Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 40 No. 24 - Beloved Archangel Michael and the Seven Archangels - June 15, 1997


Easter Retreat 1997


Protection to the Servants of God


Ho, mighty legions of light, descend into this company of the saints of God. Let ring upon ring of cosmic fire descend, until every lightbearer on earth is protected by our legions.

Blessed ones, we have worked long and hard since the beginning of the year to see to it that every servant of God might reach a certain level of Christ consciousness or Buddhic consciousness and therefore be worthy of our intercession and our protection. With this goal in mind, we bring protection to those who are the true servants of God. We are here to report to you, beloved ones, that we have accomplished much.

Therefore, we ask you to work with us daily, giving us fifteen to thirty minutes of your time, as you give your calls and fiats to me, Archangel Michael, that souls of light might be protected, that they might fulfill their mission and their destiny and stand in the earth as pillars of fire. [15-second standing ovation]

Sons and daughters of God, be seated.

I know it is in your heart to see the prophecies of the nineties turned around. Every saint in heaven, every angel and all Elohim are behind this cause. But as we have said before, you are here in the flesh and you determine what you will and will not do. We call upon you, beloved, to multiply our efforts.

We have entered from the angelic kingdom. Now you must rise from the level of the human condition to be called the sons and daughters of God, worthy ones who may summon us; and we will obey you.

Remember this, beloved: all Archangels and angels are here to serve the sons and daughters of God and their children who are of the Light, who seek the Light and who ultimately become the Light. And as they move through time and eternity they become manifestations of the piercing descent of sacred fire.

Save Yourself Untold Hardships
by Supporting Elemental Life Now

So, beloved, please make a commitment to me that each day you will give fifteen to thirty minutes of dynamic decrees to me for the protection of every lightbearer on earth. Do it in idle moments when you move from place to place. And thereby empower us, through the science of the spoken Word, to work through you and to do the same and much more for elemental life.

For you will save yourself untold hardships in the years to come if you support elemental life now, so that they might garner the forces of their hierarchs, move with their armies against the fallen angels and clear the way for the victory. So then there might not come upon this earth tremendous upheaval, cataclysm, planetary storms, and darkness and Old Night.

There is in this activity a tremendous opportunity for growth, for Christ-mastery, even for adeptship before you take leave of this octave, sooner or later. I want you to understand this, beloved, for it is not enough to rest on your laurels. But each and every day you must increase the white fire core of your chakras that you might come before your Lord El Morya to give him the sign that you are ready, that you are open and that you will move forward to accomplish the most important tasks at hand as he serves you and the Darjeeling Council.

I say this again and again: we come with protection for you and we implore you, because we may not be delivering messages to you for some time, to take this message to heart and know that you live in a moment when you can turn the tide of darkness and even turn civilization around. You may not believe this, but you must believe it!  For with God nothing shall be impossible. <1>

I Must Give My All These Three Years

Therefore, make that determination and have that will, have that fire, have that noble purpose at heart and work together in a mandala for that victory--for the children, for education, for science, for discovering cures for terminal diseases that ought not to be terminal, yes, for all these needs pertaining to life and death and to new souls coming into incarnation. Look at the world equation, look at where you are and say to yourself, “I must give my all to Saint Germain these three years.” <2>

It is a message that must be repeated, for the carnal mind will rob you of the fruit of this Tree of Life, causing you to have amnesia, as it were, that you might not fulfill the mandates of the Brotherhood. Others have said the same. Yet, beloved, we say it again and again and again. We say it for Saint Germain and all hosts of the Seventh Ray. We say it for the incoming seventh root race in South America. And we say it on behalf of all peoples who in some measure have striven to reduce their pride and in so doing are willing to work together to turn around the civilizations of earth.

This is our great concern. And in our councils we deliberate the fate of the world and her peoples. This is what we talk about day and night through the cycles of cosmos, when we take our respite from waging war against the false hierarchies of the fallen angels.

We come back to the conference table and once again we gather at Banff determined, come what may, that the chelas on earth who give their all to Saint Germain and the angelic hosts above can turn this civilization around. The question remains, will they do so?

Call upon Saint Germain, for he is the great alchemist who can bring about change--change through the Holy Spirit, change by the union of world forces united in the common cause of winning the ultimate victory for earth’s evolutions.

Hear me, beloved! Saint Germain has the authority to reverse the very course of history, but in order to do so he must have violet-flame decrees from the chelas. For the Lords of Karma require a compensation for Saint Germain so that he is not indebted to the hierarchies of light on behalf of his chelas. To that end, therefore, deliver the violet flame to Saint Germain and his Messenger so that earth can indeed be turned around. Call upon the Lord. For if there are hearts who will pledge their lives to him, miracles can and will happen even beyond your wildest dreams.

Thus, beloved, we ponder our moves carefully, and we go before the Darjeeling Council and we give our offering. And the members of the Darjeeling Council are gratified.

So we say to you, beloved, if you despair, if you give up, if you have not resolved the issues of your psychology and you are preoccupied with yourself in a moment in cosmic history when you ought to be occupied with the saving of the world, well, beloved, the ascension may pass you by. No, you may not have that victory for want of having taken the time to move through the steps and stages required to come to that place of full God-determination within to be the living Christ.

A One-Inch High Threefold Flame Is a Stupendous Power

I speak, then, of your Christhood. I speak of the living Christ within you, and I say: Develop that Christhood. Develop that Holy Christ Flame. Ere I come again to speak to you, I would see your three plumes in greater equilibrium if not completely balanced. When you balance your threefold flame (and that sacred fire of the Divine Mother is the fount of that flame), then you will begin to see the size of your flame increase to one-eighth, one-fourth, one-half inch. And, finally, imagine yourself having increased your threefold flame to the height of an inch!

Well, beloved ones, there is so much cosmic energy in a balanced threefold flame that is even one inch in height that it can generate stupendous power to work change in your life, your family and your community. Truly, you cannot even begin to comprehend what a great God-gift it is.

If you only knew that to maintain it and to increase it is to be in harmony with God and to be a servant of God and to make it your business to be a part of the Great White Brotherhood--if you could only see, beloved, how when you increase the threefold flame, you are given extraordinary empowerment to vastly change situations of global proportions. And the outreach of that threefold flame that is one inch in height may span half the world itself--so stupendous is that power, wisdom and love of Father, Son and Holy Spirit when it is connected with the Divine Mother. Thus, look to and meditate on the fount of the Goddess Kundalini rising from the base of the spine to the crown chakra.

This Is My Hour to Serve with the Legions of the Seven Archangels

In the invincible blessings of the victory of God, I urge you on to a tremendous victory—one with yourself, one with your family and one with God--that you can claim as your own. Thus may you say: “By the grace of God, with my co-workers I have made this happen. By the grace of God, through many, many, many other people who have been working with me in that direction, we have made the difference.”

Know that you are a part of many teams who are in different levels of consciousness--sometimes when you are in the etheric retreats, sometimes when your soul is out of the body at night fighting for the victory of the very souls of your people.

In all areas of service, beloved, remember that it is the threefold flame and the strength of the Atman within you that gives you the masculine strength, the feminine strength and the full power of the T’ai Chi to move, to be determined, to stand, to still stand and not to be moved by anyone, anything or any irritation, including the nitty-gritty problems of life.

This is your power and your empowerment from God. Put aside your baggage and say: “I will tend to that later. This is my hour to serve with the legions of the Seven Archangels. This is my hour to serve my beloved Saint Germain, my beloved El Morya, my beloved Lanello. Yes, this is the time and the place to do this!”

This is not the time to sit home and sulk about your problems or to think about this and that and about how you did this and how you didn’t do that and about all these things that people talk about, waste time about and waste their money and energy on, until they have lost that tremendous power of the life force that they need and should have conserved for the years to come.

Therefore, seek silence. Fast and pray. Garner God’s energy and God’s fire within you, especially in your throat chakra. And thus, when you stand before an audience, your purpose being to give the Teachings of the Ascended Masters, you will already have that fire stored within you.

Garner it, beloved. For as the years and the decades go by, if you have not fortified the energies of your throat chakra, you will not be as powerful as you might have been had you sealed yourself in the heart of God and refrained from using your throat chakra in idle chatter or in anger or argumentation.You might have even had the Herculean energy to complete your mission in a glorious finale, so much so that you might have used it at inner levels to touch the souls of all earth’s evolutions.

All people hear you at some level of their being, be it conscious, subconscious or unconscious. Furthermore, they recognize you and they know you, for they are the lightbearers.

They will come, beloved. Just keep on doing what you are doing. Organize yourselves on the home front. Then get on the road and deliver the edicts of God to a planet and a people. Summon your new recruits and let the stump teams go forth--north, south, east and west. Then scour the United States until you have flooded each state with the Teachings of the Ascended Masters so that Saint Germain will again allow you to go to the nations.

Stumping Can Rocket You to Higher Dimensions

Blessed hearts, take this opportunity from the Ascended Lady Master Portia to propel yourself like a rocket to higher dimensions of the heaven-world. There are many levels to the heaven-world, beloved. There is kindergarten, first grade, grammar school, junior high school and senior high school. And at the end of each grade, the pupil will either pass or fail. And if he fails, he will find himself at the low end of his ability to achieve, barely making it to the next grade. But if he excels, he may enter into the higher planes of Maitreya’s Mystery School, where adepts prepare highly advanced souls in the highest levels of Maitreya’s golden-age civilizations to come.

Thus, beloved:


      To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven:

      A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted. . .

      A time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;

      A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;

      A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing. . .

      A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace....
Eccles. 3:1-8

This is the moment in cosmic history when you must choose the vessels of your victory, as stated by the preacher Ecclesiastes. Have that victory!  Have that overwhelming victory! Have such a victory, beloved, that you may be known for centuries to come by your statue erected here or there (not that you would ask for it) as a sign that all might remember that there were then, even as there are now and as there shall be in the future, great souls of light who will not say no, who will take up the torch of freedom, who will proclaim: “We will turn this civilization around and we will do it in three years!”

I bow to the Light within you and I send you empowerment upon empowerment. Use it! Use it! Use it to the best advantage. Do not waste it. For I, Archangel Michael, have called you. Come now. Let us do this thing for the hosts of the Lord, for Sanat Kumara and, above all, for Saint Germain.

[25-second standing ovation]



“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

The five-day conference Easter Retreat 1997 was held March 26, 1997, through March 30, 1997, at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana. The dictation by Archangel Michael and the Seven Archangels printed in this Pearl of Wisdom was given by the Messenger for the Great White Brotherhood, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, on Thursday, March 27, 1997. Michael and the Seven Archangels’ dictation along with the dictations from Uriel and Aurora and from Peace and Aloha are available on audiocassette B97061P (1 hr. 11 min., $7.50 plus $2.75 postage and handling).

[N.B. This dictation was edited for print by the Messenger under Archangel Michael and the Seven Archangels’ direction.]

1. Matt. 17:20.

2. On July 7, 1996, Saint Germain asked his chelas to organize and work as never before to overturn the dire prophecies for the remaining three and a half years of the nineties. As of the publication of this Pearl of Wisdom, only two and a half years of this period remain.