Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 37 No. 22 - Beloved Gautama Buddha - May 29, 1994


Master One Petal
Keep On Climbing
Wesak Address 1994



Ho, ye Bodhisattvas in all levels of the etheric octave!

Ho, ye Bodhisattvas!  Ho!  Ho!  Ho!

For thou art in the earth and in the sea.

Thou art in the foundations of worlds.

Thou art the bracing of a cosmos by the Mind of God.

Therefore assemble across the Matter cosmos.

Hold up the stars and ensoul them.

And receive now these devotees, who are bodhisattvas.

For they have turned their minds to the Mind of God:

To be the Buddha.

Therefore, Buddhas-to-be, be seated.

I suggest you conceive of the Buddha of yourself as a bud–a bud having many petals tightly closed, not yet unfolded. Now I ask you to develop one petal of this bud at a time, one petal of the thousand-petaled lotus of the Mind of Buddha. This is my calling to you. Master one petal, beloved, then another, then another until the spiral of the yellow rose does become your crown chakra.

Think about a thousand petals and what it would be like to pluck one each day, saying to yourself:  “This day I shall arise with the sun in the morning. I shall take my petal. I shall place it in the secret chamber of my heart. I shall come early to the court and I shall establish my soul in the very root of the Buddha, the deep roots of the Buddha in the soil of the Great Tao.”

Yes, in the soil of the Great Tao, for there is no Buddha that is not rooted in the Tao, beloved.

Thus, to become one with the Tao does quickly become one’s dharma, and one’s dharma is surely to fulfill one’s work, one’s reason for being. All legitimate reasons for being lead to your being the Bodhisattva and to your being the Buddha. Therefore if you cannot justify your actions or your livelihood by the path of Right Livelihood, <1> so defined in the Middle Way, <2> then, beloved, it is best that you find another trade, another occupation.

And if your spiritual path embodies fanaticism, it is best that you bow out and silently move on to the place where compassion is the key, where man-made doctrines do not bind men to superstition, to thoughts of Death and Hell and eternal damnation or purgatory just because they do not believe what some “authorities” have taught as the final word, the definitive interpretation of the gospel.

Dogmatism and fanaticism go hand in hand. To be doctrinaire is to be dictatorial. This engenders rigidity. Blessed ones, let us not be rigid!  Let us be the pliant ones.

Therefore, let us, without breaking, empty ourselves of the fruits of wrong sowing and wrong reaping. Yes, let us become the pliant ones. Let us self-empty that we might be filled.

The Maha Chohan returns on Pentecost, beloved, to deliver a preface to his July conference dictations. You may prepare for this. Continue your fasting. Continue self-elevating. Continue building the building blocks of the body, the mind, the soul–the building blocks that steady the emotions because you are deeply rooted in that soil of the Great Tao.

Yes, beloved, you are repairing the foundations of your personal pyramid. As I see each one of you, I see your pyramid of life around you. I see some with missing bricks and bricks crumbling at the foundations. What will happen, beloved, if you build on a faulty foundation and you do not secure each level and then, when you put the capstone in place, the structure gives way?

The foundations of your pyramid, beloved, are the foundations of the unconscious mind, the place where Adam sleeps. And out of Adam’s rib, Eve comes forth. The deep levels of the unconscious are where the blueprint of life is, the fundamental patterns that you build upon. Thus the subconscious mind is superimposed upon it and then the conscious mind and the superconscious mind, until the capstone, where the All-Seeing Eye of God is ensconced, establishes you firmly in the heart of your Mighty I AM Presence.

Build foundations, beloved. Build foundations!  For these foundations, deep-rooted, will see you through when hurricanes and winds and dark nights assail you.

Yes, beloved, you are as strong as your vessel. And the vessel must become stronger ere I can impart to you momentums of my own etheric body when I was on earth. This is what every Buddha and Bodhisattva desires to do–to impart to the disciples under the lineage of Sanat Kumara the mantle of his own etheric body.

How can we do this when you have not even cleansed your own etheric body, when you have not even woven your seamless garment or made white your robes until the whiteness is a glistering white, as were the robes of the Lord Christ when he was transfigured before Peter, James and John? <3>

Therefore, if you must tear down the entire structure, as Milarepa had to do again and again, then tear it down!  I say, build firm foundations, build firm foundations!  And do not attempt to rise on the path of chelaship beyond the level of your attainment. These foundations make all the difference when you reach the levels of initiation that are the toughest that anyone in human form can face:  the confrontations with the false hierarchies of the fallen angels.

Yes, beloved, these are fierce foes!  To vanquish them you must have all of your “molecules” together. You must have a smooth pyramid. You must have the chambers of the heart filled with Light.

Thus I come to you on the occasion of Wesak 1994 and I bear the earth in my arms. I am holding the earth carefully, beloved, and I am giving great care to all situations that you know about and many more that you do not know about that are burdening the Lords of Karma, burdening the people, who are not aware of what is coming upon them, as in the case of Rwanda. Here you have it, beloved:  hundreds of thousands are being slaughtered overnight in a genocide that rivals any of modern time.

Blessed hearts, changes come swiftly in the earth. A sudden turn of events will come upon you when you least expect it:  a tragedy, a triumph, as well as sorrows, sickness and despair. All these things are the lot of those who have gone forth from Maitreya’s Mystery School, known as the Garden of Eden, and who have made their way in the world of karma and karma-making, who have sinned and whose karma is yet upon them.

I say, beloved, you are making your way back to the heart of Maitreya from that point of departure, whether you left under the influence of the serpents (i.e., fallen angels of the Second Ray) or your own carnal mind, sympathetically attuned to their minds.

Yes, beloved, this is the place you return to. This is the place that those who were a part of Maitreya’s original Mystery School must come home to. This is the place of the Teaching, the Initiation, the place of the untangling of minds that are no longer centered in the Mind of God. This is the place where you fulfill your reason for being, where you are able to rise above the tainted human consciousness and consume it by the sacred fire, and to do so through the heart of Maitreya.

Manjushri has come this day to join Maitreya indefinitely to help hold the balance for each one’s personal victory. You are here, beloved. You are not in the former Eden, you are not in a state of the consciousness of sin, yet you bear a certain amount of karma. I say, get on with it. Balance it. Put it into the fire!

Heretofore it has been an option for you to deal with the issues of your psyche, your soul, and the divisions of the soul and the losing of that soul and the finding again of that soul. We have made this a freewill choice. It has been something that you may or may not have elected to do.

I have come this day after much deliberation with Maitreya concerning the fruitfulness of the lives of those who are here at Maitreya’s Mystery School. And we have determined that I should include in this my worldwide dissertation for Wesak a message specifically to those of you who are a part of this Community of the Holy Spirit here and around the world.

It is no longer possible for us to say to you it does not matter whether you pursue the issues of your psychology or work and work diligently to turn over the earth of the subconscious and the unconscious vessels as you would systematically spade your garden row by row. It is become of paramount importance, beloved, that you do take up this work, which is truly the mightiest work of the ages that you can be engaged in. For when you successfully complete it, you will have the best possible opportunity of moving on to higher dimensions of consciousness both in this life and in the life to come.

There are some who are men, there are some who are women who simply have no heart for digging in and opening up the old wounds and experiencing the pain that comes when you determine to heal the psyche. For these are wounds you do not remember receiving because these wounds go back many, many lifetimes.

Blessed ones, it is true. We have called you to manifest your adeptship. We have called you that we might bring you to an age comparable to the golden age of Jesus Christ on Atlantis. We have called you to come to the place on your ongoing spiritual path (continuing from past lives) where you walk the earth in the full presence of your Holy Christ Self, having balanced at least 51 percent of your karma.

This is not possible, beloved ones, if you have not confronted these issues and they are still hanging over you. For they will trap you just when you are about to receive your diploma signifying spiritual or secular achievement. And all of a sudden you are pulled back because either the emotional body or the mental body has not attained resolution, balance or purification and therefore, beloved, you are unable to move forward.

This is a very sad day for those who have moved forward along the lines of academic study and personal development but have neglected the most foundational levels of the psyche. I refer to the area of old records, spots and blemishes on the soul that mar her advancement, complications that are actually compromising the forward progress of chelas on the Path daily–and that without their even realizing it.

Thus I, Gautama, warn you and say sternly to all:  it is time to accelerate your reading of the books selected for you by the Messenger and by professionals both within and without the Community. It is high time that you did dig in and complete the process and that you realize that until you accomplish this you are subject to making wrong turns in your life.

You may enter into a marriage and you may get out of a marriage. You may waste precious months and years of your life with people or in undertakings that you would never have gotten involved with had you pursued your own wholeness and thus been attracted to others who also value their psychological and spiritual wholeness.

All of this because you have avoided dealing with the painful past and therefore you are magnetized to those who have also not dealt with their past. Thus, you find yourself in another round of karmic entanglements that you should have long ago left behind, and you wake up one day having spent your sacred fire and having nothing to show for it but lost seasons and lost opportunities.

Beloved ones, you do not need to learn your lessons the hard way. Observe when others fall into the ditch but do not follow them. You don’t have time for detours if you are to make this life count for self-mastery and adeptship.

Considering that life and the life span of the evolutions of earth is short and that you can scarcely fulfill a life plan before the body begins to disintegrate, it is absolutely necessary for you to look squarely at the components of your psychology and tackle them one by one.

Thus I say to you, there is not a hierarch of Light in heaven who will force you to do anything. Nevertheless, I am stating that this is my will for you and it is my desire that Maitreya and Manjushri join the World Teachers, Jesus Christ and Kuthumi, in this Mystery School to tutor your souls in the joyous process of casting the hurts into the violet flame and retaining only the wisdom and the love and the empowerment you receive in the conquering of self.

And I can only tell you that the principal reason that devotees leave this Community is because they have not really worked on the issues of their psychology; therefore they cannot deal with the spiritual challenges. The fault lies not in the Community. The fault lies not in the Messenger or in Maitreya. The fault lies in the individual who says, “I will go thus far but no farther.”  This is a most dangerous state of consciousness, especially in the devotee who has had Maitreya open the door for him to enter and be here.

Thus my advice to you, which comes on the heels of my assessment of planetary conditions and the assessment of all of the bodhisattvas in the earth, is that you seriously consider that what will save this earth is your determination to strive for and achieve adeptship. I advise you, the chelas of the Ascended Masters, to develop a willingness to go through the pain of making yourselves whole through your own Holy Christ Self–who, of course, is always one with the Lord Jesus.

Pain, beloved, is not something to be avoided but to be welcomed. Pain, sorrow, the sense of one’s own impurity that precedes the sense of one’s purity, the dark night of the soul and the Dark Night of the Spirit–these are the elements of life that let you know that your feet are planted firmly on the path of the adepts and the Ascended Masters who sponsor you.

Avoidance of all of these soul testings will surely show you that you are floating on the surface, that you are not in the very depths of the sea or in the very core of the earth itself, where you discover the core of your own psyche and the collective unconscious of earth’s evolutions.

Pain is a necessity. Pain is something you experience and call pain, but ultimate pain bears the fruit of ultimate bliss.

Do not practice avoidance, beloved ones. Occupy your total mind. There are those who occupy one-eighth of the mind who may be highly intelligent and highly effective, yet they do not dig deeper because when they dig they arrive at the station of pain.

Yes, the pain station–it is a place in consciousness. Some call it the pain threshold. You must be willing to have pain, beloved, for sooner or later that pain will come upon you out of season, untimely, only to dash your hopes, your health, your highest goals.

It is always well to greet one’s karma before it arrives at one’s doorstep, is it not?  Run down the highway and greet it!  Put it into the sacred fire so that it does not even come nigh your abode.

To go from mortality to immortality–can you not imagine the stretch?  Can you not imagine what it takes to break the mortal frame with all its limitations, to come out of that prison house of matter and enter in to your immortality here and now in this body?

It takes a great deal. It is possible. And you should know the joy and not deprive yourselves of the joy of having your full God-Reality in all levels of your being. Nothing is worth compromising for this achievement!

Why spend the rest of your life and many lifetimes on the via dolorosa, beloved ones, when you can have joy in the spirit, when you can enter the centeredness of God-free being and truly know the completeness of your immortality while you are yet in the physical body?

This incarnation, which will be the final one for many of you, beloved, if you will make it so and ratify it, should be the most glorious, the most joyous, and the happiest time of your life as well as the most serious and the most accelerated as you take up your posts as watchmen upon the wall of the City Foursquare.

All of these things you can do. All of these things you can have. For our joint message to all of you this day is that you do have the Mind of God.  You have the Mind of God.

Blessed hearts, those who choose to remain on a plateau will be left behind. We do not remain on any plateau. We keep climbing, beloved. And when we have all reached the top of Everest, we keep on climbing. We do not stay in one place, for we are transformed daily. Therefore seek that transformation, set your sights on victory, keep yourselves steady and do not descend below your Christ consciousness.

Thus, Saint Germain and I have spoken. I have spoken, beloved, and I desire that you now meditate on a Buddhist mantra and give that mantra that I may give you my closing words. [Congregation gives the Golden Mantra, Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum.]

I, Gautama Buddha, seal you in the heart of Padma Sambhava. His heart is the open door to the lineage of Sanat Kumara. Through his heart you gain access to all of us who are descended from that lineage. Incline your ear to him, for he is nigh and he has called you and he has anointed our blessed one.

Therefore, in the midst of the light of anointing this day, I bless you, I cleanse you with the holy oil of my crown chakra.

Blessed hearts, now do for yourselves and do not waste the precious moments. For this is the hour of your doing, of your salvation, of your rescue of planet earth and her evolutions.

In the heart of the flower of Wesak, I return to highest octaves that I might deliver many from suffering and hunger and others who hunger after the spiritual path.

May you open the way, beloved ones. Yes, open the way for them by opening your hearts day by day, petal by petal.


This dictation by Gautama Buddha was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, following the dictation by Saint Germain on Sunday, May 1, 1994, at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana.  The service was a joint celebration of Wesak (April 25, 1994) and Saint Germain’s Ascension Day (May 1, 1684), and the coronation of Saint Germain and Portia as hierarchs of the Aquarian age (May 1, 1954). The dictations are available on audiocassette:  90 min., B94075. [N.B. This dictation was edited for print by the Messenger under Gautama Buddha’s direction.] Throughout these notes PoW is the abbreviation for Pearls of Wisdom.

1. Right Livelihood is one of the precepts of the Eightfold Path taught by Gautama Buddha (see note 2 below). As defined in Buddhist teachings, Right Livelihood involves earning one’s living by acceptable means and avoiding trades incompatible with spiritual progress. Gautama listed specific occupations to be avoided by the disciple, including:  poison peddler, slave dealer, prostitute, butcher, brewer, and armament maker. The Ascended Masters teach that Right Livelihood relates to the Fifth Ray of Truth, precipitation and healing, and to the third-eye chakra. A chela cannot accelerate spiritually and precipitate the true abundance of God if his occupation compromises the Path.

2. The Middle Way. In Gautama Buddha’s first sermon following his enlightenment, he outlined the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path. He explained that by following this path and avoiding the extremes of self-indulgence and self-mortification, one gains knowledge of the Middle Way. The Four Noble Truths state that (1) life is dukkha, “suffering,” (2) the cause of suffering is inordinate desire, (3) freedom from suffering is in the attainment of nirvana, (4) the way to this liberation is through the Eightfold Path. The Eightfold Path gives eight precepts for right living:  (1) Right Understanding (or Right Views), (2) Right Aspiration (or Right Thought), (3) Right Speech, (4) Right Action, (5) Right Livelihood, (6) Right Effort, (7) Right Mindfulness, and (8) Right Concentration (or Right Absorption of God). See 1989 PoW, vol. 32 no. 30, pp. 446-50; 1983 PoW, vol. 26 no. 21, pp. 166-67.

3. The transfiguration. Matt. 17:1-9; Mark 9:2-9; Luke 9:28-36.