Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 36 No. 21 - Beloved Peace and Aloha - May 23, 1993


Easter Retreat 1993
The Path of True Love
Legions of Peace March against the Astral Hordes of War
The Empowerment of Peace


Greetings from the Central Sun of Peace!

Aloha in the very heart of cosmos!

We come, and we come to mark that heart that is right with El Morya’s heart, with the heart of the Holy Christ Self and with the heart of the Messenger. This, then, is the lineage that has descended from God through Sanat Kumara to Padma Sambhava.

Being right with Morya and your own Christ Self and the Messenger, you therefore are right with the lineage that descends to the level of Padma Sambhava (whose mantle is upon this Messenger) and traces back to the heart of the Great Central Sun. You may seek and find, if you can, some other lineage but this is the dispensation for this hour.

I speak, then, of those whose hearts are right with God and of those whose hearts are not right with God. This is an hour to make peace with your God. We will not allow the dalliance in the in-between state of indecision, self-pity, self-justification that becomes then the criticism, then the condemnation and then the judgment.

Therefore, speak to the one who has sent the Messenger if you have a gripe with the Messenger. Speak to the Messenger herself if you think there is something not right in this organization, in this teaching, in this path, in its disciplines. Whatever may be upon your heart, have out with it. Use, then, your Franklin planners, <1> if you have them, to write down those situations of nonresolution in your life.

For Peace is an all-consuming fire!  Peace as a living flame of cosmic honor can restore you to the wholeness and the holiness you once knew when in childlike faith and trust in God you took ~the hand of the then ruling hierarch of this lineage and you did walk and talk along the way with your Lord Maitreya, with your Lord Manjushri, with your Lord Padma Sambhava, with your Lord Morya El, with your Mother.

Yes, beloved, where has the peace gone?

Where it has gone is into the perversion of the forces of anti-peace, astral hordes of war who put their stirring stick in your mind and cause you to lose the fervor of your first true love, the fervor you once had so very long ago for your first and unfailing Guru.

There is no peace, then, in the heart, the soul, the psyche, the being of anyone when there is that nonresolution. Therefore resolve this day to establish resolution with your Inner Christ and do not assume that you automatically have it!  For the standards of the Christ must be the measure of the Christ and the measure of a man or a woman as to what Christhood each one can contain.

Do not, therefore, set for your Holy Christ Self, for your Messenger or for this entire Mystery School your human standards of what ought to be and what ought not to be. I tell you what ought to be and is, and that is the descent of the Lord God himself in hours when you know it not.

The Lord God, even Alpha and Omega, comes as the proverbial thief in the night for the testing of souls at any hour. And these tests must be passed at the level of Christhood, not at the level of the human consciousness of compromise that says:  “This is our standard. This is our human standard and it is right, and we will have our own code of honor among ourselves.”  And yet it is a tarnished honor, beloved ones.

God has a right to test you, to love you, to chasten you, to teach you, to draw back the curtain of pride and allow you to see what is puffed up by your own ego or what is trumped up by the flattery of other egos. All of this exposure of the ego is a parting of successive veils of self-ignorance. And veils are parted and veils are parted again until you see the naked soul face to face and the inner heart, the inner spirit, the inner essence and what about each of these is real.

You know that you have a high percentage of water in the chemical makeup of your physical body. Take away the water and what is left?  Is there salt that is worth its savor?  Is there a mind that can cogitate beyond the frame of the human brain?  Is there identity that can hold the flaming torch of Peace and not be moved?

Do not think in your human pride, beloved, that by some years on the Path in this life somehow you have reached the level where you can judge what Hierarchy ought to be, what angels ought to do, what Masters ought to do as you call upon them, as though you could adjudicate all matters of the organization of the Great White Brotherhood.

Understand that all who serve the Brotherhood anywhere on earth or in the mystery schools are here for good reason, some to finish up unfinished business and some to balance their karma for the betrayal of mystery school upon mystery school, which has necessitated their taking the grade again and again.

I say, to receive the power of Peace, to continue to walk the walk of the pilgrim of Peace, be humble before your God. Don’t be a know-it-all but come to a lawful reverence for those things that ought to be revered. Have a sense of holiness in the presence of one another’s Christ Self and a sense of the holiness of the flame that burns in the heart of the one that sits next to you, before you, behind you. Have a sense of awe of the temple of God and help those who do not keep their temples clean or their minds in the correct geometry of God.

Peace, then. Peace is a mighty power. Do you know that the manifestation of God’s peace, multiplied billions and billions of times and then in numbers beyond reckoning, is the power to consume all the warring in the members of the psyches of all the Lightbearers of the earth, to consume the wars between fallen ones who are polarized as they line up to destroy one another and demand reinforcements of Lightbearers to lay down their lives for them in their battles for supremacy?

This has been going on for centuries. Yes, beloved, the momentums and records of war on planet earth remain untransmuted because many of the very ones who have the gift of the violet flame and the science of the spoken Word do not use it to transmute, first and foremost, the warring in their own members, the divisions, the schisms and all those things that they press and compress in the subconscious and the unconscious minds and allow to explode in a moment of least reckoning of the heart of God.

Why does war continue?

Let us begin with ourselves and our chelas. Every chela must make peace with the soul, with the Christ, with the living God, with all that is real within himself, within herself, within every child. In order to make peace with your inner being, you must declare war against the not-self.

And therefore legions of Peace march in this hour against the astral hordes of war!  And we look to those among you and those in the etheric octaves and those who are robed in white surrounding the throne of the Lamb of God to join us in our march. We look for those unascended lifestreams in all octaves of the Matter cosmos to reinforce our contingents that war might be no more.

And now comes the Keeper of the Scrolls and there do procession behind him the recording angels, whose peace-commanding presence does give us pause. And they, numbering one million, now march up and down the continents of the earth; and they are checking off those who qualify, making a check mark in the aura of every lifestream on this planet who checks out right, whose heart is right with the hierarchy of Sanat Kumara, with El Morya and with those who wear the mantle of a disciple of Christ and whose hearts are one with the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Understand, therefore, that to acknowledge the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is to have a certain relationship with the Prince of Peace. But to deny the lineage that has gone before him–Lord Maitreya, Lord Gautama, Lord Sanat Kumara–is to deny oneself access to the entire hierarchy who has sponsored him. And that hierarchy goes all the way back to the Great Central Sun.

You see, at inner levels people do know that there is a hierarchy of Light upon earth. They know it well. And if they have not in some way fastened themselves to this hierarchy of Light, then you know that they have some unresolved situation in their psyches and that nonresolution may be with any one of the Ascended Masters, the Archangels, Cosmic Beings, or even God himself.

Why, beloved ones, there are people in the earth today who yet have an argument with Moses!–Moses, who long ago did complete his mission in the Sinai, did move on, did reincarnate in the Far East as Lord Ling. And at the conclusion of that life, having balanced 100 percent of his karma, he did attain his ascension in the Light and today he exudes the joy of the God of Happiness and that is his title.

And this Ascended Master Moses has gone here and there to make peace with those very ones who could not make their peace with him as they crossed the wilderness. Yes, beloved ones, though they sense him and even see him at inner levels, though the contact is made, yet they hold a grudge and they still gripe about the disciplines they were subject to under Moses!

See that you are not counted among them, whether your argument be with Moses or Buddha or Zarathustra or an unnamed saint who today is far beyond you in the echelons of Light and yet with whom you once had a strong disagreement. See to it, then, for the sake of your own soul, that you make your peace with all people. For you cannot make lasting progress on the Path until you do.

It is most disturbing, beloved ones, to see a planet of diverse evolutions where so very few understand the principle of walking in the footsteps of the hierarchy of Light. Know that God does test every living soul. Be willing, then, to pass those tests and to exercise ingenuity of heart in so doing.

Sometimes it is a merciful heart that is needed before resolution can come about. Sometimes it is forgiveness, forgiving seventy times seven. <2> Sometimes it is a return to humility by the consuming of the inordinate pride of the human ego. I speak to you of this, beloved, for this is what the spiritual path is all about:  It is about bending the knee before the Christ, whose seed is in every living soul.

The one million recording angels (who also have the power to multiply their Electronic Presence) will have finished their assignment of checking off those who are right with God by the time this dictation is through.

This, then, is the commitment of Peace and Aloha:  For every individual upon earth who is right with God and right with the hierarchy of God whom he has sent, there shall be added ten thousand angels unto the bands of the legions of the Sixth Ray of the Lord Jesus Christ ministering to the peoples of planet earth.

Think of it and rejoice!  For every soul who is right with God, ten thousand angels shall increase the numbers of legions of Peace who move against the astral hordes of war!  Realize, then, beloved, just how great a multiplication factor ten thousand angels can be in advancing the cause of Peace on earth!

And these legions of Peace have volunteered to be assigned to the battlefield of earth. They have pleaded before Helios and Vesta to be allowed to come. For they see the warring on the playgrounds of life, in families, between husband and wife and brother and sister, between parties in difficult relationships. And they see how this warring on a neighborhood scale does mushroom into world wars dividing nations and causing great sorrow and pain.

Yes, beloved, angels have gone before the Court of the Sacred Fire, they have gone before the councils of Sanat Kumara and they have come before us and they have said:  “We would volunteer for Mission Planet Earth, not only to multiply the decrees of the students of Light and the prayers of the saints everywhere but also to engage the forces of war and overcome them. We would come and join all the forces of Peace on earth and the armies of heaven converging on planet earth for this one purpose–that the power of Peace with which our God has endowed us might be applied to the transmutation, the utter dissolution of war at every level.”

This, of course, is subject to the free will of heads of state, to the free will of those who direct the armies of the nations, to the free will of those who represent the people and to the free will of the people themselves. For if by free will people choose war and choose to engage in the warlike energies of the Nephilim in daily conversation that grates in the not-so-great subtleties of criticism of this and criticism of that and backbiting against this and backbiting against that, even against the Gurus we have sent, then not even all the legions of Peace from the entire Spirit-Matter Cosmos could quench the hellfires of war upon this earth.

But wherever there is a heart that daily does note in his Franklin planner such nonresolutions and does determine to achieve resolution within himself and with others by sunset, there is a heart who rests in the heart of the Prince of Peace.

Now, I know, beloved, that this may not be the ultimate resolution, but the resolution you can have every day at sunset is that you resolve with your God that you will not allow this difficulty, this argument, this disagreement, this war going on in your life to in any way come between you and your God or between you and the God-flame within another. And therefore you seal the schism in the sacred fire of God, in the blue lightning of God and you pursue the path whereby you look to meet each soul halfway, you look for ways to compromise, you look to achieve mutual understanding, you look to give mercy freely and to restore an injured soul to equilibrium and to a point of personal dignity.

Forgive and ask to be forgiven even when you think you are not in the wrong. Do this because you live by the Master’s code of forgiveness. Do it to give another the opportunity to do the same, and do it with sincerity. For there are many actions you may take in life wherein you may truly say to yourself that you will not know until you have ascended into the kingdom of God whether or not such and such an action was a compromise of the Law or was a manifestation of a love so great that you were willing to make karma to save another soul, to heal another soul even though you knew at the time that you were crossing the line of the laws of society and perhaps even the laws of God.

There are complicated issues in the lives of all people and complex decisions that everyone is confronted with in a lifetime. What is important is this–that no matter what takes place, you make your resolution with your Christ Self, with El Morya, with your God and with the lineage of the Lord Sanat Kumara, by which you are personally and individually sponsored.

Therefore, when all the check marks that can be given are given to those whose hearts are right with God, we will know how many companies of ten thousand angels of Peace may act to intercede for peace and against war on earth.

Now you tell me, beloved ones–yes, tell me–what shall be the fate, then, of the one whose heart is right with God, who has at his side ten thousand angels of Peace?

Well, you could respond in one voice, for you all know the answer. There shall indeed arise ten thousand, perhaps even more, legions of war, of fallen angels out of the pits of Death and Hell, to challenge those angels of Peace and the souls they sponsor.

And therefore you must understand that because you are tied to the lineage of the hierarchy of Light because your heart is right with God, you, then, in a sense of the word are the leader of that company of angels and you have a responsibility to command them, to give decrees in their behalf even for their protection, and to offer at the altar of God such invocations as you customarily give when you are working on your labors.

You, then, must be a very active participant in that which is taking place in your Community and on your planet. And that which shall take place as you stand true in the mantle of the Christed One is the defeat of these hordes of war!  And at times other contingents will come to reinforce some of these companies of the ten thousand as they are hotly engaged to put an end to the forces of Darkness on planet earth.

These fallen angels have been on the left-handed path a long, long time. When you see them, you may be overawed by their power. You may fear them. You may say to yourself, “What power of God have they stolen and perverted into the engines of war ~that they are revving up on planet earth?” And you will sometimes feel as though you were David before Goliath, and then you will remember that ten thousand angels of Peace stand behind you and they are able. They are able.

You, then, must defend yourself against the machinations of the legions of war who attempt to cause you to part from the bonding of your heart in love to the God who is in you and to the God who is in another. You must remember your determination and even your vow, if you have made it, that you will not be moved from the God-centeredness of love and peace, come what may, even in trifling matters. For have not trifling matters ignited world wars?

Well, I can cite many cases unknown to you that are on file in the records of the planet as well as episodes that are recorded in your history books that have turned nations into enemies overnight.

So you see, beloved, when you are backed by ten thousand angels of Peace, the hordes of war will come to take from you your peace, to take from you your right heart with Morya, with the Messenger and with all who have sent that Messenger, all the way back to the throne of God. Thus the children of the Sun are initiated by the forces of Darkness even as they are initiated by the forces of Light.

And so, beloved, if you lose your rightness of heart with God for some puny self-justification, for some provocation, for some sense of injustice, where shall you find yourself?

You will find yourself at the mercy of the legions of war, for by your unsettled self-righteous state you will have disconnected yourself from the legions of Peace.

Why, then, did Elohim of the Fifth Ray come last night?

Why did you hear the call of Cyclopea and Virginia to make right choices–the right choice to be the Christ in action as Love in action, Truth in action, Honor in action, the will of God as Power in action, the mighty Wisdom of God in action?

That decision allows you to maintain the strength whereby you are not moved by the hordes who assail you because you are aligned with legions of Peace–or who will assail the legions of Peace because they are aligned with you.

You must understand that we the Elohim come from a number of positions in the cosmic hierarchy as we speak to you in this conference that you might understand that the decision to walk the path of personal Christhood is a very serious decision no matter who you are or where you come from. And when you make that decision with 1,000 percent of your being, you must stand and still stand and be obedient to the teachings, to the techniques, to all that we have taught you for your protection, for your sustaining of the unfailing love of the Inner Christ, day by day by day garnering that Light of God by the mantra of your I AM Presence until the mantra sings in your heart, until you hear the mantra being spoken in your mind just before you awaken in the morning.

And who is giving the mantra in your mind?

It is your I AM Presence. Or it is the Buddha or the Bodhisattva whose mantra you have chosen. And you have so generated a momentum in repeating the mantra and making it your own that you have come into the forcefield of that hierarch of Light, and that one has therefore brought to you the soundless sound of the inner name and the inner key of the mantra that shall keep you locked in to your own personal Christhood.

Therefore, beloved, strengthen yourselves!  Seek daily resolution. Put everything into the violet flame!  And thereby know the peace of being escorted by the legions of Peace to our retreat of the Elohim Peace and Aloha [in the etheric octave of the heaven-world] centered over the Hawaiian Islands, extending over the vastness of the Pacific Ocean. By the power of Peace we charge that ocean with Peace, and it is surely a mighty focus of Peace in the earth.

Now then, beloved, each one of you must examine the rightness of your heart daily to be certain that you have not left frayed edges in any relationship, that you have not abruptly parted from someone without resolution, that you have not left any matter hanging, such as a simple disagreement or discourtesy.

Being right in the lineage of Sanat Kumara, beloved, counts for everything in this hour.

Once again it is the hour of the ride of the Four Horsemen. And their cyclings are becoming a tighter and tighter coil around the planet as there is the multiplication of the descent of karma exponentially until these twelve years should pass. Your calling is to keep up with the levels of darkness and keep them transmuted by joyous, joyous call to the violet flame and to keep up the corresponding light of your own Christhood whereby each day you can bow before your God and ask that your offering might be received as an acceptable offering and that it might be purified, rectified and brought in line with the plumb line of Truth if it is not.

Peace and Aloha, we come. Peace, then. Peace, then.

Grade yourselves, beloved. Consider:  Has the angel placed a check mark on your aura or must you now go to your rooms and sit down and ponder how you could have strayed ever so subtly with rationalization a little bit farther, a little bit farther, a little bit farther from the path of true love, the path of true love?

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friend.” <3>

Well, if you think of your truest friend as being your Holy Christ Self, then can you not lay down the not-self, the carnal mind and the dweller-on-the-threshold for the sake of the friend who is Christ, who is your Higher Self, who is ultimately you?

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his mortal life, his not-self, that the Christ may live in him, his True Self, and walk about the earth dispensing love and healing and truth and igniting the fire of Divine Love that shall come to all when war does cease.

The defeat of war by all Seven Elohim and the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood is top on our agenda. But as we have said, if the chelas of the Light do not take up the dismantling of the components of war in their own psyches and allow them to be consumed in the cauldron of Divine Love, then where shall we go?

Where shall we find those, apart from these chelas here present, who shall do that job and do it thoroughly and do it painfully until pain becomes all-consuming, until the all-consuming pain becomes the all-consuming bliss of Divine Love?

Yes, beloved, this is a planet of war.

When have there not been the Nephilim wars upon earth?

When have there not been family feuds, rivaling clans, gang warfare and rivaling political factions?  Why, even heads of states and nations have had those who oppose them brutally murdered.

War must cease if a golden age of Aquarius is to come. We say, begin with yourselves and use the Lord’s mantra of peace and his mighty shield for the guarding of the solar plexus. Rejoice to check off each day that you have said, “Peace, be still!  Peace, be still!  Peace, be still and know that I AM God!” or when you can say at the end of that day, “Truly I have not allowed an incorrect vibration to emanate from this place of the sun (the solar-plexus chakra), which is the place of the golden sun of Peace.”

Onward, Lightbearers of this age!  Onward!  My teaching is for your refinement of soul and mind and heart.

Depart, then!  Depart, then!  Depart, then, from nests of gossip and unseemly conversation. Rather be with Mary, your Mother. ~Rather be in her heart and know that through that Immaculate ~Heart all things shall be fulfilled in Cosmic Christ Peace.

I bow to the flame of Peace within you. If you do not have that flame, I bid you raise it up. For I should like to come again with Aloha and find on the altar of your solar plexus a living flame of Peace to which I may bow and which I may then seal, then ensconce, then protect by rings of Light and then increase!  For our goal is to give you the empowerment of Peace that was given to your Lord and Saviour.

Here is the true saying:  “All power of Peace in heaven and in earth is given unto me.” <4> Thus his title, the Prince of Peace.

May you seek, then, to be called the initiate of the Elohim of Peace. And if you seek it, we shall give it. And if we give it, receive it well, with good cheer, and jump over those hurdles and pass those tests and by and by know that same power of Cosmic Christ Peace which emanates from the Son of God.


This dictation by beloved Peace and Aloha was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet at the conclusion of the April 8, 1993 Holy Thursday service during the five-day Easter Retreat 1993, held at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana. [N.B. This dictation was edited for print by the Messenger under the direction of Peace and Aloha.]

1. Franklin Day Planners are available from the Franklin International Institute, Inc., 2200 West Parkway Boulevard, West Valley City, Utah 84119-2331. For information, call Customer Service:  (800) 654-1775. In Canada, write to the Franklin International Institute, Inc., 1165 Franklin Boulevard, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada N1R 8E1, or phone (519) 740-2580.

2. Matt. 18:21, 22.

3. John 15:13.

4. Matt. 28:18.