Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 43  No. 20 - Beloved Justina - May 14, 2000  


The Victory Way of Life
The Forgiveness of Eve
Part 1


I open my eyes to behold a new dimension of reality, and where the gaze of the feminine consciousness of God’s Victory rests, there God’s Victory unto the feminine ray descends and blesses life.

Beloved ones, many cosmic beings of immense expansion of God’s consciousness are sealed in the great vastness of the Great Silence of God, and the door has not been open unto us to gaze upon lesser evolutions lest those evolutions, because of the paucity of their expression of light, be consumed by the intensity of our light.

As I embody the victory of the feminine ray, so my light of victory consciousness must not penetrate where evolutions are devoid of the victory of the feminine principle and therefore would receive my ray only as a ray of annihilation.  

Can you understand the principle of science, that in order to receive a certain increment of God you must already contain within yourself a certain other increment of God and  that there is a direct proportion as to what is required within you? 

This is why some among mankind never hear of certain developments of cosmic consciousness or of science or of religion or of love, simply because they have not a grain or element of that culture of light to attract more.

Now I step forth, for Almighty God has weighed these several systems of worlds and the evolutions therein, and Almighty God has pronounced that certain evolutions of lightbearers do now contain within themselves enough consciousness of the victory of the feminine ray that I might stand forth and be, with my Beloved, the focal point for the Father-Mother God in total awareness of the victory of evolutions in these systems.

Beloved ones, the one whom you call Mighty Victory is indeed androgynous as I am, as is Alpha, as is Omega. But as we come forth together, descending into lower and lower dimensions of awareness, we bring a greater complement of the spectrum of cosmic polarity as a polarity of manifestation to those of lesser evolution. Therefore, though one may be sufficient in the whole, always twin flames are required for the transmutation of a Cosmos.

Violet Flame for the Forgiveness of Eve

Now, then, I release spheres of light from my heart-- intense concentrations of violet flame, sealed in the golden-white light of Victory. We send these spheres of light for the forgiveness of Eve.

You have heard that with the coming of Jesus Christ, the first Adam became the last Adam. With the coming of the Saviour came the opportunity by grace for the redemption of Adam and Eve and all evolutions of that era who compromised the sacred fire through disobedience to the Law of Love, who broke their blessed tie to the Guru Maitreya and therefore were left to wander without tie to Hierarchy over the plains, the valleys and the deserts of the earth.

This, in itself, was the release of a great forgiveness unto all evolutions. And the one who proclaimed, “I AM the open door which no man can shut,” <1> indeed was and is the Word incarnate in Jesus Christ and in every son and daughter of God who has since come forth for the salvation of souls and the lost tribes of the house of Israel.

What, then, is the meaning of the forgiveness of Eve in this age?            

First of all, beloved hearts, let us understand that the one who was embodied as Eve has remained yet in incarnation on earth even unto the present hour. And to the present hour the Lords of Karma have not allowed this lifestream to enter into the fullness of the spiral of the ascension current, for the divine plan of the redemption of woman was not yet.

Now, in this hour, with the intensification of the light of the feminine ray within the heart of Virgo and Pelleur in the white-fire core of the earth, within the heart of many souls of light, the one known as Eve, as “the mother of all living,” <2> is forgiven unto the uttermost. For, blessed hearts, this lifestream has toiled now many thousands of years in great remorse, in internal penitence and suffering for the moment of disobedience. Therefore, this soul has come to the path of initiation.

     Blessed hearts, there are many, by a process of guilt, who will consider that they are this one. I counsel you, do not entertain this thought.

Eve Holds the Key to the Path of Initiation

In this hour, then, the one who had the opportunity to be Mother in the way of initiation under Maitreya and to lead the fourth root race into a higher consciousness is still one who holds a key and the key for the women of this world to enter into that same path of initiation and light of freedom.

Everywhere in the land you behold women manifesting energies of a discordant and rebellious nature with regard to the feminine light. They make demands that are not lawful before the throne of Almighty God.        

Then, across the land, we see other women who also have sought the redemption of the Lord Christ, East and West, who recognize with an inner soul-knowing that this is the hour when the Eve within them can be forgiven to the uttermost.

This is the hour of the open door for this entire lifewave—men and women and the fourth root race--to enter into the white-fire core of the Fourth Ray and thereby redeem all of the misuses of the white chakra on earth, on Mars, on other planetary bodies of this system and on places called Maldek and Hedron.

Thus, this redemption of woman, this redemption of the one and the many, manifests itself in this hour as a moving spiral, as a living flame. All who become part of it will be as celestial spirits, moving as a mystical body both in heaven and on earth; for woman, Eve, is both principle and person of Mother Flame.

Understand, then, that the one who opened the door to the descent must open the door to the ascent. This means not only this one but every woman who strayed from the path of exaltation of the soul of man, woman and child. For this is indeed the calling of woman--the exaltation of every living soul. This is to be the mother of all living.

Put On the Garment of Eve

Therefore, I counsel you, daughters of Jerusalem, put on the garment of Eve without putting on her guilt, her shame. Put on her redemption. Put on her forgiveness. Put on her original role and elevate the souls entrusted to your care--the loved ones nearest you. Then go beyond to your community.

Show every part of life that Mother Mary is come for the victory, that every ascended daughter of God is come for the victory, and that I, Justina, have come forth from out the Great Central Sun to be the focal point for victory in this age.

I counsel you, then, to turn your attention upon those women of the radical element who are in fact ruining, if it were possible, the dispensation of the Mother Flame for America and the earth. In their actions they are countered by other women who see the error of their ways and who react with such fanaticism and hatred that they, too, have entered into the spiral of ruination put forth by the Great Whore. <3>

Therefore, let the voice of the ones who are called the silent majority come forth. Let them be silent no more, for in this hour of cycles turning, it behooves the people of light to take action for righteousness. The Lord will not hold them guiltless.

The Lord will not hold them guiltless who continue in the misuse and abuse of the light of Mother by intense fascination with the personal self. I speak of the flirtation with sensuous energies, the adornment of the body, the perpetual, perpetual putting upon that body a more than ordinary attention, putting upon the emotions a more than ordinary attention, putting upon the mental and the etheric body personal fascination--fanaticism with one’s own righteous cause, flirtation with psychic energy--all of this yet rests upon the women of this planet.

I AM the Eternally Victorious Woman

     Dear hearts, I am one of you and yet quite apart, for in my cosmic consciousness of victory I embody the antithesis of your concept of success and your concept of liberation. I AM the eternally liberated woman. I AM the eternally victorious woman. I bow before my Lord and Maker and my husband, Mighty Victory.          

So you would do well to bow before your I AM Presence as your Husband and your Maker and before your twin flame to confess your sin of misqualification of the sacred fire, your whoring and your prostitution. Not merely physically but also by allowing the invasion of your mind and your very soul with the properties of Antichrist. For when you allow the seed of the Fallen One to enter your soul and your heart, then you take the sacred fire and give birth, on astral planes, to demons.

The Motive Determines the Qualification of Energy

Blessed ones, we speak of the impurity of motive and of heart that determines the qualification of energy. Woman is the source and fount of creation. Let her create with nobility. Let her create nobly and with joy and let the epitome of her creation be the Manchild and not a monkey on a leash.

Have you seen women with their monkeys on leashes, as they cause their men and their children to trail behind them in obedience to their carnal mind?  This is the ultimate perversion of the Amazonian woman, who fell by her domination of the masculine ray whom she aborted, whom she perverted.

Beloved ones, I tell you, the sins of the evolutions of the fourth root race in the era known as the Garden of Eden were far, far greater than the sin of Eve. One day this story will be written and you will see how Adam and Eve were volunteers chosen to be initiates.

They were then judged by the severity of the Law for trifling with the energies of the sacred Body and Blood of Christ that is the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, taking the energies of initiation before they were bestowed upon them by Lord Maitreya, before they were won on the path of righteousness.

While these intense initiations were being carried on in a mystery school, all of the evils that were about to cause the sinking of continents were abroad in the land. Blessed hearts, the evil and wickedness of men’s hearts were precisely the reason that opportunity was given. And even though the judgment fell upon these two, their continuing evolution, through the travail of working through that karma, has sustained opportunity for redemption with the coming of the Lord Christ.

Realize, then, that mankind has used Adam and Eve as scapegoats, when, in fact, the land itself was full of lifestreams who had already rebelled and who were the laggard generations of other systems of worlds. Understand, then, that when mankind can blame others, can fix their guilt outside themselves, they simply wipe their hands and say, “It is not for us. It was the sin of our ancestors.” 

Everyone Shall Bear His Own Burden

Well, beloved ones, remember the law of God, Proclaim to the people of Israel that no more should the sins of the father be upon the children and the children’s children, but that every man and woman should bear their own burden. <4>

 Beloved ones, no more should it be said, then, that “the fathers have eaten a sour grape and the children’s teeth are set on edge.” <5> If this law be true, and it is, do you not understand that your sufferings are self-created and are not the hand-me-downs of your ancestors? Your sin is not the result of that which was called original sin but which was not imputed to Adam and Eve [by God].

Beloved ones, the original sin is the lie of separation from God through disobedience, <6> and that original sin can only leave its mark upon you as the mark of Cain, or the mark of the 666, <7>if you yourself have been part and party to it.

Thus, one and all, men, women and children, you require the spheres of violet flame and golden-white light of Victory. You require, one and all, the forgiveness of Eve.

to be continued


“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Mighty Victory’s twin flame, Justina, was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, January 1, 1978, at the 1978 New Year’s Class, God Is Mother, held in Pasadena, California.

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5. Jer. 31: 29-34; Ezek. 18:2. In a 1963 dictation, Lord Ling said: “I would not that you would have this saying in Israel, ‘The fathers have eaten a sour grape and the children’s teeth are set on edge,’ for each man shall bear his own burden. This is the correct understanding, and not the idea that I AM a jealous God visiting the sins of the fathers upon the children even to the third and fourth generation. This must be properly explained as an action of karma, for when that expression was made in the ancient Hebrew language it declared to them ‘I AM a jealous God, visiting the iniquities of each individual upon them unto the third and fourth embodiment, and thence forth forever until they have cleaned up their worlds,’ and did not declare that individuals should suffer for the sins of their fathers, but rather that each man should suffer for his own sins.”

6. Disobedience is the original sin that caused our separation from God, but the sense of sin and the karma of sin maintain that state of separation. The lie of the fallen ones is that we cannot return to the Edenic state of union with God.—Ed.

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