Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 38 No. 13 - Beloved Lanello - March 19, 1995


A Universal Religion of Divine Love
  The Restructuring of The Summit Lighthouse
At King Arthur’s Court on the Occasion of the
Celebration of the Thirty-Fifth Anniversary of the
Founding of The Summit Lighthouse on August 7, 1958

Hail to the Lanello in you!  For I dwell in the heart of every chela. I have never left you. I AM with you. And I AM here for the victory of The Summit Lighthouse!

Yes, beloved, I am a part of you if you would have me as a part of you. For it would be impossible for me, even for a moment, to abandon a sincere chela on the path of the will of God, a Keeper of the Flame, a lover of the Light or one who is simply searching.

And so, I am grateful for the mantra God gave to me. This mantra you must also repeat:

Behold, I AM everywhere in the consciousness of God! <1>

When you say this, beloved, you are multiplying your own Electronic Presence before you even attain your ascension. You are saying: 

Where the consciousness of God is in anyone on earth or in the heaven-world, I AM there!  I AM with that one, reinforcing the consciousness of God and being reinforced by it through the great multiplier of all, the Holy Spirit, whose divine love enfolds us all, wherever we are.

Let us, then, consider the mystery of being on this day of celebration. Won’t you be seated, my gracious friends.

You are empowered by the threefold flame in your heart to multiply the presence of your Holy Christ Self and your I AM Presence.   Yes, beloved, you can accomplish this by the efficacious use of the science of the spoken Word.

Remember that the heart that has truly loved never forgets. <2>  I have loved you long before you found my footprints in the sands, whether in this life or in previous lifetimes. I have loved you because we are part of a mandala. We came from Venus together. We were trained on Mercury. We were trained on the God Star. Yes, some or all of you who were part of our bands were trained on various planets. And, yes, we have served our beloved Akbar, our beloved El Morya, <3>long and lovingly.

Just imagine for a moment, beloved ones, this universe without El Morya. It would be as though someone had pulled the chain on the light and all of a sudden the light had gone out and we would say, “Where is Morya?”

So, I ask you now, prompted by that little exercise, brief though it was, to recognize your beloved El Morya and to thank him for his call to me, and through me to you, to be a part of his Summit Lighthouse.   [41-second standing ovation]

What a heavenly sponsor!  Had Morya not called  me, I would not have had the opportunity to be trained as a Messenger. I would not have found Elizabeth. Ask yourselves: Would you have found one another or received the sponsorship to bear the wondrous souls that have been brought to your families, had Morya not called us, one and all?

O blessed ones, think what the consequences would be of the absence of one hierarch, El Morya, in our midst. And then imagine what the absence of so many Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings in our midst would be like; for each one has played a unique yet integral role in the forming of this Community, in the forming of the Great White Brotherhood. Think of it, beloved!

I think of it often. And I often shed a tear, as does my Elizabeth, thinking how helpless we would have been to accomplish the goals of this Community without El Morya. And El Morya in giving his sponsorship attracted other investors. He was the first. Then other Ascended Masters saw that we would stick to our guns and keep on keeping on and not be moved, even by death itself as the spectre that would fain separate us yet never could.

So, it is important to say to yourself on such an occasion as this:  “Is there anything that I would not do?  Is there anything I would not go through to have a victory for God or for earth or for my loved ones?” 

Does the idea of sacrifice cause you to say:  “That I would not do. That I could not do. I can only go so far. Don’t ask me to make another sacrifice”?  Well, beloved, you see how you limit your path and what your heavenly sponsors can do for you when you enter that self-limiting state of mind.

Remember that Jesus did not turn his back on the crucifixion, though he could have. He had free will. He did not have to go through a public crucifixion, beloved. He chose to do so. But first he did appeal to the will of God:  “Father, if thou be willing, let this cup pass from me. Nevertheless, not my will but thine be done.” <4>  He was in agony in the garden. Thus you know that initiations are not easy, even for the highest adepts and the Lord Christ himself.

Angels initiate you in each of your chakras tens of thousands of times in the course of your lifetimes. For after all, beloved, you are seeking the highest prize—the gift of eternal life, the gift of bonding to your Holy Christ Self, the gift of Godhood. And you now know that it is through the ten sefirot that you ultimately enter into Ein Sof. <5>

So, beloved, to receive eternal life—meaning eternal individuality, eternal Godhood—you must be willing to be initiated. Contemplate this and you will not be overcome by your doubts and fears when one of God’s messengers suddenly thrusts an initiation upon your soul. You will not be unprepared for your angel visitant, but you will know what your response should be and the way in which you should go.  

You will not need to look to friends, asking, “What shall I do?  What shall I do?”  For, beloved, you will know that you must go to your very heart of hearts and commune with your Holy Christ Self.

Go to the heart of God within you. Go into that secret chamber of your heart and fall upon your knees before your Holy Christ Self. Give yourself unto that Christ, beloved. And, after much soul searching, come to the place where you are ready to say, “There is nothing that my Lord could ask of me that I would not do.”

Beloved ones, when you make that commitment with eyes wide open and with full knowledge of what it means, know that you will be in training for the big league. And one day you will no longer know yourselves as sons and daughters of the solitude, for you will be in a class of advanced chelas who are nearing the hour of their ascension.

               The moment of initiation is always a moment alone with God. Yet even in that moment you will know that throughout the cosmos chelas of Maitreya and Manjushri are being initiated simultaneously. These are your brothers and sisters, whom you have known in the mystery schools as your spiritual family. Your bonds with them are stronger than any earthly ties.

Yes, beloved, it is a relief to come to the place where you know that you can summon the strength from deep within for whatever God calls upon you to do. Having so set the heart and the mind, you are free as a bird.

And why are you free as a bird?  You can fly!  You can soar!  The spectre of fear and doubt no longer follows you everywhere you go. The pull of the world or of this or that desire can intimidate you no more. You simply know that you belong to God and God belongs to you.

This is the only true freedom. It is freedom as Akbar would have it:  freedom from self-elevation, freedom from untoward desire. Self-aggrandizement and desire for name and fame: what weapons you put in the hands of the sinister force!

Well, beloved, I tell you, as Morya has said and as the adepts have said, the thing most feared by those who would serve to set earth free is planetary ignorance; for ignorance begets crime upon heinous crime against oneself and others. <6>

I ask all of you, then, to become preceptors of the path of wisdom that leads to enlightenment, so that none who are sent to you may lose or fear to choose the highest path. Tell them that at the end of the road of discipleship they will know the bliss of their souls’ union with twin flame, with the I AM Presence and all of the saints robed in white gathered at the throne of the Lamb. <7> When that day dawns, this world that seems so real will pale in a moment and they will find themselves in cosmic reality, and all that they will have gone through here below will seem as a dream that fades as the mist before the Sun of their I AM Presence.

I project before you the day and the hour of your ascension, beloved. On that day the great joy of your ultimate union with God may be partially eclipsed by the knowledge that you have left so many behind. Did I not shed a tear on my ascension day?

Why, of course I did, beloved. But I was reconciled to my fate because I knew that, once ascended, I could come and materialize myself to you and be in your heart and in the hearts of millions of souls without limit. And I said to myself, “My consolation must be that I might overshadow my twin flame and that El Morya and I trained her to be a Messenger. She will remain on earth and thus the door will yet be open for many, many souls of Light to step through the veil into embodiment.”

And thus, beloved, there are many reasons why one is taken and another is left. <8> Most importantly, the one who is taken may hold the balance for the one who is left. May you hold the balance for many here in the earth and not look forward to your ascension except in the final hour when, by cosmic law, your Mighty I AM Presence will no longer allow it to be postponed.

Some of you may not think you are close to your ascension. Well, I will show you just how close you are. Mentally pick up a pair of binoculars. As you look through them, adjust the vision so that you can see first at close range and then at a distance.

You can bridge the distance between you as you are today and you as the Ascended Master you will be tomorrow by adjusting the binoculars. For the destiny that appears on the horizon so clearly focused before you is the future that shall one day be the present.

I tell you, it is a question of focus—yes, focus. With very few exceptions, if you choose to focus and to see through the All-Seeing Eye of God, if you choose to focus on Divine Reality even as you walk in the midst of unreality, you will have the capacity to ascend in this life. This is especially true if you prolong that life by right habits.

Yes, beloved, you must be willing to focus.  Many of you are content to see life in a blur, for then you do not find it necessary to make the decisions of the hour. For of course the fog does not allow you to see, and that is a good enough excuse—or so you think. Yes, it is like not wanting to see one’s face magnified in a mirror for fear of seeing the imperfections.

Sometimes you do not want to see or know the truth but, I tell you, you need to see and know what is transpiring within the circumference of your life. You need to carry the lamp of knowledge. You need to walk in the footsteps of the Lady with the Lamp, who I as Longfellow prophesied would appear in the land as a noble type of heroic womanhood. <9>

   Yes, beloved, the Divine Mother appears in the land. The Divine Mother is with you.

Hasten, then!  Hasten, then, the path of initiation. Follow Jesus’ example. Submit yourselves to the initiations he went through. Be victorious by the age of thirty-three or in the years ahead. Walk in the mantle of your resurrection body, the body of your Holy Christ Self, <10> yet be rooted in the earth. Rejoice in your resolution to realize the body of your Holy Christ Self and exercise your God-given creativity to fulfill the mission of your Christhood.

Follow the long and glorious road of freedom, knowing that the Light in you and around you is invincible and that you are here and now in this earth truly a lighthouse of Love. Yes, you as an individual can send forth the beacon of your I AM Presence 360 degrees from your heart chakra to all points of the earth, wherever there is even one soul yet in ignorance.

Do not expect a hilarious reception from those to whom you give my message of focusing on Divine Reality. Some people have the notion that they should wait till they arrive at the pearly gates to see what is real—as if they could not pursue what is real throughout their lives.

Blessed ones, postponing the choice to see clearly through the All-Seeing Eye of God is definitely not your path. Yet some of you have made it so. Some of you have decided that at so many thousand feet there should be a permanent cloud bank over you lest you should see into the realms of Divine Love or even into the depths of Death and Hell. For then you would have such an assessment of the consequences of sin as to never touch the forbidden fruits again.

Yes, beloved, some would rather not see the highest heaven or the lowest hell. How, then, shall they assess right action, right decision on the path of life?  These are the things we contemplate as we look to the future of this organization.

Go for your adeptship and make adeptship your concentration, flanked by the Love of Maitreya and the Wisdom of Manjushri. Visualize yourself holding the hands of these two Bodhisattvas. <11>  See yourself as the Lighthouse between them, magnifying your beams through the lens of their minds and the minds of the Buddhas who stand behind them.

Take courage and take heart, beloved ones. For when you open your eyes and you see beyond the veil, you shall know the glory of God within you and you shall know the unreality of Death and Hell.

Yes, I AM your Lanello. I come in this hour to bring comfort to you who have borne many burdens, even if those burdens be your karma and even if you made that karma because of your psychology. For, beloved, you must resolve both your karma and your psychology. But the longer you wait to resolve your psychology, the more karma you will make from day to day.

However you picture your life today, I tell you, you have borne burdens with great heroism and I extol you and your efforts. Yes, beloved, we watch and we see all, and we see how you wage war against all negative elements of self and are so determined to have your soul’s victory in this life. And for that very reason we are here today and we are here to announce to you, yes, new dispensations for The Summit Lighthouse.

You have heard of dispensations for Saint Germain and for Ascended Masters. Well, the dispensations written on the order I hold in my hand today are indeed for this organization, for its restructuring and for the broadening and the strengthening of its foundations as it prepares to become a worldwide movement.

Why, beloved ones, can you imagine the great commitment in the heart of El Morya as Abraham, as Arthur, as Akbar?  In many of his embodiments he directed his energies toward establishing a universal religion of Divine Love that would transcend all man-made doctrines and divisions and melt by the violet flame the encrustations of hatred and bigotry that fuel religious schism.

El Morya’s Darjeeling Palace of Light has now superseded the palace from which Akbar ruled India. Yes, Akbar has taken up his abode in the etheric octave (the heaven-world) and is eager to see his concept of a universal religion based on Love <12> reach everyone on earth who has that spark of hope, that revolutionary spirit and that inner knowledge that the world can be one through Divine Love.

He is also eager to see dissolved the artificial boundaries created by fallen angels and the artificial divisions of all who have attempted to separate brother from brother. For thereby the world would see the true reason for being of nations, states and communities come into play instead of the divide and conquer tactics perpetrated by the enemies of mankind.

Yes, beloved ones, so many Ascended Masters are dedicated to this cause of universal Divine Love. And therefore one and all from the octaves of Light—angels, ascended beings and those saints among us who are almost ascended—send you mighty salutations, our affirmation of your victories and our applause from all octaves.

Blessed ones, keep on keeping on!  You are winning. And from the beginning, we were winning.  Why, think of all that you have already passed through and know that the day dawns of a great manifestation of the Great Central Sun in your hearts.

I AM Lanello with El Morya and many who celebrate in this hour. You, beloved hearts, have good cause for celebration, for you have had many, many victories.

Upon these we shall build the future of this Community.

 - [38-second standing ovation]


“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Lanello, the Ever-Present Guru, was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, on Sunday, August 8, 1993, following the dictation by El Morya. The dictations of Lanello and El Morya were given during a service at the Royal Teton Ranch commemorating the thirty-fifth anniversary of the founding of The Summit Lighthouse on August 7, 1958. Before the dictations, the Messenger delivered her lecture “Akbar the Great: The Shadow of God on Earth” (available on 2 audiocassettes: 2 hr. 49 min., $14.95 plus $2.50 postage and handling, A93072). El Morya’s dictation was published as his Christmas letter for 1994.

[N.B. This dictation was edited for print by the Messenger under Lanello’s direction.]  Throughout these notes PoW is the abbreviation for Pearls of Wisdom.

Sections printed in bold italic type highlight fiats, mantras, affirmations, prayers and decrees that you can use in your daily decree sessions. The Messenger recommends that each week when you receive your Pearl of Wisdom, you type or write these out and place them in a special section in your decree book. The Messenger also encourages you to compose your own fiats and affirmations based on the Teachings of the Ascended Masters given in the Pearls of Wisdom.

1. In a dictation given on April 20, 1973, two months after his ascension, the Ascended Master Lanello said:  “Lo, I AM everywhere in the consciousness of God!”  On February 28, 1993, he told us: “If you make this mantra your own, you will quickly gain a new mastery.”  (See 1973 PoW, p. 131; and 1993 PoW, p. 250.)

2. The heart that has truly loved never forgets. “No, the heart that has truly lov’d never forgets, / But as truly loves on to the close, / As the sunflower turns on her God when he sets, / The same look which she turn’d when he rose.”  Thomas Moore, “Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms,” stanza 2.

3. Akbar the Great (1542-1605) was an embodiment of El Morya. See El Morya’s Christmas letter for 1994, p. 11 n. 3, and the Messenger’s lecture “Akbar the Great: The Shadow of God on Earth” (ordering information is listed in introductory note above). For a short biography, see Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Lords of the Seven Rays, Book One, pp. 21-27, 57-59.

4. “Not my will but thine be done.”  Luke 22:41-44; Matt. 26:38, 39; Mark 14:33-36.

5. The ten sefirot and Ein Sof.  In Kabbalah, the sefirot are the ten aspects of God’s being that manifest from Ein Sof (“the Infinite”). Kabbalists’ diagram of the sefirot, called the Tree of Life, is a blueprint for divine and human action and interaction. See 1992 PoW, p. 683 n. 2, and 1994 PoW, p. 180 n. 12.

6. Planetary ignorance: the adepts’ greatest “fear.”  See El Morya’s Christmas letter for 1994, pp. 6-7, 12 n. 11.

7. Saints robed in white gathered at the throne of the Lamb. Rev. 3:4, 5; 6:9-11; 7:9, 13-17; 19:7, 8.

8. “One shall be taken and the other left.”  Matt. 24:40, 41; Luke 17:34-36.

9. The Lady with the Lamp.  “A Lady with a Lamp shall stand / In the great history of the land, / A noble type of good, / Heroic womanhood.”  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, “Santa Filomena,” stanza 10.

10. The body of your Holy Christ Self, the Sambhogakaya. In Buddhism, the Sambhogakaya is one of the three “bodies” of the Buddha; it is the Body of Bliss, Body of Inspiration or Glorious Body. It corresponds to the middle figure in the Chart of Your Divine Self, the Holy Christ Self. The other two “bodies” are the Dharmakaya (which corresponds to the upper figure in the Chart, the I AM Presence and Causal Body) and the Nirmanakaya (which corresponds to the lower figure in the Chart, the soul evolving in Matter). See 1994 PoW, p. 70 n. 4.

11. In Buddhist tradition Maitreya and Manjushri are referred to as Bodhisattvas, although they have the attainment of Buddhas.

12. In her lecture before the dictation, the Messenger told the story of Akbar’s desire to unify his empire through the establishment of a universal religion (see note 3 above).