Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 37 No. 14 - Beloved Lord Maitreya - April 3, 1994

Healing the Earth

Kindness Is the Key

The Laughter of God Is the Consuming of All Unrealities

Let Us Heal Hearts Who Are Burdened
Midst the Darkness Pursue the Golden Path

Ho!  Ho!  Ho!  Now the Three Jewels <1> appear in the heart. See them, then, and know that the heart of our Lord Gautama Buddha contains a universe and universes and the whole of the community of Buddhas and bodhisattvas in all octaves.

Take refuge, then, in the heart of the Buddha.

Take refuge in the Dharma.

Take refuge in the Sangha.

I AM come, molding all to kindness. And I would speak of the rod of kindness whereby kindness begins at home–kindness to yourself in the sense that you are worthy to have the Mind of God, in the sense that you are worthy of the Three Jewels, worthy to enter in to the court of the Lord with thanksgiving and praise, worthy in that you care for all elements of your being in God because you desire to outpicture the Bodhisattva ideal.

The ideal of kindness illumined by wisdom and the reverse, wisdom made compassionate by kindness, is why we two, Manjushri and I, move together in the balance of these rays of light of your path. <2>

When darkness increases in the land, it is time to pursue that golden path. It is time to understand that all that is real is the oneness of the soul with the living Teacher. Find that living Teacher in any one of or all the heavenly hosts. Find that living Teacher in your own Christ Self or Buddha Self.

Let the shining ones be the lamp and let the lamp increase its lumens. And let the components of many lamps come together as the shining ones gathered in all octaves for the celebration of the unfoldment of Reality.

We come, then, in this our delivery, to the consideration of the very necessary steps we must take together in dealing with the challenges of earth. It is well to face the concrete actualities of life at the conclusion of the twentieth century. They may not be real in the ultimate sense, but surely they are “actual,” involving the amalgam of the actions of all.

And in many cases they defy resolution because of the dyed-in-the-wool habits layered one upon the other in the habitual human consciousness. Yet, once you are confronted with the actualities of the human mind, you must deal with them: if you do not, they will spawn themselves again and again.

Surely what was the way out for Saint Thomas More is not to be your way out. He was beheaded. And others in your time in this very year have also lost their lives at the hand of tyrant-ego dwellers-on-the-threshold of individuals, societies and agencies of governments and nations. Yes, beloved, death has been the resolution for many, though it has not been the decree of Almighty God.

Know, then, how powerful is the sword of the Buddha and how powerful is the sword of Archangel Michael. Archangel Michael does wield the sword in the defense of the Buddha,the Dharma and the Sangha. Take, then, that sword which Archangel Michael has made available to you as a precious gift, for it is one that spans octaves, one that penetrates the astral plane, one that represents the hosts of the LORD.

Miracles, it is said, are for believers, <3> and it is so. Some miracles seem so commonplace that they are not even called miracles. And you, the bodhisattvas approaching the Buddhas on the Path through this Community, sometimes take for granted–and you should indeed take for granted–the protection of the Light. But you should not take it for granted and then skip the indispensable step of invoking that Light and its hosts or calling to Archangel Michael and his legions to set the coordinates of protection.

The Three Jewels are the coordinates of your protection—the three as the threefold flame becoming the Five Dhyani Buddhas, the five becoming the seven chakras and the Seven Chohans and Elohim, and the seven becoming the Eighth Ray representing the secret chamber of the heart, the abiding place of Gautama Buddha, who opens the way to the presence of the Buddhas.

You can create a mandala of any size. You can weave it into a carpet. You can draw the lines of the intricate Buddhic mandalas that show the appearance and the lineage and the hierarchies of the descent of many Buddhas.

When you design and execute these thoughtforms and have them as hangings on your walls, you are surely creating a nucleus whereby the eye that beholds the mandala does itself translate that mandala and stamp it upon the interior being and upon each atom and molecule and cell and organ and chakra. For that mandala is filled in with light by the All-Seeing Eye of God by your accurate focusing through the third eye.

Thus through the eye, the inner eye and the outer eyes, your visualization and that which you actually see makes an imprint on the body. Now think for a moment of all the many glyphs <*> and hieroglyphs, magnificent works of art displayed side by side with obscenities–all that you are exposed to in a twenty-four-hour period as you take in millions of imprints as “snap shots.”

Thus each night when you prepare yourself for your journey in service of the Light while the body takes its rest, it is truly important to meditate on a mandala of Light to help you reach your desired destination on the etheric plane. You can even use a photograph or poster of one of the places consecrated in the earth for the gathering at inner levels of those who work with the Archangels in defense of life.

A picture of the Grand Teton is itself a mandala, but do not set aside the mandalas of ancient geometry that the Buddhists have used for centuries in their tankas. You can use these Buddhist mandalas along with good renderings of the designated geographical focuses to assist you in your visualization. <4>

You can establish the geometry of a spiritual focus in the earth by placing images of Buddhas symmetrically on certain points of a photograph of a sacred place or monument. Then you may take photographs of yourself and loved ones or of groups of disciples working together on a project and put them around the images of the Buddhas. In so doing, you are asking that a Buddha from out the higher octaves of the Tushita heaven might be your teacher and sponsor and that as you gaze upon that one you might mirror portions and then all of that one’s attainment.

This is a lesson in correspondences. Your point of origin is in the Beginning with God; your point of manifestation now is in the imperfect world. But you can by the inner eye and concentrated meditation allow and direct the migration of the soul to higher planes of your own being and then solicit and receive reinforcements of brothers and sisters of Light and angels and Cosmic Beings.

Thus take care, beloved. Rather treasure a blank wall for meditation than any imperfect piece of artwork or a piece of artwork that serves no purpose. For remember, all things within the household can be distractions of the mind’s eye, capturing you in this or that mandala that is not scientific or holy but simply the design of some artist who has painted something that might attract your fancy but does not have the matrix to charge the soul and uplift the interior being.

Understand, then, that your surroundings are extensions of your body and your aura. Let the temple be free of encumbrances and let there be space for the mind to go through the walls and beyond to contact the stars and other realms of being that you are a part of.

Now and then some of you have glimpsed heavenly hosts in numberless numbers as your inner sight has been opened by direction of one of your Ascended Master mentors. So you have seen a multitude of heavenly hosts, you have seen angels and those who are your brothers and sisters and you have recognized, if but for a few moments of that experience, that you are a part of the greater body of the communion of Lightbearers that is called the Mystical Body of God.

Now then, beloved, very simple techniques of meditation upon the geometry of nature can bring you closer to the inner Source. Even as you are made in the image and likeness of God, so that image and likeness is yet imprinted upon the etheric body. That image and likeness is held for you by your Higher Self.

Think of the soul as a reflecting pool. When that reflecting pool is still and you refuse to be moved by outer circumstances, you will see in it the reflection of the image of your Inner Christ, in which image you were made in the Beginning with God.

Day by day by day, as you keep that pool still by being centered in meditation, by following the Middle Way and not wandering into extremes of hot and cold, you will discover that the peace within you allows the mirror to intensify the reflection of the image and likeness of God until this one and that one will recognize in you the unique profile of your own Christhood.

See, then, how your eyes are given to you for the translation of your inner blueprint to all levels of your being and for the translation to your outer mind of the blueprint for each day’s challenges so that you might accomplish the work that comes across your desk, the work that is your sacred labor or the mandate of your karma.

The ordering of your projects is so necessary to the success of your day and your life. When you outline the steps of your work and you do so methodically, choosing a thoughtform for a project or mission, you are beginning to draw down from the spheres of light of your Causal Body cosmic rays and momentums for the regenerative purposes of your dharma.

And you will find that the genius that manifests through you is truly of your Real Self. You will find that you are putting on and becoming your Real Self and that that Divine Reality is worth more to you than always being right, right, right in the human sense of the word. It is worth more to you than your sense of injustice, your sense of having been wronged, and this and that and the next distraction of your ego (and others’ egos) that are only there to draw you from the center point of the living flame within.

Kindness to yourself, then, is making use of many spiritual and practical tools and then taking off on the use of visualizations, mandalas and meditation techniques with your own ingenuity and seeing how much you can develop the consciousness of God in the mind by using thoughtforms so readily available to you in nature–from the center of the earth to the farthest expanses of the Milky Way that the eye can behold.

Do you realize that when you look at a star and you fix your gaze upon that star, you are receiving cosmic rays, both harmful and benign, and rays that shine from the level of the Causal Body of that star that are spiritually beneficent?  The suns, star systems and planets of the universe all emit positive (yang) and negative (yin) rays that are necessary and play a role in the development and nourishment of the soul and your four lower bodies.

Stargazing is something of a sport and a great deal of fun as you note the stars and their constellations and then contemplate with your children: “Where is the star of my Causal Body?  How does it fit into the configuration of the vast cosmos unknown to my outer mind and yet in which I am so comfortable because my inner being is not only one with this earth body but one with everything I can see and everything I cannot see?”

And then you come in meditation to the great affirmation:  “Behold, I AM everywhere in the consciousness of God!” and the corollary to it: “Behold, the consciousness of God is everywhere in me!” <**>

For, beloved, as you come apart for periods of inner communion, you come to know yourself not as separate from any part of Life but as a part of all Life that is God. And you prepare yourself to raise up that part of Life which has separated itself from Being in the Most High.

Meditate now upon the great spheres of your Causal Body. Visualize each one surrounding you as though your great Dharmakaya had dropped around you and you were now occupying these successive spheres that are temples, the abiding place of the I AM THAT I AM.

Take the time, then, to use this dictation as a directed meditation that you might know how quickly you can draw to yourself the strength, energy, prana, starlight and rays from the sun center as well as the spiritual light itself–—all for the balancing and reinforcement of your soul and four lower bodies that you might again take up the task of dealing with the actualities of the day that are not realities but appear so real when you dwell at this level. And because they appear so real, you must deal with them with all of the resources at your command.

You must engage in problem solving. If the problem is in the eye of the beholder of this Church and this Community, then correct the image in the eye of the beholder and show the image of Reality and Truth and what is real and what is not real.

Each one of you wherever you are can become a representative of the mission of the bodhisattvas in all octaves. You must protect the Pure Land <5> that is in this physical octave. Treasure it! Care for it! Hallow it, as you already have, and keep it holy.

For, beloved, how long will there be such places as this Royal Teton Ranch available to those who would form a community under the sponsorship of the Great White Brotherhood–places that are in a pristine state and that can be used by the hierarchy of Light to increase the vibrations of Light in the earth that earth might know a balance and, in having that balance through the light of mantra descending, so know that healing will come about?

Know, then, that healing is truly a matter of balance and that when you draw forth the Light and study healing techniques based on the principle of yang and yin, you are providing the balance of healing to all others who are working at so many different levels for the healing of the earth. You are supporting them while you are intensifying their energy and making your energy accessible to them as you give abundantly of what you have.

And therefore, in many levels of earth you minister to people of many persuasions who hold to differing solutions yet who are all a part of the collective of those who see themselves on the front lines of restoring the earth to a certain pristineness. Sharing a common purpose that is nothing less than the replenishing of earth with her natural and spiritual resources, they are one even though operating from such different levels. You see, beloved ones, it takes many sorts of individuals in incarnation to achieve the healing of a planetary body whose diseases are so complex.

I trust, then, as you think of Maitreya, that you will always think of what is the appropriate thing to do that is kind. A kindness that is a gift to one can bounce off that one as a joy flame that touches a billion hearts.

The heart of kindness does not fail to set the record straight when either friend or foe is misrepresented. Kindness is a precision of thought and word that also has the firmness and courage to tell friend or foe when he is off course. Kindness is the willingness to be unpopular if necessary to see to it that some corner of the world is made right, even if it be the corner of your kitchen.

Know, beloved, that kindness is a series of actions that go forth from your loving thoughts and feelings. And the circles of your kindness never cease even as the rings of the stone thrown in the pond go to the very edges of a cosmos. Kindness, beloved, is the key.

Let us heal hearts who are burdened, so profoundly burdened because of the burden of the economy and their fears of not knowing:  Will they or will they not have work?

Pray for many. Pray for all. It requires no greater power or attainment to pray for five and a half billion souls than to pray for one. Learn to encompass the all in the one.

Magnify the Lord in kindness and know that I cannot be separate from you when you are engaged in kindness. It is the Law, beloved. Like attracts like and the Buddha must be with the bodhisattva who has embraced his path, his calling and his flame.

I am in that flame of kindness and I pray that you jump in the flame with me. Let us, we two, then, and we two by two by the billion, go forth. Let us go forth to establish points of Light in the vast reaches of outer space and know that in reality time and space are not and we are one in the infinite Mind of God.

At the forefront of the Mind of God and the Eye of God within you, see me, know me and hold me to your heart. Each time you take up that little card of my image <6> and press it to the third eye, you have the imprint of my Electronic Presence on every cell and atom of your being. And it’s as easy as whistling a happy tune.

Kindness is always happy! I am always happy! And when I send out kindness and it confronts unkindness and unkindness sends it back to me, I receive what comes back, already transmuted at the gates of the outermost rings of my aura, as kindness again.

Do not be perturbed. Be the laughing Buddhas and know that the laughter of God is the consuming of all unrealities.

In the invincible mode, I AM Maitreya.

[33-second standing ovation]

This dictation by Lord Maitreya was delivered by the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Saturday, July 3, 1993, during the ten-day conference FREEDOM 1993: “Healing the Earth,” held at the Royal Teton Ranch. Before the dictation, the Messenger delivered her lecture “The Path of the Buddha: Manjushri and the Bodhisattva Ideal.” The lecture and dictation are available on audiocassette (also includes the dictations by Manjushri and Gautama Buddha):  2 cassettes, total 2 hr. 54 min., A93100. Also available separately: Lecture, 1 cassette, 1 hr. 24 min., B93100. Dictations, 1 cassette, 1 hr. 30 min., B93101. [N.B. This dictation was edited for print by the Messenger under Lord Maitreya’s direction.]

* glyphs: a symbolic figure or character usually incised or carved in relief; a sculptured mark or symbol.

** You may also affirm: “Behold, the consciousness of God is everywhere I AM!”

1. The Three Jewels are the Buddha, the Dharma, the Sangha. See vol. 37 no. 6, p. 60 n. 7.

2. “Kindness illumined by wisdom and...wisdom made compassionate by kindness.”  In her lecture before the dictation, the Messenger explained that in Tibetan iconography Gautama Buddha is often depicted with Manjushri on his left and Maitreya on his right. Manjushri represents the wisdom aspect of the Bodhisattva ideal and Maitreya the compassion aspect.

3. “Miracles happen only to those who believe in them.” French proverb.

4. Designated geographical focuses. A descriptive list of sacred places and monuments to visualize as your destination during soul travel for world service is included at the end of Ashram Ritual 5, Sacred Ritual for Transport and Holy Work. The list includes:  the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C.; the Grand Teton mountain near Jackson, northwestern Wyoming; Victoria Mountain near Banff, Alberta, Canada; the Taj Mahal near Agra, northern India; the sacred places at Varanasi (also known as Benares) on the Ganges, northern India; the temple of Brahma on the holy Lake Pushkar, India; the ruins of a temple to the Sun on the Island of the Sun in Lake Titicaca, western Bolivia; Mount Kailas and Lake Manasarowar at its southern foot in southwest Tibet. See Sacred Ritual for Soul Purification (Ashram Ritual 4) and Sacred Ritual for Transport and Holy Work (Ashram Ritual 5) in Ashram Notes by the Ascended Master El Morya, pp. 33-59, or Ashram Rituals, pp. 33-52. To heighten your visualizations and to help you focus on your soul’s destination for world service each night, you may also want to order your own copy of the videocassette “Meditation on Sacred Places and Retreats.”  This slide meditation provides a spectacular eye view of the focuses to be visualized when you give the Ashram rituals (26 min., HP90121).

5. The Pure Land. According to the teachings of Mahayana Buddhism, a Pure Land (or Buddha-field) is a spiritual realm or paradise presided over by a Buddha. A Pure Land is first conceived when a Bodhisattva, out of compassion for sentient beings, makes a vow that after he has attained supreme Buddhahood he will establish a Pure Land where conditions will be ideally suited to the attainment of enlightenment. The Pure Lands are described in Buddhist writings as beautiful abodes, rich and fertile, inhabited by gods and men; they are devoid of all pain or sin as well as the problems of everyday existence. Traditionally, these paradises are believed to actually exist geographically but they are also seen as representing aspects of the awakened mind. According to Buddhist teaching, there are countless Pure Lands and another Pure Land will be brought forth by the Future Buddha Maitreya. El Morya, in his January 1, 1993 dictation, referred to Maitreya’s Mystery School at the Royal Teton Ranch as the Pure Land. He said, “Maintain your line and do not give up the Pure Land, for this Pure Land is Hierarchy’s dispensation and offering” for you at your level of attainment. (See 1993 PoW, vol. 36 no. 5, pp. 66, 67 n. 9.)

6. Wallet-size laminated card of Lord Maitreya. Includes on the back Maitreya’s seed syllable (Maim) and four mantras to invoke his presence (available at the TSL online bookstore). Wallet-size cards of Gautama Buddha and Manjushri are also available.