Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 36 No. 5 - Beloved El Morya - January 31, 1993

The Dawning of Your God Reality
One Voice
The Cause That Is America
Let the People Return to the Liberty Flame
“Let the Troops March and Let the Bodhisattvas Appear!”

Let the voice of America return to one voice, one sound of the will of God! Let the people of America come together in the reality of cosmic history and not a history revised.

Oh, let the people return to the Liberty flame, to the hour of their nation’s birth, to the moment when all stood as one, stood tall before the world and said: “We are a united people! We are thirteen colonies, no longer separate but one. And out of the one that we are shall come the many manifestations of our God–e pluribus unum.”

So the All-Seeing Eye of God is upon you. O America, follow its rays back to that Eye!  Follow the rays to your oneness. Remove all that divides you and return to the hope, to the glory of God, to love, to union, to noble purpose and a certain simplicity of life that restores the highest virtue in each breast.

I am come this first day of the year 1993. I come to salute the chelas of the will of God and those who would be and those who might be. I salute the founder of the nation.

And therefore, you have seen a slice of the life of the one [George Washington] <1> who carried in his heart truly the mission from the God Star and that of the Four and Twenty Elders; and yet, all was not known to his outer mind. His early ambition may be seen as self-seeking. We see it as self-finding–finding oneself, positioning oneself that one might be of use to one’s peers.

Thus, beloved, be seated, then. Be seated at Mount Vernon this day and look out on the Potomac, the cold waters and the wind, and know of winter in the East and know that it is the fire of winter that inspires self-conquest. It is the fire of winter that compels sacrifice, whereby the old man is set aside, the new man is born; and that new man is one who is ready to give his all for the victory of a cause or to accept ultimate defeat.

Think how much [Washington] must have loved in order to place himself and his men on the line for the crossing of the Delaware and the defeat of the drunken Hessians. Yes, beloved ones, truly [such love] is the making of the man and of the woman and of the soul and of the child.

Those were the days when there did surely hang in the balance the entire blueprint for America. And that blueprint is yet there, overlaid upon the fifty states and more, overlaid upon the I AM Race. <*>

Much has come between the blueprint and that which [should have manifested] in the earth, much that must be righted. Yet it can be righted, for Saint Germain has released the dispensation of the golden age of Aquarius <2> and our Mother Liberty stands tall in this hour–stands tall, beloved, to enfire every heart with its own mission.

That sense of mission must be all-consuming and propelling. Take heed, then, that it is not the product of the surface mind but of that which is deep within the psyche, which has been there for tens of thousands of years waiting its season of germination.

Yes, beloved, each one of you stands as an individual this day as you walk the grounds of Mount Vernon and consider the vista that Washington saw. Consider his hopes, his dreams. Consider how events themselves compelled him and how in those compelling events he, seeking to lead, did find himself at the right place at the right time. Think of the tremendous unfoldment of the Mind of Christ [that took place as he] no longer identified with a separate state or plantation but with the whole. [He held in his breast] the whole-eye vision and the entire cosmic conception [that is America].

To say, “I will not defend my home or my home state, for I have embraced the larger cause of the future of humanity”–to say this, beloved, does make you worthy to be a chela of the will of God. It is to have the vision, now enhanced by the presence everywhere of the All-Seeing Eye, <3> the vision of a larger purpose, and to have the sense of self-worth that you might see yourself as a part of that purpose, to have the sense of self-worth that knows that although your role may seem insignificant, no one’s role ever is.

For all count as a part of that one body, having one and several talents, each one bringing theirs to another and another, that there might be love’s interchange and the rejoicing and the praising God in your midst and in your members, the praising God that all the pieces of the mighty mandala of Light may assemble to achieve the day of the cosmic morn. The cosmic morn is when the spiritual sun does rise. It rises in you. It rises in a world.

We are not separatists regarding America. We say that this is the place of the experiment of the Great White Brotherhood and of the endowment of Saint Germain. We say that if the experiment fails here, it will not succeed anywhere else. For the peculiar people of ancient Atlantis and even Lemuria have reincarnated here to take up where they left off and to finish the work begun.

Thus, America is more than a nation. It is yet a symbol to all people of the [ongoing] possibility for the realization of individual and world freedom. [The realization of this possibility] therefore rests upon the shoulders of those who have known freedom in the past, those who have embraced it and realized the expansion of the flame of Liberty in the heart.

Oh, that mighty flame!

Do you realize, beloved, that there are those in the world today who have tasted of freedom and yet cry out to return to their totalitarian regimes, to Communism and other forms of socialism?

Why is it so?

It is because these souls have been denied the opportunity to unfold the principles of freedom not only in this century but in many past centuries. They have not been a part of ancient golden ages. Therefore the momentum of a unique and individual Christhood is not their personal inheritance.

Not all people upon earth in this hour find themselves suited to a way of life of such total independence [as can be found in America].  And even on these shores some lack the wherewithal to make right choices and to teach their children how to choose between real individual Christ-freedom and a certain license and wantonness that causes the desecration of the tree of life in every temple.

I AM Morya, Chief of the Darjeeling Council of the Great White Brotherhood, founder of The Summit Lighthouse, teacher of the Messengers, and your own beloved Bapu. I stand with you as though at the pinnacle of the world and [at the apex] of life on this Mount Vernon property.

As we survey [in our mind’s eye] the capital city of the nation, we contemplate whether those who now take the reins of government shall indeed make an upward sweep into new dimensions of greatness, into the acquisition of the qualities of character of the living Christ. This we hope for. This we pray for. This we know must come to pass if America shall enter an age of self-transcendence and new birth.

But we are also realists. And we see how the life-force has been spent [by those who lead or would lead] and how many who rise to positions of leadership, though they have the training, though they have the intellect, do not have the balance of heart, [of threefold flame,] or even some semblance of an inner and deep spiritual path [that would afford them a] tie to octaves of Light.

What shall we do, then, as we survey [the available candidates] and the All-Seeing Eye of God does pinpoint the many lifestreams who shall take up their service full of hope, full of determination yet not always wise and not able to predict the future?

For they may be politicians (and there may even be some statesmen in their midst) but they are not prophets and they do not calculate in their planning the cycles of descending karma.

At no time in your personal history, O chelas of the will of God, has it been so important for you to understand the meaning of karma. And this is because so much [personal] karma of the ages falls due in this decade following the long cycle of that karma being borne by the Lord and Saviour.

Karma, then, can tip the scales suddenly. On one day you have all that it takes to accomplish the feat at hand; on the next, karma descends, the stock market falls, and you realize that the optimum moment has somehow slipped through your fingers and that which you have proposed is no longer a solution.

The days will be quixotic. Yes, beloved, note how events, like quicksilver, appear and suddenly disappear and you wonder where all of the planning has gone. Thus, it is good to concentrate. It is good to establish goals and meet them quickly and bring your efforts into physical manifestation so that you have something in hand to show besides many files in your filing cabinets. Many deliberations, many meetings and yet somehow the physical precipitation has escaped you.

This is the kind of year you can look forward to. If you want to get something done, do it quickly, beloved, before the moment is past. Beware of delays, and beware of delays on the path of your own individual life. Delays cannot be tolerated when the timetable is short.

Even if you should live to be 144 and you are now a babe in arms, I tell you, you have not a moment to lose to make the difference on planet earth. You might smile at this comment, beloved ones, for you are not used to so thinking. But I must bring you into consonance with Lord Gautama and the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

What do we do, then, when we see that those who appear to be strong and youthful and to have all that it takes to run a government are in fact at inner levels handicapped spiritually?

Well, beloved ones, if we are to be our brother’s keeper and our sister’s keeper, then we must make up the difference!  We must invoke the Light!  We must call to the Cosmic Christs to descend into the temples of those individuals who have long ago lost their potential for Christhood. There is no other way when we consider that we are one body.

If we are one body and we believe that where there is life there is hope, then we must invoke a mighty intercession for the descent of Cosmic Christs that they might enter the arena [of the government and the economy] to overshadow those who simply are not equal to their times.

George Washington was a man who was equal to his times. But as you have understood [from the film], he had to grow into his boots, he had to grow into his uniform, he had to put on the Christ when he did not know that [what he was putting on] was the Christ or his Christhood. He put on his Higher Identity and moved forward even though he was beset with common faults that all have, thoughts of pride or ambition, desires to do this and that. Yes, beloved, he moved on, impelled by a higher guidance and the right hand of God.

This is the understanding I would give to you. You cannot sit on the sidelines and be a spectator, waiting [to be perfected so that you can begin your mission]. You know that you have a mission. You must be up and doing!  You must be up and doing, beloved!  You must realize that in the very process of doing what is the immediate greatest necessity, you are engaging with the forces of your time, with the energies of the planetary systems and the light of the sun itself.

Yes, beloved, each moment in cosmic history, each hour and day and year contains the energy necessary in order that all lifewaves of a Matter cosmos might respond [to the Higher Purpose] and bring the [distilled] essence of heart, of character, [of spirit] to that conglomerate of the Mystical Body of God worlds without end.

Note well, then, that many of the world’s greatest leaders who have had the ultimate victory have not achieved it [merely] by superior intellect but more by staying power, by trial and error and by Providence interceding.

Sometimes, beloved ones, you could consider, without being superstitious, that there is a certain destiny for every individual. And when that set destiny does come [into focus] according to the geometry of creation, then forces work together to bring that individual to his supreme moment, his finest hour. [Isn’t it interesting that] one seems never to know what is one’s finest hour except in retrospect?

How does one know [in advance] which of the million acts one takes towards the goal will actually be the one that is the turning point that will guarantee the victory against which no outer force can stand?

One does not need to know this if one believes in God, if one lives under the shadow of the Almighty, the Mighty I AM Presence, and trusts the inner voice and cultivates the inner voice and the listening ear that is keen to know that inner voice.

[But often] one simply knows. One knows apart from all physical or mental faculties. That inner knowing and divine knowing is the overshadowing [of the Christ Presence] and the descent of the totality of a man or woman or child that bonds with the soul [and the spirit of God. And so the individual] comes together and becomes a profile of heroism.

This is something you can reach for and achieve!  This is an hour and a day that your own Godhood must shine, lest there be no candles left in the earth that can maintain their flames against the gusts of winds that come from the fallen angels as they pass through in the point of self-disintegration.

Yes, answer the question!  Will you see this as an hour of self-integration in God or will you see it as an hour of self-disintegration, disassociation from the Great Central Sun and from that point in the Sun where the Matter cosmos meets the Spirit cosmos and where you yourself may pass through that nexus and obtain permanent reality in the Godhead?

It will take many steps and heartbeats, many movements of the limbs, many thoughts inclined to God to find your way back over the many paths that you must retrace and the footprints [of your Guru and your karma] lost in the sands of the Sahara that you must find again. Yet [one day you] will suddenly uncover them–and then you will know the way to go and a door will be opened and another and another!

Well, beloved, I speak to you of the cause that is America:  it is the cause of the heart and the heartbeat of America. It is the cause of the small nucleus who make up the capstone of the pyramid of this civilization. It is the cause of those who are going through the process of etherealization, spiritualization and self-transcendence and can hold the fire of the heart. It is the cause of those who come together to join in our cause and who recognize this wilderness land [to which we have summoned you] as the place where individuality stands out against the sky and against the mountains and against the barrenness of winter.

Through the valley the individual is supreme and yet he is measured, according to the Taoist concept, against the backdrop of a nature that is more vast. So God has created the vastness of [Nature’s] great backdrop in order for you to be, and to be that Great Tao:  this is the heart of the mystery of life!

Our cause, then, beloved, must be espoused as never before!  As you wed your soul to this cause, [I remind you] that it was not millions who won for America in the beginning and it may not be millions who win in the end.

What counts is that spirits of Liberty [who are made] of a fire that will not be quenched [step forward and say to their general:  “You can count on me!”]

What matters is that pilgrims of the ages who come marching down the centuries converge in this place and take a stand against planetary Evil and Darkness, a stand for youth and old age and all people, a stand for God, as he has a right to live in a creation that is made habitable for the Lord.

Thus I call you to a higher calling and a noble purpose. I call you to an ancient memory. I call you to recognize your supreme worth to my cause. I speak to you, beloved, and I do not desire to weary you in the [following] principle, but it must be said:

Unseen dark ones continue to whisper in the ear and project in the mind that you are not needed [here], that our cause is somehow lost, that there are better fields and better valleys and even other mountains to climb.

Ours is a holy purpose, and this Community does shine with those of you who stand [for God] and are willing to challenge forces that you cannot even calculate, whose numbers are unknown, whose energy coefficient is far beyond your awareness.

You have placed your ultimate trust in God. Do not withdraw it, but continue this labor [of love] to the finish that we might be done with a major challenge to our Church.

Let us look to the future. [But are ye able?] Perhaps your imagination must needs be quickened in an age when all things are drawn for you and [what was once the clean white page of] your imagination is [clogged with clutter and] not challenged. Think, then, of what you might have thought the future of America would be over the next two hundred years had you been there in 1775.

Yes, beloved, you may or may not have even dreamt of the glories of technology and of the millions who would come [to her shores] and how that fire of freedom would be preserved in their hearts and how all that you stood for would travel around the world many times so that little children in every nation would know the name George Washington and the figure of the Statue of Liberty and [the document that is] the Declaration of Independence.

How has [the spirit of] freedom so intensified and increased as the hope of the world even unto this hour of the [moral] decline of the civilization America?

Think, then, upon what this place will be two hundred years from now, what you would see here and upon this continent and what people [will bear witness to] as the fruits of your service.

[Well, I tell you,] it is either a zero or it is victory. This is what you learn in the way of a cause. Either a cause has total victory on behalf of all people–because the components of that cause were able to see a greater life beyond that human form and that human beating heart, a life on which millions unborn would depend–[or it has total defeat because the components lost the vision and did not clearly define their reason for being].

I appeal to your vision and to your sense of honor toward the centuries that are before you to see to it that there is established in the earth the clear and definite path of world religious freedom–the freedom to know God and the freedom to walk as an individual without being dictated to by Church or State or those of the Nephilim societies.

Blessed ones, you may not now know it, but I will tell you that this Community is considered by the hierarchy of Light to be the seed of the great golden age. And what you do and the decisions you make and what you are able to publish and bring to the nations will determine whether a golden age will be a few square miles in Montana or cover the planet earth and the solar system and the galaxies beyond. Such is the equation of the hour.

Let none remain who do not belong, in their own minds. But let all who are tempted away from the goal that is theirs to achieve right here consider [and reconsider] that they might stand and still stand and [in so doing] return to God and all lifewaves whom they have ever contacted that great glory and opportunity that is given unto them.

This is my appeal to you, beloved. This is my cause!  I will continue and the ascended hosts will continue. But what we do, beloved, will not count for this octave. It is what you do here today and in your lifetime that will count. It will count for everything.

Therefore, I place my message to you this day upon the altar of the heart of the Lord of the World, Gautama Buddha. And I speak, then, of the tenor of his address and the fierceness of the Buddha that you have seen in him. Thus, I [for one] can do naught else but stand in his mighty aura and speak to you out of his heart and his all-great seriousness in this hour.

I say to you, beloved, the Messenger is a Messenger. And if you desire to receive that acceleration on the Path, even as Gautama Buddha gave it to you last evening, you must but so signify.

I recommend that you create a little sticker or a little button or [a symbolic] pin that you can wear that tells the Messenger: “I want to be pummeled.”  “I want to hear the Truth.”  “I want to accelerate.”  Or, “You may speak to me at any time to instruct me, to love me, to chasten me, to correct me. I am open. So receive me.”  [Thus each one goes on record,] and that way our Messenger will not burden any who do not desire to hear what is the word of God for them in the hour.

As we have said before, let the Messenger be a Messenger. And so she shall but only by your leave, for no Guru has power [over anyone] except the power given by those who would be disciples.

Was it not so with Ernon?  Rejected by his people, he did withdraw. Thus it is the Law, beloved, that the people themselves must ask for and receive the assistance of the Guru, even the abilities of the Guru.

I assure you that I am always your humble servant and that all of the ascended hosts stand in the Great Hall at the Grand Teton Retreat [to renew their commitment to you]. And they pledge anew their lives and all of their Causal Bodies to the success of the Lightbearers of the earth. We believe fervently, beloved, that with all Lightbearers combining forces with the heavenly hosts, this earth can be turned around, and swiftly so, in the physical octave.

We urge you, therefore, not to underestimate your role in this process and not to think that if you vacate your mantle or your position, another will come to fill it. We cannot [roll out the dough and] make the proverbial gingerbread men and set them up and place them in your vacancy.

No, beloved, you must understand that where each one of you is born, a star is born that is unique. There is no one in cosmos who can accomplish your assignment [quite as you can]. Only you can do it. Others may come who are second-best or third or one-hundredth, but the uniqueness of your calling is yours.

Perhaps my reminding you of this fact will bring you some sense of a greater self-worth; for by the very uniqueness of your calling, you shall place the unique jewel in the mandala of the chelas of El Morya and of the Great White Brotherhood.

Now, beloved, I trust you shall plan your year and order your days and bring forth victories precipitated in form that I might show these to the Lords of Karma. For whatever else you may do, it is the physical accomplishment that counts. For those in physical embodiment can see only physical things. It is as simple as that.

My beloved ones, I have addressed you recently and I desire that those of you who have not heard my [December 13] dictation shall hear it. For it is also important as you go forward in the new year that you assimilate the bread of Life that I did break on that occasion. <4>

I come, then, this day with all good wishes of the Darjeeling Council. I come also with mentors from our retreat who are Ascended Masters (and some who are almost ascended). They have come on a fact-finding mission, and so they enter the departments of the Church and the branches of the Church throughout the world to assist and advise you.

I recommend, then, that you use my decrees recorded for you [on tape] <5> and that you make a special effort, while the days of Capricorn are here and until their passing, to make that attunement with the Darjeeling Council to seek definition and the divine will for your lifestream, to seek direction, to act upon it in a most practical and thrifty manner and to bring to pass that which shall be a thing of beauty and a joy forever.

I ask you–whatever may be your business or endeavor or your involvement in this Community–to address letters to me in Darjeeling concerning your thoughts of what ought to be accomplished [through the Summit Lighthouse activity] and how. [You may send copies of your letters to the Board of Directors of Church Universal and Triumphant, chaired by your Messenger.]

I ask you to also give calls to me in thirty-three-day cycles for action upon the contents of your letters. For as you know, Saint Germain is also a member of the Darjeeling Council, yet he is not the only one who has a grant, beloved. <6>

But I shall not tell you who else among us of the Ascended Masters have received grants. But you shall know this in the quietness of your own heart as you, drawing closer to God and your Presence and therefore being more in sync with that Presence, will come upon the awareness that you have received blessing and grace and more wind in your sails to achieve this year what you have not been able to achieve in past years.

I ask you to take up now and recite with me “The Covenant of the Magi.” <7>


The Covenant of the Magi
by El Morya

Father, into thy hands I commend my being. Take me and use me–my efforts, my thoughts, my resources, all that I AM–in thy service to the world of men and to thy noble cosmic purposes, yet unknown to my mind.

Teach me to be kind in the way of the Law that awakens men and guides them to the shores of Reality, to the confluence of the River of Life, to the Edenic source, that I may understand that the leaves of the Tree of Life, given to me each day, are for the healing of the nations; that as I garner them into the treasury of being and offer the fruit of my loving adoration to thee and to thy purposes supreme, I shall indeed hold covenant with thee as my guide, my guardian, my friend.

For thou art the directing connector who shall establish my lifestream with those heavenly contacts, limited only by the flow of the hours, who will assist me to perform in the world of men the most meaningful aspect of my individual life plan as conceived by thee and executed in thy name by the Karmic Board of spiritual overseers who, under thy holy direction, do administer thy laws.

So be it, O eternal Father, and may the covenant of thy beloved Son, the living Christ, the Only Begotten of the Light, teach me to be aware that he liveth today within the tri-unity of my being as the Great Mediator between my individualized Divine Presence and my human self; that he raiseth me into Christ consciousness and thy divine realization in order that as the eternal Son becomes one with the Father, so I may ultimately become one with thee in that dynamic moment when out of union is born my perfect freedom to move, to think, to create, to design, to fulfill, to inhabit, to inherit, to dwell and to be wholly within the fullness of thy Light.

Father, into thy hands I commend my being.

As I, Morya, have written this unto my Father, so I ask you to think of me as your father and to commend your path and your chelaship into my keeping that I might guide you on the Homeward way and spare your feet descending into the pitfalls.

Yes, beloved, the covenant of the Magi is an ancient commitment of those wise men, even the Sons of the Solitude, who have descended down the centuries bearing the Christ Child in their hearts. For unto us the Manchild is given. And we are the bearers of that Child and the sponsors when children are born out of that crystal fire mist that is the great heart pattern of the Divine Manchild, the living Christ.

Yes, we walk the earth and we are more than three in number. <8> We are here and there in the etheric octave and in physical embodiment. We yet train our own. And I would train my own here at Maitreya’s Mystery School. I am grateful to find you intact and not bruised or beaten by anything whatsoever [that has been sent against you]. I am especially chagrined for the loss and the great damage to the Tibetan strongholds.

Yes, beloved, there are yet hordes in the earth and they are not isolated in the Far East, [nor are they exclusively among the] Mongols. They are in this nation. They are those who remain stripped of their life-force and of their integration in God. They are the ignorant ones who ignore [the seed of Light that is in them]. They are there, beloved, and they are the ones who trample upon civilization, who are out of the astral plane and shall return to it.

See to it, then, beloved, that they do not pull the rug out from under this civilization!  Mark the spoilers and call to God to deal with them. Also see to it that in the keeping of the flame of our retreat, you are not outsmarted in your own conceit but rather choose to walk the way of true and pure humility that is the highest greatness on earth.

I commend you to the keeping of the flame of the Chohans and to the expansion of opportunity here. I commend you to the fight to the finish.

And what is the finish?

It is when the Matter cosmos is itself exorcised and merges with the Spirit cosmos and the twain are one. Until then, beloved, let us take our rest, perhaps beside the Mol Heron Creek or in Maitreya’s mountain. Let us take our rest in stages and return to the line that is drawn, for it is indeed drawn and you have drawn it deep.

Maintain your line and do not give up the Pure Land, <9> for this Pure Land is Hierarchy’s dispensation and offering. Do not expect another and another, for it is not the time or the season. This, then, is it, beloved.

I commend you to your victory and to the glory of God within. I AM Morya!  Let the troops march and let the bodhisattvas appear!  [41-second standing ovation]

* America, those who have the I AM THAT I AM and its flame burning in their hearts.

This dictation by El Morya was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Friday, January 1, 1993, during the five-day conference The Dawning of Your God Reality, held at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana. Before the dictation, the Messenger delivered the first hour and a half of her lecture “Ignorance of the Law Is No Excuse.”  Following her delivery, at El Morya’s request, the congregation viewed the film George Washington–The Man Who Wouldn’t Be King. This 60-minute PBS documentary presents an insightful look at the life and character of our first president. (Prod. David Sutherland, PBS Video, the History Consortium:  WGBH-TV, Boston; WNET-TV, New York; and KCET-TV, Los Angeles, 1992.) The Messenger explained that El Morya would have us look to George Washington as the example and the role model to emulate in 1993. You can order your own copy of the film through your local video store or from PBS Video, 1320 Braddock Place, Alexandria, VA 22314. [N.B. In this Pearl, bracketed material denotes words unspoken yet implicit in the dictation, added by the Messenger under El Morya’s direction for clarity in the written word.] Throughout these notes PoW is the abbreviation for Pearls of Wisdom.

1. Refers to the film George Washington–The Man Who Wouldn’t Be King. See note above.

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5. El Morya, Lord of the First Ray:  Dynamic Decrees with Prayers and Ballads for Chelas of the Will of God 1-4 is now available on one MP3 (M11003) available at The Summit Lighthouse online bookstore: El Morya, Lord of the First Ray - MP3.

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9. The Pure Land. In his December 13, 1992 dictation delivered at the Royal Teton Ranch, El Morya said, “I am determined...if you are determined, to see to it that there is a pillar of fire in this place, which we call the Pure Land” (see 1992 PoW, pp. 761, 763). According to the teachings of Mahayana Buddhism, a Pure Land (or Buddha-field) is a spiritual realm or paradise presided over by a Buddha. A Pure Land is first conceived when a Bodhisattva, out of compassion for sentient beings, makes a vow that after he has attained supreme Buddhahood he will establish a Pure Land where conditions will be ideally suited to the attainment of enlightenment. The most famous Pure Land is Sukhavati, the Western Paradise of the Buddha Amitabha. As related in Mahayana sutras, Amitabha established this Pure Land for all who would simply invoke his name in faith or, according to one sutra, live by certain precepts and perform good deeds. In A Survey of Buddhism, Buddhist monk and scholar Sangharakshita explains that Sukhavati may be “thought of as a kind of cosmic Sangha, unthinkably vaster and infinitely more perfect than the institution which is...its shadow here on earth. One who [is reborn] in this spiritual kingdom is free from the evil destinies; he has no more to fear a tormented being. Problems of food, clothing and means of livelihood perplex him not. His whole concern is with the attainment of Enlightenment.”  The Pure Lands are described in Buddhist writings as beautiful abodes, rich and fertile, inhabited by gods and men; they are devoid of all pain or sin as well as the problems of everyday existence. Traditionally, these paradises are believed to actually exist geographically but they are also seen as representing aspects of the awakened mind. According to Buddhist teaching, there are countless Pure Lands; and it is believed that another Pure Land will be brought forth by the Future Buddha Maitreya.