within the orbit of Neptune. So you see, beloved, there is that Light. And as there is that crossing, so there can be the crossing over of Lightbearers of tremendous dimension whose Causal Bodies coincide with the golden cycle of the sun.

Therefore look to the hour of the Divine Manchild appearing in many a babe and in the Christ Self of you. Look to the Divine Mother within you, each one, to give birth to that Christ consciousness. Look to yourself to increase in devotions to the Divine Mother that you might ever be her presence within the earth.

Yes, beloved, unto the beginning and the ending of ages there is the coming of great avatars. Whether they shall succeed in this era depends upon the vigilance of all Lightbearers, in the first instance, as they call for the binding of Antichrist that does oppress and oppose these children and, secondly, in the very protection of the children themselves.

It was a period of great darkness when the word did go forth from the mouth of Isaiah concerning the prophecy of the coming of the child. The child that was to come was a child in that era and in succeeding centuries leading unto the culmination of the birth of the avatar Jesus Christ. <5>

I, therefore, make known to you this unleashing of the golden cycle of the sun as opportunity for you individually to bring forth fruits from your Causal Body that have not been accessible to you in this life nor in previous lifetimes lest you should misuse them or squander that treasure.

Now the hour is come to those who have some degree of self-discipline, who have grown wiser by many mistakes and many right decisions. In that point of wisdom may you cherish, then, that treasure from your own Causal Body and cherish even more [the fact] that from the Great Central Sun there can be released to you these positive momentums of a cosmos.

I, Saint Germain, come to you, then, not alone for the inauguration of this spiral, as it has been appointed to me by God to so inaugurate it, but I come also as the figure of the prophet in the land.

I also come grateful for the readings given by the Messenger, for the facts presented, grateful that these may reach some numbers through avenues open to you. For, beloved, in order for me to quicken minds and hearts with the truth, there must be some trickling [of the facts] into those minds and hearts–facts that provide knowledge as coordinates [already present] in their minds so that they might understand the truth when they hear it.

It is a time to multiply the power of the violet flame by returning to the vigil of the All-Seeing Eye of God and [Cyclopea’s] decree. <6> [It is a time] to invoke [the All-Seeing Eye] and to concentrate your forces at the point of the brow. Without vision, surely the people of this nation shall perish!  And there is not vision among the leadership. And if there is vision in some places, it is denied in preference to the wishful thinking, the illusory thinking, that has pervaded the land.

There are layers and layers of consciousness in the leadership as well as in the people–levels of fear of Death and Hell, fear of the consequences of facing Reality. This fear has become of such great proportion that it is paralyzing the minds even of those who do know better.

A great gamble is being taken by the leadership of this nation and of the Soviet Union. And those who stand to lose most are those who have most, both of freedom and of the technology of this world and of a civilization unparalleled since certain times on Atlantis.

Yes, America stands to lose, beloved, and she shall lose mightily unless there be a clearing of the fog, a parting of the veil and the recognition that America remains vulnerable and more vulnerable with each passing day; for that vulnerability has to do with the passing of cycles of time and of opportunity to take action.

Soon that time will run out if it has not already. For the mobilization of forces in the spiritual defense, the psychological defense, the military defense of a nation and a people and of an entire free world does require cycles of time.

I speak to you, then, of the dispensations of the violet flame announced by Omri-Tas and me. <7>  These dispensations you have used, though not to the utmost or the ultimate. Therefore you have gained what has been gained, and in a personal sense some have made marked progress. On the other hand, beloved, there is such a layered effect of deceit across the nations of the world that it will take much, much more effort on your parts to transmute that deception as it grinds out from the mills of those who have become the world’s masters of deceit.

I will add, then, to the statements of the Messenger that there is much, much more that is hidden that must be revealed. Your calls to Cyclopea can bring this information [before the public], and the facts [we have] at hand [can be made known].

You must, then, pray diligently for the transmutation of fear and doubt on the part of the people and their leadership that they will have the courage to stand midst the people, regardless of the consequences to their position, their name or their fame, to speak the facts and to speak truly of the grave conditions both in the economy and in the military.

I have been the sponsor of this nation and I have sponsored a way of life, a civilization, a flame of freedom and the initiation of every soul who does come to this land by the power of the Goddess of Liberty. And that initiation has been the key to the reigniting of the threefold flame and the opportunity [for every soul who is of the I AM Race to pursue a path of personal Christhood] through discipleship under Jesus Christ.

Now, therefore, beloved, America is truly the cradle of a new age, one that ought to become a golden age. I ask you to consider well how you can fulfill your role, as it has been your destiny since you were embodied on Atlantis to come to this nation to give of your heart and Causal Body and to arrive at a certain [spiritual] attainment.

If there can be some–the few, the thousands, the ten thousands–who will rise up to take this Path and Teaching to apply it to themselves and their own self-mastery that they might stand as pillars in the land, having accomplished at least their individual and personal victory, then I will yet have something to say before the Lords of Karma when I go before them for grants of dispensations for the saving of this civilization.

Alas, it is late in the centuries, and some of those who have come to be reborn here to build America in this century and the last have not fulfilled their reason for being. Some have entered into the same old [Atlantean] spirals of deception, the abuse of power and money, and have therefore turned around what might have been truly by this day a golden age in America. Blessed ones, if we cannot see [the thousands rising up] in the near future, then let us at least see that some sons and daughters of God come Home having fully accomplished their assignments.

I know that [the desire] is upon your heart to know and understand what God has appointed you to do in this life and in previous lifetimes. I know that you have a deep desiring to fulfill all things so that you might arrive at the gate of the next world having fully accomplished your mission.

I can assure you that the violet flame will assist you in accelerating [both] that mission and those spirals of light [that are] in every atom and cell of your being. I assure you that you can encapsulate time and accelerate time and [that you will] find yourself accomplishing in ten years what without the violet flame could take you a century.

The violet flame does shorten the distance [between you and the bonding of your soul to the Sacred Heart of Jesus]. It does increase the capacity of every moment and hour. It accelerates the functioning of the mind and the ability of the body to be rejuvenated.

If you look for the elixir of eternal youth, I tell you it is the violet flame. Drink of it daily!  If you look for the regeneration of certain parts of the body, if you look for the revitalizing [of the mind and heart] and even for the spiral of the resurrection flame [to enfold your entire being], invoke the Power, Wisdom, Love of the Trinity and call forth showers upon showers upon showers of living violet flame of the Seventh Ray.

Know and discover, then, the alchemy of the Spirit. Do not lament lost hours or years or days but know that from this moment of the Eternal Now, you can live in eternity while yet walking the earth in these forms [you yet wear]. You can be renewed each day and you can walk that perfect path because of the violet flame and because of the golden cycle of the sun that is unleashed in this hour.

Yes, beloved, all things are possible to you in God. Therefore “get right with God,” as they say. Establish the plumb line of Truth.

Determine that you shall be wed to your Holy Christ Self by a certain day and date and set a reasonable timetable for yourself. Then call for the initiations of Jesus Christ and ask that you might be made his very personal disciple and that he might anoint you this night. Set yourself to the task of rooting out, plucking out, line by line and hair by hair, every point that is out of alignment with that Christ-potential within you.

If you are determined and absolutely determined on this Path and you will not take a backward step but pass every test, I, Saint Germain, assure you that you can make rapid strides in the internal harmony of being and in the great fount of Love that wells up within you, even as a gift of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to you. [And I assure you] that you are [now] able to achieve that bonding much more quickly than you have anticipated.

Most individuals do not have more than five seriously bad habits in their worlds. You should isolate what you consider to be five [negative] practices or habits, character traits or momentums that you notice are repetitive in your life.

Isolate them. Go after them. Call to the Five Dhyani Buddhas [to help you]!  Call to Mighty Cosmos’ five secret rays [to help you]!  Go after the eradication of those points, beloved, perhaps points of density or ignorance or slothfulness or untidiness or unkindness, et cetera, et cetera.

When you begin to analyze yourself and set a chart before yourself and write down when you pass or fail your tests, when you will go about this systematically as a grocery packer checks off that which he is packing, as the simplest of workingmen does keep account of what he has accomplished on an assembly line or in any place of work whatsoever–when you look at the spiritual path in these terms, you will find that it is possible [to tackle this] task with practicality, setting up systems for yourself and reminders [so that you can whittle away at the dead and dying momentums of your human consciousness].

This is the way I like to see Keepers of the Flame approach the path of the Seventh Ray, for it is a path of science and alchemy and the ritual of the cosmos and the ritual of the priesthood of Melchizedek. And divine ritual, beloved, contains within it the formula [for its completion] from the beginning unto the ending.

I do not like to see you drift idly as the clouds, allowing your consciousness to float hither and yon and not being tethered to the words that we speak to you and not being tethered to the action that must follow in order for us to speak again.

We are precise. We use an economy of words and an economy of energy though we have the entire cosmos at our disposal. Therefore, practice the economy of life and fit into your day those disciplines whereby you feel your mind becoming like steel, you feel the sharper-than-the-two-edged sword in your midst and the dividing of the way of the Real from the Unreal.

Set yourself to the task of self-observation. Close your eyes and meditate and take a moment apart, even apart from your body, to look upon yourself as though you were another person. Observe yourself as others observe you. And if you are not able to do this so well, then ask others how they see you or ask to be taken to the Cave of Symbols or to the Royal Teton Retreat, where you may look upon yourself in the cosmic mirror under the guidance of myself or others of the Ascended Masters who shall tutor you.

Ask and you shall receive!  Ask anything that will enable you to be a better servant of God, indeed a selfless servant.

Blessed ones, we are eager to help, for we have much at stake. In many past ages we have pledged our Causal Bodies, our momentums of Light and all that we are to your victory.  The possibility of the loss of that victory, therefore, does translate to us as a certain loss of our own invested capital, so to speak, that we have taken from our Causal Bodies and invested in the Lightbearers of the earth.

When you make good on our investment, beloved, I can assure you that we share with you the cosmic returns, and with those returns you may sponsor others and also increase in your own self-mastery.

It is an age of science and nothing can be said to be more scientific than the plan that must be laid by each individual to secure the victory in his individual life and for his nation and for the planet.

It is not an insurmountable problem, this prognostication of war between the superpowers. It is surmountable, but you have to know that it is surmountable. You have to know that the [positive good] of all of the Causal Bodies of the Light Beings of a cosmos may combine together in answer to your call to change the course of what might, [as of this date,] still appear upon the screen of life.

Do not think that the challenge of this war is beyond the ability of the Great White Brotherhood, for I tell you it is not. But unless you get in the driver’s seat and see yourself as able–and God in you as able–and see the power of God as greater than all of that might arrayed against the Light of freedom<11> upon earth, it will not come to pass that this prophecy shall be turned aside.

You must lock in to the posture that you are in God and God is in you and that you are one (for you are his offspring), that Christ the mediator is the mediator twixt your soul and God and that the violet flame consumes all that is unlike his presence.

I want you to tackle this problem as though it were a neighborhood squabble, for in the entire cosmos this potential war is a neighborhood squabble.

Do not misunderstand me, beloved one. The lethal nature of nuclear weapons and those weapons that continue to be built by the Soviet Union is beyond that which the earth has seen in hundreds of thousands of years. Beloved ones, [the war that is contemplated] can be a horrendous calamity that changes the face of the entire planet. Or it can be won by careful planning.

The combination of minds that lead this nation includes cowards, deniers, moles [from other systems–we call them ‘enemy aliens’–]who are unknown to themselves as moles, and those who, [although they] have many layers of awareness, are yet [willing to take] the ultimate gamble. Yes, beloved, the leadership is not strong, but the people themselves have the karma of this poor leadership. Poor leadership, beloved, is a betrayal in itself and yet many who serve you have long been the betrayers of my lifestream and my flame of freedom and my path of initiation.

Therefore, beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing!  Beware of forces of Antichrist that move against the flowering of the Christ consciousness in America!  At levels of their being they know, beloved, that the reign of peace under Jesus Christ and the power of a golden age and the perpetuation of this Path and Teaching can only lead to the eventual liberation of every soul of Light and servant of God upon this planet and to the judgment of those who serve the powers of Darkness.

Since they also serve the powers of Darkness, it is in their interest to preserve chaos and holocaust and war. For by the perpetuation of war, there is the cutting off of the avenue of communication of the Teachings, the lost teachings of Jesus Christ, and what they can mean in the personal life of the individual.

Why, beloved ones, do you know that there are many lifestreams upon earth who could–in another decade and another and another, even in the thirty-three-year spiral that is begun for The Summit Lighthouse–if they had this Teaching today, actually enter in to that Christhood and be bonded to their Holy Christ Self?

You are living in a time and in an age when many thousands and even millions of people are on the brink of discovering that personal path of Christhood, both within at inner levels and by the contact of this Messenger and Teaching. Thus you see, beloved, for that reason [alone] it is in the interest of the powers of Death and Hell, both those on the astral plane and those in physical embodiment, to stop the very course of civilization and its communication of the word of Jesus Christ, to stop it at any and all costs.

For when these mighty Christed ones rise up and rise up en masse and when the children who are being born and can be born in this decade reach the full age of their maturity, they also shall stand. And therefore, suddenly you shall see tens of thousands and more of souls walking the earth as Christed ones, challenging by the power of the Divine Mother the forces of Darkness that have held woman in subjection and have led children astray into all paths of unrighteousness.

Therefore see, beloved, that there is more [at stake] than the conquest of nations or the taking of territory to perpetuate a Communist world totalitarian system. What is at stake is the very survival of the path of initiation with a continuity into the New Age whereby the Teachings are preserved and those [aforementioned] lifestreams remain in embodiment to pass on to others the momentum of their personal adeptship.

Thus, I have come full circle in my statement to you of the need for personal adeptship. Wherever you may be on the face of the entire earth, you may be the single and solitary one who can demonstrate the path that you have been taught and that you have learned under these Messengers.

Thus, beloved, I, Saint Germain, have also walked the earth in time of chaos as the Wonderman of Europe. <8>  I have demonstrated a path and a mastery, yet none could relate to it. For the books were not written, the violet flame dispensation had not come nor the opportunity to give to the masses of the people by mass communication the understanding of the science of decrees. There was no means whereby the rank and file or the royalty themselves could follow a path in my footsteps. All they could have was the stamping upon their memory of my demonstration of alchemical feats.

But did they equate that they might also do this?<12>

Did they desire to do it?

No, they would rather have the base metals turned into gold. They would rather have the healing of their gems and then have these given back to them than submit to the disciplines necessary to accomplish these feats on their own. Nevertheless, beloved, it was useful to leave the record and many have never forgot the name Saint Germain.

Yes, I was the count and I attempted to avert war in that time. It was not possible, for the heads of state did not lend me their ears nor did they accept my advice when I gave it.

I am in the same position this day, beloved, for I have transmitted to the leadership of the free world and all those who are servants of Jesus Christ what is the true action that is necessary. They have received this at inner levels in the retreats of the Brotherhood and on certain occasions I have actually manifested to speak to your leaders.

Blessed hearts, they have not received the message. Some have turned a deaf ear. Some have refused to recognize that I am Saint Germain. For one or more reasons of [human] compromise, I have faced the same response that I faced in the hours preceding the French Revolution. So you understand, beloved, that God abides free will in all octaves and the Ascended Masters may not force themselves upon embodied individuals, who must play their role on the stage of life as they will.

In addition to myself, many wonderful hearts in many sectors of society, in this activity and outside it, have known what is the true course and recourse in this hour. They have written papers. They have submitted documents. They have introduced bills in Congress. They have spoken on talk shows. Blessed ones, you have gone forth yourselves, and the Messenger has delivered the message again and again.

Thus, what does it take for people to accept the Truth and see Reality?

It takes something more than delivering the message. It takes the decrees to the violet flame to dissolve their doubt and fear, their recalcitrance, their willful nonseeing and the clogging of their minds [to the point where] they are stupefied and unable to act or move or comprehend something that has become quite complex–and that is the military equation of our time, the equation of the superpowers.

This problem is magnified by the fact that the intelligence services of the West are not revealing to the people what is the truth about what is going on. They have satellites. They have communications networks. They have all manner and means of being able to know what is happening everywhere on the planet.

And yet they have not used this technology that I have released for the purposes to which I have released it:  to win the fight for freedom in every nation, to rescue every heart and soul and mind and person who is oppressed, beginning with those who are oppressed in these United States and moving on to those who do not have equal rights and equal opportunity throughout the world.

Blessed ones, there are those who are denied their God-given freedom to be who they are, to worship as they please, to speak and assemble as they please and to publish in the press as they please. Yes, beloved, there are many who are denied freedom of conscience. Truly, many are enslaved by their own momentums and they are enslaved by their karma.

Beloved, I have released a technology that has been used to subvert and pervert the consciousness and the sacred fire of the youth, whether in the amplification of the rhythms of hell in rock music, whether in drugs, whether in purveying across the television all manner of maudlin sentimentality in soap operas and in episodes dealing perpetually with the misuse of the sacred fire and [the pastimes of] those individuals who are not in any way a part of our bands in [that they are not] raising the Kundalini. All of this does tear down the moral integrity and the sense of self-worth of the youth, who have high ideals that are [at times] quickly shattered by these scenarios.

Blessed ones, it is a shame that technology should be used to perpetuate and proliferate a civilization that is decadent and self-indulgent and closing in upon itself. Yes, beloved, it is an hour of narcissism. It is an hour when individuals are in love with themselves. [Instead of practicing devotions to God,] they preen themselves and their bodies.

And the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood is awaiting those freedom fighters who will indeed champion the cause of freedom in every area of life, beginning with education and the education of the heart, beginning with those fundamentals of life whereby students and children may excel in certain levels and areas of attainment that have to do with the type of native intelligence that they have, God-given.

Search and know the genius of every child, for there is genius in each one. But you must have ingenuity to assist that child to unlock that particular seed of light.

O beloved, what an age, what a golden age of Aquarius this golden age can be!  How it can be that golden cycle of the sun!  And how few it will take to steer the course aright.

I would to God I could empower those of you who know what to do and how to do it!  But I may not do so. I may not disrupt the cycles of individual and planetary karma.

You have seen the great heartache of Ernon, Rai of Suern, as he attempted to enforce upon the people those disciplines that should have given them their self-mastery and their own freedom–yet they would not, they would not. <9>  And so, many of us have come upon this same resistance as we have desired to assist [individuals in the advancement of their adeptship in a given embodiment].

There is a certain stubbornness engrained in the race of mortals, beloved, and all are heir to it to some degree, in that people want to do what they want to do when they want to do it and not upon the prodding of anyone, least of all an Ascended Master.

Therefore, always grateful to have your attention, I take this opportunity to place upon your hearts what is on my heart this night. For I love you, and I have come to this city rejoicing that you have come here to challenge the forces of Darkness, to cut free the souls of Light and to set a new dimension of that outreach of the Great White Brotherhood.

May you continue from city to city. And may each and every one of you so cherish even a single morsel of Truth that you have gained as though it were a leaven, a leaven planted by the Divine Mother in three measures of meal, till it leavens the whole lump of your consciousness. <10>  May you be so grateful for that point of Truth that expands the mind and heart that you will not rest until you transfer it to those who also seek that morsel of Light.

How precious is a single truth, a single dispelling of Darkness by Light, a single correcting of an error of consciousness, of thought, of doctrine held for lifetimes. Suddenly it is dispelled, evaporated by the violet flame, by the Holy Spirit, by the presence of the Lord Jesus. [For the Lord] does speak through the Messenger and give those lost teachings to you, who may not necessarily hear them by the Holy Spirit. And therefore you hear them by the Holy Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ speaking unto and through the Messenger.

What a wondrous day it is to rejoice and know that Christ is also in you as he is in Jesus!

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful pastime, instead of doing a crossword puzzle, to actually sit down and list all of the truths that you have gained by this Path and how these truths have been as a bursting of light, as a changing, an elevating, a resurrecting of your being as you have moved on in the cycles of being?  And now [you] are secure on a path whereon you know that as you sow, you shall reap and as you balance karma, so you shall gain the victory and as you move on to the next cycle of the sun, you can win your ascension.

This is the dispensation of Saint Germain unto the Lightbearers of this century!

I ask you, beloved ones, those of you who are here or at inner levels, those of you who are of the I AM movement and of all other [movements] who have taken my name [and sponsorship]:  Will you not consider so great a dispensation and the price that I have paid for it and the price that I have had to pay again and again for certain individuals’ misuse of that violet flame?

And will you not realize that you must take this dispensation and multiply it again and again and again that we all might be redeemed and not wind up with the karma of neglect, so that in the very next opportunity when we all go before the Karmic Board, millions of us together, and ask for more violet flame and dispensations for the planet, the Karmic Board shall receive us with open arms and shall say to one and all:

“Well done, thou good and faithful servants of the Most High God and of the Seventh Ray and of Saint Germain!  Thou hast been faithful over the little things, the few things of decreeing daily for the Seventh Ray to banish Darkness in the earth. We shall make thee, one and all, rulers over many.”  [21-second applause]

In the Love and the Opportunity and the Comfort ever extended to me by my beloved twin flame, Portia, I bid you adieu. [31-second standing ovation]



This dictation by Saint Germain was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Monday, October 14, 1991, during the four-day Class of the Golden Cycle held at the New Orleans Airport Hilton. Prior to the dictation, the Messenger delivered her lecture “Prophecy and the Current Crisis” (published as last week’s Pearl of Wisdom).  The dictations of Saint Germain and Lord Shiva are available on 90-min. audiocassette (B91130). For biographical note on Saint Germain, see p. 566. [N.B. Throughout this Pearl, bracketed material denotes words unspoken yet implicit in the dictation, added by the Messenger under Saint Germain’s direction for clarity in the written word.]  Throughout these notes PoW is the abbreviation for Pearls of Wisdom. 1. The Light/light of the Great Central Sun is both the light-emanation of the physical sun center of the cosmos and the Light-emanation of the God/Christ/Buddhic consciousness. It is light in the physical sense of energy/electricity/lightning and Light in the sense of the God Presence, Christ Presence and the Buddhic Presence. For the most part, in the Matter universe, Light always contains light but light does not always contain Light.

2. See pp. 651-52, 657, 658.

3. Rev. 11:18.

4. manvantara [Sanskrit]:  one of the fourteen intervals in Hinduism that constitute a kalpa, a period of time covering a cosmic cycle from the origination to the destruction of a world system. In Hindu cosmology, the universe is continually evolving through periodic cycles of creation and dissolution. Creation is said to occur during the outbreath of the God of Creation, Brahma; dissolution occurs during his inbreath. See 1988 PoW, Book I, p. 366 n. 7.

5. Isaiah’s prophecy of the coming of the child. In Isa. 7:14, Isaiah proclaims to Ahaz, king of Judah:  “The Lord himself shall give you a sign. Behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a son and shall call his name Immanuel.”  Some commentators hold that this prophecy referred to a child to be born in the near future–possibly Hezekiah, the firstborn son of Ahaz; or Maher-shalal-hash-baz, the second son of Isaiah. The traditional Christian interpretation is that the prophecy referred to the coming of Jesus Christ. Some scholars believe that it referred to both a contemporary child and the future Messiah. The Ascended Masters’ teaching on Isaiah’s prophecy is that it is specific to Jesus Christ but it also denotes the divine archetype of the Manchild of Revelation 12. The Universal Christ comes forth from the womb of the Cosmic Virgin and his presence is born in the hearts and souls and spirits of the people when they are ready to receive him. The sign of the Divine Manchild appearing within each one is the sign of the individual’s endowment with the consciousness of the Cosmic Christ. It is also true that avatars are born in every age–or a single avatar for each two-thousand-year period. Therefore, the prophecy is pertinent to us in that our Saviour, Jesus Christ, was born to be the avatar (incarnation of God) for the age of Pisces. Because he was born and lived and has carried our karma these two thousand years, we are saved. The sign of the Divine Manchild appearing is also the call to each and every one to give birth to that Christ consciousness through the individual Holy Christ Self under the sponsorship of Jesus Christ. Thus, the signs and wonders of his appearing may be made known through us as we are his disciples and follow in his footsteps to the full realization of the Word, which he did incarnate.

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10. Leaven hid in three measures of meal. In Matt. 13:33, Jesus spoke the following parable:  “The kingdom of heaven is like unto leaven, which a woman took and hid in three measures of meal, till the whole was leavened.”  There has been much scholarly controversy concerning this verse. Some interpret the leaven as representing the Gospel’s penetration into the world, while others see it as indicating apostasy in the Church. In his commentary on this verse, the Reverend C. I. Scofield says:  “Leaven, as a symbolic or typical substance, is always mentioned in the Old Testament in an evil sense....Leaven is the principle of corruption working subtly...and is defined by our Lord as evil doctrine [as in the ‘leaven of the Pharisees and of the Sadducees,’ Matt. 16:6, 11, 12; Mark 8:15].”  He interprets the parable of the leaven as constituting a warning that “the true doctrine, given for the nourishment of the children of the kingdom, would be mingled with corrupt and corrupting false doctrine, and that officially, by the apostate church itself.”  We disagree with Scofield’s teaching on this matter. Leaven (from the Latin levare ‘to raise’) is a substance, as yeast, used to lighten dough. Leaven, or yeast, will leaven both good bread and bad–both the nourishing bread and the poisonous bread. As The Interpreter’s Bible points out:  “Although Paul and the rabbinical writers always use leaven as a symbol of evil influence and teaching, Jesus does not hesitate to employ it to describe the kingdom....The three measures are three seahs, a very large amount. This perhaps calls attention to the vastness of the world, which the kingdom must transform, secretly and irresistibly....The kingdom of Christ is silent and imperceptible, like yeast....But the kingdom, though silent, is yet dynamic. It is a yeasty ferment. It is a quiet revolution. No area of earth is left untouched by the redemptive trouble of its coming....In your heart and mine, and in the customs and institutions of our time, the leaven is at work. We should not fear the gentle agitation or the persistent change. The spirit of Christ is yeast in our world.”  (See The Scofield Reference Bible, p. 1016 nn. 3, 4; and The Interpreter’s Bible [Nashville:  Abingdon Press, 1951], 7:417.)  The Ascended Masters teach that the leaven is the fullness of the Christ teaching and consciousness. The universal Christ consciousness must enter three planes of being–the etheric (memory) body, the mental body and the desire body. When sealed in these three planes of being (the three measures of meal), the Christ consciousness and teaching leaven the whole loaf of our physical consciousness, the planet and the universe.

11. the God consciousness of freedom

12. But did they find a point of co-measurement with me whereby they might also do this?