Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 34 No. 67 - Beloved Jesus Christ - December 29, 1991


The Christmas Rose
“I Call You to the Heart of God”
The Lord’s Christmas Day Address 1991


Yes, I AM come. And in this hour of my coming I enfold the earth in the rose of my heart. Let its petals reach to your innermost being, for I touch all who keep my flame of Love. Therefore may you be as kindling wood!

So receive the flame of the Christmas Rose and know, beloved, that without compassion there is no saving of the soul that is lost, there is no wherewithal within you whereby you might reach out and convey the current of Love that will rescue some poor wretch caught in the briers of the astral plane, perhaps by no fault of current karma but of the ancient struggle of the forces of Light and Darkness.

Be assured that some who are caught in the brambles, beloved, may be noted as the tireless warriors who go forth to slay the fallen ones that others might form rings around the Central Sun, chorusing paeans of praise to my heart and the heart of God. Therefore, beloved, point not the accusing finger at the one who is soiled for the very fray.

Yes, the battle goes on at many levels, and the best of the sons and daughters of God descend on Christmas Day for the binding of the fallen ones and the seed of Satan whose hour is come:  for it is Christmas.

Yes, beloved, I wish you a very, very holy Christ Mass in this hour. And I come to celebrate with you the birth of the one Christ in your heart, one by one by one. I come to adore the Body of God that is one, yet individualized.

And I am seeing with the full power of my being the emergent Christ of yourself/myself, for we are one. And all life is one and God is one!  Though there be a billion times a billion rays of light of that Christ, there is but one.

I come to celebrate that birth or perhaps its new conception and ongoing gestation. Whatever your level on the Path, beloved, I take my rod, even as the rod of Aaron become the rod of Joseph, [and I measure your progress this day].

Yes, the rod, beloved, it is the measuring rod.

Where are you this day?

Where is the line that denotes progress?

For the lines increase from birth unto transition.

I desire to see you come to the full turning of that rod, which in my hand becomes the shepherd’s crook, great symbol of the raised sacred fire of the Kundalini. I desire to see that budding at the base of the brain and continuing to the point of the third eye. It is a challenging road, beloved, for the fire does bring to the surface those things that must be cast into the flame, consuming as it rises, rising as it consumes.

Thus, measure your rod, beloved, and know that the rod of Aaron does portend the hour when you take dominion in your Christed being of all things in the earth; and with my beloved Mother you place the moon beneath your feet and you are no longer pulled this way and that by the emotional body of the mass consciousness or the tides of the sea. And when there is no more night and no more tide, you will behold the tideless sea: <1>

Therefore the stillness of the desire body!  Therefore the empowerment by the desire body within all of the chakras!

Thus, fulfill the vows of Kuan Yin and know that these are more than words. When you desire and vow a certain desiring and a certain vow, be mindful that by the law of mathematics [this desire and vow] are exclusive and do exclude many other activities that are no longer compatible.

Therefore, it is indeed well to call upon the All-Seeing Eye of God and to pray each day for the return to that single-eyed vision which you had in the Beginning, before the descent into duality.

Therefore, your seeing this day is by the power of seeing that you have invoked, <9> that you have become. For your seeing eye is the extension of the Mind of Christ, even as your physical eyes are an extension of the brain and the mental body itself.

Therefore know that each and every day as you return to that point of the One by the celebration of the Divine Mother within your temple, you see new vistas, new horizons, the entire circumference of your being. You gain a vision of a past, present and

future that are not a time line but spherical being unfolding–unfolding even as the Christmas Rose.

And so, my beloved, by expanded awareness of your Christhood this day, which is the meaning of winter solstice, may you thereby gain an expanded awareness of earth’s evolutions, <2> the levels of consciousness and how you may direct light rays directly to the hearts of many whose hearts have already been kindled by myself, by Lord Gautama, Lord Maitreya, Lord Sanat Kumara, Lord Krishna.

Yes, beloved, step-by-step here in physical embodiment you nourish, you water our garden and you increase the Light-manifestation in yourself for the supreme purpose of having that wherewithal to extend to others. Let the sacred fire be contained.

Be the observer, then, first of yourself, of the inbreath and the outbreath. Let there be the balancing and calming of the forces, the observing of the breath, the observing of the mind. This is to sense yourself in the very heart of your Holy Christ Self. And this Holy Christ Self does descend upon you in moments of joyous devotion, in the hours of Armageddon when you wage supreme warfare against the demons and discarnates, who are of the Antichrist.

Yes, beloved, being the observer and maintaining the point of inner poise may be accomplished this day by you, but on the morrow it will be a new level and a new challenge, greater by far than the last. This is how it will be until you shall have attained absolute union with the absolute God.

The testings come but, oh, what joy to know that up that spinal stalk, up that ladder, you can achieve greater and greater adeptship within these four lower bodies, therefore joyously demonstrating to many that the path that is followed does bring joy and mastery and is not the via dolorosa.  It is not a sorrowful way!

But that [path] does not exclude the pain and the trial of overcoming. It does not exclude the wrestling with the lesser self and the hordes of hell. All these things come to pass.

But what?  You have the entire Spirit of the Great Brotherhood to reinforce you, and Cosmic Beings all the way back to the Great Central Sun. No test is given without a mighty force of angels to reinforce your will and your determination.

Blessed hearts, engage your teeth in the struggle and surmount it and know the supreme bliss of union. This union you can accomplish daily–daily, I say!  Do not postpone it!

The bliss of union with the Godhead through your Mighty I AM Presence can be touched and known by each and every one of you daily. And the time for the cutting off of the day and the entering in to the heart of God without fail is just before you retire and close your eyes to dream the dream of God’s love, to journey to temples of Light higher and higher in the etheric octave, even before you make your ascension.

Doors open to you as you build upon a foundation and do not lose what you have built as children do who play and build their towers and knock them down. This tower that you build must be sturdy. It must be well designed and well sealed.

Know, then, that once a day you must stop the cycling [and recycling of the mind], the turning and the turning and the turning, else you will find yourself winding a coil of the stresses and tensions of life around your spinal cord. For that momentum must [one day] be collapsed by your entering in to the heart of eternity.

For this reason, there comes to you at this conference the mighty one, the Lord Krishna. Prepare well for his coming!  For as you prepare, so shall you receive and so much, much more.

Each of the Masters who will speak to you lays a foundation for the next while giving you that momentum for this quadrant of the year <10> and momentums also for the decade and for the two thousand years.

There is not an element of the Word of God spoken in this octave through the Messenger that does not commence cosmic cycles that are infinite, just as the stone thrown into the cosmic sea will have a never-ending circle of ripples that carry the message of the vibration of the stone to all of the worlds of cosmos.

Rippling across the sea of light, then, is the Word which was in the Beginning with God–the Word that you are and the Word that I AM speaking. Therefore I said it then and I say it today:  Heaven and earth may pass away, but my Word will not pass away. <3>

The Word of God lives on because it is God. You give voice to the Word and you are that Word incarnate. That is the goal, beloved!

Crumb by crumb, the loaf, the whole loaf, is imparted. Each day, Communion served gives to you a morsel of my Body and the wine of my Blood. If you will receive me, I shall become thee, thou shalt become me.

In this hour, then, contemplate the assimilation of my Word as my Body and my Blood, of my Word as Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending of the cycles of your being.

Yes, beloved, it is an hour to contemplate that in this finite plane there is a beginning and an ending. There is a b. and a d. on every tombstone, but you are not confined within that frame of time.

Time is the friend and the enemy. Use it wisely and you will break its shackles and be eternal. Use it poorly and you will be buried with the corruptible form and find yourself in the astral plane.

Make use of the hours and break their chalice. Let the hour become infinity in those moments when you enter God undisturbed in the quietness of your room, as you sit upon your cot and contemplate the source of being.

This is the key I give you to meet all challenges of the day and of many lifetimes. To know that communion, beloved, is to remember the bliss and the Law of the One, to be stripped of all wrong desire and inordinate seeking for those things that are not of God.

When you desire God and know God, very little else concerns you. It is the absence of God Self-awareness that takes you into the byways and blinds you to this and that pull–pulls from the astral sea, pulls from the lunar vibration.

Yes, beloved, I have come to call you many times. Many times have I come. But on this day I simply call you to the heart of God. And I ask you to pause and discover in a very real measure that oneness, that you might never again be moved from the bedrock of your divinity.

In this octave, O beloved, be that God and be not satisfied until you touch that God!  You will know that God has touched you when you feel the suffusing glow of compassion and the joy that transcends all adversity and every means used against you by those who are caught in the web of the astral sea.

They have many ploys. But if when they knock, you simply say, “I am not there, I am not here,” [you give them no point of entry]. Therefore, you do not answer the door, you do not answer at all, because they are not knocking on the right door.

When they rise to the level of the door to the kingdom of God and you are in that kingdom, you may then challenge the spirits, test them to see whether they are of God <4> and dismiss them. For even fallen angels will attempt to mount to your throne of oneness in the Godhead.

Yes, beloved, I do not speak mere words. I speak to you of a mystery and of a path and of a searching and of a finding.

I speak to you of pursuing God until you are wrapped in God, you are bathed in God, you are chewing morsels of God consciousness, you are sipping nectar of God. I am speaking of an experience that you must have by your own seeking, your own pursuit, your own determination that you will not rest until you have this bliss!

Yes, beloved, it does require the giving of that love which God has first given to you, multiplying it by the flame that God has placed in your heart. It is being willing to go wherever I call you, to perform whatever task, to do it in the Lord’s name–to do it, beloved, for you know it is a means to an end and you know that I reward and that my reward is with me and that I come quickly   <5>–very quickly, when you meet the requirements of the Law for the harmony of your own being.

It is for this bliss and this contact–known in all levels of being, yet desired–that one thirsts. It is for this, beloved, that pilgrims and saints and holy men and women have given their lives, have laid down their lives, have become martyrs, have been unwilling to stop until by absolute determination to fulfill the work of the Son, they entered into the Word of the Father.

Do not stop short of this sipping of the nectar of God each day. For often it is right there, ready for you to take, but you close your book and enter into something mundane, scarcely noticing my angel already extending the cup and yet having to withdraw it, for you have taken your attention from the Godhead.

I speak of empowerment again and again. I speak of love as the true empowerment. There is none other except that which is taken inordinately for selfish gain. True power is love and love is the power that quivers a cosmos, whereby the voice of a child so endued can be heard on distant star.

So it is said and so it is true:  That which is spoken in secret shall be shouted from the housetops. <6>  There is no end to sound. It is bad enough to hear oneself complain against the universe once.  How would you like to hear the echo of your complaints in the never-ending reverberation of a seemingly infinite physical cosmos, which is truly not infinite?  God forbid!

Blessed ones, you should cover your ears and resolve not to allow any misuse of the spoken word or thought or feeling or act to any longer defile so great a beauty as the cosmic void.

I show you the midnight of my coming, and I show you the sky and worlds beyond, illumined by thousands upon thousands of stars and bodies. How you have wondered before this sight as a child!  And with childlike wonder you still consider the heavens and all that they contain.

I say to you each one, be the Christmas star!  Let your star shine as your Causal Body in heaven, as your great Dharmakaya. Let it shine!  Let it draw nigh to you as you draw nigh to it! <7> Practice the Presence of God by daily making your vessel the biding place of the I AM THAT I AM. Do this, beloved.

As you belong to God–and I have said ye are God’s <8>–so you are also that God-manifestation. Let not time or space or self-condemnation or sense of worthlessness take from you the true joy of this day, [nor the joy] that because I have come in this two-thousand-year cycle and come again from ancient cycles, there is the reconnecting of your heart to the heart of the living Christ if you seek that path of initiation.

[This day,] there is the reigniting of the flame in those who seek the rekindling of the flame. [This day,] there is the present possibility of that return to the paradise lost, to the great golden age whence you have descended at great cost and loss to yourself.

Celebrate, then, that God called me but celebrate also that he called you and that your star can rise. It can be a nova and through you the great Lord may contact many. Do not lose sight of this perspective; for if you do, beloved, if you lose the vision, you will forfeit so great an opportunity as has not come to you in many ten thousands of years.

I proclaim to you:  It is the hour of the union of twin flames at inner levels, of the union of great spheres of Light for a cosmic purpose. As you are “alive” (as much as one is alive in this condition), “alive and well on planet earth,” you have the great, great opportunity of being the anchor point of your own Causal Body and that of your twin flame and, through the twain, to draw forth the Light of the ancient Gurus back to the Great Central Sun.

May you take the great teaching that has been given and rejoice that this is the day of the Christmas Rose for you and your Beloved. Wherever each one of you is on the Path, there is a fusion of Causal Bodies for the great, great purpose of the fulfillment of your mission. Remember this and be one-pointed.

I am Jesus, your brother, your friend, your teacher, avatar of the age, desiring so to strengthen you that you might be unto the many what I have been unto you. Keep on keeping on, beloved, for your track is direct to the star of great, great hope.

I seal you in this hour that you might rejoice yet more hours this day in what it really means to be the Christmas Rose.

I bestow upon each one of you the kiss upon the forehead of the Christmas Rose. To the little child within you, to you yourself, in each year of your life on each birthday, [I give the kiss of the Christmas Rose and] I seal you, each and every year unto the present, beloved.

Know that my love is sufficient unto you to resolve every unresolved problem–a spiritual problem, a problem in the psyche or in your psychology, a problem of the mind or the heart or the desires. This kiss, beloved, is there for you to accept and, with it, to accept the healing of the experiences of that year of your life.

Those books that the Messenger has recommended to you I recommend also. They will assist you to travel through some of the labyrinth of the subconscious. But you need not travel through all; for by and by in the records of the former self of this and previous embodiments, you will come to the key, beloved, you will discover what it is!  And in that mighty key that is your own Christhood, that mighty key, beloved, you will collapse all the rest!  And you will not need to journey any longer.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that you have arrived at the key. For you may have the key in your hand, beloved, but unless it is in your heart, unless you truly have become that person that is truly you, you must continue and continue.

For the real discovery will result in the assimilation of my Body and my Blood.

Take, eat. For this is my Body. This is my Blood.

[Holy Communion is served.]

Messenger’s Benediction:

Beloved Mighty I AM Presence from the heart of God in the Great Central Sun, we ask that every word of our beloved Lord Jesus Christ be sealed in our hearts, planted as a seed to blossom as the Christmas Rose.

We are grateful for this Community, O God, and the circle of thy oneness. May every day be the blossoming of the Christmas Rose in our hearts as we recognize the call to become the Compassionate One, the only means whereby we might be instrumental in saving souls.

In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Divine Mother, Amen.



This dictation by Jesus Christ was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Christmas Day, December 25, 1991, at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana. The Messenger and congregation gave the “Watch With Me” Jesus’ Vigil of the Hours and A Child’s Rosary to Mother Mary prior to the dictation.

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