Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 35 No. 69 - Beloved Jesus Christ - December 29, 1992


The Point of Dazzling Joy
I Will Let No Man Take My Crown of Joy
The Secret of Keeping the Christmas Rose of Joy
The Lord’s Christmas Day Address 1992


Let the shaft of Light descend, O my Father!

Let the shaft of Light be upon my own.

And let Light from above magnify the Light from within.

And let that which is in part now see the Whole. <1>

Greetings, my beloved, in my Sacred Heart.

In my Heart I come to you.

And I come to you to unfold the Christmas Rose.

Let the story of the Christmas Rose be for you a deep meditation upon the gifts of the Holy Spirit <2> that you might seek and win.

Be seated, beloved, for I am come to you to impart a joy that cannot and will not be extinguished within you.

Would you not know the secret of keeping the Christmas Rose of joy–joy perpetually in the heart that nothing can move or turn aside?  Would you not become the invincible manifestation of my joy, beloved?  [“Yes.”]

I would also know you as the “joy fountains” in the earth where I may come and drink, where many who are without joy may drink of the fount and yet the fount should not decrease.

Oh, the perpetual giving of the flame of joy!

Oh, the laughter of the Christed ones who know this joy and who have discovered the secret of not letting go of it under any circumstance!

Is this not the true joy of self-mastery?

Indeed it is, beloved.

Well, then, when you set yourself to this determination to open the floodgates of joy that shall never be shut again–a joy that is the perpetual fountain of Life flowing through you descending from your I AM Presence–you thereby challenge all forces of doom and gloom and all sundry manifestations that happen to be along the lines of self-preference and indulgence and the dependency upon others for happiness, for fun, for laughter.

There must be a moment in your life when you say:  “I will let no man take my crown of joy! <3>  I will stand and still stand. I will find the joy in every happening, in every occurrence I see. And where I see nonjoy, I shall have within myself such a momentum of joy that I may fill the vacuum!”

Blessed hearts, you may not be able to convert others to joy, for so many, so many enjoy the indulgence in sadness, in self- sympathy and self-pity. So many are so accustomed to nonjoy that allows the complaining and the self-indulgence that they would not know what to do with themselves if life were perpetually joyous.

Joy is an inner quietude.

It is an inner consciousness of well-being.

It is an inner point of contact with all stars and Causal Bodies.

Joy is what centers you in the crisscrossings of the great antahkarana of Life. When you are in joy, you are in sync with the great Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

Joy, then, must come by an appreciation of small things and great, an appreciation of life as it is before you in a moment.

Is it a glistening dewdrop?

Is it the face of a child or a smile?

Is it something precious that is without price, for it comes directly from the heart?

If you will, make a list of all those things that bring joy to you and affirm them. I will leave you to your deliberations as to how you will return to the point of joy, but I will suggest that gratitude in action is a most wondrous way to continually perceive the joy flame of life.

Beloved ones, moments after some seeming tragedy has come upon you, you can [by the joy flame] see through it to the other side and experience joy because God has shown you that this is something that you must pass through.

Joy, beloved, cannot be thinking too much of itself, for joy is something that we give. And as we give, it begets more within us. Joy is a flame that is opposed by the very worst side of everyone, for all that is not real about you, all that is less than that God-Reality, cringes at the point of dazzling joy that you keep in your house and in your heart.

So know, even as I dictate this day, that the hordes of Darkness also know that once ye good Christian folk do determine that “joy is the motor of life,” as has been said, <4> and once that joy becomes your perpetual reason for being, their day will [soon] be done. They know it, beloved, for joy is indeed the motor of life that keeps on pulling, pulling out from the center of the earth and the center of all atoms and suns and star systems the fire of eternal Life. Eternal Life, then, is that mighty joy flame.

May you surely come to understand that the most serious and somber decisions and equations of life are so because you make them so. I would suggest that you remember my words that except you become as a little child, childlike, you will not enter into the consciousness of God, into the kingdom of heaven; <5> [neither will you enter] into the very soul and heart of your Christhood.

Thus, if you put too much weight upon that which you are and know and have become in the sense of the masterminding of your destiny, you may lose the sweet simplicity of life itself, which is a joy not necessarily simple, not necessarily complex, but always profound. For this joy comes from the Divine Mother, from the very root of Jesse, <6> from the very fount of the threefold flame. It is that which provides all energy to life.

I say, beloved, in the midst of a darkness growing darker even on a planetary home where suddenly the light does shine forth in this little hut and that little village and in that skyscraper and along the highway–yes, beloved, even on a planetary home where sparks of fire are shooting forth from the enlightened ones, there is great darkness. Let us turn our attention, then, to that which does endure–not the darkness but always the joy of the threefold flame.

I come that you might be enriched in the kingdom of God, that you might be enriched in the Word of God, that you might be enriched in the understanding that you are indeed all members of my Body–hence the term “the Mystical Body of God.”  Those who, then, make up that Body, beloved hearts, are those who have found their centeredness in their own threefold flame, who can say without pride but in utter humility and honor:


       God is where I AM.

      I AM that God in manifestation!

      This is my premise.

      This is the foundation of every move I make

       and every prayer I breathe.

      I AM my God in action and there is no division!

      I AM in agreement.

      I am agreeing as I affirm the flow of fire in my midst. And I know that the joy of that flow of fire desires for me all that I AM–all that I am to be and all that I desire or need in the process of becoming who I AM.

      And I AM Brahman.

      I AM in the fire of the Atman, the point of perfect joy.




Blessed ones, those who walk not the path of the apostles, of the bodhisattvas, the disciples–those who walk not this path do not understand the meaning of being one with the confluent stream of the river of Life. They do not understand the Mystical Body of God, for in their conceit they desire to be all things to all people and to themselves.

I say to you, study the gifts of the Holy Spirit. And think first about how you shall by the joy flame of the winter solstice, how you shall by that joy flame call upon the Lord the Maha Chohan, call upon the Holy Spirit and have that Spirit with you, walking with you and through you and being unto you a fount of wisdom and of love and of holy will.

Think, then, upon this, beloved–that to have the gifts of the Holy Spirit, you must first of all have the Holy Spirit. For the Holy Spirit comes with an unmitigated joy, a joy that is the acceptance of things as they are, of things that cannot be changed and therefore will be dealt with in joy. And then [there is another] great joy that is magnified again and again [by the Holy Spirit] that says:


       These are the things I can change!

      And I will change them joyously by the fire of Brahman who I AM.

      And I AM THAT I AM. THAT I AM.

      That I AM which I AM is Brahman.

      Therefore I shall change for the better as I see that I can change. And I will look to the glory of the Lord–yes, the glory of the Lord, my Mighty I AM Presence. I will look to the glory of my own Christ Self and threefold flame, and I will see that glory working through me–in me and yet not of me, but of that which is only God.

      Oh yes, I will see that glory as a whirlwind of fire and wind. I will see it going before me fashioning my future, fashioning my all, re-creating me so that God, God may reveal himself to men because Christ is born in me this day!

      And I am come and he is come. And I no longer desire to look at him out of the corner of my eye that he might not catch me looking at him, examining him and perhaps taking his offering or not taking it.

   Oh yes, beloved, you have had a long, long, long time to develop the serpent mind. Beware of it, know it for what it is and let the Christ in you displace it, for the brilliance of God far exceeds that which you can contain or attain to. It is best to reach the ceiling of limitation and say:


       I will not have it!  I will go beyond this which I appear to be, this which I think I am. And I will have the courage to now become acquainted with the Unknown Self.

      Who and what is this unknown self of me?

      Shall it crush me and grind me to powder? <7>  Or shall it water my soul and take me up and show me the transfiguration of my garments–of my thoughts, my feelings, my desirings and my goals?

      Aye, shall I take the step to enter in to the unknown presence that I AM?  Shall I lose all or gain all?

   Thus you ponder. Thus you pray. Thus you bump into boulders of fear and many pebbles of pride. “Which way shall I turn?”  You are in a bad dream!  And yet the Real Self hovers. And the quivering of wings of angels can be heard, as though some sort of machine for aerial navigation were suddenly suspended above you and you could enter or you could not.

Blessed ones, when considering the opportunities for Godhood in the earth, you must come strong to the altar. You must come squarely in the geometry of God to the table of the Lord.

When I feed you with my own hands the bread of Life and the wine of the everlasting essence, the essence of my Blood, I say to you, beloved, you must have balance within your members. You must have the fiercest commitment to God. You must be ready for Satan in the wilderness, who will tempt you in all things. You must review the walk of Maitreya. You must remember that you will not escape the same walk!  Nay, you will not escape it.

If you desire to be home free one day, there are no shortcuts, no roundabout ways, no entering by the back door. Here and now or in another round, beloved, you will choose. But will you have the capacity to choose?

No, you will not!  Not unless you have cultivated the flame of joy, not unless you have seen and read about and studied those nine gifts of the Holy Spirit to understand what are those nine elements that I deem, that the Father deems, that the Holy Spirit deems you must have at least a portion of to be balanced in your chakras, to have strength in the body and the mind, to have strength in the heart and the will, to have love that does not cease and to seek wisdom daily and hourly.

You must come equipped, for the fallen ones are well equipped to tempt you away from the cathedral of the heart, where the joy bells ring, where the chimes are sounding, where the call rings out to you.

Yes, beloved, all of the preparation that our dear Morya has brought you to has been well planned by us that you might face the challenger, meet him, defeat him and move on and suddenly discover that because you have passed this initiation, whereas [formerly] you saw in part and you were a “part person” and not a whole person, now you are moving toward a wholeness you can see, toward a sphere that you will fill in piece by piece, a wholeness that can become your own.

Blessed ones, one of the major ways that you balance karma is by passing your initiations and doing so in the sequence that is known by the inner adepts, which may be known by you if you study the paths of Jesus and Maitreya, if you study what we have been through.

Yes, beloved, these can be known, but not all. There is always the unexpected, the unknown initiation, the unplanned-for situation. This is when you must have your resources, your strength. This is when you must have the ch’i <*> within you, the fire of the center centered in the desire of your being. All must be in readiness. You must have plucked away those insidious members that are not members truly but antagonists right within the mind and body.

Yes, beloved, passing initiations is a way to burn up karma. For the fire that you summon [in order that you may] pass through the fire of initiation is an all-consuming fire and it does indeed consume layers of karma as in no other way!

And thus, treasure, treasure the Path, beloved. Treasure your preparedness and know that it always begins with the dawn of joy, the setting of the sun of joy, the cycles of the years, the days and the lifetimes.

Joy, then, prepares you to deal with anything. Sorrow and mourning and death and dying equip you for nothing but what they are.

O beloved, this is a place of miracles!  Do not forget it. Maitreya’s Mystery School is a place [where you make] miracles [happen].

Are miracles too quick?  Would you rather plod through the problem for months and lifetimes?

Would you understand that a miracle is the science of being, all compressed into one event, an event that bespeaks sudden awareness, enlightenment, a breakthrough until you can see from here to the Sun, you can see yourself standing in the Sun even as you are standing here and now, your feet planted in the earth?

Yes, beloved, for moments you return to the Central Sun and moments later you are back again. These glimpses of the eternity whence you came and to which you shall return give a perspective whereby you can contain a miracle. You can contain it as a coil of fire that will unfold perhaps for the next twenty years or two hundred.

So, beloved, change comes by the alchemy of God. It comes by a sudden awareness because you have taken those moments to meditate, to still the mind that you might hear one word from us that we might get in when the mind is finally no longer occupied.

O beloved, we can speak to you, but where is the listening mind and the attuned ear?  There are so many, many conditions in the earth that you must tend to. Will you be weary and troubled about and burdened by so many things?

You must learn that lesson. It is a lesson of two thousand years ago learned in the home of Martha and Mary. Now choose the better part, beloved. <8>  Choose it!  Still the agitated mind. Commune with me, for I will give you parables and I will give you direct prophecy and I will come to you. But when your bodies are not in the right condition and your minds are stopped up, O blessed hearts, the communication is either squelched or distorted and you receive impressions that are not accurate.

Your mind is the Mind of God. Ponder the great mystery. Your thinking mind in this moment, your listening ear, your seeing eye are all extensions of the one Universal Mind of God even as you are all part of the one Mystical Body of the Holy Spirit. That infinite Mind can give you access–as though you had access to a computer–to the entire contents of every Causal Body of every adept, of every Master and Buddha of all time.

Yes, beloved, there are indeed blocks that do not allow you to penetrate [the Mind of God], and these are so ordained while you bring up the totality of consciousness to the point of discipline and being trustworthy with information that it is not lawful for you to speak.

Blessed hearts, your mind, being the Mind of God, is infinite. Your mind did never begin, shall never end no matter what this body shall come to. The body has a definite end, beloved, unless you earn the physical ascension, which you know is entirely possible but indeed not necessary.

So, beloved, contemplate the Mind of God, which is your own, and then journey in that Mind. Seek perspective–perspective, beloved. Plant your coordinates in the stars. Refer back to them. Journey to a star!

How about the secret love star, which is the Causal Body of Venus?  You have contributed to that Causal Body by your gifts, by what you have accomplished in this and other lifetimes.

Think of yourself, while giving a simple decree, journeying to the Causal Body of Venus, the secret love star, meditating on whatever that great Causal Body may offer you. Place your attention upon these points of light, which are vast universes having no distance from you in time and space but only vast distances according to your own human consciousness.

All things are accessible to you in this hour.

Let your spirits rise!  Let your conversations be the rejoicing in the morsel of Truth that has become the secret of your joy each day. Yes, I have said it:  [read] a paragraph [a day] from Prayer and Meditation, from Corona Class Lessons, from my dictations or those of my beloved brother Kuthumi–a morsel of Truth that you can slowly assimilate until it becomes all of you and you become all of it and suddenly you see the whole world through that lens of Truth. <9>

O blessed hearts, I attempt to give you some sense of co-measurement of what is inside of you, what you can draw forth from yourselves, what you can access through the “equipment,” if you will, that you already have.

Yes, beloved, it is true:  ye are Gods! <10>  The fallen ones know ye are Gods. We know it. You seem to be the last to recognize it, seeing your mortality, seeing how temporal is this body. This body, beloved, is given to you to convince you that you had better do something about your immortality, for [this body] obviously will not serve you for very much longer as the aeons pass.

Yes, it is well to break the pride of the consciousness of those in the lesser planes by having them confront their own mortality, their own skeleton, their own nothingness. And when you reach the point of nothingness, when the body is but dust that crumbles and collapses, you will surely say, “I AM God, for I am surely not that!”

And suddenly all of the Light ever stored in your being in all ages and so qualified with God!  God!  God!  shall rush into your soul and you shall say, “Surely I AM WHO I AM. I AM my God in manifestation!”

Oh, how suddenly and quickly the liberation from the flesh does propel some to octaves of Light, but not all, beloved, for death does not change consciousness. Yet, for those who have walked the path of the Spirit many lifetimes and especially all of this life, affirming the things of the Spirit everywhere in all Nature–for these, I say, the moment of escape from the body is that moment of the great descent of Self-knowledge in all of the God-Reality of their I AM Presence, their Holy Christ Self and that threefold flame. And that threefold flame is more powerful, more wonderful, more wisdom-filled, more love-inspired and infired than anything else one could ever acquire in many universes and many, many millennia into the future or the past.

Your threefold flame is it, beloved!  It is your treasure. It is surely the white stone and the white cube. It is surely the fountain of eternal youth. Guard it as you would walk about knowing that you carried the living Buddha in your breast. Would you not walk carefully?  Would you not walk conscious that God was there?

So walk with that sense:  “My threefold flame is the fount of eternal Life in all universes, in all being I could ever contemplate. Right here in me is all that I AM, all that I need–the joy-filled abundant life.”

Let go of unreality, my beloved!  I have profound need for you, each one, to walk the earth in the semblance of your Christ Self until you become its full resonating, alive presence.

O my beloved, in the twinkling of the eye of God the last trump of mortality shall sound. <11>  I say:  let it sound! And let it go down! Step forth, my beloved, into the living presence of your God-Reality!  And greet me on the Path when I am there and do not fail to see me. For I AM here, your Jesus of the ages and of all times and places.

I AM your Jesus and you are winning!  You must know that, beloved, as you have never known it before. You must know that you are winning. The fallen ones know you are winning. You must know it, be it, do it!

I seal you in the Christmas Rose, beloved. And I expect that you shall henceforth see me when I stand before you and not be so dense as to not know that I have entered your room, your abode, your place of worship.

Blessed ones, in conclusion, it is best for you to assume that I am always with you, even unto the end of the age. <12> [39-second standing ovation]



Messenger’s Invocation before the Dictation:

Lord God Almighty, let thy Son descend into our hearts this day!

O thou living Christ Jesus, quicken now thy Sacred Heart within our heart. As thou hast said, so I say, “Thy Heart/my heart, my heart/thy Heart.”

We answer your call, beloved Jesus, to be your twin in the earth. Let us walk the earth in the fullness of the joy of your threefold flame.

O Jesus, joy of our desiring, quicken and increase now the threefold flame within our hearts. Intensify, O Lord, thy Love/our love as one, that we might send forth thy ray of Love to every heart of every Lightbearer in all of this cosmos.

Our beloved Lord and Saviour, we bow before thee as the incarnate Word. Let thy Word be made known to us. Occupy the compartments of our being. Occupy the totality of our love. O Jesus, come unto us and into us!  Let thy Light radiate and magnify this day for the purging of Darkness, for the binding of the forces of Antichrist that seek to devour the Holy Christ Child wherever it is born.

O Lord, summon your legions of Light, all armies of heaven beneath the banner of the Faithful and True!  O Lord, bring forth thy hosts now for the ultimate deliverance of planet earth!  Thou art mighty indeed. Thou art God of very gods in manifestation.

O Holy Christ Self of all in all worlds above and below, come now!  Magnify the Lord Jesus Christ as we extend our hearts to him through Padma Sambhava, Lord Maitreya, Gautama Buddha and Sanat Kumara.

O angels of the mighty joy, angels of the Christmas Rose, come and be with us in this hour, for truly we are ready, our Lord, for thy Second Coming. Descend into our temple this day!

We receive thee now, O Lord, and we celebrate thy name, I AM THAT I AM.


Under the Lord’s direction, the Messenger read I Corinthians 12 and 13 before his dictation.


This dictation by Jesus Christ was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Christmas Day, December 25, 1992, at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana. Before the dictation, at the request of Jesus, the Messenger read from the writings of the apostle Paul on spiritual gifts, I Corinthians 12 and 13. The Christmas Day service and dictation are available on audiocassette:  2 cassettes (total 169 min., B93001, B93002). [N.B. Throughout this Pearl, bracketed material denotes words unspoken yet implicit in the dictation, added by the Messenger under Jesus’ direction for clarity in the written word.] Throughout these notes PoW is the abbreviation for Pearls of Wisdom. 

*. ch’i [Chinese, literally air, vapor, breath, ether, energy]:  In Taoism, ch’i is the vital energy, the life force, the cosmic spirit that pervades and enlivens all things.

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4. “Joy is the motor of life.”  In a dictation delivered October 29, 1966, Saint Germain said:  “The self is a mountain of holy treasure and, within the domain of the self, joy must be brought forth and multiplied. And joy is indeed the motor of life, which when properly understood and harnessed will cause the regenerative processes within the forcefield of individuals to amplify the light-energy within the cells. Thus, a renewal of the power of eternal youth occurs within the dimension and forcefield of the individual because God is there and pours out his limitless light, even as the sun gives forth her energy.” 

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9. A morsel a day of Jesus’ teachings. In his Easter Sunday address April 3, 1988, Jesus said:  “Rise fifteen minutes early and with full concentration upon my Teaching take one of my books. Read for fifteen minutes. Carry that book with you and remind yourself of what you read. Embody it for the day. A morsel will suffice for the divine alchemy. Where there is no morsel I, then, have nothing to multiply, no wavelength of meditation whereby to enter. Neglect not [this practice], beloved, for in the future and in the hereafter salvation is far, far more difficult than in the Eternal Now. The tools are before you. Let them not rust upon the bench.”  (See 1988 PoW, vol. 31 no. 48, Book I, p. 390.) 

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