Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 37 No. 43 - Beloved Saint Germain - October 23, 1994


The Call of Padma Sambhava
Padma Sambhava Calls Home His Tertöns
The Whole World Is Waiting for You!
The Role of the Freedom Fighter
Absolute God-Freedom Must Cover the Globe:
Put the Messenger on Satellite Television



I come to find my freedom fighters, those who stand for freedom and do not budge from that stance when freedoms are compromised.

Blessed ones, this nation has guaranteed freedoms. See to it that you are not the victims of tyrants, that you do not shy away from their confrontations, that you do not become cowards and say, “Well, what of it?  I can do without this or that privilege or freedom or right.”

Well, beloved ones, you cannot do without your rights. For freedom is the very core of the victory. It is the very core of life. It is the very core of the soul rising in the flame of liberation.

Therefore I say to one and all:

Who will come with me as freedom fighters?

[Congregation responds: “I will!”  (32-second standing ovation)]

Blessed ones, let us be seated and let us consider. Let us consider championing the right of the individual to know the unadulterated truth of the Path and the Teachings of the Ascended Masters.

If you would make this the challenge that you take on and the freedom that you champion, think what you will have to do. You will have to deal with all the negative publicity generated by the press since the Ascended Masters have stepped through the veil through the early Messengers, all the way back to Blavatsky. It has been over a century now that the press has vilified the activities of the Ascended Masters, their Messengers and their students—and not only the press but fanatical religious organizations who are not about to open the way for freedom of religion except it be their own freedom of religion.

Blessed hearts, understand that to champion a freedom you must challenge the encroachments upon that freedom and restore that freedom to its intended use. I say this, beloved, for the violet flame is able. The violet flame is able to consume the assaults against the four sacred freedoms. It is able to consume the mudslinging against those who represent the Great White Brotherhood. At every corner you see the rights of those who stand for truth being challenged.

I say, beloved, speak gently and tenderly and lovingly with an open heart, a loving heart, a compassionate heart—the heart of kindness that is the signet of Lord Maitreya—and speak on those subjects in which you find agreement with another. But come to the place where you are also willing to take a stand as freedom fighters, even as the wondrous saints have gone forth to fight the battles of this century and many past centuries and have laid down their lives for the honor, the freedom and the defense of their nations and their causes.

Understand, beloved, that you do have a cause. And you have deliberated and you have determined to begin to make your contributions to putting the Messenger on satellite. Blessed hearts, decree for it!  Decree for the proper niche for these Teachings. Decree for every aspect of the Messenger’s presentation of the Teachings to the world. And remember, each and every one of you is a patriot of Saint Germain, is a freedom fighter and can be one who carries the message and speaks the message by the Holy Spirit.

I am gratified to see the Light expanding, to see its luster reflecting in your skin, on your faces and in your hearts. If those of you who do not have that shining presence would like to have that shining presence, then I say, intensify, intensify, intensify the threefold flame within your hearts!  For it is your God-Reality. It is your ultimate personal identity.

When you wonder who you are and which way you ought to go, this way or that, remember that you are the incarnation of the Trinity of God. And in the manifestation of that Trinity, you have identity, you have Power, Wisdom and Love to bring forth whatever is the creative manifestation of your goal.

In this age, beloved, we must absolutely see to it that there is a championing of the rights of all peoples in all nations. It has become a cliché that America should not be the policeman of the world. Well, this idea has some merit but it does not have total merit. And the neglect of Bosnia and Sarajevo is a disgrace, beloved, for these brave people who have taken their stand are yet prevented from being armed by the Western nations who do not allow it. <1>  Therefore they are slaughtered day upon day upon day, and the children are wasted and their limbs are torn from them.

These things ought not to be!  We have discussed this before in our dictations, yet these people are still not free and they do not have the champions in the West that they ought to have.

Therefore, freedom fighters, come forth!  Let us go forth in the etheric octave with the saints and the Archangels and their legions of Light. And let us champion the cause of all those in the earth to defend themselves against tyrants.

We have won this victory in the United States. We must maintain that victory. And we must win it and maintain it in all nations, for freedom of religion and every one of the four sacred freedoms must be guarded. Yet freedom of the press, how abused it is, beloved!  The press becomes more and more free, and so the lies are told and retold. And every effort to undo those lies is met with onslaughts of condemnation from those who perpetuate them. There is no point in beating our heads against the wall, as the saying goes, for we know who controls the courtrooms of the world and who controls the media.

Therefore, once again we take our case to higher octaves. And we march with the legions of Light of God Mercury. And we do our novenas and we call to Cyclopea and we demand that the truth be made known. And we call to Justinius, Captain of Seraphic Bands, and all of his seraphim to bring the Lightbearers to the feet of their own Mighty I AM Presence that they might know that I, Saint Germain, have sponsored them for the victory of their ascension in this life.

I tell you, beloved ones, I become very intense with the fallen ones when I see how they have turned many a soul who was destined to make his ascension in this life out of the way of the Teachings of the Ascended Masters. And I tell you, the karma for preventing any one of these little ones or great ones of God from entering in and bonding to the Lord God Almighty is very grave!  The karma upon those who turn a soul aside from the path of victory is grave indeed.

Therefore, let the judgments descend upon the misuse of the All-Seeing Eye of God in the media!  And yet, beloved ones, let us remember that we are all grateful that there is freedom of speech in this nation, which becomes freedom of the press, and we do not desire to see that stifled.

Therefore, what is it that we desire to see?

We desire to see sons and daughters of Light enter the field of communication in both print and broadcast journalism.  We desire to see them counter the media’s cynicism and put-down of the new thought and the new walk with God that Aquarius rising brings. We desire to see them defend fledgling souls who are entering the gates of the Water Bearer (the sign of Aquarius).  These souls know they will have their victory in the Aquarian age, and they need to be defended as one would defend the weaker chicken in the chicken yard lest he be pecked to death.

Blessed ones, do not allow yourselves to be pecked to death either but rather rise up in the great rejoicing of your God. And rejoice that many have acknowledged this Church as being a legitimate denomination and one that will remain a part of the American religious scene.

So, beloved, it is time to understand that unless the flame of freedom burns brightly—and that means you must fuel it and fan its fires—it will be snuffed out in the earth. It is time for you to review modern and ancient history, to remind yourselves that it was not many centuries ago that you had very little freedom to move about or to rise above the class into which you were born. This still holds true for the peoples of many nation-states today.

Do not take for granted, then, what I have dearly won for you, what the Goddess of Liberty has dearly won for you, what the Goddess of Freedom, the Lords of Karma and the Fourteen Ascended Masters Who Govern the Destiny of America have dearly won for you. That you have the freedom to be freedom fighters, beloved, is a relatively recent development in earth’s history, and also that millions can join this cause as Keepers of the Flame of the Goddess of Liberty because they have freedom of religion.

Yes, beloved ones, it is because others have fought and died to make this nation free that religious freedom is guaranteed to you in this hour and you are free to fulfill your dharma, to pursue your calling in life, to champion the Teachings of the Ascended Masters. Yes, you are free to come together in this holy mountain of God to give your decrees without being stopped by the gestapo, by Communist soldiers, by the SVR <*> or any individual or group who has moved to put down the religions of the world that extol whether the living Christ or the living Buddha or the living God.

I am in the flame of freedom, beloved, and I say to you, the championing of your freedom begins with championing your freedom to commune with God. Your freedom begins with stripping yourself of the burdens of a false identity—identification with the human self instead of identification with the individualized God-free being that each and every one of you is.

Mark that well, beloved!  You are an individualized being in God. And as the Mighty I AM Presence descends upon you, as the Holy Christ Self descends upon you in periods of profound meditation when you feel the powerful presence of the rings of your Causal Body, sphere upon sphere of light enfolding you, you transcend the levels of the earth plane and you enter into etheric octaves even while you are still alert in the physical body. This, this is the awareness that “I AM He!” <2> As the Hindus would have it, AYAM ATMA BRAHMA, or “This Self Is Brahman.”

This is the meaning of being free and being a freedom fighter. The role of the freedom fighter is to champion the right of the individual soul to climb the ladder of being, to champion the right of the soul to be nourished by the truth and to not have that truth banned and its adherents burned at the stake or massacred, as they have been in the past because their definition of Jesus Christ’s teachings was not Rome’s definition. <3>

Those were terrible times and many of you were there, and you gave your lives to a cause that you believed in and would not renounce. No, you would not renounce your vegetarianism or your strict beliefs in reincarnation and karma or your understanding of the path of the Guru-chela relationship or your knowledge of Gnosticism as it embraced even the teachings of Gautama Buddha.

Blessed hearts, for how many decades have you enjoyed your freedom to practice the religion of your choice?

You can remember the fifties in America when members of the black race were still segregated on public transportation and in public schools and rest rooms. You can remember when members of minority religions were persecuted. And you do not need to go back to last year or even yesterday to recall the persecution of this Church here in Montana.

Blessed hearts, this is an hour to champion the cause of nondiscrimination in politics and religion in America and in every nation upon earth. For there are tyrants in every nation; and where governments have not guaranteed the sacred freedoms, these tyrants have gotten away with torturing and imprisoning their own citizens for challenging them and their regimes.

This is another aspect of the abomination of desolation, which stands in the holy place <4> and displaces the people’s own heart flames. Under the oppression of current regimes, peoples of the earth no longer even sense that they have a heart flame; for they are put down and put down and put down at the economic level, at the educational level, at the spiritual level. And what shall be the outcome of this, beloved ones, but ignorance heaped upon the ignorant, who know not the wisdoms of the Buddhas?

Freedom fighters all, I say to you:  Fight for your own wisdom!  Fight for your own education!  Fight for your own desire to champion the millions and not only the few. And this you surely can and shall do through our satellite presentations.

I AM Saint Germain, and I have come in this hour on the heels of those who have spoken to you. As each one of us has spoken, you have heard another message that is urgent. Mine is the urgent message that absolute God-freedom must cover the globe, beloved.

When you can carry the torch of this Teaching nation by nation, you will find that you will kindle heart flames, you will kindle and rekindle the threefold flame, you will bring individuals into contact with the Holy Spirit because you will have gained that presence of the Holy Spirit within yourselves.

You will see, then, as you go forth with your bands, two and three and four, to this nation and the next, how you will light up those nations and how tyrants and the astral hordes of tyranny will crumble. I say it, beloved, because you will be reinforced by my legions and the legions of the Seven Archangels and of the Seven Holy Kumaras.

This is the calling, beloved. It is the calling to affirm the right of every soul to practice the religion of his choice “with malice toward none, with charity for all.” <5>  In this spirit, affirm to those you contact, “You have a right to believe what you believe.”  And if it is known that some do not believe as you do and you feel prompted by the Holy Spirit to show them another way, the Ascended Masters’ way, then do it gently. Suggest but do not compel. Teach by example and always with compassion.

It is not necessary for people to change their religion in order for them to benefit from studying and applying the Teachings of the Ascended Masters in their lives. For these Teachings are universal. They both transcend and take into account all paths to God.

It is important that individuals come to the place where they realize that they need more, that they need the deep things of God. Some are very satisfied with what they have; and to present them with more than they are ready for is to overstock the banquet. Thus you must revisit them in another round when the hardships of karma and life’s lessons have brought them full circle and they are ready for the strong meat of the Word. <6>

There are Lightbearers in every race and nation. None ought to be put down and all ought to be welcomed to enter into the miracle manifestation of the great gifts of the Holy Spirit. <7>

I am of the Seventh Ray and I champion the gift of miracles. Miracles abound, beloved!  Miracles are the fulfillment of scientific laws, the fulfillment of the movement of the freedom fighters, the fulfillment of the energy of the Central Sun intensifying within your breast until that flame of freedom that you carry in your breast does circle the earth a thousand and ten thousand times, reaching the hearts of the many. This can happen in even greater magnitude when you take advantage of communications systems that can beam the Teachings of the Ascended Masters by satellite to every nation, conveying the message to the people in their own language through subtitles or overdubs.

Blessed hearts, the world is waiting for you!  My beloved freedom fighters, my beloved Keepers of the Flame, minutemen of Saint Germain and Portia, I say to you:  The whole world is waiting for you! Do you hear me, beloved?  It is so. They are waiting for you to come and tell them the truth and liberate their souls so that they might also set the captives free.

[32-second standing ovation]

Beloved, be seated.

Now, not to be outdone by beloved El Morya, my cohort and brother, <8> I place a miniature portrait of myself upon the altar of the secret chamber of your heart. This portrait, beloved, is the true likeness and representation of myself. I ask you to look upon me. And as you look upon me in that framed portrait, so ask me in your heart of hearts (for that is what the secret chamber of your heart is—your heart of hearts) if you might put on some quality of freedom’s flame, some grace, some skill in diplomacy, some rejoicing, some joy. And thus, virtue by virtue and quality by quality, you may also become a part of me as I am a part of you.

This is the message I bring to you, beloved. I would bond with you as you would bond with me, through the attributes of the mighty Seventh Ray and the dispensation of the age of Aquarius.

Therefore this dispensation requires of you somewhat more than the dispensation of El Morya, for you must go forth and express the virtues that you perceive as part of the dispensation of the Seventh Ray. And you must build upon those virtues, and you must arrive at the place where you can lay upon the altar of my heart, in my heart of hearts, in the secret chamber of my heart, these virtues developed, these deeds accomplished, entrusting to my heart the individuals you have liberated.

Know, beloved, and remember that the Seventh Ray includes the priesthood of the Order of Melchizedek, which is for both sons and daughters of God. Reach, then, as far as the Violet Planet, and remember the mighty attributes of the ascended and unascended lifestreams who valiantly serve the violet flame. Through my heart, and my heart ultimately receiving you, you shall have much to offer, even the moving stream of the ever-flowing violet flame.

So receive me, beloved. I shall be with you, taking you with me. You shall be with me, taking me with you. Do this, beloved, for we are brothers and sisters on the Path. We are opening the door of the Aquarian age!  And we desire to open that door to a golden age!

Let us accomplish our tasks. Let us slay the dragons!  Let us go forth in boldness. If we must give all of our life-essence to champion the cause of freedom of a single person or of the millions, then we are willing to do it. And we will not lay down our lives but we will intensify our daily “thrust for a purpose.”  Yes, we will intensify our service. We will put on the whole armour of God <9> and we will say, “I will not stand still before this injustice!”

When you say that, my beloved Portia will come to you and champion you. When as freedom fighters you defy injustice, then I say, you shall know the champion of champions, my beloved twin flame, the Ascended Lady Master Portia. And she does stand to the right of the Messenger in this very moment, beaming to you the God-flame of Justice.

Blessed hearts, if you would be worthy of Portia, if you would have her as your living Guru, do not allow a single injustice to pass that you do not challenge; for then you will have her as your mighty supporter. And her support is ultimate, beloved. And she has supported, with the very flame of Justice, the Messengers who have served us during this century and the last.

So, unto the just and unto the freedom fighters, unto those who explore the planes of liberty and bring the captives back to the etheric octave, unto those who will mount up and move with the legions of Archangel Michael and descend into the astral plane to rescue souls, all in the name of Justice—unto you I say, you will be championed by the Goddess Portia.

I say, make your peace with Justice and root out all injustices of your own mind and heart and emotions. Let it be so, beloved, for heaven champions those who champion the cause of Freedom and Justice forever.

I thank you.

[36-second standing ovation]


The four-day conference The Call of Padma Sambhava:  Padma Sambhava Calls Home His Tertöns was held at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana. On Monday, October 10, 1994, the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, delivered this dictation by Saint Germain, followed by a dictation by Padma Sambhava. [N.B. This dictation was edited for print by the Messenger under Saint Germain’s direction.] Throughout these notes PoW is the abbreviation for Pearls of Wisdom.

* the Russian foreign intelligence service, one of the major organizations superseding the KGB

1. Update on the arms embargo on Bosnia. Yugoslavia overthrew Communism in 1990 and soon after began to split into small religious and ethnic republics, including Serbia (predominantly Eastern Orthodox), Croatia (predominantly Catholic), and Bosnia-Herzegovina (predominantly Muslim). In June 1991, Serbia, for reasons of territorial ambition, invaded Croatia and in March 1992 expanded its offensive into Bosnia.

Since June 1991, an estimated 250,000 have died in the warring among Croats, Serbs and Muslims; and over one million have been left homeless. In Bosnia, the Croats have now joined forces with the Muslims against the Serbs. The Croats and Muslims are fighting tenaciously for their independence even though they are underequipped and crippled by the 1991 arms embargo imposed by the UN. Despite the embargo, the Serbs are able to dominate militarily because they have superior weapons and weapons-production facilities.

On November 10, 1994, exactly one month after Saint Germain’s dictation, President Clinton, under congressional mandate, ordered Navy ships in the Adriatic Sea to stop enforcing the arms embargo. This means that the U.S. Navy will no longer divert ships carrying arms to Bosnia or Croatia. The United States is also considering providing military aid to the Muslim-led Bosnian government. Congress is reviewing two options:  a “light” option of about $500 million in aid and a “heavy” option of up to $5 billion in aid. The heavy option would include tanks, artillery and extensive training; the light option would be restricted to anti-tank and anti-artillery weapons and shorter training.

On November 21, ABC News reported that 39 NATO planes—American, British, French and Dutch—attacked the Udbina air base within Serb-controlled Croatia. The Serbs had been using this base to attack Bihac, a UN safe zone in northwestern Bosnia, with napalm and cluster bombs. According to the ABC report, “NATO’s laser-guided munitions did damage to the runway and parts of the air defense system; but Serb planes, power, and fuel dumps were not hit and the runway will be usable in two or three days.”  Admiral Leighton Smith, NATO commander, southern Europe, explained, “The strike was limited at the request of the United Nations commander.”  President Clinton commented, “It was a strong and entirely appropriate response.”  However, the next day, ABC News reported that the Serbs were “undeterred” by the NATO attack.

2. John 8:28, 29.

3. Religious persecutions since the time of Jesus. Christian groups persecuted in the early centuries by the Roman Catholic Church included the Gnostics (second century), Arians (fourth century) and Pelagians (fifth century). During the Middle Ages, the Albigenses (Cathars) and Waldenses were the primary targets (eleventh to mid-fourteenth centuries). In 1208, Pope Innocent III inaugurated the Albigensian Crusade, sending Christian soldiers to stamp out the Albigenses in southern France. Fifteen thousand were killed in one battle. In 1245, after the 10-month siege at Montségur, more than 200 were burned alive. By the end of the 40-year crusade, almost a half million people had been massacred. In 1231, Pope Gregory IX also formally instituted the papal Inquisition, aimed primarily at the Albigenses and Waldenses. In 1478, Pope Sixtus IV authorized the Spanish Inquisition, which targeted Jews, Moors, and Muslims who had converted to Christianity but were suspected of having relapsed into their original faiths.

4. “The abomination of desolation.” Dan. 9:27; 11:31; 12:11; Matt. 24:15, 16; Mark 13:14.

5. “With malice toward none, with charity for all” Abraham Lincoln, Second Inaugural Address, March 4, 1865.

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