Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 43  No. 21 - Beloved Justina - May 21, 2000


The Victory Way of Life
The Forgiveness of Eve
Part 2


Now, then, as Eve long ago proclaimed her oneness with Almighty God and with the Great Initiator, Lord Maitreya, why should you find excuse in her single sin for your continuation of sin for thousands upon thousands of years and lifetimes?  Mankind need no excuse for sinning, for in their own rebellion they have sinned and if they take that excuse, they will never resolve the psychology of the burden of witness and the burden of proof.

Many of you have heard of the story of Judas, who betrayed the Christ in that life, portrayed himself as one of the twelve disciples and in that portrayal was called upon to be the keeper of the supply of the twelve. In the portrayal of that role, he entered into the spiral of betrayal, became attached at the line of the ten--attached to that substance--and determined in his heart, “Someone will betray him. It might as well be me, for then I will have that substance to do with what I will.” 

This rationalization has often entered into the minds of  individual criminals and members of organized crime: “Someone will do it. If there be benefit, it might as well accrue to us.”

Some of you know the story, then, of the intense remorse of Judas, who went and hanged himself in the revelation of the light and by that light saw the great darkness into which he had momentarily entered. Yet in his subsequent incarnation that one became such a devotee of God that he rose over the path of initiation to the ascension in the light, leaving behind millions who yet condemn him for his betrayal of the Christ.

Do Not Condemn or Criticize

And so you see, beloved ones, God sends all kinds of lifewaves to earth. The children of God would be wise, then, not to continue to condemn or criticize the villains of the past or the villains of the present but to realize that this is one of the subtleties of the fallen ones. For if you can find someone whom you think has greater error or evil than you have, then the fallen ones enable you to keep your attention constantly upon that one, thereby establishing yourself as superior.

Therefore you walk the earth, saying, “So-and-so is wicked. I would never enter into such wickedness.”  And by this statement you bind yourself to the eventual confrontation in which you will have to choose precisely between light and darkness in the identical situation, given the identical weight that is upon that individual.

Therefore unwittingly, by your condemnation you sometimes invoke upon your own head a mountain of karma that is held by that individual, and then you must hold the balance until you yourself can pass the test for which you are condemning that individual.

Is it any wonder that those who have light sometimes fall suddenly from the Path and all others wonder?

Beloved hearts, it is written clearly in the Book of Life, “Call no man fool.”  When you call another a fool, instantly all of the fallen ones who are upon that individual, making him like unto a fool, are now upon you, together with that one’s own momentum. And when you have spent many years invoking the violet flame and being on the Path, you are clearly unaccustomed to the sudden influx into your life of so much density.

Judge Not

Beware, then, that you judge not, for the Lord is the judge and through you he will proclaim the judgment. This is the razor’s edge, to know “for judgment I AM come” <1> and yet to leave the ultimate decision unto the Lord God to send forth light, as the sun of Helios and Vesta shines on the just and the unjust, and to know that, inherent within itself, the light will exercise the discrimination of the judgment and determine the working out of the karma of lifestreams.

This is why in the coming revolution in higher consciousness, beloved hearts, it is for you to bring enlightenment and it is for people to eliminate, by the vote and by their voice, the evil that is principle and the evil that becomes personified by choice, the free-will choice of the individual.

When you decide that an individual is aligned with evil and that that individual must be removed from office by  legal and lawful means, you do not have to enter into spirals of condemnation or judgment. You may be at the fine point of discrimination of the mind of God. You may pronounce the truth, pronounce the word, give forth the light but never enter into the condemnation that is pure hatred and that is entirely apart from the judgment of God.

Beloved ones, you know in your heart when you misqualify energy. I caution you: many of you who are old souls are yet on earth because you have allowed yourselves to be entangled with the laggards and the fallen ones by your criticism, condemnation and judgment of those fallen ones.

And as I look into your faces and the faces of many lightbearers upon earth, I see the very same individuals whom I left aeons ago, when I entered into the Great Silence to commune with the Mother Flame of Victory. Now I come forth and still you have not disentangled yourselves from that constant criticism of parts of life.

I Release an Orb of Illumination

Now, I say, I AM releasing a tremendous orb of illumination so that not only my word but my love and my heart and my concern for you will penetrate your being, your mind and your soul so that this company of lightbearers may be free of the perversion of God-power and therefore be free to ensoul the consciousness of the Great Divine Director, the Lords of Karma and the Cosmic Council, who come very close to earth in this hour to release that judgment, which is the Lord’s.

Precious ones, do not be confused, but meditate upon divine direction and you will know the difference in the flow of energy within yourself. You will have a heightened awareness of the wicked and their evil-doings and God will increase your awareness and your knowledge proportion-ately as he sees that you will not be tempted to once again entangle yourselves with these fallen ones by fanaticism or by any form of criticism.

Criticism of One Lightbearer by Another

Beloved ones, you will notice that I have not even mentioned the criticism of one lightbearer by another. I should hope that by this time I should not have to speak in this vein. Nevertheless, I mention it because some, by their own insecurity on the Path and in the Law, contain those subtle vibrations.

Beware, then, those of you who are placed in positions of responsibility within our community. As you receive discipline from the Messengers and the Ascended Masters, do not let your receipt of that discipline become a reaction to those who are under you and who are charged to your care. Do not, in your smarting over that discipline, turn to condemn other souls.

Understand that first you must resolve your own path of discipleship and then, in the resolution of the alchemy of your initiation, once again you become a clear pane of glass so that others serving with you may have the like benefit of the loving chastisement that you received.

Beloved ones, in the world, people take out upon their animals the karma of interaction with one another that is belittling, and you will see that when people smart from their own returning karma, they are brutal with their household pets and with any form of life.

Getting even, then, with Hierarchy personally or with Hierarchy as your returning karma will not suffice. It will place you once again in the vise of a perpetual turning of karmic energies, whereby you will not escape into the great sphere of the ascension flame that is promised for those who accept in this hour the absolute forgiveness of Eve.

Now, stand in the presence of your own Christ Self. [Congregation stands.]  Go within your heart, confess your misqualification of the feminine ray and the masculine ray and say:


O Lord, I confess my sin this day.
[Congregation repeats each line after Justina.]
I call on the law of forgiveness
And I accept thy law and thy forgiveness now.
I desire and I accept my redemption on the Path,
In the name of Jesus Christ,
In the name of Saint Germain,
In the name of Mother Mary,
In the name of Gautama Buddha.
And therefore, I accept my worth as a son,a daughter of God.
And therefore I accept the forgiveness of Eve
And I seize the torch that is passed to her this day
For my own victory in the ascension in the light.
And I will ascend in the redeemed Mother Flame in this life.

Transmute Your Condemnation

Blessed ones, the only condition that will stand between you and your ascension in this life is your failure to transmute your condemnation of any and every part of life. This is the requirement of the Law and of your entering into the grace and mercy of Almighty God this day.

I trust, then, that you will ponder my Word and be reminded thereof, for many avatars who have gone before have counseled, “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” <2> I have been permitted to give you greater revelation on this teaching in this hour. Take it to heart and see how the assimilation of this teaching will be the opening for the manifestation of Saint Germain’s purple fiery heart and will be the dissolving of every last vestige of your own hardness of heart.

Hardness of heart is the crystallization of judgment in the heart chakra, which has shortened the span of men’s lives, shortened the days of their creativity and caused them to pass from the screen of life by the failure of the heart muscle.   Beloved ones, when the heart chakra becomes over-filled with hardness of heart, the threefold flame withdraws.

Thus, it is hardness of heart in many cases, not other ailments, that results in the transition from life of individuals who require many more years of service to the cross and to the crown in order to enter in to the halls of God to go no more out. <3>

I AM Justina, the Justice of God in the Alpha current of Victory. Bless you, my eternal love.


“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This is Part 2 of the previously unpublished dictation by Mighty Victory’s twin flame, Justina, delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, January 1, 1978, at the 1978 New Year’s Class, God Is Mother, held in Pasadena, California.

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2. Matt. 7:1.

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