Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 33 No. 31 - I AM the Witness - August 2, 1992


I AM the Witness

Pray for Visualizations!


Dear Mother,

It is with great joy that I write this letter to you. I am fairly new to the Teachings of the Ascended Masters, having traveled over many paths to find them. Your being resonates with such clarity and truth that I am sure you are real!

I want to tell you about an experience I had several months ago while doing the violet flame decrees. I had been doing the decrees for a few months and reading the dictations and Teachings of the Masters. I was beginning to build a strong momentum but was at times frustrated because I felt I didn’t have the proper visualizations. So I began to pray that I be shown visualizations that would be helpful. What I received was beyond all expectations!

One day I was about thirty minutes or so into my decrees and was giving decree 70.11:


I AM the Violet Flame
In action in me now
I AM the Violet Flame
To Light alone I bow
I AM the Violet Flame
In mighty Cosmic Power
I AM the Light of God
Shining every hour
I AM the Violet Flame
Blazing like a sun
I AM God’s sacred power
Freeing every one

   As I closed my eyes, I realized I was seeing something besides the blank screen of my inner eyelids. Something was moving, and it was as real as anything I had ever seen with my eyes open.

I continued giving the decree as a feeling of peace and love swept through my being and was anchored. After a few minutes, I realized that what I was witnessing was the violet flame!  The flame moved slowly and gently and lovingly. I also heard the most beautiful music. (Is there a “third ear”?)  It was not an image that I could control–it moved gently and freely in a beautiful and deep shade of violet. Truly, it was the most beautiful spiritual experience that I have had while fully conscious.

 After a few minutes, I noticed a white light in the flame that would intensify and become brighter. Surrounded in violet, it would then move behind the flame. I stopped the decrees and just “watched” for several minutes. After a few more minutes, I opened my eyes. When I closed them again the flame was gone.

Since that day, I have seen the violet flame many times, though I have noticed it requires a strong decree momentum. The more I call forth the violet flame, the easier it is to see and watch this flame as it transmutes karma. What a wonderful gift Saint Germain has given to us all!

Thank you, Mother, for all you have done for me and your service to the chelas of the will of God. I look forward to seeing you at the October Class.

In Light, I AM,



The Tangible Tube of Light

Dear Mother and Lanello,

I witness with joy to the reality of the tube of light and to the power of visualization.

The day before Thanksgiving 1986, I went to a grocery store to pick up some last-minute items for the holiday dinner. The parking lot and store were jammed full of shoppers. I felt the urge to spiritually protect myself before joining the crowd.

I wasn’t yet studying the Teachings, but a friend of mine had taught me a short call for the tube of light and told me to visualize it as I called it forth. I sat in my car and invoked the tube of light, concentrating on a mental picture of myself sealed in an impenetrable cylinder of light with a radius of about six feet. I continued until I could feel the light surrounding me.

Holding the visualization of the tube of light, I walked into the store. A three- or four-year-old boy was running straight toward me, or rather, toward the automatic sliding doors just behind me. He gazed at the floor a few feet in front of him as he ran, joyously unaware that we were on a collision course. Then he halted sharply about six or seven feet away from me, as if to avoid crashing into something. After an odd glance at me, he ran around me in a perfect semicircle about six feet from where I stood. He was running around my tube of light!  Once he had cleared it, he continued on his original course toward the doors.

What a wonderful demonstration!  By God’s grace, what we call forth is as real as we allow it to be.

Thank you, Mother and Lanello, for your unwavering service to the Light and to the Light in each of God’s children. Thank you for your loving service in bringing forth the Teachings of the Ascended Masters and their precise decrees.

All glory to God!