Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 41 No. 47 - Elizabeth Clare Prophet - November 22, 1998


Nurturing the Soul of Community
Our Assignment from God Harmony


Good afternoon, everyone. In preparation for God Harmony’s dictation, I would like to say a few words to you about this magnificent cosmic being.

First of all, who is God Harmony?

God Harmony’s answer is: “I AM the living flame of harmony; all people in the earth require my ministrations.” <1>  In 1978 he said: “I AM the harmony of the origin of cycles in your being, and I carry the vibration of the absolute harmony of a cosmos. Without that harmony, beloved ones, the entire cosmos itself would collapse.” <2>

God Harmony does not come frequently into our midst; therefore his coming is not to be taken lightly. You can be sure that he is coming because we need him, so for a moment let’s go back to first principles as we anticipate God Harmony’s dictation.

What Is an Initiation?

I want to remind you that a dictation is an initiation. Dictations are given for our enlightenment but they are also given for our initiation. Thus what is an initiation?

An initiation is a conferment of light, and it is also a process whereby a Master comes to transfer greater light to you for your fuller integration with God. It is a process by which your consciousness is moved forward--a process by which you can make greater spiritual progress.

Whenever the Masters speak, they bring an acceleration of light and they work with us at inner levels. Like a strong shot of energy, this increase of light is given to us for our assistance, our integration with God. But we have to do our part; we have to keep our equilibrium in the presence of greater light. We must hold on to that light and energy, and to get the most out of it we need to assimilate it.

So, in a sense, the initiation of every dictation is: Can you hold your harmony when greater light comes to you? Or will you break your harmony and therefore lose the light and the initiation?

Every time you hear a dictation, try to identify the initiation the Master is offering you. For when you are aware of the initiation, you can guard against that which opposes it. With the coming of God Harmony we should be asking ourselves, “Why do we need the initiation of harmony at this time?”

Each of us has to answer that question personally. But I do know that we will all need greater harmony in order to deal with planetary changes—however those changes will manifest. So think about it: Why is God Harmony coming personally to me at this time? Why do I need him?

What Is Harmony?

Another thing to be aware of is that when God Harmony comes with his intensified light of harmony, that light will inevitably expose the inharmony that exists in our own personalworld. But what exactly is harmony and what is inharmony?

God Harmony gives us a very simple definition. He says harmony is “oneness with God, attunement with God, ever beholding the face of the Father as the angels do….It is  happiness in the simple manifestations of nature, in the sharing of love, in the creating of beauty.” <3>

“Every war and every battle may be won by you by the science of absolute God-harmony,” he says. “Harmony is the true source of everlasting life; it is the principle quality of the tree of life. Think of this, beloved, when you are fully in harmony with God, you are immortal, for God is immortal….Thus, harmony is the price you must pay for your ascension.”<4>

What Is Inharmony?

Commenting on the high level of inharmony in the earth,  God Harmony said in 1995: “What is this inharmony? I will tell you one major factor and that is the absence of the Divine Mother Omega in the earth. Those of earth are like children, one and all, crying for their Divine Mother in heaven, crying out to be nurtured, to be cared for.

“And she does not come and she does not come, and they become angry. Yet they have chased her out of the earth long, long ago. As in Kabbalah when the Mother is perceived as being in exile in the earth, so the Mother is exiled in heaven, for the inharmony of her children universally does not allow her to enter in.”

So great is this inharmony that during this same dictation when God Harmony placed harmony over the earth from his Causal Body, he experienced immense pain. He said: “I do this, beloved, for the sake of the lightbearers who have been, who are and who are to come.”<5>

Inharmony can even cause a deceleration of the threefold flame. God Harmony told us that “wherever energy is tied up in knots of self-deception, of dissonance, of selfishness, of hatred—all of these manifestations, including anxiety itself,will cause the deceleration of that which is God-harmony within the very core of the threefold flame itself.

“Thus when the momentum of dissonance becomes too great, the top of the threefold flame cannot spin. When its three plumes are of differing height, out of balance, it cannot spin and therefore the resurrection fires do not glow.”<6>

Harmony on  Each Line of the Cosmic Clock

Although the quality of God-harmony is charted on the 6 o’clock line of the cosmic clock, God Harmony says that as long as we have karma on any of the twelve lines of the clock, we do not have full harmony. Thus harmony will come as a result of our determination to internalize the God-qualities on each line of the clock.

God Harmony pointed out: “Your very life and health depend upon your harmony. The joy and the singing of atoms, molecules, cells and organs in your body—the very joy of God throughout all creation—this harmony you must find.

“Call it peace, if you will. But whatever you call it, beloved, establish that inner sense of your own completeness, your own internal happiness that does not require that you derive your happiness from others but only from the wellspring of God that wells up within you.”<7>

As I see it, unless we have harmony, we will not have progress.

Harmony on Each of the Seven Rays

God Harmony says that the Community of the Holy Spirit is based on the harmony of each of the seven rays. “I pray that you will understand,” he says, “that there is no effort, no plan, no undertaking, no group activity nor a single work of a single individual that can be fulfilled if the harmony is continuously broken.”<8>

Please take this very seriously—the Community of the Holy Spirit is based on the harmony of each of the seven rays. In other words, all of us gathered here and all lightbearers of the entire world must see that the Community of the Holy Spirit is based on our harmony—on each one maintaining his  harmony every hour of every day until that one fulfills his ascension in the light.

 Ask yourself: “Are you harmonious?  Are you one with God, with your brothers and sisters in your community on the first ray, the second ray, the third ray, et cetera?” God Harmony suggests that we start with the first ray and with the will of God. “Consider now,” he says, “if suddenly my angelswould pour into you with the water pots of the Aquarian water-bearer the fullness of the elixir of Morya’s devotion unto the will of God.

“You can visualize yourselves being filled with an intense fiery blue flow of cosmic energy. Our study then would be: How does the increased dimension and vibration of the will of God within the temple affect the harmony of the lifestream? At what point does an excess of the holy will of God produce a reaction in place of an interaction with the flame of Life?”

That is the bottom line. That is the meaning of an initiation on the first ray: At what point does an excess of the holy will of God produce a reaction in place of an interaction with the flame of Life?

God Harmony continues:  “This is the question that must be answered by the angels of El Morya before he would come to initiate a soul with even an erg of the priceless essence of millennia of his devotion to the will of God.

“Thus every Ascended Master, beginning with the seven chohans of the rays, must estimate, based on the very contents of the psyche, the four lower bodies and the subconscious as to how much light the individual can contain and still maintain a reasonable balance of God-harmony.”<9>

Your Assignment from God Harmony

Please take this teaching to heart and consider this as your assignment from God Harmony for this class. If the Community of the Holy Spirit is based on the harmony of the seven rays, ask yourself: “On which of the seven rays is it most difficult for me to maintain harmony? “

Pause and think during the day: Are you allowing yourself to be agitated? Are you allowing yourself to spend time with individuals who are not profitable to your path? Would you rather maintain silence as you meditate, even as you are doing athletics, sports and all other things? For some Ascended Masters have said that the only real harmony in the earth is silence.

Ask yourself: “Do I need to strengthen my harmony of power? of wisdom? of love?Do I need to strengthen my harmony of purity? of truth? of service? of mercy and justice?”

When we come to a conference, we come to give our devotions and decrees in the service of God. But we also come to learn something new about ourselves—something that’s going to make a difference in our spiritual growth and in our work for the Brotherhood.

If you engraft your heart to the heart of God Harmony, he will tell you something new about yourself. He will tell you the next step you need to take in order to qualify yourself to receive greater levels of the light of harmony. Listen for his voice. Listen for his message.

So, today, and in the coming days, please meditate with God Harmony on the assignment he has given you:

Which band of the rainbow spectrum do I most need to  work on in order to become a stronger pillar of this worldwide spiritual community? At what point does more light on that ray produce a reaction rather than an interaction with the flame of Life? And what is the next step I need to take in order to qualify myself to receive greater levels of the light of harmony?

Let’s go into our hearts and meditate with God Harmony as we sing song 467,  “To the God of Harmony.”

[Song 467, “To the God of Harmony,” sung once.]

I would suggest that you meditate upon your Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self. Close your eyes, please, and attain that oneness.

[”Meditation” from Thais, by Jules Massenet.]



The Summit Lighthouse Sheds it’s Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This lecture was delivered by Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Saturday, October 10, 1998, at the 4-day Harvest Class Nurturing the Soul of Community held October 9-12 at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana.

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